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My biggest challenge is self-censorship- Monitor cartoonist Ogon. Aug 4, 2022 317
'How long will our stories remain rom-coms?': Yasir Hussain says censorship needs to be fixed for entertainment industry to grow. Aug 2, 2022 935
The Master and Margarita: MIKHAIL BULGAKOV. Walker, Jesse Jul 27, 2022 426
Censoring history. Jul 23, 2022 778
Tap Into Nollywood, Film and Video Censors Board Boss Urges Youths. Jul 15, 2022 513
Viewers slam BBC Politics Live for censoring swear word 'as if children watch this'; A guest on the show used a swear word when condemning someone's offensive comments -but the conversation was quickly derailed in a debate over her language and the censorship. By, Alicia Curry Jul 14, 2022 433
Film and Video Censors Board Boss Urge Youths to Tap into Nollywood. Jul 12, 2022 1164
Changes to Turkey's Press Ethics Code feared to contribute to increasing censorship. admin Jul 8, 2022 640
Unnecessary Oversight. Jul 8, 2022 410
Elon Musk jokes Twitter would have censored Paul Revere, criticizes for 'squashing dissenting opinions'. admin Jul 6, 2022 504
Lafangey director Abdull Khaaliq Khan says he wasn't officially informed the movie had been banned. Jul 5, 2022 659
Film Censor Board bans film 'Lafaggey' for having double-meaning dialogues. Jul 5, 2022 168
Statistical Inference for the Gompertz Distribution Based on Adaptive Type-II Progressive Censoring Scheme. Amein, M. M.; El-Saady, M.; Shrahili, M. M.; Shafay, A. R. Jul 4, 2022 6186
Hamilton wants 'irrelevant, old voices' censored. Jul 1, 2022 579
F1 duo should be censored - Lewis; MOTORSPORT. PHILIP DUNCAN Jul 1, 2022 323
F1 duo should be censored - Lewis. MOTORSPORT By PHILIP DUNCAN Jul 1, 2022 322
CHR alarmed over NTC censorship of websites. Jul 1, 2022 637
I'm terrified of being cancelled for Twitter gags; ONE-TIME CONTROVERSIAL COMIC'S FEAR Boyle tells how he censors himself. STUART MacDONALD Jun 27, 2022 352
Olivia Rodrigo's Glastonbury set 'censored' by BBC as fans complain; Drivers' License singer Olivia Rodrigo has had sections of her Glastonbury performance 'cut' by the BBC. By, Simon Duke Jun 27, 2022 490
Ministers to get unprecedented powers to censor internet content; There are concerns over privacy and freedom of speech online. By, Neil Shaw Jun 27, 2022 437
NA Speaker Censors Mohsin Dawar During His Speech On Resurgence Of Terrorism. Jun 25, 2022 202
Stress-Strength Reliability and Randomly Censored Model of Two-Parameter Power Function Distribution. Liu, Yang; Khan, Majid; Anwar, Syed Masroor; Rasheed, Zahid; Feroze, Navid Report Jun 24, 2022 6109
Censorship of sites for alleged communist ties 'deeply concerning', rights groups say. Jun 22, 2022 641
Censored No More. DeGroff, Katherine Jun 22, 2022 281
Film Censorship Board: Decision to cancel screening of 'Lightyear' movie made by distributor. Jun 17, 2022 193
Media censorship, violence against journalists 'abated under Buhari' Malami. Jun 14, 2022 579
Jubilee concert song lyrics that were changed after George Ezra 'censored' performance; George Ezra awkwardly cut out lyrics about dying while signing for The Queen at the BBC's Platinum Party, while other performers changed their lyrics to pay tribute to Her Majesty. By, Kyle O'Sullivan Jun 6, 2022 900
George Ezra's 'censored' Platinum Party at the Palace performance baffles fans; Viewers were confused by the "awkward" change to the musician's new single. By, Ryan Paton Jun 4, 2022 276
Reliability Analysis of Hybrid System Using Geometric Process in Multiple Level of Constant Stress Accelerated Life Test through Simulation Study for Type-II Progressive Censored Masked Data. Kamal, Mustafa; Khan, Shahnawaz; Rahman, Ahmadur; Aldallal, R. A.; El-Raouf, M. M. Abd; Muse, Abdisa Report May 31, 2022 6393
Bill is a lurch to censorship. May 28, 2022 195
Speech and censorship. May 28, 2022 990
Parliament: Linking the media's economic and financial problems to self-censorship is disqualifying PM journalists. May 28, 2022 153
