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Celtic Curses.

Celtic Curses

Dr. Bernard Mees

Boydell & Brewer Inc

668 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620-2731

9781843834571, $105.00

Dr. Bernard Mees (Fellow of the University of Melbourne) presents Celtic Curses, the first in-depth, scholarly assessment of early Celtic cursing, including but far from limited to the binding tablets of ancient Britain and Gaul, as well as records of early medieval Celtic stipulation and binding. Archaeological evidence such as Gaulish curse texts, Celtic Latin Curse tablets from the Alpine regions of Britain, and fragments of Old Brittonic tablets uncovered from Roman Bath is contemplated at length. The chapters address the nature and application of curses ranging from vengeful prayers to geases, incantations, and curses meant to channel infernal powers. A serious-minded and studious work that emphasizes archaeological and anthropological research rather than the metaphysical or occult aspects of its subject matter, Celtic Curses is enthusiastically recommended for any research library with a focus on Celtic history. "The Celtic use of curses and other sorts of magical charms clearly still lived on to become a central part of European life in late antiquity, the Christian Middle Ages and even, in some aspects, down until early modern times."

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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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