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Rayonier Advanced Materials posts lower loss from continuing operations of USD13m for Q2 2020. Financial report Aug 5, 2020 176
Development of Bioadhesive Buccal Tablets of Nicorandil Using a Factorial Approach/Faktoriyel Yaklasim ile Nikorandil Iceren Biyoadezif Bukkal Tabletlerin Gelistirilmesi. Kotadiya, Rajendra; Shah, Karan Aug 1, 2020 5473
Enhancing the mechanical properties of 3D printed polylactic acid using nanocellulose. Ambone, Tushar; Torris, Arun; Shanmuganathan, Kadhiravan Aug 1, 2020 6909
Physical and Tensile Properties of Handmade Sida rhombifolia Paper. Mejouyo, P.W. Huisken; Nkemaja, E. Dydimus; Beching, O.R.; Tagne, N.R. Sikame; Kanaa, T.; Njeugna, E Jul 31, 2020 3631
A Clean and Sustainable Cellulose-Based Composite Film Reinforced with Waste Plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate. Xu, Airong; Wang, Yongxin; Xu, Xingmin; Xiao, Zhihong; Liu, Rukuan Jul 31, 2020 3600
Some Factors Affecting the Somatic Cell Count in the Milk of Anatolian Water Buffalos(Bubalus bubalis) raised in Igdir Province. Sel, Veli; Yilmaz, Isa; Yanar, Mete Report Jul 23, 2020 4400
Rayonier Advanced Materials reports lower Q2 preliminary results, with impact from COVID-19. Financial report Jul 17, 2020 185
Rayonier Advanced Materials reports lower Q2 preliminary results, with impact from COVID-19. Financial report Jul 17, 2020 189
Bee'ah sets up new biomass facility in Sharjah. Jul 15, 2020 285
Rheological, mechanical, thermal, and morphological properties of blends poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate), thermoplastic starch, and cellulose nanoparticles. da Silva, Jania Betania Alves; Bretas, Rosario Elida Suman; Lucas, Alessandra Almeida; Marini, Julia Jul 1, 2020 7027
An analytical investigation on the effect of porous conductive cellulose acetate composite morphology on the detection of organic compounds. Noormohammad, Asma; Molla-Abbasi, Payam Jul 1, 2020 6429
Evaluation of the Properties of Cellulose Ester Films that Incorporate Essential Oils. Biswas, Atanu; Bastos, Maria do Socorro Rocha; Furtado, Roselayne Ferro; Kuzniar, Gary; Boddu, Veera Jun 30, 2020 6100
Blood Donors' Age, Haemoglobin Type, G6PD Status, and Blood Group Impact Storability of CPDA-1 Banked Whole Blood: A Repeated-Measure Cohort Study in Cape Coast, Ghana. Adu, Patrick; Kubi, Gilbert Appiah; Kumi, Amos; Gbedoho, Raphael E.K.; Kwakye, Festus Ansah; Sarpong Report Jun 30, 2020 6254
Acute Caffeine Mouth Rinse Does Not Change the Hydration Status following a 10 km Run in Recreationally Trained Runners. Gonzalez, Adam M.; Guimaraes, Victoria; Figueiredo, Nayra; Queiroz, Marcela; Gentil, Paulo; Mota, Jo Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 3787
A Modified Preparation of Cellulosic-Absorbent Resin for [Cu.sup.2+] Removal under Microwave Irradiation. Shu, Jing; Zhao, Dabiao; Li, Lili Jun 30, 2020 3550
Optimized Loading of Ti[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles into Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile and Cellulose Acetate Polymer Fibers. Nkabinde, Sibongile C.; Moloto, Makwena J.; Matabola, Kgabo P. Jun 30, 2020 6018
Ideas about to change our world!Sweat powered smartwatches. Jun 30, 2020 916
Wound Healing Effects of Calvacin Gel on Burn Wound in Rats. Buyantogtokh, Dejidmaa; Chuluunbaatar, Erdenechimeg; Tsogzol, Munkhtuul; Uranbileg, Nyamdolgor; Chim Report Jun 1, 2020 3900
Biocompatible regenerated cellulose/halloysite nanocomposite fibers. Sharifzadeh, Ghorbanali; Soheilmoghaddam, Mohammad; Adelnia, Hossein; Wahit, Mat Uzir; Arzhandi, Mas Jun 1, 2020 5019
Pretreatment of Hazelnut Shells as a Key Strategy for the Solubilization and Valorization of Hemicelluloses into Bioactive Compounds. Rivas, Sandra; Moure, Andres; Parajo, Juan Carlos Jun 1, 2020 6882
Plant Performance and Metabolomic Profile of Loquat in Response to Mycorrhizal Inoculation, Armillaria mellea and Their Interaction. Camprubi, Amelia; Solari, Jimena; Bonini, Paolo; Garcia-Figueres, Francesc; Colosimo, Fabrizio; Ciri Jun 1, 2020 7131
The Chemical Composition of Biogas Digestates Determines Their Effect on Soil Microbial Activity. Nielsen, Kerstin; Ross, Christina-Luise; Hoffmann, Marieke; Muskolus, Andreas; Ellmer, Frank; Kautz, Jun 1, 2020 11141
Synthesis, Characterization, and In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluations of Cellulose Hydrogels Enriched with Larrea tridentata for Regenerative Applications. Tovar-Carrillo, Karla Lizette; Saucedo-Acuna, Rosa A.; Rios-Arana, Judith; Tamayo, Genaro; Guzman-Ga May 31, 2020 5849
Morphological and Electrical Properties of Nanocellulose Compounds and Its Application on Capacitor Assembly. Hernandez-Flores, Jose Alfredo; Morales-Cepeda, Ana Beatriz; Castro-Guerrero, Carlos Fernando; Delga May 31, 2020 7577
Printability Optimization of Gelatin-Alginate Bioinks by Cellulose Nanofiber Modification for Potential Meniscus Bioprinting. Luo, Wenbin; Song, Zhengyi; Wang, Zhonghan; Wang, Zhenguo; Li, Zuhao; Wang, Chenyu; Liu, He; Liu, Qi May 31, 2020 7197
Cellulotech's chromatogeny-treated paper passes ASTM F1862 external validation to provide eco-friendly alternative for COVID-19 masks. May 29, 2020 178
Melt Processing of Ethylene-Acrylic Acid Copolymer Composites Reinforced with Nanocellulose. Abhijit, Venkatesh; Johannes, Thunberg; Sahlin-Sjovold, Karin; Mikael, Rigdahl; Boldizar, Antal May 1, 2020 6493
