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Cereal makers stay focused on providing healthier fare.

NEW YORK -- In line with consumers' increased focus on health and wellness, cereal manufacturers are developing products with less sugar, more flavors, and extra grain and fiber.

General Mills Inc., which has been using in-store signs and social media in its campaign to promote the whole grain content of its cereals, has been stressing that it has reduced sugar in cereals advertised to children by an additional 8%, on average.

The company notes that it has achieved average sugar reductions of 14% on cereals advertised to children since 2007, with some cereals reduced as much as 28% in that period. In 2009 General Mills committed to reducing sugar in all Big G cereals advertised to children under age 12 to "single-digit levels of grams of sugar per serving."

Last month Kashi Co. launched Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal, a berry-kissed whole grain cereal, and Kashi TLC Cherry Vanilla Cereal Bars, the latest addition to the TLC family of wholesome snacks.

Kashi Berry Blossoms are crispy, pillow-shaped graham cereal squares made with seven whole grains. The cereal bars are produced with sweet red ruby cherries and have 11 grams of whole grains.

And Kellogg Co., pointing to studies confirming the health benefits of fiber, has been promoting such products as Kellogg's FiberPlus cereal.

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Comment:Cereal makers stay focused on providing healthier fare.
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