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Central Asia AIDS Control Project.

PROJECT TITLE: Central Asia AIDS Control Project

PROJECT AMOUNT: SDR 16.2 Million Equivalent (US$25.0 Million


February 11, 2008

IC-Individual Consulting; SSS-Single Source Selection; QCBS-Quality
Cost Based Selection (N = National, I = International); QBS-Quality
Based Selection; LCS-Least Cost Selection; CQS--Selection Based on
Consultant's Qualification

                                                Method of    Number of
Package ID       Description                    Selection     packages

Component 1

CAAP/C1/IC/1     TA for legislators manual          IC           1
                   review and improvement
CAAP/C1/IC/2     Hiring of trainers on              IC           5
                   preparation of trainers
                   amoung mouslims on the
                   regional level
CAAP/C1/IC/3     Hiring of trainers for             IC           4
                   preparation of trainers
                   amoung mouslims on the
                   national level
CAAP/C1/CQS/1    Hiring of the company for         CQS           1
                   development and
                   implementation of the
                   "Online Office" program
                   for RPMU
CAAP/C1/CQS/2    Forum logotype and common         CQS           1
                   design developing
CAAP/C1/IC/4     The local technical                IC           1
                   assistance on the ToT
                   Journalist Manual training
                   modules review (KZ)
CAAP/C1/IC/5     Hiring of the trainers for         IC           4
                   journalists ToT regional
CAAP/C1/IC/6     The regional technical             IC           1
                   assistance on HIV-ES
                   software development,
                   installation and
CAAP/C1/IC/7     The international technical        IC           1
                   assistance on development
                   of HIV-ES software
CAAP/C1/IC/8     The international technical        IC           1
                   assistance on
                   administration of
                   implementation MoU
                   acivities between CDC/CAAP
                   (Hiring of the Program
CAAP/C1/SSS/1    The local TA involved for        SSS *          4
                   all kinds of training in
                   all pilot sites. Contracts
                   with AIDS Center
CAAP/C1/IC/9     TA on servey of Challenges         IC           1
                   and Opprotunities on
                   Scaling up of HIV VCT
CAAP/C1/CQS/4    Local TA on CARISA                CQS           1
CAAP/C1/IC/10    Hiring of trainers for             IC           3
                   caarying out the workshop
                   for RTC's trainers
CAAP/C1/IC/10    Hiring of trainiers for            IC           6
                   carrying out one regional
                   and 2 national training
                   courses on work with youth
CAAP/C1/IC/11    TA on training needs               IC           1
                   assesment in the field of
                   hram reduction of KZ NGOs
CAAP/C1/IC/12    Hiring of trainiers for            IC           6
                   carrying out the of 3
                   regional and 4 national
                   advocacy training
CAAP/C1/IC/13    Hiring of trainers for 2           IC           6
                   regional and 2 national
                   trainings of trainers on
                   the regional level
                   on migrants
CAAP/C1/IC/14    Technical assistance               IC           5
                   (international and local)
                   on review of developed
CAAP/C1/IC/15    Hiring of trainers for             IC           4
                   provision of 2 regional
                   and 2 national trainings
                   on HIV treatment and
                   4 mentoring sessions
CAAP/C1/SSS/2    Internaional technical           SSS **         1
                   assistance for trainings
                   on treatment and care
CAAP/C1/IC/16    Local IT specialsits on            IC           2
                   installation of the
                   developed HIV-ES software
CAAP/C1/IC/17    TA on developement of UZ NCC       IC           1

Component 2

CAAP/C2/IC/1     TA for Large Grant proposals       IC           1
CAAP/C2/IC/2     Hiring of trainers for             IC           12
                   provision of 4 national
                   trainings by 1 in each
                   country on sub-project
                   proposals preparation
                   (pool of IDF consultants)
CAAP/C2/IC/3     TA for RAF procedures and          IC           1
                   strategy assesment
CAAP/C2/CQS/1    TA for the new members of         CQS           1
                   RTEC and NTEC at the
                   regional level on
                   sub-project proposals