Piers Morgan guest claims she couldn't challenge his 'childish Meghan Markle obsession'; Comedian and activist Kate Smurthwaite has claimed that she was told not to speak about Piers Morgan's "obsession" with Meghan Markle when appearing on his TalkTV show. By, James Brinsford May 27, 2022 756
'I went on Piers Morgan's show Uncensored -and they tried to censor me on Meghan'; Kate Smurthwaite, a left-wing political comedian, was a guest on Piers Morgan's Talk TV show UNCENSORED this week where she alleged she was 'censored' however the host has denied her claims. By, Kate Smurthwaite May 27, 2022 680
Inference on the Beta Type I Generalized Half Logistic Distribution under Right-Censored Observation with Application to COVID-19. Awodutire, Phillip Oluwatobi; Nduka, Ethelbert Chinaka; Ijomah, Maxwell Azubike; Ilori, Oluwatosin R May 25, 2022 5142
Court directs cinema owners to provide 85 pc screening time to domestic films. May 24, 2022 301
Cinema owners told to give 85pc screen time to Pakistani films. May 23, 2022 516
SHC directs cinema owners to provide 85 per cent screening time to Pakistani films. May 23, 2022 304
Sex workers hijack London Bridge and Shoreditch buildings to display giant nudes in protest against Facebook and Instagram; They have been censored to make a point about social media companies banning explicit pictures with the company saying this takes away women's ability to make decisions about sharing their own bodies. By, Anna Highfield May 23, 2022 463
Was Censorship the Greatest COVID Threat to Freedom?. Sullum, Jacob May 21, 2022 1391
Progressives on democracy: 2 + 2 = 5. Michael Barone May 17, 2022 794
Classical Inference of the Cubic Transmuted Lindley Distribution under Type-II Censored Sample. Islam Khan, Md. Awwal; Alharthi, Amirah Saeed; Aljohani, Hassan M.; Jawa, Taghreed M.; Sayed-Ahmed, May 17, 2022 6599
Mysterious secret Russian island that's disappeared from Google Maps; Conspiracy theorists are questioning why a black smudgy mark is being used to censor satellite imagery of a remote icy Arctic enclave that once belonged to the USA. By, Jackie Butler May 13, 2022 555
One- and Two-Sample Predictions Based on Progressively Type-II Censored Carbon Fibres Data Utilizing a Probability Model. El-Morshedy, Mahmoud; El-Sagheer, Rashad M.; El-Essawy, Samah H.; Alqahtani, Khaled M.; El-Dawoody, May 12, 2022 6038
Impact of Social Media on Geopolitics and Economic Growth: Mitigating the Risks by Developing Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Tools. Kamruzzaman, M. M. May 11, 2022 10712
Estimation Using Suggested EM Algorithm Based on Progressively Type-II Censored Samples from a Finite Mixture of Truncated Type-I Generalized Logistic Distributions with an Application. Ateya, Saieed F.; Kilai, Mutua; Aldallal, Ramy May 11, 2022 4700
Eurovision 2022 fans go crazy for Latvia's 'mad' Eat Your Salad performance; Eat Your Salad was partly censored by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) due to swearing or unacceptable language. By, Charlotte Becquart May 10, 2022 651
Viewers furious as BAFTA mutes and censors It's A Sin clips -branding it 'appalling'; Critically acclaimed Channel 4 drama It's A Sin was up for five gongs this evening but -to the dismay of fans -failed to win any. By, Rose Hill May 8, 2022 365
US states sue Biden over Big Tech 'collusion'. admin May 6, 2022 802
Coronavirus: Shanghai residents evade censors to expose life during lockdown. admin May 5, 2022 887
Censorship of Hollywood Blockbuster Films Intensifies in China. May 4, 2022 907
Disinformation, Censorship, Trigger Global Retreat of Press Freedom. May 3, 2022 1164
CyBC journalist resigns amid cries of censorship. May 3, 2022 315
CyBC journalist resigns amid cries of censorship. Staff Reporter May 3, 2022 325
Disinformation, Censorship, Trigger Global Retreat of Press Freedom. May 3, 2022 1166
The Books We Should Ban: Mr. Chatterbox explains why censorship isn't always a bad thing. Plunket, Robert May 1, 2022 1670
Classical and Bayesian Inference Using Type-II Unified Progressive Hybrid Censored Samples for Pareto Model. Nagy, M.; Alrasheedi, Adel Fahad Report Apr 29, 2022 8267
