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Cemetery yields Assyrian stamps.

The head of the archeology team at the Qarah Tappeh cemetery in Qazvin province says excavation of the cemetery has led to the discovery of 35 cylindrical stamps of Assyrian origin.

Mustafa Deh-Pahlevan said following further excavations at the newly discovered Iron Age cemeteries in Saghezabad of Bouin Zahra county, it was decided that the entire focus of the excavation project would be on the newly-discovered cemetery trench to provide a precise and accurate chronology of this cemetery and to better understand the burial practices and traditions of these cemeteries.

He went on to say that physical anthropology and genetic studies, ancient zoology, rare burial traditions, and rich evidence indicate the interactions and cultural and economic links of the residents of the area with the western regions of the Iranian plateau and the political and cultural area of governments such as Assyria and cultural areas of west, north and northwest of Iran.

There were other objects in the graves, such as cylindrical stamps, metal ornaments, earthenware and stone, and pottery from the Iron Age, some of which were large kitchen utensils that were rarely seen at the same time in Iron Age cemeteries, and cooking pottery that is dedicated to the burial of babies and infants.

Caption: Assyrian cylindrical stamps

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Date:Dec 20, 2019
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