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Postal Censorship and Surveillance: A Timeline. Jul 12, 2021 517
Director recounts harassment by Censor Board. Jul 9, 2021 251
Censoring films. A.G. Noorani Jul 3, 2021 810
Censorship In India. Jul 2, 2021 338
Sad when NZNO 'censors its members'. Andrews, Tracy Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2021 558
Why Filmmakers Should Support Thomas Adedayo-Led Censors Board -Sahidi Balogun. Jun 27, 2021 393
Israeli government's policies stink worse than its skunk water. Ray Hanania Jun 23, 2021 867
Pakistan seeks clarification from HBO management for 'censoring' PM Khan's interview. Jun 22, 2021 239
Tory group's anger at flag 'censorship'. HERBERT SODEN Local democracy reporter Jun 17, 2021 418
Flag 'censorship' council disputes Tory complaints. HERBERT SODEN Local democracy reporter Jun 17, 2021 595
Censorship of Palestinians reveals social media's fatal flaw. Joseph Dana Jun 17, 2021 1006
How early cricket survived opposition, censorship to become one of the world's most popular sports. Jon Pike Jun 10, 2021 878
Facebook, YouTube Erred In Censoring COVID-19 'Misinformation'. Jun 9, 2021 913
UK rights groups urge an end to censorship of Palestine campaigning at schools. Jun 8, 2021 212
'An end to fear and censorship': HRCP launches policy brief on press freedom. Jun 2, 2021 397
Facebook employees call for change in relation to Palestinian content. Arab News Jun 2, 2021 327
My Expulsion from Medical Practice: Censorship and Economic Ruin Threaten Dissenting Physicians. Louis, Albert Jun 1, 2021 1514
Instagram tweaks algorithm after censoring pro-Palestinian content. Staff Reporter Jun 1, 2021 291
Censorship under the guise of 'regulation'. May 31, 2021 451
Instagram makes changes to algorithm after accusations of censoring Palestine content. Arab News May 31, 2021 249
Wake up to the danger of censoring the BBC; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. May 25, 2021 214
Censorship looms with new Indonesia cyberpolicy. May 25, 2021 837
Report: Palestinians' digital rights 'violated' by social media censorship. Arab News May 21, 2021 448
Social media companies should not censor users. May 20, 2021 376
Social media companies should not censor users. May 20, 2021 287
Bid to end 'chilling effect' of censorship on campus. PETER MADELEY May 12, 2021 432
Facebook, Instagram accused of bias by censoring Palestinian content. Kateryna Kadabashy May 10, 2021 1383
FIA's notices to journalists are the worst example of censorship: CJ IHC. May 8, 2021 290
Social media users slam Twitter, Instagram for censoring posts about Sheikh Jarrah. May 7, 2021 328
POLITICAL FAIR USE. Smith, Cathay Y.N. May 1, 2021 24805
Censored, fired and cancelled: Citylife interviews wife of Isaan activist facing deportation. Apr 30, 2021 1181
_: Chloe Zhao's history-making Oscars sweep, winning best director and best picture, is being met with a muted response in her country of birth, and even censorship. Apr 27, 2021 649
U.S. pledges to help India in virus fight World's largest democracy sets records again in cases, deaths India: Government has censored critical tweets. Parker, By Claire; Schemm, Paul; Post, Sean Sullivan The Washington Apr 26, 2021 1062
Twitter censors tweets critical of India's handling of the pandemic at government request. Arab News Apr 25, 2021 241
Liverpool censor Jurgen Klopp and James Milner's comments on European Super League; The Liverpool vice-captain spoke out against the club's decision to join the European Super League on Monday evening, saying he didn't agree with the plans. By, Mark Jones Apr 20, 2021 338
British Era Censor Board is Back. Apr 19, 2021 638
Tottenham vs Man Utd broadcast censored over 100 times by Iranian TV due to assistant referee; Tottenham vs Manchester United was broadcast live on Iranian TV at the weekend but more than 100 times the state broadcaster cut away from the action. By, Samuel Webb Apr 14, 2021 325