Recovery of High Purity Lignin and Digestible Cellulose from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Using Low Acid-Catalyzed Organosolv Pretreatment. Mondylaksita, Kinanthi; Ferreira, Jorge A.; Millati, Ria; Budhijanto, Wiratni; Niklasson, Claes; Tah May 1, 2020 8065
Production of Cellulose Nanofibers from Olive Tree Harvest--A Residue with Wide Applications. Sanchez-Gutierrez, Monica; Espinosa, Eduardo; Bascon-Villegas, Isabel; Perez-Rodriguez, Fernando; Ca May 1, 2020 7261
Finishing-Biancalani- Dyeing, Printing and Finishing - Man-made fabrics What you really want and what you really need. Apr 30, 2020 682
Finishing-EPSON- Dyeing, Printing and Finishing - The Monna Lisa Evo Tre One of the versatile digital textile printers in the industry. Apr 30, 2020 494
Exfoliation Technique of Composing and Depictions of Clopidogrel Bisulphate Afloat Microspheres. Harsha, Swamygari Satya; Ahad, Hindustan Abdul; Haranath, Chinthaginjala; Dasari, Rahul Raghav; Gowt Apr 6, 2020 3827
Mazzucchelli 1849 to Produce Eyewear From Eastman's Sustainable Acetate Flake. Apr 1, 2020 410
Biofabrication. Corneliussen, Roger Apr 1, 2020 226
Statistical Design and Optimization of Sustained Release Formulations of Pravastatin/Pravastatinin Uzatilmis Salim Formulasyonlarinin Istatistiksel Tasarim Kullanilarak Gelistirilmesi ve Optimizasyonu. Gunda, Raghavendra Kumar; Manchineni, Prasada Rao Report Apr 1, 2020 4268
Three-Dimensional Printing of Methacrylic Grafted Cellulose Nanocrystal-Reinforced Nanocomposites with Improved Properties. Wang, Bo; Liu, Jianxin; Chen, Ken; Wang, Yongzhi; Shao, Ziqiang Apr 1, 2020 6354
Investigating Methylene Blue Adsorption and Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO/CNC Nanohybrids. An, Vu Nang; Van, Tran T.T.; Nhan, Ha T.C.; Van Hieu, Le Mar 31, 2020 6536
Flap Sliding Technique for Managing Flap Striae following Laser In Situ Keratomileusis. Abdelazeem, Khaled; Nassr, Mohamed A.; Abdelmotaal, Hazem; Wasfi, Ehab; Sebaity, Dalia Mohamed El- Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 3001
Rayonier Advanced Materials curtails production at seven Canadian locations. Mar 25, 2020 193
Pulping Processes and Their Effects on Cellulose Fibers and Nanofibrillated Cellulose Properties: A Review. Iglesias, Maria C.; Gomez-Maldonado, Diego; Via, Brian K.; Jiang, Zhihua; Peresin, Maria S. Report Mar 22, 2020 10479
Inhibition of Glucosyltransferase Activity and Glucan Production as an Antibiofilm Mechanism of Lemongrass Essential Oil against Escherichia coli O157:H7. Ortega-Ramirez, Luis A.; Gutierrez-Pacheco, M. Melissa; Vargas-Arispuro, Irasema; Gonzalez-Aguila, G Report Mar 1, 2020 5816
Utilization of White Teak Sawdust Waste (Gmelina Arborea Roxb.) as Biodegradable Plastic. Amiruddin, Achmad; Samawi, Muhammad Farid; Maming Mar 1, 2020 2404
Stable Hydrogels. Corneliussen, Roger Mar 1, 2020 217
Recycling Textiles. Corneliussen, Roger Mar 1, 2020 208
Reduced Graphene Oxide/TEMPO-Nanocellulose Nanohybrid-Based Electrochemical Biosensor for the Determination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Zaid, Mohd Hazani Mat; Abdullah, Jaafar; Yusof, Nor Azah; Wasoh, Helmi; Sulaiman, Yusran; Noh, Mohd Mar 1, 2020 6974
Nouryon Introduces Ingredient to Improve Lithium-ion Battery Performance. Mar 1, 2020 235
Determination of Bendiocarb Insecticide by Reverse Flow Injection Analysis Using a Solid-Phase Reactor Containing Micro PbO2, Nano PbO2 and Grafted SiO2 - PbO2 Immobilized. Malik H. Alaloosh Alamri, Sadeem Subhi Abed and Abdul Kareem M. A. Alsammarraie Feb 14, 2020 6492
Rheology of Cellulose/Alginic Acid Blends with 1-Allyl-S-Methylimidazolium Chloride as Solvent. Xu, Zhi; Yao, Yongbo; Sheng, Junlu; Li, Zhe; Yang, Qun; Yan, Zhiyong; Zhang, Yumei Feb 1, 2020 3432
Characterization of the Rumen Microbiota and Volatile Fatty Acid Profiles of Weaned Goat Kids under Shrub-Grassland Grazing and Indoor Feeding. Guo, Jiazhong; Li, Pengfei; Liu, Shuai; Miao, Bin; Zeng, Bo; Jiang, Yahui; Li, Li; Wang, Linjie; Che Report Feb 1, 2020 8074
Diversity and Composition of Rumen Bacteria, Fungi, and Protozoa in Goats and Sheep Living in the Same High-Altitude Pasture. Langda, Suo; Zhang, Chenguang; Zhang, Ke; Gui, Ba; Ji, De; Deji, Ciren; Cuoji, Awang; Wang, Xiaolong Report Feb 1, 2020 7210
Effects of Dietary Non-Fibrous Carbohydrate (NFC) to Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) Ratio Change on Rumen Bacteria in Sheep Based on Three Generations of Full-Length Amplifiers Sequencing. Pu, Xuanxuan; Guo, Xuefeng; Shahzad, Khuram; Wang, Mengzhi; Jiang, Chenyu; Liu, Junfeng; Zhang, Xiup Report Feb 1, 2020 6030
Effects of High Forage/Concentrate Diet on Volatile Fatty Acid Production and the Microorganisms Involved in VFA Production in Cow Rumen. Wang, Lijun; Zhang, Guangning; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen Report Feb 1, 2020 6544
Relationship between Dietary Fiber Fermentation and Volatile Fatty Acids' Concentration in Growing Pigs. Zhao, Jinbiao; Bai, Yu; Zhang, Gang; Liu, Ling; Lai, Changhua Report Feb 1, 2020 9322
A Composite Bioinoculant Based on the Combined Application of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi. Allaga, Henrietta; Boka, Bettina; Poor, Peter; Nagy, Viktor David; Szucs, Attila; Stankovics, Istvan Feb 1, 2020 9191
Combined Addition of Bovine Bone and Cow Manure: Rapid Composting of Chestnut Burrs and Production of a High-quality Chestnut Seedling Substrate. Chen, Wangzun; He, Libing; Tian, Shiyi; Masabni, Joseph; Zhang, Riqing; Zou, Feng; Yuan, Deyi Feb 1, 2020 9960
