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Celsion announces GEN-1 overview published in oncology journal.

Celsio announced that a program overview of the company's novel, immunotherapy agent GEN-1 was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Future Oncology. The article is co-authored by Premal Thaker and principal investigator in Celsion's GEN-1 development program. The publication outlines the DNA plasmid, gene-based concept and the key attributes supporting GEN-1's mechanism of action characterized by local and persistent delivery of IL-12 and modulation of tumor microenvironment favoring immune stimulation. GEN-1 is an investigational immunotherapy designed for the localized treatment of ovarian cancer as an adjuvant to standard of care chemotherapy treatment. GEN-1's ability to deliver IL-12 locally in a persistent manner to alter tumor microenvironment in favor of immune stimulation may have applications in tumor immunotherapy based on IL-12's proven ability to activate both innate and adaptive immunities. Formulated using Celsion's proprietary TheraPlas platform technology, the GEN-1 DNA plasmid is incorporated into a non-viral nanoparticle delivery system. Administered locally, the TheraPlas system protects the DNA plasmid while enabling cellular uptake. This novel approach then results in persistent, local, cellular production and secretion of the IL-12 protein at the cancer site.

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Oct 22, 2018
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