Component 3

CAAP/C3/SSS/1    TA on finance management        SSS ***         1
                   system improvement and 1C
                   in countries (Praktica
                   Company, KG)
CAAP/C3/CQS/1    TA to define financial            CQS           1
                   requirements for
                   improvement of general
                   control system of RAF
                   and introduction of
                   control system (MIS
CAAP/C3/IC/1     Measures of web page design        IC           1
                   and project information
                   system improvement
CAAP/C3/CQ/2     TA on Project external            CQS           1
CAAP/C3/IC/2     Hiring of                          IC           1
TOTAL              accountant/disbursement
                   specialist for RPMU

                 Prior/Post    RFP/TOR     No Object.
Package ID         Review       ready      to RFP/TOR   Advertise

Component 1

CAAP/C1/IC/1        post      17-Jul-08    27-Jul-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/2        post      12-Feb-07    22-Feb-07       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/3        post      15-May-08    25-May-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/CQS/1       post      15-Jan-07    25-Jan-07    30-Jan-07

CAAP/C1/CQS/2       post      01-Feb-08    11-Feb-08    16-Feb-08

CAAP/C1/IC/4        post      02-Jan-08    12-Jan-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/5        post      05-Feb-08    15-Feb-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/6        post      02-Oct-07    12-Oct-07       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/7        post      02-Jan-08    12-Jan-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/8       prior      15-Jan-08    25-Jan-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/SSS/1      prior      06-Nov-07    16-Nov-07       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/9       prior      15-Feb-08    25-Feb-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/CQS/4       post      15-Feb-08    25-Feb-08    01-Mar-08

CAAP/C1/IC/10       post      20-Jun-08    30-Jun-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/10       post      15-Feb-08    25-Feb-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/11       post      20-Jan-08    30-Jan-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/12       post      05-Feb-08    15-Feb-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/13       post      22-Jul-08    01-Aug-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/14       post      01-Feb-07    11-Feb-07       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/15       post      01-Feb-08    11-Feb-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/SSS/2      prior      06-Mar-08    16-Mar-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/16       post      07-Mar-08    17-Mar-08       n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/17       post      02-Jan-08    12-Jan-08       n/a

Component 2

CAAP/C2/IC/1        post      12-May-08    22-May-08       n/a

CAAP/C2/IC/2        post      10-Mar-08    20-Mar-08       n/a

CAAP/C2/IC/3        post      10-Jan-08    20-Jan-08       n/a

CAAP/C2/CQS/1       post      01-Apr-08    11-Apr-08    16-Apr-08

Component 3

CAAP/C3/SSS/1      prior      05-Jan-08    15-Jan-08       n/a

CAAP/C3/CQS/1       post      21-Jan-08    31-Jan-08    05-Feb-08

CAAP/C3/IC/1        post      15-Feb-08    25-Feb-08       n/a

CAAP/C3/CQ/2       prior      18-Jan-08    28-Jan-08    02-Feb-08

CAAP/C3/IC/2        post      04-Mar-08    14-Mar-08    19-Mar-08

                  Closing     No Object.   No Object.   Objection
                  date for    Technical      Final         to
Package ID        proposals   Evaluation   Evaluation    Contract

Component 1

CAAP/C1/IC/1     10-Aug-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/2     08-Mar-07       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/3     08-Jun-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/CQS/1    09-Feb-07       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/CQS/2    26-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/4     26-Jan-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/5     29-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/6     26-Oct-07       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/7     26-Jan-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/8     09-Feb-08    24-Feb-08    10-Mar-08    15-Mar-08

CAAP/C1/SSS/1    01-Dec-07    16-Dec-07    31-Dec-07    05-Jan-08

CAAP/C1/IC/9     11-Mar-08    26-Mar-08    10-Apr-08    15-Apr-08

CAAP/C1/CQS/4    11-Mar-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/10    14-Jul-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/10    10-Mar-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/11    13-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/12    29-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/13    15-Aug-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/14    25-Feb-07       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/15    25-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/SSS/2    31-Mar-08    15-Apr-08    30-Apr-08    05-May-08

CAAP/C1/IC/16    31-Mar-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C1/IC/17    26-Jan-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

Component 2

CAAP/C2/IC/1     05-Jun-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C2/IC/2     03-Apr-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C2/IC/3     03-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C2/CQS/1    26-Apr-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