Single and Multiple Ramp Progressive Stress with Binomial Removal: Practical Application for Industry. Hussam, Eslam; Alharbi, Randa; Almetwally, Ehab M.; Alruwaili, Bader; Gemeay, Ahmed M.; Riad, Fathy Report Apr 28, 2022 13224
Parameter Estimation in Step Stress Partially Accelerated Life Testing under Different Types of Censored Data. Kamal, Mustafa; Siddiqui, Sabir Ali; Rahman, Ahmadur; Alsuhabi, Hassan; Alkhairy, Ibrahim; Barry, Th Apr 28, 2022 11555
Barcelona 'censor' Cristiano Ronaldo celebration after wonderkid scores overhead kick; Spanish giants Barcelona's recent social media activity has seen them edit recent videos where one of their exciting young talents appeared to copy former Real Madrid nemesis Cristiano Ronaldo. By, Daniel Orme Apr 27, 2022 469
Oops! FB mistakenly flags account of Marcos spox. Apr 27, 2022 1012
'This is censorship,' cries BBM spox after FB page gets suspended. Apr 26, 2022 183
Revilla says Facebook must explain flagging of government social media posts. Apr 26, 2022 679
Revilla asks FB to explain 'censorship' of gov't execs, agencies. Apr 26, 2022 563
Algeria Scandalously Censors International Support for Palestine at UNSC. Apr 25, 2022 574
China internet censors scramble as lockdown frustration sparks 'creative' wave of dissent. Apr 24, 2022 904
Chinese battle web censors to vent lockdown anger. Apr 23, 2022 506
NFVCB releases Nollywood Q1 2022 report. Apr 22, 2022 385
Asymmetric Power Hazard Distribution for COVID-19 Mortality Rate under Adaptive Type-II Progressive Censoring: Theory and Inferences. El-Morshedy, Mahmoud; El-Sagheer, Rashad M.; Eliwa, Mohamed S.; Alqahtani, Khaled M. Apr 20, 2022 6306
Substack's Hamish McKenzie on censorship, discourse, and Joe Rogan ARE NEWS-LETTERS THE FUTURE OF FREE SPEECH? Interview Apr 13, 2022 3435
Boris Johnson Urges Russians To download VPNs To Get Round Putin's Censorship Of Mass Killings In Ukraine. Apr 6, 2022 415
CHURCHILL'S FAILED BID TO CENSOR WAR BOOK; Fury at revelations in Roosevelt biog. MICHAEL HAVIS Apr 4, 2022 283
Synik uses hip-hop to discuss Zimbabwe's issues despite the censors. Apr 4, 2022 1014
Being a Character in Migjeni's Optic. Mikeli, Rovena (Vata) Apr 1, 2022 3242
Post-Coup Mali Plagued by Self-Censorship, Fake News. Mar 31, 2022 558
Chris Hedges: Digitally Disappeared; YouTube Has Deleted Six Years of My Show. Mar 30, 2022 1341
Film Censorship Board, Home Ministry in midst of reviewing TV station censorship authority, says deputy minister. Mar 28, 2022 405
PECA Ordinance: How can self-censorship be done in democratic country, says IHC. Mar 26, 2022 343
Spotify suspends services in Russia over country's censorship laws; Streaming giant says legislation has 'criminalised certain types of news' and puts its employees and listeners at risk of prison. By, Mike Bedigan, PA Los Angeles Correspondent & David Flett Mar 26, 2022 223
Estimation of Entropy for Log-Logistic Distribution under Progressive Type II Censoring. Shrahili, M.; El-Saeed, Ahmed R.; Hassan, Amal S.; Elbatal, Ibrahim; Elgarhy, Mohammed Mar 23, 2022 5324
Book Banners and the Growing War on the Freedom to Think. Boston, Rob Mar 22, 2022 980
Calls to censor former Soviet bloc oil tycoon who has bankrolled Welsh secretaries; Two consecutive Welsh secretaries have had donations from Ukranian-born Alexander Temerko who moved to Russia at 17 and ran Russian oil and arms companies. By, Ruth Mosalski Mar 22, 2022 666
Singer Saput censors 'Pir' video. Mar 20, 2022 236
Our history is the history of censorship, says scholar. Mar 19, 2022 660
Censorship and the roles of 21st century media. Mar 17, 2022 676
From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1947: Seventy-five years ago: News censorship. Mar 16, 2022 200
Estimation Based on Adaptive Progressively Censored under Competing Risks Model with Engineering Applications. Nassar, Mazen; Alotaibi, Refah; Dey, Sanku Report Mar 16, 2022 7561
War censorship exposes Putin's leaky internet controls. Mar 14, 2022 1253
