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Mawani partners with Chinese group to build quay cranes at Dammam. Jul 1, 2022 616
Automatic Measurement Method of Slump Flow of Cement Paste Based on Dynamic Image Processing Technology. He, Shiqin; Gao, Pengfei; Wang, Chunyue; Nie, Ding; Wang, Hui Jun 13, 2022 3575
Extension of safeguard measures on imported cement sought. Jun 10, 2022 761
Effects of Lysinibacillus sphaericus on Physicomechanical and Chemical Performance of OPC Blended with Natural Tuff and Pulverized Fly Ash. Mwangi Wanjiku, Kelvin; Muthengia, Jackson Wachira; Ogunah, Joanne; Mutitu, Daniel Karanja; Kinuthia Jun 3, 2022 12060
Characterization of Cold Bituminous Mastics Prepared with Different Active Fillers at High and Intermediate Temperature. Bérubé, Marc-André; Carter, Alan; Singh, Dharamveer Jun 3, 2022 6153
CeMAP warns dumped Vietnam cement imports harming PH recovery. Jun 1, 2022 436
Study on Mechanical and Microscopic Properties of Fly Ash Cement-Based Materials in High Geothermal Environment. Hu, Yehong; Xie, Wen; Zou, Feng; Yang, Jialei; Xi, Tian; Li, Ruijun; Wang, Xin Report May 31, 2022 4522
Two men in court after worker died in roof fall; pair avoid prison for breaches of health and safety rules. DAVID HUNTLEY Reporter May 30, 2022 375
Critical Study on Corrosion Inhibitors in U-Shaped RCC Beams. Shanmughan, Suchithra; Velusamy, Sampathkumar; Nallasamy, Jothi Lakshmi; Selvakumar, Kothai Palanisa Report May 29, 2022 3904
Effect of FNS Incorporation on the Properties of Ternary Blended Cement Containing Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash. Kim, Min Jae; Park, Eon Sang; Hwang, Woong Ik; Cho, Won Jung May 28, 2022 4981
Men avoid being jailed after worker killed in fall. May 28, 2022 355
Men avoid jail after worker plunged through roof and died from injuries in North Shields; The worker was carrying out over-cladding work at an industrial building on West Chirton (South) Industrial Estate when they fell. By, David Huntley May 27, 2022 433
Portland Cement on its knees as employees go without salaries. May 26, 2022 557
Influence of Wet or Dry Conditions on the Fatigue Life of Grout Cementitious Materials under Cyclic Loading. Zhou, Ruirong; Qin, Xiaochuan; Sha, Jianfang; Guo, Fei; Qi, Wu May 16, 2022 4312
Capsule-Bag-Type Sealing Technology for Gas Drainage Boreholes and Its Application. Sun, Xiaoyan; Li, Ke; Wang, Xin May 14, 2022 8777
Five firms' profits point to recovery from Covid. May 9, 2022 493
The Effect of Additive ZRJ-S1 on Mechanical Properties of Portland Cement. Zeng, Xin; Zhou, Ping; Tong, Jichang; Wang, Hao; Zhao, Lin; Meng, Weidong; Li, Ming May 9, 2022 6087
Mining momentum bolsters Mat South economy. May 6, 2022 892
Chloride and Sulfate Resistance of Calcined Lateritic Clay-Based Geopolymer. Usman Ghani,Shah Hussain, Noor ul Amin, Maria imtiaz, Shahid Ali Khan and Muhammad Naeem Apr 30, 2022 3741
Composition and Evaluation on Road Performance of SBS/PTW High-Viscosity-Modified Asphalt and Its Mixtures for Ultrathin Overlays. Wang, Mingwei; Wei, Jingyu; Xie, Xiangbing; Li, Guanghui; Zhang, Haiwei; Bao, Meng; Zhu, Xianglei Apr 27, 2022 7332
Cement giant injects US$40m into Mat'land solar projects. Apr 27, 2022 1009
WATCH:Cement giant injects US$40m into Mat'land solar projects. Apr 27, 2022 1009
Cement giant injects US$40m into Mat'land solar projects. Apr 26, 2022 1010
Tanzania Portland Cement wins Sh1.3bn verdict in breach of contract case. Apr 14, 2022 665
Shaking Table Test of a Full-Scale RC Frame Structure with an Indoor Gas Piping System. Sun, Dezhang; Guo, Endong; Wu, Houli; Liu, Zhibin; Mao, Chenxi; Zhang, Haoyu; Sun, Xun Apr 13, 2022 5096
PPC cries over imports, but fails to meet demand. Apr 11, 2022 833
Mechanical and Durability Characteristics of TiO[sub.2] and Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] Nanoparticles with Sisal Fibers. Rajkumar, R.; Nirmala, R.; Vivekananthan, V. Apr 4, 2022 4237
Summit Materials converts to Portland Limestone Cement. Mar 31, 2022 162
Experimental Study on Simulation Filling of New Underwater Cementitious Filling Material (NWC-FM). Ruan, Yanmei; Luo, Xu; Lin, Shan; Pei, Xingkai Report Mar 31, 2022 5035
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 22, 2022 7948
Experimental Study on Lead-Smelting Slag as Paste Filling Cementing Material. Deng, Daiqiang; Cao, Guodong; Liang, Yihua Mar 16, 2022 7865
Govt construction projects drive PPC business. Mar 15, 2022 763
Year-end deadline for PPC US$37 million solar projects. Mar 13, 2022 502
Top executive draws inspiration from reggae. Mar 5, 2022 950
Top executive draws inspiration from reggae. Mar 4, 2022 964
Portland Cement eyes profit after cutting losses to 907m. Feb 26, 2022 411
Portland Cement eyes profit after cutting losses to 907m. Feb 25, 2022 356
Reduce land prices so squatters can buy, Portland Cement told. Jan 24, 2022 604