Nutrient Recycling, Wheat Straw Decomposition, and the Potential Effect of Straw Shear Strength on Soil Mechanical Properties. Wang, Yanpeng; Adnan, Abbas; Wang, Xiaochan; Shi, Yinyan; Yang, Sijun; Ding, Qishuo; Sun, Guoxiang Feb 1, 2020 9094
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem Presents Materialness: US Premiere of Transformative Art and Design. Jan 27, 2020 814
Global MCC Market is Projected to Register a CAGR of 7.0% from 2019 to 2024, Growing in Value from USD 938 Million to USD 1, 315 Million. Jan 21, 2020 1010
Resolute invests CDN 38m for construction of commercial plant in Quebec. Jan 21, 2020 268
Resolute invests CDN 38m for construction of commercial plant in Quebec. Jan 21, 2020 266
Microbial and Bacterial Cellulose Market Upsurging Demand, Growth, Business Insights & Future Scope By 2028 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Jan 17, 2020 1019
2019 Innovations in Nanocomposites, Biopolymers, and Packaging Materials. Jan 16, 2020 356
Microcrystalline Cellulose Market To Exhibit Significant GAGR Due To The Rising Pharmaceutical Companies Across The World Till 2028 / Million Insights. Jan 14, 2020 891
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Is Set To Garner Staggering Revenues Due To Rising Production of Cosmetics And Pharmaceuticals Till 2025 / Million Insights. Jan 10, 2020 762
North America Lyocell Fiber Market to Generate a Value of US $268.3 Million with a CAGR of 7% by 2024. Jan 7, 2020 871
Fairfax Roof Repair Contractors Discuss Replacing Attic Insulation. Jan 5, 2020 394
Silica Production across Candidate Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Feedstocks. Xu, Yifeng; Porter, Nick; Foster, Jamie L.; Muir, James P.; Schwab, Paul; Burson, Byron L.; Jessup, Jan 1, 2020 9642
Who's Who in Baby Diaper Machinery. Jan 1, 2020 669
Injection Molding and Appearance of Cellulose-Reinforced Composites. Forsgren, Lilian; Berglund, Johan; Thunberg, Johannes; Rigdahl, Mikael; Boldizar, Antal Jan 1, 2020 5761
Eastman Launches Portfolio of 13 Cellulose Esters for Use in Food Contact Applications. Jan 1, 2020 155
Simulation of Water Equivalency of Polymer Gel Dosimeters with GAMOS. Ozbay, Turkan; Yurt, Aysegul; Ozsoykal, Ismail Jan 1, 2020 4441
Chemical Underpinning of the Tea Bag Index: An Examination of the Decomposition of Tea Leaves. Duddigan, Sarah; Shaw, Liz J.; Alexander, Paul D.; Collins, Chris D. Jan 1, 2020 5231
New Antibacterial Paper Made of Silver Phosphate Cellulose Fibers: A Preliminary Study on the Elimination of Staphylococcus aureus Involved in Diabetic Foot Ulceration. Blanchette, Virginie; Belosinschi, Dan; Lai, Thanh Tung; Cloutier, Lyne; Barnabe, Simon Jan 1, 2020 6309
A Three-Dimensional Strain Rosette Sensor Based on Graphene Composite with Piezoresistive Effect. Wu, Zhiqiang; Wei, Jun; Dong, Rongzhen; Chen, Hao Dec 31, 2019 5935
Mathematical Modelling of Acetaminophen Release in HPC/PAAm Hydrogel: Synthesis and Application. Diaz-Guerrero, Abigail M.; Castillo-Miranda, Claudia A.; Castro-Guerrero, Carlos F.; Peraza-Vazquez, Dec 31, 2019 6868
Effect of Cellulose Nanocrystals on the Properties of Cement Paste. Liu, Qiaoling; Peng, Yujiao; Liang, Long; Dong, Xiaobin; Li, Hancai Dec 31, 2019 3039
Prediction Model of the Key Components for Lodging Resistance in Rapeseed Stalk Using Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS). Kuai, Jie; Xu, Shengyong; Guo, Cheng; Lu, Kun; Feng, Yaoze; Zhou, Guangsheng Dec 31, 2019 6343
Overexpression of UDP-Glucose 4-Epimerase Is Associated with Differentiation Grade of Gastric Cancer. de Souza, Maria de Fatima Deodato; Filho, Antonio Felix da Silva; Albuquerque, Amanda Pinheiro de Ba Dec 31, 2019 2966
Investigation of Low Formaldehyde Easy-Care Textile Finishes on Dyed Cotton Fabric. Nabeel Rizwan, Abdullah Ijaz Huassain, Syed Makhdoom Hussain, Muhammad Ansab Zaeem and Shahzad Ali S Dec 31, 2019 5340
Effects of Different Additives and Lignin Peroxidase Enzyme on in vitro Gas Production Kinetics and Methane Production of some Straws. Unal Kilic, Abdiwali Mohamoud Abdi and Deniz Ekinci Dec 31, 2019 9492
Cellulose Acetate Market Study 2019: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast to 2024. Dec 30, 2019 826
Global Nitrocellulose Market Set to Reach $1.07 Billion by 2025 - Comprehensive Industry Analysis Segmented by Application & Region. Dec 26, 2019 631
The Global Market for Cellulose Nanofibers - Current, Historic and Estimated figures to 2030. Dec 23, 2019 818
Cellulose Sponge Cloth Market Projected to Double by 2025. Dec 20, 2019 491
Non-bleached Kraft paper brought in Azerbaijan exempted from customs duty for 2 years - PHOTO. Dec 19, 2019 150
United States Esters (Fatty, Phosphate, Acrylic, Cellulose, Allyl and Aromatic) Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2025. Report Dec 13, 2019 674
Global Cellulosic Polymers Market, Forecast to 2024 - Increasing Demand for Regenerated Cellulosic Fibers. Dec 9, 2019 1339
Nitrocellulose Market 2019 Global Industry Analysis, Growth Trends, Demand, Price, Value, Segments and Regional Forecast to 2022 / MarketResearchFuture ®. Dec 6, 2019 1031
Global Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Analysis, Size, Share, Growth & Trends - Forecast 2018-2026. Dec 5, 2019 988