Escape to the Farm clip censored by Lorraine bosses as viewers given 'saucy scene' warning; Host Ranvir Singh warned viewers to expect 'saucy scenes' as a clip from Escape To The Farm aired on Lorraine. By, Simon Duke Apr 14, 2021 358
Israeli Supreme Court green-lights Israel's 'Cyber Unit' that works with social media giants to censor user content. Apr 12, 2021 410
Translation errors or censorship? Youn's Kitchen under fire for wrong subtitles. Apr 12, 2021 422
Jordan imposes strict censorship on royal rift news. Reuters News Service Apr 6, 2021 377
No time to censor brut ensor brutal history; COMMENT WE SAY. Apr 4, 2021 559
Ivermectin. COVID, and Censorship. Klotter, Jule Apr 1, 2021 250
Covering Populist Media Criticism: When Journalists' Professional Norms Turn Against Them. Panievsky, Ayala Apr 1, 2021 8715
The Liberalization Process of Satire in Postauthoritarian Democracies: Potentials and Limits in Mexico's Network Television. Echeverria, Martin; Rodelo, Frida V. Apr 1, 2021 8777
No Oscars or sensitive art spark Hong Kong censorship fears. Mar 29, 2021 599
Churails, Cake and censorship. Mar 28, 2021 422
Iran censors television drama featuring British spy. Arab News Mar 26, 2021 405
Why We (Still) Shouldn't Censor Misinformation. Uscinski, Joseph E. Mar 25, 2021 1518
The Constitution Can Crack Section 230. Hamburger, Philip Mar 22, 2021 1905
Censorship through internet chicanery. Mar 20, 2021 1580
Chinese not celebrating World Day Against Cyber Censorship. Mar 12, 2021 342
Facebook accused of censorship in Greek hunger striker coverage. Mar 2, 2021 335
THE SPLINTERNET. Lemley, Mark A. Mar 1, 2021 12549
Censors Board Raids Sokoto Of Uncensored Films. Feb 22, 2021 301
Chilling trend toward censorship. Feb 10, 2021 374
Government insists no move to censor media. Feb 9, 2021 403
Why Trump's Twitter ban is no censorship. Jan 17, 2021 319
Hong Kong censorship debate grows as Internet firm says can block 'illegal acts'. Zaira Lakhpatwala Jan 15, 2021 528
Poland targets big tech with anti-censorship law. Reuters News Service Jan 15, 2021 340
Social media censorship. Jan 15, 2021 666
Taiwan mulls censoring books by Chinese Communist Party, PLA. Jan 3, 2021 300
Dead Storms and Literature's New Horizon: The 2020 Neustadt Prize Lecture: During the Neustadt Prize ceremony on October 21, 2020, David Bellos read the English-language version of Kadare's prize lecture to a worldwide Zoom audience. Kadare, Ismail Speech Jan 1, 2021 2800
A Tribute to Ismail Kadare: Surviving and Subverting the Totalitarian State: As part of the ceremony honoring Kadare as the 2020 laureate--with participants logging in from dozens of countries around the world--Kadare's nominating juror, Kapka Kassabova, offered a video tribute from her home in Scotland. Kassabova, Kapka Essay Jan 1, 2021 1440
Censorship: COVID's Co-Killer. Jan 1, 2021 802
Fair Use in Practice: South Korean Film Directors' Copyright Understanding. Sang, Yoonmo; Aufderheide, Patricia; Kim, Minjeong Jan 1, 2021 8969
Social Media: Misinformation and Content Moderation Issues for Congress. Gallo, Jason A.; Cho, Clare Y. Report Jan 1, 2021 16882
Need stressed to counter negative populism, project real social heroes. Dec 30, 2020 1015
Legal hurdle for screening of movies at open theatre removed. Dec 17, 2020 589
Twitter accused of censoring Indian critic of Hindu nationalism. Dec 8, 2020 407
Scottish law lecturer hits out after gagging by university over 'trans' comments; A top law lecturer who taught Scotland's First Minister during her student days has hit out at the UK's biggest university after being censored for stating that trans women are men in a debate about free speech. Ilona Amos Dec 6, 2020 572
MADA launches awareness campaign on self-censorship in the media. Dec 3, 2020 524
