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Cephalus and Procris.

Cephalus and Procris In Greek mythology, legendary couple parted by a jealous god. Cephalus was a great hunter. His wife, Procris, was a favorite of Artemis, and received from her a dog, Laelaps ("Hurricane"), and a javelin that would never miss its mark. Procris gave Artemis' gifts to her husband. He was noticed by the goddess Eos (Dawn), and she became enamored of him and carried him off for a time.

Rumor started that Procris had a rival, and one day she followed Cephalus and his dog to the hunt. She emerged suddenly from a thicket and was fatally wounded when Cephalus, who mistook her for his prey, hurled his magic javelin.

The story is discussed in later literature, notably in the play Il rapimento di Cefalo (1600) by Gabriello Chiabrera.

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