Squatters to buy cement firm's land, ending tussle. Jan 24, 2022 439
Portland Cement: An Overview as a Root Repair Material. Shahi, Shahriar; Fakhri, Elaheh; Yavari, Hamidreza; Maleki Dizaj, Solmaz; Salatin, Sara; Khezri, Kha Report Jan 6, 2022 11621
Radiopacity of Portland Cement and Calcium Silicate-Based Cement with Different Mixed Ratios of Radiopacifiers. Sarunket, Cholkamol; Banomyong, Danuchit; Vibulcharoenkitja, Piyawat; Sutimuntanakul, Supachai Report Jan 1, 2022 4212
BOC slaps duties on Vietnam cement imports. Dec 29, 2021 317
Study on the Effects of Powder-Liquid Ratio and Cement Ratio on Mechanical Properties and Microscopic Characteristics of Polymer-Cement Composite. Huang, Zhe; Xu, Jinyu; Leng, Binglin; Ren, Weibo; Chang, Sen; Wang, Zhihang; Xia, Wei Dec 24, 2021 8129
DTI imposes anti-dumping duty on cement exporters from Viet Nam. Dec 6, 2021 625
APO Isang Siglo: 100 years of building the nation. Nov 6, 2021 678
Degradation of Shotcrete Materials Subjected to Sulfate and Chloride Attack in Varying Exposure Regimes. Zhao, Ruiqiang; Xu, Lihao; Yang, Jun; Zou, Yang; Zhang, Zhongya Oct 11, 2021 7820
Pozzolanic Effect on the Hydration Heat of Cements Incorporating Fly Ash, Obsidian, and Slag Additives. Ustabas, Ilker; Erdogdu, Sakir; Omur, Ihsan; Yilmaz, Erol Oct 8, 2021 6628
Investigation of high temperature effects in different mineral additive light mortars. Dundar, Behcet; Cinar, Emriye Oct 1, 2021 4072
Gvt ends Rushinga water woes. Sep 20, 2021 173
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 14, 2021 7379
Fabrication and Characterization of a Nanofast Cement for Dental Restorations. Yousefi, Kh.; Manesh, H. Danesh; Khalifeh, A. R.; Gholami, A. Report Sep 10, 2021 7477
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 7, 2021 6463
Green Cement Inc welcomes new CEO & board member. Aug 17, 2021 180
Flexural Behaviour of Chicken Mesh Ferrocement Laminates with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Steel Slag. Jayaprakash, Sridhar; Dhanapal, Jegatheeswaran; Deivasigamani, Vivek; G, Elias Aug 17, 2021 4729
Lightbulb moment for Royal Mail on new stamps. Aug 5, 2021 206
A red letter d ter day to honour inventor Swan. Aug 5, 2021 483
Court suspends roads project over land row in Athi River. Jul 29, 2021 621
PPC Zim declares US$4,4m dividend. Jul 22, 2021 551
Quantile-Based Estimation of Liu Parameter in the Linear Regression Model: Applications to Portland Cement and US Crime Data. Suhail, Muhammad; Babar, Iqra; Khan, Yousaf Ali; Imran, Muhammad; Nawaz, Zeeshan Jul 10, 2021 5978
Portland Cement's bank accounts attached in row with ex-workers. Jul 9, 2021 411
Government to restructure loss-making state corporations. Jul 8, 2021 185
The pH and Bismuth Oxide Particle Size can Affect Diametral Tensile Strength of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate. Saghiri, Mohammad Ali; Asatourian, Armen; Rahmani, Behnam; Gutmann, James L.; Morgano, Steven M. Jul 1, 2021 3891
Maple Leaf Cement awards construction contract to Descon. Jun 15, 2021 162
Maple Leaf Cement awards construction contract to Descon Engineering Ltd. May 31, 2021 162
Influence of Water-Cement Ratio and Type of Mixing Water on the Early Hydration Performance of Calcium Sulphoaluminate (CSA) Cement. Wang, Chuanlin; Song, Meimei May 20, 2021 5458
Sunrise ResourcesÃáannounces successful test grind on natural pozzolan sample by potential offtaker. May 20, 2021 220
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 18, 2021 7978
Analysis of the effect of composite peat-based hydrophobically-modifying additives on the properties of Portland cement and cement mortar. Misnikov, Oleg May 11, 2021 6545
DSE market cap rises by Sh275 billion. May 10, 2021 259
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 10, 2021 6504
Cement imports from Vietnam face anti-dumping duty. Apr 26, 2021 781
Residents take council to task over outdated pipes. Apr 16, 2021 574
JUST IN: Residents call on Gwanda municipality to replace outdated pipes. Apr 14, 2021 577
Outdated pipes blamed for Gwanda water shortages. Mar 31, 2021 296
Radiation Resistance of a Structural Material Based on Modified Titanium Hydride. Yastrebinsky, R. N.; Pavlenko, V. I.; Karnauhov, A. A.; Cherkashina, N. I.; Yastrebinskaya, A. V.; G Report Mar 30, 2021 5807
PH widens cement safeguard duty coverage. Mar 15, 2021 522
Sunrise Resources reports on progress at CS Pozzolan-Perlite and at Bakers Gold. Feb 24, 2021 446
PCA Applauds Rejoining the Paris Agreement. Feb 1, 2021 260
The Influence of an Expansive Agent on the Performance of Cement-Stabilized Coral Sand. Geng, Jiuguang; Chen, Mingyuan; Shang, Tao; Xue, Cheng; Chen, Huaxin; Zhang, Chao Report Jan 8, 2021 5132
Effects of Sudden Temperature Drop on Stress at Rapidly Repaired Bonding Interface of Pavement. Wang, Le-fan; Xing-zhong, Weng; Li, Ye; Liang, Le; Li, Wan Jan 4, 2021 3709
