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Cereals in Breadmaking, a Molecular Colloidal Approach.

Bread has been described as the 'staff of life' and is certainly a universal food. It has a long history but the whole science of breadmaking has concerned scientists in recent times. At it turns out, the progression from initial raw material to the final product is more complicated than might have been imagined. This is perhaps even more surprising when one remembers that bread has been made for many thousands of years already.

Our ancestors had no knowledge of the physics, chemistry or microbiology involved but they were hungry and had some time on there side. Almost exactly the same can be said about many Third World countries today.

So, in spite of the above much remains to be discovered and this book tackles the problem from the colloidal chemistry aspect. Over the past few decades it has become possible to examine the subject of bread more deeply as discoveries have uncovered more about the nature of proteins and aqueous gel properties and fractions of wheat flour components. With this information to hand, research workers have now been looking at the surface and colloid chemistry involved, and colloid science can describe the whole change from dough mixing to the fixation of the bread structure.

The six chapters of this book carry titles: Basic chemistry of surface and colloid chemistry; Physicochemical behaviour of the components of wheat flour; Interactions between components; Components in other cereals; Flour; Dough; and Bread. Numerous references to further reading are given throughout the text, chapter by chapter.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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