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Celox Labs announces formation of Protide Pharmaceuticals.

CELOX Laboratories, Inc., St. Paul, MN, announced it has formed Protide Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. The new company will be responsible for the further development of ViaStem and other bone marrow transplant products. The company says ViaStem was discovered to improve the ultra low temperature storage of stem cells from bone marrow, peripheral blood and umbilical cord blood while a patient receives intensive chemotherapy or radiation treatment for certain cancers, blood disorders and serious genetic disorders.

The company also says ViaStem may improve the transfusion of these critical cells which are responsible for producing white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Protide will continue to collaborate with the University of Minnesota to complete the preclinical studies of ViaStem.

Contact: David Tess - (651) 730-1500
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Comment:Celox Labs announces formation of Protide Pharmaceuticals.
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Date:Mar 10, 1999
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