Hurting The Film Industry. Mar 13, 2022 367
Russia's media censorship agency has been hacked and releases 364,000 Files. Mar 12, 2022 232
Censor board bans Qavi Khan-starrer I'll Meet You There, says filmmaker Iram Parveen Bilal. Mar 10, 2022 726
Ukrainian academics face exile, harassment and censorship in ongoing war. Mar 9, 2022 1118
IHC asks Pemra about steps against self-censorship, conflict of interest. Mar 9, 2022 356
Lorraine Kelly forced to censor Ryan Reynolds as he swears live on air; As host Lorraine Kelly chatted with Ryan Reynolds about his new time-travelling film The Adam Project, the star jokingly referred to his 15-year-old co-star Braxton Bjerken. By, Rebecca Cook Mar 9, 2022 444
Lorraine Kelly forced to censor Ryan Reynolds as he swears live on ITV; Actor Ryan Reynolds jokingly described his 13-year-old co-star Walker Scobell as a "b******". By, Rebecca Cook & Nicole Goodwin Mar 9, 2022 472
Censors Board, NBC partner on uncensored musical videos. Mar 6, 2022 260
Google suspends ad sales in Russia as censorship demands grow. Mar 4, 2022 227
Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd blocked as state media regulator goes into censorship overdrive. Mar 3, 2022 194
Jabbed by "Misinformatio". Mar 1, 2022 752
Free Speech and Censorship: A Documentary and Reference Guide. Brief article Mar 1, 2022 153
How Anti-Smut Activists Made 'Louie, Louie' Famous CENSORS WORE OUT THEIR WELCOME DURING THE 20TH CENTURY'S INDECENCY WARS.. Corn-Revere, Robert Mar 1, 2022 2584
UN experts urge Iran to abandon mass internet censorship plan. Arab News Mar 1, 2022 457
Democratic Censorship. Mathiak, Marvin Letter to the editor Feb 28, 2022 358
LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Stop the censorship! Respect the citizens' right to free speech and freedom of expression! Feb 28, 2022 1439
Zim Ranked Third Most Internet Censor In The World. Feb 28, 2022 297
Bayesian Analysis of 3-Component Unit Lindley Mixture Model with Application to Extreme Observations. Khalid, Maryam; Aslam, Muhammad Report Feb 27, 2022 5207
Palestinian journalists sue Facebook over censorship of Palestine-related content. Feb 25, 2022 485
NFVCB Engages Stakeholder On Film Contents. Feb 25, 2022 519
Palestinian journalists sue Facebook over censorship of Palestine-related content. Feb 25, 2022 499
London Law Firm Files Complaint to Facebook over 'Palestinian Censhorship'. Feb 23, 2022 448
Agreements With Twitter Is Not Censorship - Minister. Feb 21, 2022 494
Agreements With Twitter Not Censorship - FG. Feb 20, 2022 497
Agreements with Twitter Not Censorship, Says FG. Feb 20, 2022 496
Agreements with Twitter not censorship - FG. Feb 20, 2022 503
Analysis with Applications of the Generalized Type-II Progressive Hybrid Censoring Sample from Burr Type-XII Model. Nagy, M.; Bakr, M. E.; Alrasheedi, Adel Fahad Feb 18, 2022 10180
Taiwan Ministry of Culture responds to China's censorship of word 'kill'. Feb 18, 2022 234
Free speech for student journalists. Schlumpf, Heidi Editorial Feb 18, 2022 929
Cinema boss is going into Bat-tle with film censors. JONATHAN MCCAMBRIDGE Feb 17, 2022 215
Cinema boss goes into Battle with movie censors.. Call for new 15A category to allow in younger teens. JONATHAN MCCAMBRIDGE Feb 17, 2022 420
Assessing the Lifetime Performance Index with Digital Inferences of Power Hazard Function Distribution Using Progressive Type-II Censoring Scheme. EL-Sagheer, Rashad M.; Jawa, Taghreed M.; Sayed-Ahmed, Neveen Feb 16, 2022 4540
'Kill' replaced with 'suck' in TV series subtitles under Chinese censorship. Feb 16, 2022 279
Fan fury in China after 'Friends' LGBTQ plotline censored. Feb 14, 2022 437
Bayesian Exploration of 4-Component Rayleigh Mixture Model with Wind Speed Data Application. Jahangir, Arifa; Farzana Noor,; Siddiqa, Maryam; Zaman, Mehwish; Asghar, Rabia Report Feb 10, 2022 5441
Over 1 billion uncensored pornographic films seized in 2021 Censors Board. Feb 10, 2022 509
No govt. succeed by censoring media. Feb 8, 2022 181
Of Nude Nollywood And Film And Video Censors Board. Feb 8, 2022 723