The Censorship Pandemic. Klotter, Jule Dec 1, 2020 1330
Global tech giants threatened to quit Pakistan over new censorship laws. Nov 30, 2020 957
CENSORSHIP HAS NO FAIRYTALE ENDING. BRIAN READE Frank and fearless (and funny) Nov 28, 2020 212
SOT: Panelists discuss gender-based censorship, single national curriculum. Discussion Nov 27, 2020 318
Uproar as Twitter censors Trump, not Khamenehi. Nov 27, 2020 264
Facebook branded sexist over cancer surgery pics; beautician censored for images of survivors with nipple tattoos. ELLEN KIRWIN ECHO Reporter @ellen_kirwin Nov 24, 2020 698
Sherry Rehman slams the draconian censorship laws. Nov 23, 2020 498
Another step towards media censorship. Nov 20, 2020 407
BBC bosses tweak lyrics of Pogues' Christmas hit Fairytale of New York to avoid offence; BBC Radio 1 have made steps to avoid controversy in airing the festive hit by censoring two words that have offended listeners in the past. By, Nika Shakhnazarova Nov 19, 2020 444
India's move to regulate 'bold' content irks digital content creators. Subhash K Jha Nov 17, 2020 804
#EndSARS: Online publishers warn against censorship of social media. Nov 14, 2020 509
WHO says faces 'onslaught' of cyberattacks as Taiwan complains of censorship. Reuters News Service Nov 12, 2020 356
Thailand doubles down on internet censorship. Nov 6, 2020 230
Twitter censors Trump's tweets about 'disappearing' ballots. Nov 4, 2020 259
Activists Reacts To Northern Governors Position On Social Media. Nov 3, 2020 746
Northern Governors Demand Censorship of Social Media. Nov 3, 2020 342
Opinion: Moment of truth - A sad story of censorship. Nov 2, 2020 622
Twitter Censorship Spikes: Site Restricts Trump and Campaign 111 Times. Weaver, Corinne Nov 1, 2020 447
Campus Free Speech: A Cultural Approach. Kissel, Adam Nov 1, 2020 1382
SILENCE = DEATH: The author of The Beauty Myth on the controversy around her Latest book, the LGBTQ+ activism of her family, and how being censored is a kind of death. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Nov 1, 2020 1495
Reps C'ttee frowns at reduction in National Film and Video Censors Board' 2021 budgetary allocation. Oct 28, 2020 449
'Censorship Kills Scholarship' Expert Warns Third Committee, amid Broad Calls for Upholding Rights in Myanmar, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Oct 26, 2020 7239
JK's magic.. she doesn't have to be a transvestite serial killer to write about one; NOVELIST BACKS ROWLING IN CANCEL CULTURE ROW Author rejects self-censorship. John Dingwall Oct 25, 2020 477
Censorship hits day of action against campus/tech silencing on Palestine: 10 webinars take place on Zoom. Oct 24, 2020 493
Censoring freedoms. Usama Khilji Oct 24, 2020 1080
Facebook, Instagram Apologised for Censoring #EndSARS Protests. Oct 24, 2020 444
Myanmar's 2020 election: A tale of Chinese money, new ethnic parties and censorship. Oct 23, 2020 1178
Facebook, Instagram Censoring Protests against Police Violence- Report. Oct 22, 2020 470
Councillors should not be censored by leaders; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. Letter to the editor Oct 22, 2020 252
Digital jalsas catch on as censorship pushes viewers online. Oct 21, 2020 721
Celeste Barber Calls Out Instagram For Censoring Her Naked Parody Picture. Oct 21, 2020 499
No right to censor. Oct 20, 2020 510
Brazil's Bolsonaro 'indirectly' censors media: RSF. Oct 20, 2020 308
Battling censorship. Oct 19, 2020 854
New book shines light on China's influence over Hollywood. Oct 18, 2020 562
Video game Genshin Impact censors words 'Taiwan,' 'Hong Kong'. Oct 7, 2020 488
More censorship. Oct 5, 2020 538
IHC rejects petition seeking censorship of Nawaz's provocative speeches. Oct 5, 2020 494
Dela Rosa wants Senate probe into Facebook removal of networks for 'affecting freedom of expression'. Oct 2, 2020 716