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Analysis by Crucial Players, value-added quality and improvement, and Regional Forecast, Dynamics, Lucrative Growth Prospects for Manufacturers-Forecast To 2025. Dec 4, 2019 771
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024. Dec 3, 2019 1271
Ban on useless cig filters would help stub out litter. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Dec 2, 2019 425
Effects of Gamma Sterilization on the Physicomechanical and Thermal Properties of Gelatin-Based Novel Hydrogels. Dey, Kamol; Agnelli, Silvia; Sartore, Luciana Dec 1, 2019 4716
Does caffeine ingestion before a short-term sprint interval training promote body fat loss? Ferreira, G.A.; Felippe, L.C.; Bertuzzi, R.; Bishop, D.J.; Ramos, I.S.; De-Oliveira, F.R.; Lima-Silv Dec 1, 2019 4447
Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Cellulose Ether on the Floating of Rubber Particles in Mortar. Liang, Jian; Zhang, Bin; Liu, Changshun; Zhang, Chao Nov 30, 2019 6461
Preparation and Applications of the Cellulose Nanocrystal. Yang, Yong; Chen, Zhou; Zhang, Junxiong; Wang, Guanchun; Zhang, Ruiqian; Suo, Dingjie Nov 30, 2019 7768
Food Anti-Caking Agents Analysis 2019 / Size, Share, Trends, Top Key Players Demand, Gross Margin, Business Statistics, Research Methodology and Forecast to 2023. Nov 26, 2019 804
Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2023 / MRFR. Nov 21, 2019 847
The Global Market for Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) 2018-2030 with Profiles on 11 Producers and 3 Other Companies. Nov 20, 2019 1227
Insoluble Dietary Fibers Market Size, Share, Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, and Forecast - 2022. Nov 15, 2019 849
Global Detergents for Pulp and Paper Market 2019 Key Players, Share, Trends, Sales, Segmentation and Forecast to 2025. Nov 13, 2019 685
Distinguished Research by Muslim et al. Occupied Cover Page of International Journal "Cellulose" (IF = 3.91) - Press Release issued by National Textile University. Nov 13, 2019 197
Scientist founds bioplastic startup. Nov 12, 2019 651
Cellulose Esters Market Research 2019 - Industry Based On, Price Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, Gross Margin and Porters Five Force Analysis by Forecast to 2023. Nov 8, 2019 766
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSX: FGE). Nov 4, 2019 1732
Innovia Films. Nov 4, 2019 155
Birla Offers Biodegradable Topsheet for Fem Hy. Nov 1, 2019 204
WHO'S WHO: IN SAN PRO MACHINERY: A listing of equipment suppliers to the global feminine hygiene market. Nov 1, 2019 589
Optically Transparent Anionic Nanofibrillar Cellulose Is Cytocompatible with Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells and Allows Simple Imaging in 3D. Sheard, Jonathan J.; Bicer, Mesude; Meng, Yiming; Frigo, Alessia; Aguilar, Rocio Martinez; Vallance, Oct 31, 2019 7565
In Vitro Biocompatibility of Electrospun Poly([epsilon]-Caprolactone)/Cellulose Nanocrystals-Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering. Dutta, Sayan Deb; Patel, Dinesh K.; Seo, Yu-Ri; Park, Chan-Woo; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Kim, Jin-Woo; Kim, Oct 31, 2019 6285
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSE: FTP). Oct 28, 2019 1728
Nanocellulose Market's Opportunities and Challenges. Oct 28, 2019 870
Levulinic Acid Market Analysis by Product Types, Recent Trends, Size, Industry Share, Growth Rate, Growth potential, Production Volume, Future Opportunities, Statistics, Challenges, Applications And F. Oct 25, 2019 829
In pictures: Visions for cars of the future on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. Balaram Menon, Senior Digital Content Producer Oct 24, 2019 774
Microcrystalline Cellulose Market's Opportunities and Challenges. Oct 23, 2019 800
Beverage Stabilizers Market Product Category, Size, Value Share, Industry Trends, Global Research Study, Business Opportunity and Leading Players Strategy by Forecast to 2023. Report Oct 22, 2019 1037
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market 2019 Size, Share, Market Potential, Influential Trends, Growth Factors, Global Analysis by Leading Companies with Market Sizing & Forecasts to 2025. Oct 21, 2019 678
Ground Cellulose Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2025. Oct 17, 2019 774
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSE: FTP) - FORTRESS GLOBAL ENTERPRISES ANNOUNCES MARKET DOWNTIME -- 7/10/2019. Oct 15, 2019 282
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSE: FTP). Oct 15, 2019 1728
Birla Cellulose manufactures Viscose Fibre using pre-consumer cotton waste. ANI Oct 15, 2019 427
The Market for Cellulose Nanofibers in Japan / Forecast to 2030. Oct 15, 2019 1781
Innovia Films. Oct 14, 2019 155
Display Packaging Market 2019 / Worldwide Analysis, Top Manufacturers, Global Size, Industry Share, High CAGR, Business Overview, Trends and Growth Prospects Predicted by Forecast 2023. Oct 9, 2019 1082
Cellulose Acetate Market To Achieve Striking Growth Rate Owing To Increasing Technological Enhancement And Infrastructural Developments Till 2023 / Million Insights. Oct 7, 2019 814
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSE: FTP). Oct 7, 2019 1728
Biodegradable Plastics Market 2019 - Growth Drivers, Sales Revenue, Trends Statistics, Share, Size, Industry Forecast to 2022. Industry overview Oct 2, 2019 1242
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Current Trends and Future Aspect Analysis 2018 - 2028. Oct 1, 2019 714
