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Central New York Library Resources Council CLRC Regional Digitization Plan. Final Report for the Preparing Central New York History for the Future LSTA Project.

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The primary goal for digitization projects sponsored by the Central New York Library Resources Council (CLRC) is enhanced access for the people of the region to digital resources created from collections in Central New York's libraries, archives and museums. The CLRC Digitization Plan provides a framework for the support of digitization activities that yield benefits to the public and relates this framework to other CLRC initiatives. The plan describes how CLRC will work with libraries and other cultural heritage organizations to develop digital collections using scalable techniques of providing access that can grow as collections are added. This document consists of three sections. The first, the CLRC Regional Digitization Plan, includes: Summary and Implications for CLRC; Introduction; Definitions; Vision; Scope of CLRC Digitization Activities; Purposes of the CLRC Digitization Plan; Roles for Cultural Heritage Organizations; Roles for CLRC; Roles for State and National Agencies; Regional Priorities; Audiences; Conclusion; and Acknowledgments. Contents of the second section, Digitization Resources, include: Strategic Planning: A Prerequisite for Digitization Projects; Preparing for Digitization Projects; Issues to Consider in Project Implementation; Funding Sources; General Information Web Sites; Digitization Plans from the Regional Library Councils (3Rs); Other Resources; and Glossaries and Definitions. The final section, Digitization Vendors, includes: Information about Working with Vendors; Consultants with Experience in the Region; Other Experts Cited by Participants in CLRC Digitization Meetings; Regional Vendors; National Vendors; Lists of Vendors Compiled by Other Digitization Projects; and Note to Vendors. (AEF)

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Author:Sywetz, Betsy
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Sep 10, 2002
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