Bato wants inquiry on FB 'censorship'. Oct 2, 2020 724
Dela Rosa seeks Senate probe into 'censorship action' by FB. Oct 2, 2020 564
UPDATE: Section 230 and the Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. Brannon, Valerie C.; Hart, Nina M.; Holmes, Eric N.; Linebaugh, Chris D. Oct 1, 2020 3290
Restricting the exercise of freedom of expression in a democratic society - communication or coercion? Burci, Claudia Madalina Oct 1, 2020 6538
News-Sharing Repertoires on Social Media in the Context of Networked Authoritarianism: The Case of Turkey. Kocer, Suncem; Bozdag, Cigdem Oct 1, 2020 8715
Duterte to Facebook: Taking down accounts is censorship. Sep 30, 2020 392
No intent to shut down Facebook, Duterte only wants to talk - Palace. Sep 30, 2020 1261
'Duterte against Facebook 'censorship' but won't ban FB in PH' --- Roque. Sep 29, 2020 664
Palace blasts Facebook 'censorship': Why only take down pro-gov't pages? Sep 29, 2020 546
NGOs urge Facebook to stop censoring Palestinian content. Sep 27, 2020 288
NGOs call on Facebook to stop censoring Palestinian content and get rid of an Israeli Oversight Board member. Sep 26, 2020 274
Overreach and censorship. Sep 12, 2020 864
5% Levy: Okoroji Lauds Suspension Of Censors' Board Executive Secretary. Sep 12, 2020 308
WeChat and TikTok are taking Chinese censorship global, study says. Sep 8, 2020 665
Palace to MTRCB: Consider lawmakers' stand against censoring Netflix. Television program review Sep 7, 2020 424
Netlix, Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar and others sign self-regulatory code to avoid censorship by Indian govt. Sep 6, 2020 454
Lagos Suspends Video Censor Board Boss Over Unauthorised Levy. Sep 6, 2020 186
Locsin thumbs down Netflix censorship: 'Enough with that idiot regulation'. Television program review Sep 5, 2020 290
Lagos: Governor suspends Video Censor Board boss over unauthorized levy. Sep 5, 2020 190
Lawmakers slam 'ridiculous' MTRCB plan to censor Netflix. Television program review Sep 5, 2020 849
Lagos Defies Court Order, Slams 5% Tax on Netflix, Iroko TV, Others. Sep 5, 2020 726
Drilon hits 'very impractical' plan of MTRCB to regulate content of Netflix, others. Television program review Sep 4, 2020 796
Civil-military leadership working closely, talk of censorship baseless: PM Imran. Sep 4, 2020 651
Civil-military leadership working closely, talk of censorship baseless: PM Imran. Sep 3, 2020 603
MUM'S THE WORD. Ekins, Emily Sep 1, 2020 1322
Producing Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings: Introduction. Anden-Papadopoulos, Kari Sep 1, 2020 4880
The "Image-as-Forensic-Evidence" Economy in the Post-2011 Syrian Conflict: The Power and Constraints of Contemporary Practices of Video Activism. Anden-Papadopoulos, Kari Sep 1, 2020 9008
Bayesian Modeling of 3-Component Mixture of Exponentiated Inverted Weibull Distribution under Noninformative Prior. Cheema, Ammara Nawaz; Aslam, Muhammad; Almanjahie, Ibrahim M.; Ahmad, Ishfaq Report Aug 31, 2020 6276
A Survey of Key Technologies for Constructing Network Covert Channel. Tian, Jing; Xiong, Gang; Li, Zhen; Gou, Gaopeng Aug 31, 2020 15163
DG Censors Board Accused Of Holding Ejiro Hostage In Asaba Over AMP Election. Aug 30, 2020 519
Upping the ante on censorship. Aug 30, 2020 471
NBC: Sanitiser Or Censor? Aug 26, 2020 1508
NBC: Sanitiser or censor? Aug 25, 2020 1501
Nollywood local content film makers rejects 5% tax imposed by Lagos govt. Aug 20, 2020 735
"MADA" Center Launches a Campaign to Limit Self-Censorship in the Media. Aug 19, 2020 562
Censorship and Bans. Aug 18, 2020 745
Punjab notes: Banning books: challenging the unchallenged (Part II). Mushtaq Soofi Aug 17, 2020 1036
Review: Kolby Cooper - a new voice from Texas - rips it but tests the censors. Scott Stroud Associated Press Aug 15, 2020 311