China's Tencent restores original 'Fight Club' film ending, cuts nudity after censorship backlash. Feb 8, 2022 476
U turn on Fight Club ending after backlash. Feb 7, 2022 332
Original 'Fight Club' ending restored in China after online backlash. Feb 7, 2022 295
Of Nude Nollywood And The Misplaced Role Of Film And Video Censor Board In Nigeria. Feb 6, 2022 723
Govt drafts OTT platform regulation. Feb 6, 2022 786
Impact of the Management and Proportion of Lost to Follow-Up Cases on Cancer Survival Estimates for Small Population-Based Cancer Registries. Gil, Fabian; Miranda-Filho, Adalberto; Uribe-Perez, Claudia; Arias-Ortiz, N. E.; Yépez-Chamorro, M. Jan 30, 2022 7824
More celebs join 'Javed Iqbal' cast in protest of ban on film. Jan 30, 2022 609
Gray report 'in hours' ..but police censor it; Shambles over partygate probe. RACHEL WEARMOUTH Senior Political Correspondent Jan 29, 2022 317
Gray report 'in hours' ..but police censor it; Shambles over partygate probe. RACHEL WEARMOUTH Senior Political Correspondent Jan 29, 2022 312
SUE GRAY REPORT 'IMMINENT'... BUT POLICE CENSOR IT; Stitch-up claim as cops demand anything they are probing is not mentioned. RACHEL WEARMOUTH Senior Political Correspondent Jan 29, 2022 454
Censor plays a role in live action games. Shanghai Daily Jan 29, 2022 968
Sue Gray report may not be published during police probe; The investigator is now deciding whether to censor parts of the report or delay it completely. By, Neil Shaw Jan 28, 2022 637
Boris Johnson to get 'heavily redacted' Sue Gray report 'in the coming hours'; Boris Johnson could get a 'heavily redacted' report into the Downing Street lockdown parties in the coming hours, it has been claimed. The censored findings will be published next week. By, Rachel Wearmouth Jan 28, 2022 338
Sue Gray report may not be published during police probe; The investigator is now deciding whether to censor parts of the report or delay it completely. By, Neil Shaw Jan 28, 2022 637
Yasir Hussain, Ayesha Omar and Osman Khalid Butt call for Javed Iqbal film to release in Punjab. Jan 28, 2022 801
CBFC, Punjab Censor Board stop 'Javed Iqbal' release. Jan 27, 2022 451
Punjab government stops release of film Javed Iqbal despite censor board approval director. Jan 27, 2022 275
Tiley: No censorship of PENGT-shirts. Jan 26, 2022 286
You really do have to watch what you say. Jan 20, 2022 537
Young people live their lives online... the risk on this site is that nothing is censored... anything goes; Lanarkshire project LANDED working to ensure youngsters aren't being exploited on social media platform. Niki TENNANT Jan 19, 2022 1205
Taliban systematically censoring Afghan media, journalists lost independency: statement. Jan 18, 2022 231
Seychelles' Chief Justice: Media should not censor reports on court proceedings. Jan 15, 2022 562
GONNAE NO SAY THAT; Chewin' the Fat star Karen reveals repeats of classic Scottish comedy show have been censored for a modern audience. STUART MACDONALD Jan 11, 2022 514
Journalist Asad Toor's Twitter Account Suspended Amid Censorship Concerns. Jan 1, 2022 282
The Far Right's New 'Education' Plan Is Plain Old Censorship. Jan 1, 2022 729
New TV chief censors fewer stories. Dec 31, 2021 492
Young people live their lives online... the risk on this site is that nothing is censored... anything goes; Lanarkshire project LANDED working to ensure youngsters aren't being exploited on social media platform. LANDED NIKI TENNANT Dec 29, 2021 1191
Classical and Bayesian Estimation of the Inverse Weibull Distribution: Using Progressive Type-I Censoring Scheme. Algarni, Ali; Elgarhy, Mohammed; M Almarashi, Abdullah; Fayomi, Aisha; R El-Saeed, Ahmed Dec 29, 2021 7463
A New Variable-Censoring Control Chart Using Lifetime Performance Index under Exponential and Weibull Distributions. Aslam, Muhammad; Jeyadurga, P.; Balamurali, S.; Khan Sherwani, Rehan Ahmad; Albassam, Mohammed; Jun, Dec 27, 2021 4582
