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Centerpieces from the produce market.

THE OLD MASTERS LOVED TO PAINT STILL LIFES OF fruits and vegetables. But why not turn the tables and make such masterpieces come to life as table centerpieces? Designers Dennis W. Leong and Francoise Kirkman took their keen eyes to the produce market and came back with the makings for the artfully simple, easy-to-duplicate arrangements. The beauty of this approach is that no skill is required, it's fast, and, once the scene has been played, the foods can go to the kitchen for use, or be left for snacks.

Candles and their soft light add beauty to these centerpieces. If you want to vary the candles' heights, set them on any small, steady objects of different heights.
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Title Annotation:Holiday Entertaining; holiday centerpieces
Author:Weber, Christine B.
Date:Nov 1, 1992
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