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Central City News: Chris has thirst for mysticism; SPARKHIL: Tongue-in-cheek book about beer 'enlightenment'.

Byline: By Gurdip Thandi

A BIRMINGHAM author is aiming to disprove the theory you can't find salvation at the bottom of a beer bottle with his new book.

Chris Street has written the tongue-in-cheek Beer Guru's Guide, which aims to put drinkers on the path to "mystical enlightenment".

The 58-year-old former advert writer came up with the idea for an ad campaign a few years ago but it was never used.

So he resurrected the idea with the aim of helping drinkers reach the status of beer gurus.

"It's very much a tongue-in-cheek, funny book," Chris said.

"For those who understand that drinking beer can be a religious experience or a portal to alternative realities, following the path of The Beer Guru will be second nature.

"The Beer Guru's Guide offers a much more interesting spiritual quest than The Da Vinci Code and you get to enjoy a pint or two on the way."

Chris is now based in Hertfordshire but was born in Birmingham in 1947, growing up in Sparkbrook and then Hall Green. His family ran a furniture store at Stratford Road, Sparkhill, for many years.

He went to Waverley Grammar School before beginning his writing career at advertising agency Cogent in Solihull.

Chris then moved to London and worked on a string of advertising campaigns for household names including bakers Hovis, Heineken beer and Fiat cars.

He said his book had already enjoyed great success before being published, with advance orders of the first print selling out in July.


BEER CHEER... advert writer Chris Street and (right) his book.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Oct 27, 2006
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