Censors Board Destroys Illicit Films Worth N3.5Bn in 3 Years - DG. Aug 15, 2020 534
Censors board seizes, destroys illicit films worth N3.5bn in 3 years - DG. Aug 14, 2020 535
Diversity of opinion worth celebrating; of the day THOUGHT Mario du Preez is an environmental economist. Aug 14, 2020 519
Censoring the President. Aug 12, 2020 817
COVID-19: Censors Board Seals Off Illegal Drive-In Cinemas In FCT. Aug 11, 2020 367
Fears academics will 'self-censor' One in seven report hostile climate towards pro-Brexit views. DAVID BANNER Aug 3, 2020 338
Fears academics will 'self-censor' One in seven report hostile climate towards pro-Brexit views. DAVID BANNER Aug 3, 2020 338
Free speech risk as university staff feel need to censor pro-Brexit views; Academic freedom within British universities could be in danger as academics with right-leaning or pro-Brexit views feel they have to censor what they teach, research and discuss, a report has warned. Eleanor Busby Aug 3, 2020 414
The Changing Landscape of Internet Shutdowns in Africa: Introduction. Marchant, Eleanor; Stremlau, Nicole Aug 1, 2020 3642
Internet Shutdowns and the Limits of Law. De Gregorio, Giovanni; Stremlau, Nicole Aug 1, 2020 9043
Twitter Censors Tim Tebow's Witness to Faith as 'Potentially Sensitive'. Weaver, Corinne Aug 1, 2020 340
Turkish social media bill presages 'new dark era' of censorship, say critics. Reuters News Service Jul 28, 2020 432
Frankie Boyle TV review: 'Appalling, vicious, clarty and clever'; In the week censors ruled Billy Connolly's sweary words were not aggressive, were not meant to insult anyone and therefore shouldn't be X-rated, his heir apparent as Britain's funniest man picked up the effing ball and ran with it. Aidan Smith Television program review Jul 24, 2020 579
Big Yin's foul-mouthed shows not worth a XXXX; Connolly's 'trademark comic style' backed by film censors. STUART MACDONALD Jul 21, 2020 223
'Brexiteer Boris Johnson has become Vladimir Putin's patsy as we await the report'; The Russia report is due to be published this week -but how much of it will get past the censors. By, Kevin Maguire Jul 19, 2020 441
OP-ED: The censorship paradox. Jul 18, 2020 1305
Senate endorses screening of Zindagi Tamasha despite criticism. Jul 15, 2020 715
Taiwan's Ministry of Culture mocks Chinese censorship. Jul 15, 2020 192
Senate HR committee allows screening of Zindagi Tamasha. Jul 14, 2020 458
Senate body gives goahead to Zindagi Tamashas release. Jul 14, 2020 355
Disney+ users slam 'double standards' as woman's bum censored -but not Hugh Jackman's; X-Men: Days of Future Past has landed on Disney+ and fans were quick to notice that the film's scenes including nudity and profanity had been left uncensored. By, Courtney Pochin Jul 13, 2020 409
China Censors Hong Kong Internet, US Tech Giants Resist. Jul 7, 2020 714
Brigitte Bardot and the Lolita Syndrome, by Simone de Beauvoir:Censored under Francoism. Godayol, Pilar Report Jul 1, 2020 6096
Enigma Software Group USA, LLC v. Malwarebytes, Inc. Pisula, Allie Jul 1, 2020 1521
The People's Censored Truth. Klotter, Jule Jul 1, 2020 1236
On Efficient Monitoring of Weibull Lifetimes Using Censored Median Hybrid DEWMA Chart. Raza, Syed Muhammad Muslim; Ali, Sajid; Shah, Ismail; Wang, Lichen; Yue, Zhen Jun 30, 2020 7508
Half-Logistic Xgamma Distribution: Properties and Estimation under Censored Samples. Bantan, Rashad; Hassan, Amal S.; Elsehetry, Mahmoud; Kibria, B.M. Golam Jun 30, 2020 9020
Bayesian Estimation of Gumbel Type-II Distribution under Type-II Censoring with Medical Applications. Abbas, Kamran; Hussain, Zamir; Rashid, Noreen; Ali, Amjad; Taj, Muhammad; Khan, Sajjad Ahmad; Manzoo Jun 30, 2020 4652
Improved Kaplan-Meier Estimator in Survival Analysis Based on Partially Rank-Ordered Set Samples. Nematolahi, Samane; Nazari, Sahar; Shayan, Zahra; Ayatollahi, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi; Amanati, Ali Jun 30, 2020 6284