Triaxial Mechanical Properties and Micromechanism of Calcareous Sand Modified by Nanoclay and Cement. Wang, Wei; Li, Jian; Hu, Jun Jan 1, 2021 4884
Application of Biochar in the Remediation of Contaminated Soil with High Concentration of Lead and Zinc. Zhao, Xiaoming; Yang, Binbin; Li, Yuan; Tang, Dongqi; Xu, Ke; Li, Dongdong Jan 1, 2021 4484
Evaluation of Rheological Parameters of Slag-Based Paste Backfill with Superplasticizer. Zhang, Zhonghui; Li, Yuanhui; Ren, Lei; Guo, Zhenbang; Jiang, Haiqiang; Liu, Na Jan 1, 2021 5222
Analysis on the Strength of Cement Mortar Mixed with Construction Waste Brick Powder. Xue, Cuizhen; Qiao, Hongxia; Cao, Hui; Feng, Qiong; Li, Qiong Jan 1, 2021 6381
Effects of Sudden Temperature Drop on Stress at Rapidly Repaired Bonding Interface of Pavement. Wang, Le-fan; Xing-zhong, Weng; Li, Ye; Liang, Le; Li, Wan Report Jan 1, 2021 3709
Strength Behavior of Flat and Folded Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Ferrocement Panels under Flexure and Impact. Sakkarai, Dharmar; Soundarapandian, Nagan Jan 1, 2021 5097
Difference between Internal and External Hydration of Hardened Cement Paste under Microwave Curing. Yan, Guoshun; Li, Jiazheng; Lin, Yuqiang; Chen, Xia Jan 1, 2021 3716
Modification of Low-Density Slag Cementing Slurry with SiC Whiskers at High Temperature. Fu, Hongqiong; Guo, Xiaoyang; Zhou, Ping; Yan, Ping; Zheng, Youzhi; Liu, Lu; Wu, Jie Jan 1, 2021 4780
High-Volume Fly Ash-Based Cementitious Composites as Sustainable Materials: An Overview of Recent Advances. Du, Sen; Zhao, Qingxin; Shi, Xianming Jan 1, 2021 14996
Towards the Understanding of Damage Mechanism of Cemented Tailings Backfill. Wang, Haijun Report Jan 1, 2021 5791
Strength and Road Performance of Superabsorbent Polymer Combined with Cement for Reinforcement of Excavated Soil. Dai, Di; Peng, Jie; Zhao, Xiaowan; Li, Gang; Bai, Lanlan Jan 1, 2021 8903
Comprehensive Effect of the Time and Water-Cement Ratio on the Rheological Properties of Power-Law Cement Grouts. Zhi-quan, Yang; Yi, Ding; Ya-peng, Mi; Ying-yan, Zhu; Yi, Yang; Yan-hui, Guo; Bi-hua, Zhang Jan 1, 2021 6218
Research Progress on Durability of Cellulose Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites. Liu, Jie; Lv, Chun Jan 1, 2021 10116
Effect of Grey and White Portland Cement Fillers on Flexural and Shear Strength of GFRP Composite Material. Vardhan, D. Harsha; Sai Chaithanya Kishore, D.; Santhosh Kumar Reddy, Y.; Manohar Reddy, K.; Raghave Jan 1, 2021 4050
Quantile-Based Estimation of Liu Parameter in the Linear Regression Model: Applications to Portland Cement and US Crime Data. Suhail, Muhammad; Babar, Iqra; Khan, Yousaf Ali; Imran, Muhammad; Nawaz, Zeeshan Report Jan 1, 2021 5978
Investigation on the Role of Steel Slag Powder in Blended Cement Based on Quartz Powder as Reference. He, Wei; Zhao, Jihui; Yang, Gangqiang Jan 1, 2021 6578
Influence of Urena lobata Fibre Treatment on Mechanical Performance Development in Hybrid Urena lobata: Fibre/Gypsum Plaster Composites. Kengoh, Jerum Biepinwoh; Peter Etape, Ekane; Victorine Namondo, Beckley; Foba-Tendo, Josepha; Nafu, Jan 1, 2021 6056
Research and Performance Test of New Full-Length Anchorage Material. Huang, Shunjie; Meng, Xiangrui; Zhao, Guangming; Li, Yingming; Cheng, Xiang; Xu, Wensong; Liu, Gang Jan 1, 2021 5753
Influence of Binder Types and Temperatures on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Cemented Paste Backfill. Du, Zhaowen; Chen, Shaojie; Wang, Sheng; Liu, Rui; Yao, Dehao; Mitri, Hani S. Jan 1, 2021 6744
The Potential to Replace Cement with Nano-Calcium Carbonate and Natural Pozzolans in Cemented Mine Backfill. Hefni, Mohammed; Ali, Maaz A. Jan 1, 2021 4845
The Hydration and Compressive Strength of Cement Mortar Prepared by Calcium Acetate Solution. Cao, Ke; Wang, Liang; Xu, Ying; Shen, Wenfeng; Wang, Hao Jan 1, 2021 5158
Radiation Resistance of a Structural Material Based on Modified Titanium Hydride. Yastrebinsky, R. N.; Pavlenko, V. I.; Karnauhov, A. A.; Cherkashina, N. I.; Yastrebinskaya, A. V.; G Report Jan 1, 2021 5807
Effect of Different Activators on Rheological and Strength Properties of Fly Ash-Based Filling Cementitious Materials. Fangfang, Liu; Xiyang, Feng; Li, Chen Jan 1, 2021 4916
Experimental Study on the Fine Iron Ore Tailing Containing Gypsum as Backfill Material. Deng, Daiqiang; Cao, Guodong; Zhang, Youxuan Jan 1, 2021 3176
The Relationship between Cementitious Composition and Properties of Ultrahigh Strength Concrete. Wang, Dehui; Zhang, Zhiwen Report Jan 1, 2021 4983
Expansion Mechanism and Properties of Magnesium Oxide Expansive Hydraulic Cement for Engineering Applications. Li, Siqi; Feng, Yecheng; Yang, Jinbo Jan 1, 2021 6795