Eastman launches new portfolio of cellulose esters for food contact applications. Oct 1, 2019 565
North America Nanofiltration Membrane Market 2019-2025. Sep 30, 2019 542
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market : Competitive Strategies, Regional Analysis Forecast 2028. Sep 30, 2019 729
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSE: FTP). Sep 30, 2019 1728
Chelating Effect of Cellulose Acetate Hydrogel Crosslinked with EDTA Dianhydride Used as a Platform for Cell Growth. Melero, Anna; Senna, Andre; Domingues, Juliana; Motta, Adriana; Haussen, Moema; Junior, Antonio Riul Sep 30, 2019 6505
Development of Potentiometric Phenol Sensors by Nata de Coco Membrane on Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode. Mulyasuryani, Ani; Mustaghfiroh, Afifah Muhimmatul Sep 30, 2019 5553
Antioxidant and Hypolipidemic Activities of Acid-Depolymerised Exopolysaccharides by Termitomyces albuminosus. Zhao, Huajie; Wang, Xiuxiu; Liu, Xinchao; Zhang, Jianjun; Wan, Luzhang; Jia, Le Sep 30, 2019 7004
End Of Plastic? Finnish Scientists Say They Have Found An Alternative. Medha Sharma Sep 26, 2019 397
Adhesion Barrier Market / Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth Rate. Sep 26, 2019 614
Automotive Oil Filter Market Strong Development and Huge Growth. Sep 26, 2019 786
Dissolving Pulp Market : Recent Industry Developments and Growth Strategies Adopted by Players. Sep 24, 2019 870
Specialty Ink Market Price Trend, Global Analysis, Size Estimation, Industry Share, Future Growth and Forecast 2019 to 2023. Sep 24, 2019 887
Cellulose Fiber Market 2019 Sales Revenue, Emerging Technologies, Competitive Landscape, Segments, Size and Global Trends by Forecast to 2025. Financial report Sep 23, 2019 932
Levulinic Acid Market Analysis by Product Types, Recent Trends, Size, Share, Growth Rate, Growth potential, Production Volume, Future Opportunities, Evolutions in Technology in Worldwide Market. Sep 23, 2019 928
Dissolving Pulp Market : An Insight On the Important Factors and Trends Influencing the Market. Sep 23, 2019 885
Global Nanocellulose Market: 2019 Production & Pricing Report. Report Sep 20, 2019 1160
Global Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Worth US$ 2,500 Mn until the end of 2028. Sep 19, 2019 764
Global Microcrystalline Cellulose Market Forecast to Reach $1.3 Billion by 2025. Sep 19, 2019 326
Artificial Casings (Collagen, Cellulose, Plastic, Fibrous, Value Added, Textile, and Net) Market - Global Analysis (2017-2019) Forecasts (2019-2025). Sep 18, 2019 685
Global Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Worth US$ 2,500 Mn until the end of 2028. Sep 18, 2019 777
Cellulose Esters And Ethers Market Is Expected to Represent USD 7.12 Billion By 2025: Grand View Research, Inc. Sep 16, 2019 1448
Microbial and Bacterial Cellulose Market Size, Share, Analytical Overview, Growth Factors, Demand, Trends and Forecast to 2026. Sep 16, 2019 1027
Cellulase Enzyma Market Growth Report Till 2023 by Global Key Players: Novozymes, Dupont, DSM, Youtell Biochemical : Radiant Insights, Inc. Report Sep 13, 2019 846
Rayonier Advanced Materials suspends its common stock dividend. Sep 9, 2019 147
Microcrystalline Cellulose Market 2019- in-Depth Research on Market Dynamics, Emerging Growth Factors, Investment Feasibility, Huge Development till 2023. Sep 3, 2019 941
Fortress Global Enterprises Inc. (TSE: FTP). Sep 3, 2019 1728
Our Regular Roundup of Notable Patents. Corneliussen, Roger Sep 1, 2019 1405
Properties of chitin extracted from Estonian mushrooms. Baumgartner, Stephanie; Viirsalu, Mihkel; Krumme, Andres; Mendez, James Sep 1, 2019 2075
Do Renal Tumor Characteristics Affect the Number of Hemostatic Agents Used During Partial Nephrectomy?/Bobrek Tumoru Ozellikleri Parsiyel Nefrektomi Sirasinda Kullanilan Hemostatik Ajan Sayisini Etkiler mi? Kisa, Erdem; Keskin, Mehmet Zeynel; Sahin, Hilal; Yucel, Cem; Yalcin, Mehmet Yigit; Cakmak, Ozgur; I Sep 1, 2019 3683
Optimization of Conditions for Maximal Production of Recombinant Thermostable Cellulase from Thermotoga naphthophila using E. coli BL21-CodonPlus (DE3) as Expression Host. Khalid, Aisha; Tayyab, Muhammad; Hashmi, Abu Saeed; Yaqub, Tahir; Awan, Ali Raza; Wasim, Muhammad; S Report Aug 31, 2019 4231
Cellulose Conversion to 5 Hydroxymethyl Furfural (5-HMF) Using Al-Incorporated SBA-15 as Highly Efficient Catalyst. Pham, Son Tung; Nguyen, Manh B.; Le, Giang H.; Pham, Trang T.T.; Quan, Trang T.T.; Nguyen, Trinh Duy Aug 31, 2019 4478
Swelling Resistance and Water-Induced Shape Memory Performances of Sisal Cellulose Nanofibers/Polyethylene Glycol/Citric Acid Nanocellulose Papers. Zhang, Zuocai; Li, Yuqi; Song, Laifu; Ren, Li; Xu, Xu; Lu, Shaorong Aug 31, 2019 5524
Study on the Effect of the Oil-Water Ratio on the Rheological Properties of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC). Su, Xiaoming; Lian, Zhanghua; Yuan, Yuan Report Aug 31, 2019 4879
Isolation of Cellulose Degrading Fungi from Decaying Banana Pseudostem and Strelitzia alba. Legodi, L.M.; La Grange, D.; van Rensburg, E.L. Jansen; Ncube, I. Aug 31, 2019 6085
Automotive Filter Market to Observe Strong Development by 2022. Aug 30, 2019 688
Automotive Filter Market to Observe Strong Development by 2022 End. Aug 29, 2019 702
Car Air Filter Market will Touch a Value of Nearly US$ 9,916 Mn in the Year 2022. Aug 29, 2019 796
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market In-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth Till 2028. Aug 28, 2019 672