School religion teachers say did not censor student who criticised them. Evie Andreou Jun 30, 2020 454
Censors board destroys N15m pornographic, uncensored films in Plateau. Jun 25, 2020 357
"MADA" Concludes Training Courses on Self-Censorship for Journalists. Jun 23, 2020 513
Trump Cuts Aid to Big Tech, Citing Bias and Censorship. Jun 22, 2020 334
China's Censorship, Propaganda & Disinformation. Blumenthal, Daniel; Zhang, Linda Jun 22, 2020 3044
Chemtrails and Solar Geoengineers: Governing Online Conspiracy Theory Misinformation. Corbett, Charles R. Jun 22, 2020 21610
Out of 'Site: Can Government Officials Block Their Constituents on Social Media? Wilkerson, Lindsey Jun 22, 2020 10728
Amending PECA 2016. Jun 21, 2020 330
Facebook, Twitter 'censor' Trump's election campaign. Reuters News Service Jun 19, 2020 771
Why is Trump determined to censor Bolton's book. Noah Feldman Jun 18, 2020 830
Supercars driver Renee Gracie slams Instagram for deleting 'boob chandelier' photos; Gracie turned her back on competitive driving to make her money from selling explicit photos on OnlyFans but is now angry with Instagram over their censorship. By, Alex Milne Jun 15, 2020 336
Dani Garavelli: Johnson can't put hunger for change back in its box; Boris Johnson's contribution to the great monument debate was predictably specious. Attacking Winston Churchill's statue was wrong, he said, because Churchill was a hero and a man of his time. "Yes, he may have expressed opinions that are unacceptable to us today," Johnson wrote, but, "tearing statues down would be to lie about our history. We cannot edit or censor our past.". Dani Garavelli Jun 14, 2020 1164
'We cannot try to edit or censor our past' -PM in statues storm. PATRICK DALY Jun 13, 2020 775
HBO Max Censors 'Gone with the Wind' Due to Racist Portrayals. Jun 11, 2020 276
Should Twitter Censor Hate Speech? Lauren T, Writer Jun 2, 2020 558
"MADA" Organizes a Panel Discussion on Self-Censorship. Discussion Jun 1, 2020 478
Woodrow Wilson's Libertarian Lackeys: Beware the temptation to collaborate with the state. Walker, Jesse Jun 1, 2020 1395
BUJ marks Youm e Azam against censorship on media during Zia's dictatorship. May 14, 2020 269
Cinema important source of projecting culture, heritage of society: Shibli Faraz. May 14, 2020 218
Press freedom declining in Pakistan. Hammad Sarfraz May 3, 2020 1023
Censors win as court upholds 'gay' film ban. Apr 29, 2020 444
Journalists at Russian newspaper accuse their editor of pro-Kremlin censorship. Reuters News Service Apr 24, 2020 581
Journalism and words will survive, censorship won't: Gowhar Geelani. Apr 24, 2020 481
Coronavirus harming press freedom in Iran, Iraq, China: RSF. Charlie Peters Apr 24, 2020 417
THE HOLY SPIRIT; Vatican censors video of Pope joking whisky is 'the real holy water'. PAUL ENGLISH Apr 16, 2020 383
China censors research on coronavirus origins. Apr 14, 2020 317
Freedom of Expression under Censorship is a threat to Democracy. Zafar Abbas and Muhammad Zubair Mar 31, 2020 3403
Time to censor doom-mongers; Letters to the editor Write to: Letters to the editor, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL. email: All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Mar 28, 2020 167
Postal censorship? Zahid Islam - Karachi Mar 23, 2020 255
THE ANTIDOTE FOR AUTHORITARIAN OVERREACH: By joining forces across national borders, news outlets can better counter censorship and misinformation. Friedberg, Brian; Lim, Gabrielle; Donovan, Joan Mar 22, 2020 898
Academic Freedom, Canadian Labour Law and the Scope of Intra-Mural Expression. Lynk, Michael Mar 22, 2020 11082
"Don't Write Anything that Will Bother the Italian Censor": Pasolini and the Filming of A Farewell to Arms in 1950's Italy. Mastandrea, Martina Critical essay Mar 22, 2020 6837