A New Artificial Neural Network Model for the Prediction of the Effect of Molar Ratios on Compressive Strength of Fly Ash-Slag Geopolymer Mortar. John, Shaise K.; Cascardi, Alessio; Nadir, Yashida; Aiello, Maria Antonietta; Girija, K. Jan 1, 2021 8368
Analysis of the Embankment Settlement on Soft Soil Subgrade with a Cement Mixed Pile. Yang, Liang; Xu, Wenyuan; Li, Keke Report Jan 1, 2021 5987
Influence of Alkaline Activators on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Saline Soils Stabilised with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slags. Xing, Guoqi; Zhang, Lijun; Xuan, Wei; Pan, Yueyue; Zhao, Yue; Zhang, Bing Jan 1, 2021 5875
PCA Names Leadership Award Winners. Awards list Jan 1, 2021 455
Consequential deals cap a year that couldn't end fast enough. Marsh, Don Jan 1, 2021 615
Portland Cement Association honors four members and six sites in its 2020 Safety Innovation Awards program, recognizing accident prevention and team member protection throughout cement production. Jan 1, 2021 161
Enhanced Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Portland Cement Composites Modified with Submicron Metakaolin. Wang, Yaoyu; Li, Jiye; Jiang, Lihan; Zhao, Lihua Dec 30, 2020 7459
Research on Creep Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Cement Asphalt Composite Binder. Li, Yimin; Yombah, Mulbah; Temitope, Ahmed Abdulakeem; Zou, Xiaolong; Yang, Fayong; Li, Wenbo; Jing, Report Dec 29, 2020 5229
Unconfined Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay Cement Compound Modified Calcareous Sand of the South China Sea. Wang, Wei; Li, Jian; Hu, Jun Dec 24, 2020 6641
Strength Investigation of the Silt-Based Cemented Paste Backfill Using Lab Experiments and Deep Neural Network. Xiao, Chongchun; Wang, Xinmin; Chen, Qiusong; Bin, Feng; Wang, Yihan; Wei, Wei Dec 24, 2020 5452
Feasibility of Stabilized Zn and Pb Contaminated Soils as Roadway Subgrade Materials. Wei, Mingli; Ni, Hao; Zhou, Shiji; Li, Yuan Dec 16, 2020 6835
New Mortar Mixes with Chemically Depolymerized Waste PET Aggregates. Foti, Dora; Lerna, Michela Dec 12, 2020 6191
Suez Cement, Tourah Portland announce voluntarily delisting from Egyptian Exchange. Daily News Egypt Dec 10, 2020 296
Experimental Investigation on Hydroabrasive Erosion of Steel Fiber UHPC and Rubber UHPC. Li, Shuangxi; Tang, Liang; Shi, Wenyou; Zhong, Congchun Dec 8, 2020 6394
DTI hikes cement import duty. Dec 7, 2020 770
Pacific Steel v. CMC reveals rebar market disruption and greening. Marsh, Don Dec 1, 2020 602
Cement industry to outline 30-year roadmap to carbon neutrality. Dec 1, 2020 369
PCA Furthers Sustainability Goals with Roadmap. Dec 1, 2020 263
Portland Cement repels Chinese firm in expressway murram row. Nov 29, 2020 433
Yatani defends Sh252bn IMF loan, says it'll bail out state agencies. Nov 25, 2020 896
Chloride Ingress in Cement Mortars Exposed to Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans Bacteria. Munyao, Onesmus Mulwa; Thiong'o, Joseph Karanja; Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Mutitu, Daniel Karanja; Nov 24, 2020 6312
Characterization of Portland Cement Incorporated with FNS. Cho, Won Jung; Kim, Min Jae; Lee, David Su Vin Nov 18, 2020 6137
Hybrid Effect of Wollastonite Fiber and Carbon Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Oil Well Cement Pastes. Zhu, Jianglin; Wei, Jiangxiong; Yu, Qijun; Xu, Mingbiao; Luo, Yuwei Nov 17, 2020 5051
Experimental Study on the Evolution Law of Mesofissure in Full Tailing Cemented Backfill. Feng, Yufan; Sun, Guanghua; Liang, Xuejian; Liu, Chenyang; Wang, Yue Nov 10, 2020 5603
Portland Cement bets on $250m land deal to turn around fortunes. Nov 10, 2020 742
Resilient-construction investments warrant first, life cycle cost sharing. Marsh, Don Nov 1, 2020 613
PCA outlines environmental, performance case for portland-limestone cement. Nov 1, 2020 294
Pakistan, Sri Lanka trade potential over US$ 2.7b. Oct 30, 2020 154
DTI stops printing of 'Product of PH' cement labels. Oct 30, 2020 784
DTI to tighten cement standards. Oct 29, 2020 733
Portland Cement Sh10bn insolvent on loan default. Oct 26, 2020 767
Listing for Rwanda cement giant. Oct 14, 2020 639
Loss-making firms rule NSE list of top gainers. Oct 13, 2020 654
PCA Names Energy and Environment Award Winners. Oct 1, 2020 499
Two economic recovery models inform new PCA market outlook. Oct 1, 2020 417
LafargeHolcim rebrands alternative binders, nudges A/E/C pros on carbon. Oct 1, 2020 719
CarbonCure solidifies ties to Amazon and Microsoft founders, climate funds. Oct 1, 2020 433
InWhite Solutions series advances sustainability, UHPC practice. Oct 1, 2020 938
Validating the Use of Slag Binder with 91 Percent Blast Furnace Slag for Mine Backfilling. Yang, Xiaobing; Xiao, Bolin; Gao, Qian Sep 30, 2020 5626
Improving the Interfacial Bond Properties of the Carbon Fiber Coated with a Nano-SiO[sub.2] Particle in a Cement Paste Matrix. Heo, Gwang-Hee; Park, Jong-Gun; Song, Ki-Chang; Park, Jong-Ho; Jun, Hyung-Min Sep 29, 2020 9972
