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Centrepiece: Soapbox.


WE always knew that Charity wasn't a girl to wear virginal white on her wedding day, but how's this for a dress! Of course, the day doesn't go entirely to plan. Cain threatens to cause trouble, while Zoe drunkenly announces what she thinks of the marriage.

A defeated Mandy goes back to Southampton, while Nicola is turning into a really nasty character and throwing her weight around at the holiday village. Kathy returns from Australia - with Alice in tow. It seems she's abducted her, and a furious Elsa is hot on her heels.


THE Slaters manage to stop rowing for five minutes so that Garry and Lynne can set a date for their rearranged wedding, but it's soon back to shouting when Lynne discovers Little Mo has been invited. Then she manages to fall out with Lisa.

Phil is cold with Sharon as he tries to come to terms with her infertility, while Steve sabotages Mel's new business venture. Robbie gets a surprise when he asks Nita out on a date and she actually agrees. Martin and Asif are sure that Pauline has a fancy man and decide to follow her. It turns out she's into amateur dramatics and is rehearsing for a pantomime - oh yes she is!


RON collapses with the stress of his trial and is rushed to hospital - and that's even before the jury reach their verdict. But he's still got enough energy to tell Anthea that their marriage is over. Also leaving the Close are Lindsey and Kylie, who struggle to contain their tears as they say goodbye to Jimmy. Jacqui and Katie fight bitterly, while an unexpected visitor arrives to offer support.

Coronation Street

YOU never thought you'd feel sorry for Les Battersby, did you? Well, prepare to sympathise with him when he breaks down in tears at the end of his marriage. Janice feels suitably guilty at running off with Dennis, although she should remind herself of how horrible Les is normally. It's Eileen I feel sorry for, but she's big enough to stand up for herself, as she proves when she punches Janice. Then there's poor Toyah, who is also thrown out on to the streets.

The scandal makes Vera think that Jack's having an affair too. She storms down to the allotment to discover Jack with... Terry. Fiz encourages Tyrone to get involved with the car-clocking scam, while a suspicious Norris digs the dirt on Richard.


LEO'S parents are convinced he's taking drugs and take drastic action by searching his school locker. Tad and Flick have trouble negotiating the rocky path from friendship to relationship. Harold puts his homeless shelter plan into action by taking in a boy for the night, while Joel gets his revenge on Toadie. Lou wants Louise to have nothing more to do with her natural father and Steph is bemused by a mysterious deposit in her bank account.


LUKE is angered when he hears some bad news, while Lee makes a gruesome discovery. Zara lets rip at Lisa and Izzy can't stop interfering. A familiar face returns to The Dog while Geri tells Anna she can't be bridesmaid - pregnancy just wouldn't look good on the society magazine photos. Mandy manages to wind more people up while Alex and Theo enjoy their 15 minutes of fame.
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Title Annotation:Feature
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 25, 2001
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