Cigarette butts causing 'serious damage to environment'. Aug 28, 2019 436
Cigarette butts causing 'serious damage to environment'. Aug 28, 2019 495
Automotive Oil Filter Market Report Made Available by Top Research Firm. Report Aug 27, 2019 829
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market In-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth Till 2028. Aug 27, 2019 687
Cellulose Acetate Market Report Industry Size, Analysis Trends, Growth, Key Players, Demand till 2023/ MRFR. Report Aug 26, 2019 1117
Vegan prisoner on hunger strike. Aug 23, 2019 141
Color Preservatives Market 2019-2029 Shares, Trend and Growth Report. Aug 21, 2019 1221
Cellulose Fiber Market To Experience Robust Growth Driven By Rising Production Capacities And Availability of Extensive Capital & Investment Till 2025 / Million Insights. Aug 20, 2019 660
Global Market for Cellulose Nanofibers to 2030. Aug 19, 2019 564
Algae-based water filter could save millions in Bangladesh. Aug 19, 2019 531
Dow announces divestiture of its Acetone Derivatives business for undisclosed amount. Aug 14, 2019 204
Food Anti Caking Agents Market Future Investments / Size, Share, Emerging Trend, Global Analysis, Key Players Review and Forecast to 2023. Aug 12, 2019 832
Food Anti-Caking Agents Market Key Players Analysis, Emerging Audience, Industry Segments, Development Status, Historical Analysis and Industry Outlook by Forecast to 2023. Industry overview Aug 9, 2019 804
Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) Fiber Sales Influenced by Improved Technological Arrangement during. Aug 8, 2019 729
Global Encapsulated Citric Acid Market 2019 Key Players, Trends, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis and Forecast 2025. Aug 7, 2019 1030
Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) Fiber Sales Influenced by Improved Technological Arrangement during. Aug 7, 2019 742
Global Market for Cellulose Nanofibers to 2030. Aug 6, 2019 790
Supercomputing Improves Biomass Fuel Conversion. Aug 4, 2019 769
The Effects of Locally Administered Morphine Over the Dura on Postoperative Morphine Consumption and Pain After Lumbar Disc Surgery: A Prospective, Randomised, Double-Blind and Placebo-Controlled Study. Kayhan, Oguzhan; Akcil, Eren Fatma; Dilmen, Ozlem Korkmaz; Tunali, Yusuf Clinical report Aug 1, 2019 3399
Microcrystalline Cellulose Market Base Distribution, Sales Area, Product Types by Players, Consumption by Countries, Drivers, Challenges and Trends, Forecast 2023. Aug 1, 2019 921
Influence of Natural Fillers on Thermal and Mechanical Properties and Surface Morphology of Cellulose Acetate-Based Biocomposites. Spanic, Nikola; Jambrekovic, Vladimir; Sernek, Milan; Medved, Sergej Jul 31, 2019 10729
Causal Enzymology and Physiological Aspects May Be Accountable to Membrane Integrity in Response to Salt Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Lines. Bouazzi, Hassiba; Feki, Kaouthar; Zouari, Nabil; Sahnoun, Mouna; Brini, Faical; Saibi, Walid Jul 31, 2019 7381
Fillers in the Food Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Report Jul 30, 2019 970
Gas Separation Membranes Market - Global Forecast to 2024. Jul 29, 2019 1013
2, 4-Dichloracetophenone Market: Demand Growth from Cosmetics and Soaps Industries Propel Growth. Jul 29, 2019 669
Vegan Gastronomy GERBET Vegan Macaron Mix Selected by Laduree French Macarons. Jul 28, 2019 793
Bleached Hardwood and Softwood Kraft Pulp Market Research Report, Key Players, Type, Supplier and Fo. Jul 26, 2019 939
Development and Optimization of a Floating Multiparticulate Drug Delivery System for Norfloxacin/Norfloksasin icin Yuzen Cok Partikullu Bir Ilac Salim Sisteminin Gelistirilmesi ve Optimizasyonu. Salve, Vaibhav; Mishra, Rakesh; Nandgude, Tanaji Jul 25, 2019 4945
Cigarette butts 'pose risk to plant growth' STUDY. Jul 19, 2019 183
Iranian in US develops new material that beats styrofoam. Jul 19, 2019 308
Volatile Fatty Acids Market Valuable Growth Prospects and Insights on Future Scenario. Jul 9, 2019 955
Volatile Fatty Acids Market Industry Development Scenario and Forecast to 2027. Jul 9, 2019 940
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2018 to 2028. Jul 3, 2019 771
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2018 to 2028. Jul 3, 2019 758
2019 International Buyers' Guide: Machinery and Equipment Cross Reference. Buyers guide Jul 1, 2019 5916
Natural cotton. Jul 1, 2019 111
New Electromagnetic Shielding Materials Based on Viscose-Carbon Nanotubes Composites. Culica, Madalina Elena; Biliuta, Gabriela; Rotaru, Razvan; Lisa, Gabriela; Baron, Raluca Ioana; Cose Report Jul 1, 2019 5381
Ashland Launches Thickening, Anti-sagging Agent. Jul 1, 2019 164
Plant and Bacterial Cellulose: Production, Chemical Structure, Derivatives and Applications. Reis, Davi Texeira; Pereira, Anna Karla dos Santos; Scheidt, Gessiel Newton; Pereira, Douglas Henriq Jul 1, 2019 4150
Recent Advances on Renewable and Biodegradable Cellulose Nanopaper Substrates for Transparent Light-Harvesting Devices: Interaction with Humid Environment. Operamolla, Alessandra Jun 30, 2019 7522
High-Efficiency DNA Extraction Using Poly(4,4'-Cyclohexylidene Bisphenol Oxalate)-Modified Microcrystalline Cellulose-Magnetite Composite. balawi, Aisha Nawaf Al; Yusof, Nor Azah; Kamaruzaman, Sazlinda; Mohammad, Faruq; Wasoh, Helmi; Al-Lo Jun 30, 2019 6173