Mechanical Properties and Durability of High-Performance Concretes Blended with Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash and Slag as Replacement for Ordinary Portland Cement. Cheng, Zhi; He, Lei; Liu, Lan; Cheng, Zhijun; Pei, Xiaobo; Ma, Zhe Sep 29, 2020 5089
Effect of Bacillus cohnii on Some Physicomechanical and Microstructural Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement. Wangui, Ngari Reginah; Karanja Thiong'o, Joseph; Wachira, Jackson Muthengia Sep 27, 2020 5028
A Virtual Platform to Determine the Tensile Properties of Engineered Cementitious Composite. Suryanto, B.; Suryanto, J.K. Sep 1, 2020 4128
USGS Releases 2017 Minerals Yearbook. Sep 1, 2020 429
Lehigh issues first EPD based on Cement Product Category Rule 2.0. Sep 1, 2020 511
Effects of Cement Content, Curing Period, Gradation, and Compaction Degree on Mechanical Behavior of Cement-Stabilized Crushed Gravel Produced via Vertical Vibration Test Method. Jiang, Yingjun; Tian, Tian; Deng, Changqing; Yuan, Kejia; Yi, Yong Technical report Aug 31, 2020 7332
XRD-Rietveld Method for Evaluating the Leaching Characteristics of Hardened Cement Paste in Flowing Water. Zhang, Lunchao; Zhou, Jikai; He, Xu; Chen, Chen Aug 31, 2020 5849
Portland Cement reaches out to dealers, distributors. Aug 10, 2020 368
Betting on a Bucket Wheel: At CalPortland's Santosh Aggregates Plant, A Bucket Wheel Circuit Handles High Flow Rates, Aggregate Loading, Coarse Gradations And More. McAuley, David; Snoby, Andrew Aug 1, 2020 1066
Fineness Effect on Pozzolanic Activity of Cu-Ni Slag in Cemented Tailing Backfill. Xu, Wenyuan; Yang, Xiaocong; Li, Wenchen; Guo, Lijie Jul 31, 2020 3906
An Experimental Study on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soft Soil-Cement Mixtures with or without GGBFS in the Coastal Area of Vietnam. Truon, Son Bui; Thi, Nu Nguyen; Thanh, Duong Nguyen Report Jul 31, 2020 5991
Progresses in Synthesis of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer. Xiang, Shuncheng; Gao, Yingli; Shi, Caijun Jul 31, 2020 9765
Development and Application of Fluid-Solid Coupling Similar Materials in Discharge Test of Old Goaf Water. Li, Zhenhua; Ma, Mingxiao; Bao, Yongsheng Jul 31, 2020 5168
What awaits new Auditor General as she takes over. Jul 24, 2020 370
Probe sought on cement price spike. Jul 6, 2020 698
PCA Praises INVEST in America Act. Jul 1, 2020 467
CEMEX USA Plants Nab PCA Safety Award. Jul 1, 2020 348
Green Cement: As the UK Gears Up for the Latest Round of UN Climate Talks, Here Is a Review of Recent Environmental Performance in the UK Cement Industry. Rowland, Jonathan Jul 1, 2020 1888
Slag cement webinar series tags Argos, St Marys for hosts. Jul 1, 2020 322
One dead, three injured in Athi River accident. Jun 30, 2020 315
Synthesis of a New Polycarboxylate at Room Temperature and Its Influence on the Properties of Cement Pastes with Different Supplementary Cementitious Materials. Xiang, Shuncheng; Gao, Yingli; Shi, Caijun Jun 30, 2020 4965
Biocementation Influence on Flexural Strength and Chloride Ingress by Lysinibacillus sphaericus and Bacillus megaterium in Mortar Structures. Mutitu, Daniel Karanja; Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Mwirichia, Romano; Thiongo, Joseph Karanja; Muny Jun 30, 2020 7665
A Low-Cost and Low-Density Cement Slurry System Suitable for a Shallow Unconsolidated Stratum. Yue, Jiaping; Liu, Zhaonian; Wang, Jie; Sun, Ting; Wu, Zhiqiang; Geng, Yanan Jun 30, 2020 6658
Effect of Desliming of Tailings on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Paste Backfill Made from Alkali-Activated Slag. Cihangir, Ferdi; Akyol, Yunus Jun 30, 2020 7914
Experimental Study on Strengthening and Sealing Materials and Their Application in Coal Mines. Zhang, Chao; Cheng, Ren-hui; Liu, Chao; Xue, Jun-hua; Liu, Hua; Jin, Gao-han; Chang, Jie; Yan, Jing; Jun 30, 2020 7826
Synthesis and Properties of a Polymer-Modified Material for Thin Spray-On Liners in Mine Roadways. Chen, Lianjun; Jiang, Xuekai; Liu, Zhaoxia; Cui, Xiangfei; Liu, Guoming; Zhou, Zhi; Dong, Qizheng Jun 30, 2020 11513
Inspired by UAE's salt flats, Dubai-based architects create cement out of brine. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Jun 28, 2020 857
UAE architects offer salt as alternative to cement. Karen Ann Monsy Jun 26, 2020 673
PCA Names Safety Performance Award Winners. Awards list Jun 1, 2020 160
Another step to sustainability: Producers reduce cost--and gain more--with mix optimization. Yeack, Craig Jun 1, 2020 841
Bagging Brawn: Oldcastle APG builds scale in packaged dry mix, mortar, compounds. Marsh, Don Cover story Jun 1, 2020 1462
Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Cemented Uranium Tailing Backfill Based on Alkali-Activated Slag. Wang, Fulin; Chen, Guoliang; Ji, Lu; Yuan, Zhengping May 31, 2020 4331