People should self-quarantine for 45 days: Imran Govt not imposing lockdown, will not censor anything from the people; Advises people to keep away from elders; Economic package on Tuesday. SARWAR AWAN Mar 21, 2020 694
Don't censor a book by its cover. Lhendup G Bhutia Mar 17, 2020 694
No inappropriate content in banned movie Zindagi Tamasha: Mustafa Khokhar. Mar 12, 2020 244
Senate human rights panel to decide fate of Zindagi Tamasha, bars CII from reviewing it. Nadir Guramani Mar 11, 2020 487
Senate human rights panel to decide fate of Zindagi Tamasha, bars CII from reviewing it. Mar 11, 2020 483
Film censor board to be formed at federal level: Firdous. Mar 8, 2020 836
Govt announces formation of federal censor board, recognition of cinema as an industry. Mar 8, 2020 349
Govt announces formation of federal censor board, recognition of cinema as an industry. Mar 8, 2020 596
Govt announces formation of federal censor board Recognises cinema as an industry. Mar 8, 2020 335
Federal censor board on the cards for 'uniform' film policy. Mar 7, 2020 493
China's Censorship, Propaganda and Disinformation. Blumenthal, Dan Mar 1, 2020 4070
WHAT'S WORSE, GOING VIRAL OR VERBAL QUARANTINE? Singleton, Marilyn M. Mar 1, 2020 1549
E-Bayesian Prediction for the Burr XII Model Based on Type-II Censored Data with Two Samples. Okasha, Hassan M.; Wang, Chuanmei; Wang, Jianhua Mar 1, 2020 8289
Lack Of Censorship Responsible For Bad Music In Circulation -Sefiu Alao. Mar 1, 2020 771
Social Anxiety: Advertising policies on social media feel to some artists like censorship. Whittenburg, Zachary Mar 1, 2020 784
What We Are Reading Today: Censored. Arab News Feb 22, 2020 153
Ant and Dec forced to step in over raunchy Pussycat Dolls performance; The pair had to censor the performance which came before the watershed. By, Sophie McCoid Feb 22, 2020 223
CENSORSHIP CONTINUES. Poole, Erick R. Feb 19, 2020 572
After National Art Gallery blunder, artists calls for freer art environment in Malaysia. Feb 16, 2020 861
Social media censorship. Feb 15, 2020 391
Toolz And Gbemi Promise No Censorship With Second Season Of 'OffAir'. Feb 14, 2020 679
Google Maps Street View catches photo of brutal crash between motorcycle and truck; The accident was snapped by Google's Street View camera in Tlaquepaque, Mexico in 2015, and the brutal scene has since been censored on Google Maps. By, Shivali Best Feb 14, 2020 251
Be more tolerant, Anwar tells Malaysians over art censorship. Feb 12, 2020 220
Accused of censorship, National Art Gallery says curation based on 'suitable maturity' of visitors. Feb 11, 2020 428
Material Girl: Don't call curtains on me; Madonna blasts 'censorship' after show is cut off when she breaches 11pm curfew. ASHLEIGH RAINBIRD Feb 7, 2020 299
Material Girl: Don't call curtains on me; Madonna blasts 'censorship' after show is cut off when she breaches 11pm curfew. ASHLEIGH RAINBIRD Diary Editor Feb 7, 2020 320
Mahira Khan and OKB are having a conversation about Zindagi Tamasha we should all be having. Feb 7, 2020 425
Nigerian Film Industry Can Be Cash Cow If Regulated -Akinseye. Feb 7, 2020 1505
Swiss vote on anti-homophobia law as critics decry censorship. Reuters News Service Feb 7, 2020 525
BULLYING BORIS BID FOR BREXIT BAN ON MIRROR; Journos' united walkout as No10 censors briefing. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Feb 4, 2020 323
Coronavirus sends Asia's social media censors into overdrive. Reuters News Service Feb 4, 2020 815
'Comedy neglected as a real art form in Pakistan'. Feb 3, 2020 863
What's Going on in the Korean Peninsula? A Study on Perception and Influence of South and North Korea-Related Fake News. Oh, Yoo Jung; Ryu, Ji Youn; Park, Hee Sun Feb 1, 2020 7959
Freedom of Expression. Jan 26, 2020 435