Cloning, Expression and Characterization of Highly Active Recombinant Thermostable Cellulase from Thermotoga naphthophila. Khalid, Aisha; Tayyab, Muhammad; Shakoori, Abdual Rauf; Hashmi, Abu Saeed; Yaqub, Tahir; Awan, Ali R Report Jun 30, 2019 6020
The Combination of Mulberry Extracts and Silk Amino Acids Alleviated High Fat Diet-Induced Nonalcoholic Hepatic Steatosis by Improving Hepatic Insulin Signaling and Normalizing Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis in Rats. Park, Sunmin; Zhang, Ting; Qiu, Jing Yi; Wu, Xuangao Jun 30, 2019 12202
Chemical Characteristics of Heartwood and Sapwood of Red-Heart Chinese Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata). Li, Yanfei; Wang, Chenyang; Deng, Xiangwen; Xiang, Wenhua; Zhang, Yifei; Xiao, Fuming; Huang, Yaqi; Report Jun 22, 2019 6273
From jam to toffees, you can make a lot from tamarind. Jun 14, 2019 600
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2026. Jun 10, 2019 1228
Study of the Tableting Properties of MCR, a Newly Coprocessed Cellulose-based Direct Compression Excipient/Yeni Koproses Seluloz Bazli Dogrudan Basim Yardimci Maddesi Olan MCR'nin Tabletleme Ozelliklerinin Incelenmesi. Aly, Salah Report Jun 8, 2019 5261
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2026. Jun 7, 2019 1245
Innovia Films. Jun 6, 2019 155
Microfibrillated Cellulose: A Novel and Renewable Multifunctional Additive for Waterborne Coatings. Soidinsalo, Otto Jun 1, 2019 2712
LSM LED family. Jun 1, 2019 176
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2018. Jun 1, 2019 1228
'3 Ps' of a successful secretariat. May 31, 2019 570
Examination of the Magnetic Properties in the Magnetic Circuits Formed by a Printing Technique. Jakubas, Adam May 31, 2019 3348
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2018. May 30, 2019 1241
Plenty of bargains to be had when store opened for first time. May 24, 2019 493
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market: Soaring Preferences for Biomedical Materials across Multifarious E. Report May 22, 2019 561
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market: Soaring Preferences for Biomedical Materials across Multifarious E. Report May 21, 2019 620
Gelesis Touts Promising Clinical Data from Pilot Study of Novel Hydrogel GS500 Prototype for the Potential Treatment of Chronic Constipation. Clinical report May 21, 2019 668
Encouraging GS500 Prototype Study By PureTech Affiliate Gelesis. May 20, 2019 198
Iranian Scientists Produce Nano Bandage for Diabetic Wounds. May 13, 2019 265
Isopropanol Market: Leading Manufacturers Expected to Motivate Growth during 2018-2028. May 9, 2019 642
Isopropanol Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2028. May 3, 2019 674
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Investigation Reveals Enhanced Growth by the end of 2028. May 3, 2019 848
NanoRam-1064 handheld Raman analyser. May 1, 2019 176
Synthesis and Characterization of Cellulose Acetate from Royal Palm Tree Agroindustrial Waste. Battisti, Rodrigo; Hafemann, Eduardo; Claumann, Carlos Alberto; Machado, Ricardo Antonio Francisco; Report May 1, 2019 6715
Characterization and Phase-transition Behavior of Thermoresponsive PVME Nanogels in the Presence of Cellulose Nanowhiskers: Rheology, Morphology, and FTIR Studies. Hadaeghnia, Milad; Goharpey, Fatemeh; Yeganeh, Jafar Khademzadeh Report May 1, 2019 8645
Construction of Efficient Desalting Layer on a Cellulose Acetate Membrane by Acetalized Surface Crosslinking Treatment. Xiang, Li; Yang, Jingkui; Luo, Dajun; Su, Xiangqiao; Qin, Shuhao Report May 1, 2019 4152
Morphology, Thermal, and Crystallization Properties of Poly(butylene succinate)-Grafted Nanocrystalline Cellulose by Polymerization In Situ. Tang, Tao; Zhu, Jiang; Wang, Wentao; Ni, Haitao Report May 1, 2019 4285
Crystalline Nanocellulose/Thermoplastic Polyester Composites Prepared by In Situ Polymerization. Clarke, Ashley; Vasileiou, Alexandros A.; Kontopoulou, Marianna Report May 1, 2019 4774
Bioactivity of Biocellulose Based Film Incorporated with Cinnamomum cassia and Citrus maxima Oils. Srikandace, Yoice; Giovani, Ivana; Artanti, Nina May 1, 2019 3023
CCS (Cellulose Converting Solutions). May 1, 2019 502
INFLUENCE OF Rhizophagus intraradices (Schenck & Sm.) Walker & Schussler ON THE YIELD OF MAIZE/INFLUENCIA DE Rhizophagus intraradices (Schenck & Sm.) Walker & Schussler EN EL RENDIMIENTO DE MAIZ/INFLUENCIA DE Rhizophagus intraradices (Schenck & Sm.) Walker & Schussler NO RENDIMENTO DE MILHO. Aguirre-Medina, Juan Francisco; Iniguez, Jorge Cadena; Zebadua, Maria Eugenia Velazco; Arrazate, Car May 1, 2019 5962
A Nodulation-Proficient Nonrhizobial Inhabitant of Pueraria phaseoloides. Wedage, W.M.M.; Aberathne, A.H.M.N.R.; Harischandra, I.N.; Gunawardana, D. Apr 30, 2019 5491
Nanocrystalline Cellulose/Polyvinylpyrrolidone Fibrous Composites Prepared by Electrospinning and Thermal Crosslinking. Hatch, Katrina M.; Hlavata, Jana; Paulett, Katherine; Liavitskaya, Tatsiana; Vyazovkin, Sergey; Stan Apr 30, 2019 7887
Effect of Cellulase Enzyme Treatment on Cyst Wall Degradation of Acanthamoeba sp. Lazuana, Tisha; Astuty, Hendri; Sari, Ika Puspa Report Apr 30, 2019 3468
Gas-Permeable Microimprint Template Derived from Cellulose Nanofiber Derivatives for Mechanical Properties. Murayama, Seigo; Motono, Ikuo; Mizui, Kento; Kondoh, Kenji; Hanabata, Makoto; Takei, Satoshi Apr 30, 2019 2989