Component 3

CAAP/C3/SSS/1    30-Jan-08    14-Feb-08    29-Feb-08    05-Mar-08

CAAP/C3/CQS/1    15-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C3/IC/1     10-Mar-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C3/CQ/2     12-Feb-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

CAAP/C3/IC/2     29-Mar-08       n/a          n/a          n/a

                              Contract     Contract
                 Contract       End,       Duration
Package ID       Signature     delivery      (days)

Component 1

CAAP/C1/IC/1     30-Aug-08    29-Sep-08        30

CAAP/C1/IC/2     28-Mar-07    07-May-07        40

CAAP/C1/IC/3     28-Jun-08    27-Aug-08        60

CAAP/C1/CQS/1    01-Mar-07    30-Apr-07        60

CAAP/C1/CQS/2    17-Mar-08    16-May-08        60

CAAP/C1/IC/4     15-Feb-08    15-Apr-08        60

CAAP/C1/IC/5     20-Mar-08    19-Apr-08        30

CAAP/C1/IC/6     15-Nov-07    07-Jul-09       600

CAAP/C1/IC/7     15-Feb-08    20-May-08        95

CAAP/C1/IC/8     20-Mar-08    14-Jan-09       300

CAAP/C1/SSS/1    10-Jan-08    25-Dec-08       350

CAAP/C1/IC/9     20-Apr-08    16-Dec-08       240

CAAP/C1/CQS/4    31-Mar-08    30-May-08        60

CAAP/C1/IC/10    03-Aug-08    02-Sep-08        30

CAAP/C1/IC/10    30-Mar-08    29-Apr-08        30

CAAP/C1/IC/11    04-Mar-08    24-Mar-08        20

CAAP/C1/IC/12    20-Mar-08    19-May-08        60

CAAP/C1/IC/13    04-Sep-08    03-Nov-08        60

CAAP/C1/IC/14    17-Mar-07    15-Jul-07       120

CAAP/C1/IC/15    16-Mar-08    14-Jul-08       120

CAAP/C1/SSS/2    10-May-08    09-Jul-08        60

CAAP/C1/IC/16    20-Apr-08    10-May-08        20

CAAP/C1/IC/17    15-Feb-08    06-Mar-08        20

Component 2

CAAP/C2/IC/1     25-Jun-08    25-Jul-08        30

CAAP/C2/IC/2     23-Apr-08    23-May-08        30

CAAP/C2/IC/3     23-Feb-08    24-Mar-08        30

CAAP/C2/CQS/1    16-May-08    15-Jul-08        60

Component 3

CAAP/C3/SSS/1    10-Mar-08    09-May-08        60

CAAP/C3/CQS/1    06-Mar-08    04-Jul-08       120

CAAP/C3/IC/1     30-Mar-08    28-Jul-08       120

CAAP/C3/CQ/2     03-Mar-08    02-Apr-08        30

CAAP/C3/IC/2     18-Apr-08    31-Dec-08       257

*--justification for SSS contract with AIDS centers--in order to
achieve the goals settled in the MoU between CAAP and CDC, it was
agreed with the Bank (during the Feb 2007 mission) that already
trained (by CDC) and qualified specialists will be involved to
Sentinel and Electronically Surveillance implementation programs
through contracts with Republican AIDS Centers in the Countries. In
2008 the current contracts with country AIDS centers have to be
extended with revision of the list of consultants and total amount.

**--taking into account the fact that this activity is currently
carried out by AIHA/Knowledge Hub, which was selected on the basis of
consultants's qualification and also the fact that the intended
activity is the continuation of the current one, i.e. conducting of
further trainings taking into account the results achieved and changes
made in the field of HIV treatment care and support. Moreover,
AIHA/Knowledge Hub is the best candidate for conducting this activity
due to its experience and knowledge of the trainers involved.
Additional selection of consultants under the CQS method will not give
better results, hence will be ineffective

***--taking into account the specifics of the assignment and based on
the fact that the 1C accounting program has been already developed for
RPMU by the company selected competevely during the PHRD stage, it is
supposed to contract this company considering the following: 1. the
newly selected companies in this field of activity are not willing to
improve already developed programs and insist on developing the new
one; 2. the imropvement of the already develped and installed program
by the author company is more cost effective, rather than hiring a new
company for develpement of the new program.