Inferences for Exponentiated Gamma Constant-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Test Model Based on Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censored Data. Rabie, Abdalla; Ahmad, Abd-EL-Baset A.; Barry, Thierno Souleymane; Aljohani, Hassan M.; Alfaer, Nada Dec 27, 2021 5373
'Shaan' gets Censor Board clearance. Dec 27, 2021 177
UAE ends cinema content censorship. Arab News Dec 20, 2021 160
Erasure Of History: How Facts About Fall Of Dhaka Were Systematically Censored. Dec 18, 2021 449
Censorship of gay kiss on Cyprus TV 'another setback for LGBT community'. Gina Agapiou Dec 16, 2021 590
Self-Censoring by Chinese Educational, Cultural Program Worries African Educators. Dec 13, 2021 513
Africa is 2021's Internet Censorship Hot Spot Report Shows. Dec 9, 2021 485
Top censor Mutua received Sh3.1m excess salary. Dec 8, 2021 339
Top censor Mutua received Sh3.1m excess salary. Dec 8, 2021 554
Restricted vision: Censorship and cinematic resistance in Thailand. Viernes, Noah Keone Dec 1, 2021 13159
PAS lawmaker wants Putrajaya to curb LGBTQ shows on Netflix, but minister says not possible. Nov 30, 2021 237
Huawei 'ignoring' concerns as African governments use its tech to censor citizens. Nov 29, 2021 740
Media freedom at risk as Taliban censors news reports in northern Afghanistan: Report. Nov 29, 2021 241
Huawei 'ignoring' concerns as African governments use its tech to censor citizens. Nov 28, 2021 746
"Facebook Blocks Jerusalem" campaign kick-starts in protest of Meta's censorship of the Palestinian narrative. Nov 23, 2021 706
Blowing the Whistle ON BIG TECH: Two former Big Tech employees speak out about the censorship and left-wing bias so prevalent at those companies, and offer encouraging words on how to stop it. Tennant, Michael Nov 22, 2021 2535
'Censored' Nawaz urges need for movement to save country. Nov 22, 2021 1179
Censoring intimacy. Usama Khilji Nov 21, 2021 822
'Free media essential to independent judiciary, parliament'. Nov 21, 2021 638
Stand with Kanter: Eject Chinese censorship from the NBA. Nov 15, 2021 1210
DASTARDLY CENSORSHIP. Myra; Bill Letter to the editor Nov 12, 2021 156
Can the MTRCB really censor Netflix? Nov 10, 2021 502
Marvel's 'Eternals' faces ban in several Gulf countries over censorship issue. Staff Reporter Nov 6, 2021 269
Censors Board Warns Against Unwholesome Contents. Nov 3, 2021 643
CHED slammed for 'misrepresenting' academic freedom. Nov 3, 2021 370
Book censorship is an 'assault' on the very essence of academic freedom, CHED told. Nov 3, 2021 432
Hong Kong passes bill to censor films contrary to national security. Oct 31, 2021 274
Type I Half Logistic Burr X-G Family: Properties, Bayesian, and Non-Bayesian Estimation under Censored Samples and Applications to COVID-19 Data. Algarni, Ali; M. Almarashi, Abdullah; Elbatal, I.; S. Hassan, Amal; Almetwally, Ehab M.; M. Daghista Report Oct 29, 2021 7247
Library school dean: Removal of 'subversive' readings is censorship. Oct 28, 2021 919
Hong Kong passes film censorship law, curbing free speech again. Oct 28, 2021 512
Ombudsman: No censorship in draft bill for SALN reportage. Oct 24, 2021 621
Museums open OnlyFans account after being banned from for posting nude artwork; The Tourism Board of Vienna state that they are the '"casualties of this new wave of prudishness" -and will offer OnlyFans subscribers free tickets to any of Austria's featured museums. By, Sam Elliott-Gibbs Oct 22, 2021 402
Populists Using COVID-19 as Pretext to Clamp Down on Rights of Migrants, Silence Women's Free Expression, Third Committee Experts Stress as Dialogues Continue. Oct 19, 2021 5445
The last fortress. Usama Khilji Oct 16, 2021 1043
'Killings, harassment, censorship worsen rule of law in PH' -- CHR. Oct 16, 2021 474
For Roque, F. Sionil Jose's view on press freedom in PH is better than NUJP's. Oct 12, 2021 647
South Wales Police officer faces three-hour tirade of racist and homophobic abuse while attending medical emergency; The three-hour ordeal was "so hate filled and extreme" that police had no choice but to censor the footage. By, Ffion Lewis Oct 11, 2021 490
Facebook wrongfully suppressed Palestinians during May violence, says HRW. Arab News Oct 8, 2021 605
