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Cerebos artisanal salts from exotic locations.

Through the ages, salt has been mined, processed and refined in a variety of ways in many different locations across the globe, resulting in an array of tastes, textures and colours. Trace minerals from different regions give artisanal salts their unique flavours in much the same way as different soils create unique and distinctive tasting wines.

Now chefs and food lovers the world over are recognising that salts harvested from specific locations can add and enhance flavours, adding that dash of je ne sais quoi that sets a delectable dish apart.

The Cerebos artisanal range of salts has been expertly sourced from a variety of exotic locations to ensure both purity and flavour.

So, add a sprinkle of exotic Cerebos flavour with the new range which has entered the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes : Hand-gathered from the waters of the Mediterranean, these naturally formed thin crystals are perfectly shaped by slow evaporation. They have an extremely low moisture content and a bold and distinctive flavour and are ideal for everyday dishes as well as regional cuisine such as focaccia. Crumble them between your fingertips to add while cooking or use at the table.

Namibian Sea Salt Pearls : Organic Namibian Sea Salt Pearls are formed naturally by the Namibian Berg wind as they tumble on the waters edge. Pour them into a grinder or cast a pearl into the pot while cooking exotic dishes such as ostrich and salted roast plum kebabs.

Atlantic Fleur de Sel: This high quality salt from the West African Atlantic coast is hand swept in its natural crystallised state. These sea salt flowers are as unique as they are pure - crumble them between your fingertips and sprinkle over roast potatoes for a crispy finish or scatter over braaied snoek.

Atacama Desert Salt : Extracted from an ancient underground sea in the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the most arid and sterile environments in the world, this premium South American salt adds unique flavour to dishes such as spicy Chilean chicken empanadas. It is mined using an authentic sea salt method and contains 35 per cent less sodium than regular salt. Sprinkle the individually measured sachets onto dishes.

Kalahari Desert Salt (Coarse) : This rare lake salt is sourced from the Makgadikgadi salt pan in the middle of the dry savannah of North Eastern Botswana. Crystalised using a natural solar process, it has a unique mineral content which comes through in dishes such as herbed kudu fillet. It can also be added via a salt grinder at the table.

Kalahari Desert Salt (Fine) : Sourced from the depths of Botswanas prehistoric Makgadikgadi salt pan, one of the largest salt flats in the world, this flavourful salt is perfect for use both in the kitchen and at the table. Try it in exotic dishes such as salted caramel crme brule.

Not all salts are created equal, according to leading salt brand Cerebos.

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Publication:South African Food Review
Date:May 25, 2017
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