All Single Source

PROJECT TITLE: Central Asia AIDS Control Project

PROJECT AMOUNT: SDR 16.2 Million Equivalent (US$25.0 Million

ICB-International Competitive Bidding; S--Shopping for Goods;
DC-Direct Contracting; GRANT PERIOD: 11/04/05--12/31/10


                                                            Num. of
Package ID     Description                      Method      Packages


CAAP/C1/S/1    Printing of manuals for            S            1
CAAP/C1/S/2    Printing of RPMU activity          S            2
                 related materials
                 (booklets, brochures and
CAAP/C1/S/3    Printing of the journalist         S            1
                 ToT modules covering HIV
                 and AIDS issues
CAAP/C1/S/5    VC equipment for 5 sites
                 (Astana, Almaty, Bishkek,        S            4
                 Dushanbe and Tashkent)
                 (screens, servers and
                 Internet connection)
CAAP/C1/ICB2   ELISA serological equipment
                 including washers, readers      ICB           1
                 etc., one set per each
                 pilot site (KZ--3 sites,
                 KG--3 sites, TJ--3 sites,
                 UZ--4 sites)
CAAP/C1/ICB3   Screening and expert
                 Test-kits (On syphilis, On      ICB           1
                 Hepatitis C, On HIV) to be
                 procured in each country
                 separetely, in amount of
                 approximately 60 000$ per
CAAP/C1/S/6    Printing of taxonomy on HIV        S            1
CAAP/C1/S/7    Procurement of 8 computers         S            1
                 with printers for SS KZ
CAAP/C1/S/8    Procurement of office              S            1
                 equipment and supplies for

                 Prior/                                Request
                 Post      NoB for        for
Package ID       Review       ready    Quotation


CAAP/C1/S/1       post      22-Aug-08       n/a       27-Aug-08
CAAP/C1/S/2       post      11-Jan-08       n/a       16-Jan-08
CAAP/C1/S/3       post      30-Jan-08       n/a       04-Feb-08
CAAP/C1/S/5       post      21-Jan-08       n/a       26-Jan-08
CAAP/C1/ICB2     prior      10-Dec-07    20-Dec-07    30-Dec-07
CAAP/C1/ICB3     prior      10-Jan-08    20-Jan-08    30-Jan-08
CAAP/C1/S/6       post      10-Sep-08       n/a       15-Sep-08
CAAP/C1/S/7       post      12-Dec-07       n/a       17-Dec-07
CAAP/C1/S/8       post      16-Dec-07       n/a       21-Dec-07

                  Bid          Bid          to        Contract
Package ID      Opening     Evaluation   Evaluation   Signature


CAAP/C1/S/1    11-Sep-08    21-Sep-08       n/a       01-Oct-08
CAAP/C1/S/2    31-Jan-08    10-Feb-08       n/a       20-Feb-08
CAAP/C1/S/3    19-Feb-08    29-Feb-08       n/a       10-Mar-08
CAAP/C1/S/5    10-Feb-08    20-Feb-08       n/a       01-Mar-08
CAAP/C1/ICB2   04-Feb-08    18-Feb-08    10-Mar-08    15-Mar-08
CAAP/C1/ICB3   06-Mar-08    20-Mar-08    10-Apr-08    15-Apr-08
CAAP/C1/S/6    30-Sep-08    10-Oct-08       n/a       20-Oct-08
CAAP/C1/S/7    01-Jan-08    11-Jan-08       n/a       21-Jan-08
CAAP/C1/S/8    05-Jan-08    15-Jan-08       n/a       25-Jan-08


                  End       Contract
Package ID     (delivery)    Duration


CAAP/C1/S/1    21-Oct-08        20
CAAP/C1/S/2    21-Mar-08        30
CAAP/C1/S/3    30-Mar-08        20
CAAP/C1/S/5    30-May-08        90
CAAP/C1/ICB2   13-Jun-08        90
CAAP/C1/ICB3   14-Jun-08        60
CAAP/C1/S/6    19-Dec-08        60
CAAP/C1/S/7    21-Feb-08        31
CAAP/C1/S/8    14-Feb-08        20
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Publication:Central Asia - AIDS Control Project: Procurement Plan 2008
Date:Feb 11, 2008

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