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Cereal sales soar after libido link.

A cereal company has seen sales of its muesli soar in Jamaica where locals believe it boosts their sexual stamina, it emerged yesterday.

Sales of the Super High Fibre Cereal, made by Dorset Cereals in Poundbury, have soared in recent weeks as the theory spreads around the island.

The toasted wheat flakes, oats and coconut, roasted hazelnuts, raisins, dates, apricots and sunflower seeds, are usually mixed with milk and Guinness, which is said to improve the libido.

Managing director of the company Terry Crabb put the legend down to the health benefits of eating fibre.

He said, 'It's absolutely true. What they found in Jamaica is what our own scientists have discovered quite recently; that a high fibre diet makes people less stressed and puts them in a more positive mood and I think that helps with their libido.'

He said that the company had been exporting to Jamaica since 1995, but that in the last month sales had increased by 10% to 12% on the Caribbean island.

'What we did notice is that all the sales increases were coming from Super High Fibre,' he said.

'When we telephoned our importer and distributor, he explained that Jamaican lads buy our cereal and then they mix it with milk and Guinness which gives the effect described.

'They feel that it gives them an improvement in their sexual stamina.'
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 6, 2004
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