Microstructure and Properties of Sulfoaluminate Cement-Based Grouting Materials: Effect of Calcium Sulfate Variety. Zhang, Jianwu; Guan, Xuemao; Wang, Xiao; Ma, Xianwei; Li, Zhixin; Xu, Zhuoyue; Jin, Biao May 31, 2020 3895
Kenyan cement firm offers early retirement. May 30, 2020 273
Portland Cement in jobs cut plan, offers voluntary retirement. May 29, 2020 365
Tanzanian companies make it to 100 most valuable firms. May 20, 2020 534
Study on Fatigue Test and Life Prediction of Polyurethane Cement Composite (PUC) under High or Low Temperature Conditions. Gao, Hongshuai; Sun, Quansheng Report Apr 30, 2020 6541
Effects of Nano-Si[O.sub.2] and SAP on Hydration Process of Early-Age Cement Paste Using LF-NMR. Zhao, Haitao; Wan, Yi; Xie, Jun; Jiang, Kaidi; Huang, Donghui; Chen, Xiaodong; Li, Shihai; Jia, Ruim Apr 30, 2020 7118
Optimization of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Testing of Cementitious Materials for Their Performances Qualification under Aggressive Environments: The Case of Carbonation. Yan, Weian; Bigaud, David; Chaibati, Nadare Matoiri; Izoret, Laurent Apr 30, 2020 13089
Ready mixed producers cut carbon footprint by double digits. Apr 1, 2020 918
Building material prices decrease slightly in March. Shaimaa Al-Aees Apr 1, 2020 249
Hydration Properties of Portland Cement Paste with Boron Gangue. Zhao, Quan; Tu, Jianwei; Han, Weiwei; Wang, Xi; Chen, Youzhi Mar 31, 2020 5773
The Effect of Sodium Gluconate on Pastes' Performance and Hydration Behavior of Ordinary Portland Cement. Lv, Xingdong; Li, Jiazheng; Lu, Chao; Liu, Zhanao; Tan, Yaosheng; Liu, Chunfeng; Li, Beixing; Wang, Mar 31, 2020 5631
Saudi's Tabuk Cement inks major restructuring deal. Mar 18, 2020 276
USGS Releases Preliminary Cement Production Volume. Mar 1, 2020 251
Sullivan Forecasts Modest Cement, Construction Growth. Mar 1, 2020 281
U.S. Slag Cement Shipments Continue Double-Digit Increase. Mar 1, 2020 191
Lehigh White Cement. Mar 1, 2020 206
Parametric Studies of Cement Production Processes. John, John P. Mar 1, 2020 10335
Modifying Mechanical Strength and Capillary Porosity of Portland Cement-Based Mortar Using a Biosurfactant from Pseudomonas fluorescens. He, Huan; Serres, Nicolas; Meylheuc, Thierry; Wynns, Justin T.; Feugeas, Francoise Mar 1, 2020 8675
Fluid Permeability of Ground Steel Slag-Blended Composites Evaluated by Pore Structure. Yang, Jin; Jiang, Jian; Su, Ying; He, Xingyang; Wang, Yingbin; Chen, Shun; Tan, Hongbo; Oh, Sang-Keu Mar 1, 2020 8425
Effects of Curing Time on the Mechanical Property and Microstructure Characteristics of Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer Cement-Stabilized Silty Clay. Rong-rong, Zhang; Dong-dong, Ma Mar 1, 2020 5416
Company fined PS60,000 over worker's roof fall. Feb 15, 2020 168
UAE National Pavilion to showcase eco-friendly construction material. Anup Oommen Feb 11, 2020 315
Construction Industry interests salute Environmental Policy Act streamlining. Feb 1, 2020 361
Transaction of 1,000 shares of Cherat Cement Company Limited. Jan 13, 2020 239
Material Information of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Jan 8, 2020 272
Change of Management of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Jan 8, 2020 267
Partnership revisits Calera-refined carbon dioxide mineralization. Jan 1, 2020 282
Industry-Wide Environmental Product Declaration matches latest standards. Jan 1, 2020 260
Reactive Powders: Natural Pdzzdlan Association members respond to fly ash supply disruptions and growing market for raw and calcined materials. Marsh, Don Jan 1, 2020 3742
Research on Creep Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Cement Asphalt Composite Binder. Li, Yimin; Yombah, Mulbah; Temitope, Ahmed Abdulakeem; Zou, Xiaolong; Yang, Fayong; Li, Wenbo; Jing, Report Jan 1, 2020 5229
Effects of Industrial and Agricultural Wastes on Mud Blocks Using Geopolymer. Vignesh, N.P.; Mahendran, K.; Arunachelam, N. Jan 1, 2020 5017
Resignation of Director of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Jan 1, 2020 271
MATERIALS THAT IMPROVE THE SHIELDING EFFICIENCY FROM EM RADIATION. Colak, Stanko; Varevac, Damir; Milicevic, Ivana Jan 1, 2020 2910
Pore Structure Characterization of Hardened Cement Paste by Multiple Methods. Song, Yang; Zhou, Jun-Wen; Bian, Zheng-Ning; Dai, Guo-Zhong Dec 31, 2019 8670
Influence of Pore Structure on Chloride Penetration in Cement Pastes Subject to Wetting-Drying Cycles. Chang, Honglei; Zuo, Zhiwu; Qu, Mingyue; Wang, Fei; Ge, Zhi; Liu, Jian Dec 31, 2019 6807
Research on the Disintegration Characteristics of Carbonaceous Mudstone and Properties of Modified Materials. Liu, Xinxi; Li, Yu; Li, Shengnan; Zhou, Yanming Dec 31, 2019 4247
Properties of Degraded Waste PET-Modified Styrene-Acrylic Emulsions for Cement Slurry Materials. Dou, Jinxi; Zhang, Guijin; Li, Sufang; Tian, Chengyu; Ji, Cunlu; Zhang, Cong Report Dec 31, 2019 7244