Facebook censors discussion of rights issues, suppresses Palestinian content: Human Rights Watch. Oct 8, 2021 1162
HRW: Facebook Censors Discussion of Rights Issues. Oct 8, 2021 1182
HRW Criticizes Facebook Censorship of Palestinians, Demands Investigation. Oct 8, 2021 630
A New Transmuted Generalized Lomax Distribution: Properties and Applications to COVID-19 Data. Abu El Azm, Wael S.; Almetwally, Ehab M.; Naji AL-Aziz, Sundus; El-Bagoury, Abd Al-Aziz H.; Alharbi, Oct 7, 2021 6249
Is stricter censorship necessary for localA gang-related movies? Oct 3, 2021 885
CENSORSHIP BY PIO: Inside the fight for media access. Cromer, Alisa Oct 1, 2021 3074
The Challenges of Digital Diplomacy in the Era of Globalization: The Case of the United Arab Emirates. Antwi-Boateng, Osman; Al Mazrouei, Khadija Ali Mohammed Oct 1, 2021 8601
"Are We Becoming the Kind of Nation That Just Blocks Out All Criticism?": Negotiating the Gap Between Digital Citizenship Education and Young People's Everyday Digital Citizenship Practices in Malaysia. Johns, Amelia Oct 1, 2021 8757
Civil Society Responses to Singapore's Online "Fake News" Law. Teo, Kai Xiang Oct 1, 2021 8865
ICTs for Surveillance and Suppression: The Case of the Indian Emergency 1975-1977. Subramanian, Ramesh Report Oct 1, 2021 10577
Govt wants to impose centralised censorship office: RSF. Sep 30, 2021 286
Kremlin blasts YouTube for 'censorship' after German RT channels blocked. Arab News Sep 29, 2021 252
Lithuania Tells Citizens To Dispose Chinese Mobile Phones. Sep 22, 2021 180
THE MYTH OF THE CHILLING EFFECT. Bedi, Suneal Sep 22, 2021 18083
Kano Censorship Board bans films with scenes of abduction, drug addiction. Sep 21, 2021 195
Navalny allies accuse YouTube, Telegram of censorship in Russian election. Daoud Kuttab Sep 19, 2021 635
Navalny allies accuse Telegram of censorship in Russian election. Reuters News Service Sep 18, 2021 539
Navalny allies accuse Telegram of censorship in Russian election. Sep 18, 2021 527
'Rehana Maryam Noor' submitted to Censor board, eyes late October release. Sep 14, 2021 257
Taking a leaf out of the censorship book. Charlie Charalambous Sep 12, 2021 740
'No censorship in Cyprus' minister says amid book furore. Antigoni Pitta Sep 11, 2021 324
'No censorship in Cyprus' minister says amid book furore. Sep 11, 2021 314
Group chides Censorship Board's 'arbitrary moral policing' by restricting innerwear display in TV home shopping. Sep 10, 2021 423
Local broadcasters warned by Censorship Board against displaying undergarments in home shopping shows. Sep 10, 2021 973
Censors ban video ad they find too salacious. Sep 3, 2021 335
On editing, censorship and sobriety. Sep 2, 2021 563
Editing, censorship and sobriety. Jim Slusher Sep 2, 2021 566
Admin solon threatens to stop Facebook from deleting content, banning users. Sep 1, 2021 520
Inscribing Jingju/Peking Opera: Textualization and Performance, Authorship and Censorship of the "National Drama" of China from the Late Qing to the Present. Sep 1, 2021 173
HOLLYWOOD'S MORAL FAILURES Are studios appeasing China the way they appeased the Nazis? Sep 1, 2021 590
Conservatives for the Fairness Doctrine: Thinking historically about Big Tech and first principles. Hochman, Nate Sep 1, 2021 2859
Scared as a hare: effects of capture and experimental disturbance on survival and movement behavior of European hares. Mayer, Martin; Haugaard, Lars; Sunde, Peter Sep 1, 2021 6958
A New Scale-Invariant Lindley Extension Distribution and Its Applications. Kayid, Mohamed; Alskhabrah, Rayof; Alshangiti, Arwa M. Report Aug 31, 2021 5533
Media Censorship in Egypt. Aug 31, 2021 1340
Consolidating censorship. Usama Khilji Aug 30, 2021 1003
Statistical Inference under Censored Data for the New Exponential-X Fréchet Distribution: Simulation and Application to Leukemia Data. Alzeley, Omar; Almetwally, Ehab M.; Gemeay, Ahmed M.; Alshanbari, Huda M.; Hafez, E. H.; Abu-Moussa, Aug 29, 2021 8455