Structural Traits of Living Donor Kidneys May Predict Graft Failure; Interstitial fibrosis/tubular atrophy, larger cortical nephron size, smaller medullary volume predict failure. Jan 24, 2020 198
Zindagi Tamasha. Jan 23, 2020 420
Notices to Pemra, censor board on plea against drama serial. Jan 23, 2020 411
TLP calls off protests as Sindh, Punjab block release of Zindagi Tamasha. Jan 22, 2020 700
CII to 'review' Zindagi Tamasha, Khoosat asked to postpone release. Jan 21, 2020 691
Govt approaches CII to 'critically review' film Zindagi Tamasha as release blocked across country. Jan 21, 2020 788
Sarmad Khoosat's Zindagi Tamasha to release Jan 24, despite 'bullying. Jan 19, 2020 198
MP suggests to censor information on violence against children in media. Jan 15, 2020 135
Survival Similar for Kidneys From Dead Donors With, Without AKI; Deceased donor AKI status has no association with death-censored graft failure, all-cause graft failure. Jan 13, 2020 250
1MDB auditor says Ambrin 'frustrated' with unprecedented demands to censor audit report. Jan 13, 2020 1036
Night School: or, The Ancient Art of East European Heavy Breathing. Ban, Zsofia Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 3626
The Problem with Pronoun Police: Censorship enshrouds a much needed discussion of transgender issues. Williams, Joanna Jan 1, 2020 2480
Women's Responses to Online Harassment. Chadha, Kalyani; Steiner, Linda; Vitak, Jessica; Ashktorab, Zahra Jan 1, 2020 8762
Minimal Length Effect on Thermodynamics and Weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in Anti-de Sitter Black Holes via Charged Particle Absorption. Mu, Benrong; Tao, Jun; Wang, Peng Jan 1, 2020 6647
Censors at work? Dec 29, 2019 382
UK under fire for 'censorship' of pro-Palestine activism. Charlie Peters Dec 25, 2019 631
London Bus Operators Censor Go Vegan World New Year Ad Campaign. Dec 23, 2019 549
Report: YouTube Blocked More Than 300 of Trump's Ads. Dec 23, 2019 315
Securities & Exchange Commission vs. Elon Musk & the First Amendment. Markham, Jerry W. Dec 22, 2019 17341
Fall of Dhaka: A debacle borne of self-censorship and lies. Azmat Ansari Dec 16, 2019 867
Plea in Delhi HC seeks guidelines on censoring of online speech by social media sites. ANI Dec 16, 2019 285
Trump to sign order attacking free speech critical of Israel on US campuses. Dec 12, 2019 286
Panipat movie row: Censor board should intervene, says Rajasthan CM. ANI Dec 9, 2019 367
Censorship in Colonial Indonesia, 1901-1942. Book review Dec 1, 2019 162
10 Most Censored Countries. Dec 1, 2019 103
Hindu Jangagruti Samiti urges Censor Board to halt 'Dabangg 3' certification. ANI Nov 27, 2019 255
Bytedance: The Chinese company behind global TikTok craze. Nov 27, 2019 873
Censorship for survival. Amna Khan Nov 25, 2019 1032
US Treasury Dept. sanctions Iran's Information minister over internet restrictions. ANI Nov 22, 2019 371
Malaysians see ulterior motive in Finas chief's call to censor Netflix. Nov 18, 2019 299
Your guide to using Netflix Parental Controls to restrict content for children (VIDEO). Nov 17, 2019 582
Censor Netflix? Viewers pay for service, leave it alone, DAP Youth leader tells Finas chief. Nov 17, 2019 357
Journalists lament attempts to censor media. Nov 17, 2019 452
Content Censorship. Nov 16, 2019 440
Hunger games. Nov 16, 2019 667
Finas calls for Putrajaya to censor Netflix here. Nov 16, 2019 325
Pakistan leads in number of censorship requests sent to Facebook. Ramsha Jahangir Nov 15, 2019 759
Pakistan tops in Facebook content censorship. Nov 15, 2019 582
Pakistan leads in global censorship requests to Facebook. Nov 14, 2019 706
Pakistan leads in number of censorship requests sent to Facebook. Ramsha Jahangir Nov 14, 2019 1120
Indian censors blur alcohol in 'Ford v Ferrari'. Marwa Hamad, Senior Reporter Nov 13, 2019 294
Harin condemns Facebook for censoring post. Nov 10, 2019 113

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