Cement-Lime-Fly Ash Bound Macadam Pavement Base Material with Enhanced Early-Age Strength and Suppressed Drying Shrinkage via Incorporation of Slag and Gypsum. Ju, Cheng; Liu, Yushi; Yu, Zhenyun; Yang, Yingzi Dec 31, 2019 5847
Effect of Cellulose Nanocrystals on the Properties of Cement Paste. Liu, Qiaoling; Peng, Yujiao; Liang, Long; Dong, Xiaobin; Li, Hancai Dec 31, 2019 3039
Effect of Acid Activation-Hydrophilic-Modified Sepiolite on Comprehensive Properties of Oil-Well Cement. Zhang, Yihang; He, Miao; Xu, Mingbiao; Xu, Peng Dec 31, 2019 5746
Extraordinary General Meeting Fauji Cement Company Limited. Dec 20, 2019 256
Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd.: leading technology developer and application manufacturer of nanomaterials. Dec 19, 2019 412
Board Meeting of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Dec 13, 2019 258
Board Meeting other than Financial Result of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Dec 12, 2019 276
Department of Internal Trade to keep a close watch on prices of essentials. Dec 10, 2019 258
Fiber Cement Price Analysis, Countries, Share, Existing Trends, Size Overview by Top Players, Applications, Types and Forecast 2023. Dec 9, 2019 968
PCA Forecasts Moderate Cement Consumption and GDP Growth. Dec 1, 2019 255
Elite engineer validates foundation, beam, column, slab embodied carbon. Column Dec 1, 2019 438
Technology logs environmental footprint data on path to mix placement. Dec 1, 2019 503
STABILIZATION OF CLAY POWDER WITH MINERAL WOOL FLY ASH. Zakarka, Mindaugas; Mackevicius, Rimantas; Skuodis, Sarunas; Slizyte, Danute; Kudzma, Andrius Dec 1, 2019 3354
IMPACT OF MULTI-WALLED CARBON NANOTUBES ON WOOD SAWDUST EXTRACT CEMENT MORTAR. Karpova, Ekaterina; Skripkiunas, Gintautas; Yakovlev, Grigory; Kicaite, Asta Dec 1, 2019 3410
The Influence of Nano-Si[O.sub.2] and Recycled Polypropylene Plastic Content on Physical, Mechanical, and Shrinkage Properties of Mortar. Chen, Haiming; Xu, Yangchen; Zhang, Donglei; Huang, Lingxia; Zhu, Yuntao; Huang, Le Nov 30, 2019 7115
Performance of Ground Clay Brick Mortars in Simulated Chloride and Sulphate Media. Musyimi, Festus Ngui; Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Thiong'o, Joseph Karanja; Marangu, Joseph Mwiti Nov 30, 2019 6407
Kuwait's Kisr picks eco-friendly asphalt rubber for road pavement. Ranju Warrier Nov 18, 2019 167
Asphalt rubber for better pavement durability - KISR. Nov 17, 2019 244
Asphalt rubber for better pavement durability - KISR. Nov 17, 2019 267
Transaction of 20,000 shares of Cherat Cement Company Limited. Nov 13, 2019 239
Eagle Materials sets dividend payment date of 24 January 2020. Nov 11, 2019 128
Portland Cement Association. Nov 1, 2019 155
Fly Ash Market's Opportunities and Challenges. Oct 31, 2019 731
Transmission of Annual Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2019 of Bestway Cement Limited. Oct 24, 2019 189
Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2025. Oct 22, 2019 682
Corporate Briefing Session of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Oct 21, 2019 271
Board Meeting in Progress of Bestway Cement Limited. Oct 16, 2019 197
In Pakistan, cement sales rise 11.5pc in Sept. Oct 13, 2019 255
SCG recognised for eco-friendly production of cement and roofs. Oct 11, 2019 324
Change of Management of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Oct 9, 2019 267
FHWA sunsets bureaucratic barriers to innovation in federal aid contracts. Marsh, Don Oct 1, 2019 590
Effect of Sulphate and Chloride Ingress on Selected Cements Mortar Prisms Immersed in Seawater and Leather Industry Effluent. Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Ngari, Reginah Wangui; Thiongo, Joseph Karanja; Marangu, Joseph Mwiti Sep 30, 2019 11549
Study on Relationship between UCS of Cemented Tailings Backfill and Weight Losses of Hydration Products. Wang, Bingwen; Gao, Lijing; Xiong, Tingyong; Cui, Xiangyu; Li, Yanan; Lei, Kai Sep 30, 2019 6019
Cement Clinker Market Research Methodologies Witness Growing Demand Offers Future Business Growth 2019-2023 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Sep 30, 2019 681
I have no land at Portland, Mavoko MP Makau says. Sep 30, 2019 493
Sanlam crafts early retirement package to cut costs. Sep 26, 2019 580
Transmission of Annual Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2019 of Cherat Cement Company Limited. Sep 24, 2019 242
Fate of ARM Cement in limbo as battle returns to court. Sep 22, 2019 1151
Fiber Cement Market Size, Share, Growth Factors by Top Brands, Leading Regions, Emerging Trends and Forecast to 2023. Sep 20, 2019 867
Buyers demand refund from cartels who sold public land. Sep 16, 2019 413