Inferences for Joint Hybrid Progressive Censored Exponential Lifetimes under Competing Risk Model. Almarashi, Abduallah M.; Algarni, Ali; Daghistani, A. M.; Abd-Elmougod, G. A.; Abdel-Khalek, S.; Raq Report Aug 25, 2021 7558
Censorship: Filmmakers' Catch-22 over Cap 222. Aug 8, 2021 1079
Bill for more internet censorship in Iran put aside for now. Jul 27, 2021 254
Decision-Making for the Lifetime Performance Index. Alsaedi, Basim S. O.; Abd El-Raouf, M. M.; Hafez, E. H.; Almaspoor, Zahra; Alamri, Osama Abdulaziz; Jul 13, 2021 4022
Postal Censorship and Surveillance: A Timeline. Jul 12, 2021 517
Director recounts harassment by Censor Board. Jul 9, 2021 251
Censoring films. A.G. Noorani Jul 3, 2021 810
Censorship In India. Jul 2, 2021 338
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Wake up to the danger of censoring the BBC; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. May 25, 2021 214
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The Mixture of the Marshall-Olkin Extended Weibull Distribution under Type-II Censoring and Different Loss Functions. Alotaibi, Refah; Khalifa, Mervat; Baharith, Lamya A.; Dey, Sanku; Rezk, H. Report May 19, 2021 6391
The E-Bayesian Estimation for Lomax Distribution Based on Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censoring Scheme. Liu, Kaiwei; Zhang, Yuxuan Report May 19, 2021 8787
Estimation of Constant Stress Partially Accelerated Life Test for Fréchet Distribution with Type-I Censoring. Ahmadini, Abdullah Ali H.; Mashwani, Wali Khan; Sherwani, Rehman Ahmad Khan; Alshqaq, Shokrya S.; Ja May 12, 2021 3961
Bid to end 'chilling effect' of censorship on campus. PETER MADELEY May 12, 2021 432
Facebook, Instagram accused of bias by censoring Palestinian content. Kateryna Kadabashy May 10, 2021 1383
FIA's notices to journalists are the worst example of censorship: CJ IHC. May 8, 2021 290
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POLITICAL FAIR USE. Smith, Cathay Y.N. May 1, 2021 24805
"Manufacturing Consent" revisited. China's image in selected South African media in the opening phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pillay, Anton M. May 1, 2021 6969
Censored, fired and cancelled: Citylife interviews wife of Isaan activist facing deportation. Apr 30, 2021 1181
_: Chloe Zhao's history-making Oscars sweep, winning best director and best picture, is being met with a muted response in her country of birth, and even censorship. Apr 27, 2021 649
U.S. pledges to help India in virus fight World's largest democracy sets records again in cases, deaths India: Government has censored critical tweets. Parker, By Claire; Schemm, Paul; Post, Sean Sullivan The Washington Apr 26, 2021 1062
Twitter censors tweets critical of India's handling of the pandemic at government request. Arab News Apr 25, 2021 241
Liverpool censor Jurgen Klopp and James Milner's comments on European Super League; The Liverpool vice-captain spoke out against the club's decision to join the European Super League on Monday evening, saying he didn't agree with the plans. By, Mark Jones Apr 20, 2021 338
British Era Censor Board is Back. Apr 19, 2021 638
A Nonconstant Shape Parameter-Dependent Competing Risks' Model in Accelerate Life Test Based on Adaptive Type-II Progressive Hybrid Censoring. Wang, Yan; Shi, Yimin; Wu, Min Report Apr 16, 2021 9216
Tottenham vs Man Utd broadcast censored over 100 times by Iranian TV due to assistant referee; Tottenham vs Manchester United was broadcast live on Iranian TV at the weekend but more than 100 times the state broadcaster cut away from the action. By, Samuel Webb Apr 14, 2021 325
Escape to the Farm clip censored by Lorraine bosses as viewers given 'saucy scene' warning; Host Ranvir Singh warned viewers to expect 'saucy scenes' as a clip from Escape To The Farm aired on Lorraine. By, Simon Duke Apr 14, 2021 358
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The Liberalization Process of Satire in Postauthoritarian Democracies: Potentials and Limits in Mexico's Network Television. Echeverria, Martin; Rodelo, Frida V. Apr 1, 2021 8777
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