Fly Ash Global Market 2019 Estimated to reach USD 4.9 Bn With CAGR of 6.30% / Industry Share, Demand, Growth Trend, Opportunities Strategy, Key Players Review, Business Size and Forecast to 2023. Sep 13, 2019 901
Transmission of Annual Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2019 of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Sep 11, 2019 268
Corporate Briefing Session of Cherat Cement Company Limited. Sep 5, 2019 229
The World Market for Portland Cement, 2019-2024: Projected to Reach a Volume of 5.9 Billion Tons by 2024. Sep 2, 2019 835
CONFERENCE SESSIONS. Conference news Sep 1, 2019 613
EP Henry, Lafarge, Solidia mark low-carbon binder's commercial launch. Sep 1, 2019 239
Alternative SCM, industrial mineral blend catapults C-S-H formation. Marsh, Don Sep 1, 2019 618
Strength and Pore Structure Development of High-Plasticity Clay Treated with MK-Blended Cement. Guo, Qian; Wei, Mingli; Xue, Haochen; Gao, Changhui; Du, Guangyin Report Aug 31, 2019 4519
Hydration of Early Age Cement Paste with Nano-CaC[O.sub.3] and SAP by LF-NMR Spectroscopy: Mechanism and Prediction. Zhao, Haitao; Sun, Gaoyang; Yu, Lu; Jiang, Kaidi; Chen, Xiaodong; Jia, Ruiming; Wan, Yi; Li, Shihai Aug 31, 2019 6566
Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composites: Mechanical Properties and Structural Implications 2019. Yoo, Doo-Yeol; Banthia, Nemkumar; Fujikake, Kazunori; Kim, Young Hoon; Gupta, Rishi Aug 31, 2019 1237
Improvement in Carbonation Resistance of Portland Cement Mortar Incorporating [gamma]-Dicalcium Silicate. Chen, Zhengxin; Lee, Yunsu; Cho, Hyeongkyu; Lee, Hanseung; Lim, Seungmin Aug 31, 2019 6623
Ndile says Portland Cement land should revert to locals. Aug 29, 2019 386
Change of Director of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Aug 23, 2019 272
Move with alacrity to stem wave of layoffs. Aug 17, 2019 482
It is time to close Portland Cement. Aug 10, 2019 300
Portland Cement withdraws notice sacking all employees. Aug 9, 2019 262
Portland Cement rescinds decision to sack all staff. Aug 9, 2019 255
Cement maker Portland sends home hundreds of staff. Aug 8, 2019 522
Portland Cement announces job cut, declares all jobs redundant. Aug 8, 2019 402
Material Information of Fauji Cement Company Limited. Aug 2, 2019 270
Hawaii DOT welcomes demonstration of carbon dioxide-injected pavement mixes. Aug 1, 2019 183
New test stands to increase fly ash marketers' raw feed sources. Aug 1, 2019 289
Effect of different water-to-powder ratios on the dimensional stability and compressive strength of mineral aggregate-based cements. Bortoluzzi, Eduardo Antunes; de Araujo, Tcheli Cassel; Neis, Ana Carolina Correa; dos Santos, Michel Report Aug 1, 2019 4483
Chloride Diffusivity in Blended Cement Made from Selected Industrial and Agrowastes. Wachira, Jackson Muthengia; Marangu, Joseph Mwiti Jul 31, 2019 5075
Board chair at Sharjah Cement, Ahmed Abdullah Al Noman, dies. Jul 21, 2019 117
Imports of cement into GCC probed. Jul 13, 2019 130
TACA Meeting Focuses on National Perspectives. Jul 1, 2019 507
CONFERENCE SESSIONS. Conference news Jul 1, 2019 536
Unpacking divestiture packages in antitrust case settlements. Jul 1, 2019 492
MIT CSHub researchers explore the effects of moisture and drying on cement. Jul 1, 2019 430
Charah, Diversified Minerals team on pozzolan for California market. Jul 1, 2019 330
CONFERENCE SESSIONS. Conference news Jul 1, 2019 540
Mechanical Properties and Leaching Characteristics of Geopolymer-Solidified/Stabilized Lead-Contaminated Soil. Li, Yuan-Yuan; Zhang, Ting-Ting; Jia, Shi-Bo; Liu, Jiang; Quan, Xian-Hao; Zheng, Wei Jun 30, 2019 4896
Recycling of Oily Sludge as a Roadbed Material Utilizing Phosphogypsum-Based Cementitious Materials. Xiao, Wei; Yao, Xiao; Zhang, Fuyang Jun 30, 2019 6046
Laboratory Investigation into Early-Age Strength Improvement of Cold Recycled Asphalt Mixture Containing Asphalt Emulsion and Cement. Du, Yinfei; Kong, Lingxiang; Wei, Tangzhong Report Jun 30, 2019 4741
Increasing the Hydraulic Conductivity of Solidified Sewage Sludge for Use as Temporary Landfill Cover. Fan, Xihui; Zhu, Wei; Qian, Yongjin; Wu, Siling; Shu, Shi; Lin, Naixi Jun 30, 2019 5793
DPWH completes 16-km rehab on Daang Maharlika in Isabela. Jun 26, 2019 176
Firms fined over roof fall tragedy. Jun 20, 2019 302
Fines after scaffolder died in roof fall tragedy; TWO CONTRACTORS PROSECUTED. Jun 14, 2019 320
2019 Global Slag Cement Market: Key Players, Overview, Demand and forecast 2025. Jun 3, 2019 1088
CONFERENCE SESSIONS. Conference news Jun 1, 2019 553
Eagle directors take page from TXI, Trinity, Grace, Heidelberg. Marsh, Don Jun 1, 2019 604
Report qualifies life cycle aspect of robust construction methods. Jun 1, 2019 332
Effect of Delaminated MXene ([Ti.sub.3][C.sub.2]) on the Performance of Cement Paste. Zhu, Jianping; Li, Genshen; Feng, Chunhua; Wang, Libo; Zhang, Wenyan May 31, 2019 4555

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