Graphene Oxide Films Obtained by Vacuum Filtration: X-Ray Diffraction Evidence of Crystalline Reorganization. Gascho, Julia L.S.; Costa, Sara F.; Recco, Abel A.C.; Pezzin, Sergio H. Apr 30, 2019 7126
Paper-Based Nanoplatforms for Multifunctional Applications. Matias, M.L.; Nunes, D.; Pimentel, A.; Ferreira, S.H.; d'Agua, R. Borda; Duarte, M.P.; Fortunate, E. Apr 30, 2019 10762
Rutting and Fatigue Properties of Cellulose Fiber-Added Stone Mastic Asphalt Concrete Mixtures. Irfan, Muhammad; Ali, Yasir; Ahmed, Sarfraz; Iqbal, Shahid; Wang, Hainian Apr 30, 2019 5532
Experimental Studies on the Mechanical Properties of Loess Stabilized with Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose. Ma, Hongwang; Ma, Qi Apr 30, 2019 4887
Thermostable Cellulases from the Yeast Trichosporon sp. Touijer, Hanane; Benchemsi, Najoua; Ettayebi, Mohamed; Idrissi, Abdellatif Janati; Chaouni, Bouchra; Apr 30, 2019 3392
Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Brief article Apr 30, 2019 241
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) Market Size worth USD 940 million by 2025. Apr 26, 2019 357
Innovia Films. Apr 23, 2019 155
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market: Prime Economies Expected to Deliver Major Growth until 2028. Apr 23, 2019 682
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market: Prime Economies Expected to Deliver Major Growth until 2028. Apr 23, 2019 643
MFC Fiber Market projected to grow at over 13% CAGR through 2028. Apr 19, 2019 667
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario through 2026. Apr 17, 2019 887
MFC Fiber Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer Demand during Forecast Perio. Apr 17, 2019 870
MFC Fiber Market Outlook Highlights Major Opportunities Likely to Steer Demand during Forecast Perio. Apr 17, 2019 841
Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario through 2026. Apr 16, 2019 1354
Isopropanol Market Showcases Positive Demand for Major Product Categories During Forecast Period. Apr 16, 2019 709
Rayonier Advanced Materials declares preferred stock dividend of USD2.00 per share for Q2 2019. Apr 15, 2019 140
Rayonier Advanced Materials to pay USD2.00 per preferred share dividend for Q2 2019. Apr 15, 2019 142
Innovia Films. Apr 15, 2019 155
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market: Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth Rate Until 2028. Apr 10, 2019 679
Innovia Films. Apr 9, 2019 156
This tech can turn old clothes into fresh fabric. Apr 8, 2019 236
Newly-Developed Hydrogel Enhances Cell Encapsulation, Delivery. Apr 8, 2019 566
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Projections & Future Scenario Analyzed until 2028. Apr 2, 2019 680
Atributos quimicos de um solo degradado apos aplicacao de composto organico e crescimento de Mabea fistulifera Mart./Chemical attributes recovery of a degraded soil using pulp manufacture organic compound and planting Mabea fistulifera Mart. Giacomo, Romulo Guimaraes; Alves, Marlene Cristina; De Arruda, Otton Garcia; Souto, Sebastiao Nilce; Apr 1, 2019 9604
Improved Quality of Corn Silage When Combining Cellulose-Decomposing Bacteria and Lactobacillus buchneri during Silage Fermentation. Zhang, Fanfan; Wang, Xuzhe; Lu, Weihua; Li, Feifei; Ma, Chunhui Mar 31, 2019 6479
Lubrizol Announces Collaboration with CP Kelco. Mar 29, 2019 735
Biofuel for aircraft, missiles could decrease costs, save earth. Mar 27, 2019 653
Plant scraps key component in making cheap, sustainable jet fuel. Mar 23, 2019 436
Plant cellulose could be used for healthy bone graft. Mar 19, 2019 486
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Research & Development Forecast by 2028. Mar 7, 2019 798
A royal flush for recycling. Penhallow, John Mar 1, 2019 1854
Adult Incontinence Machinery Directory. Directory Mar 1, 2019 629
Establishment and Escalation of an Amino Acid Stacked Repressible Release Embedded System Using Quality by Design. Sharma, Vijay; Singh, Lalit; Verma, Navneet Report Mar 1, 2019 4061
Components. Mar 1, 2019 217
Nutrient and ruminal fermentation profiles of Camellia seed residues with fungal pretreatment. Yang, Chunlei; Chen, Zhongfa; Wu, Yuelei; Wang, Jiakun Report Mar 1, 2019 5251
Method development to reduce the fiber content of wheat bran and rice bran through anaerobic fermentation with rumen liquor for use in poultry feed. Debi, Momota Rani; Wichert, Brigitta A.; Liesegang, Annette Report Mar 1, 2019 6928
Costco's rival The Food Warehouse has launched 'plastic free' trial; Customer can expect to see paper bags, elastic bands and more being used across the store. Mar 1, 2019 345
Comparative Study of Ethanol Production from Cassava Pulp by a Mixed Culture of Amylomyces rouxii with Zygosaccharomyces pseudorouxii and Zymomonas mobilis. Yuwa-Amornpitak, Thalisa; Yeunyaw, Pa-nga Report Mar 1, 2019 6121
University research finds Ilocano dish ingredient may help fight cancer. Feb 23, 2019 286
Feeding preference of the shredder Phylloicus sp. for plant leaves of Chrysophyllum oliviforme or Miconia chartacea after conditioning in streams from different biomes/Preferencia alimentar do fragmentador Phylloicus sp. por folhas de Chrysophyllum oliviforme e Miconia chartacea apos condicionadas em riachos de dois biomas. Reis, D.F.; Machado, M.M.D.; Coutinho, N.P.; Rangel, J.V.; Moretti, M.S.; Morais, P.B. Feb 1, 2019 4300
Pipes, tubing and permeability. Feb 1, 2019 134
Dow Expands Methyl Cellulose Capacity. Jan 1, 2019 127
Water-Induced Mechanically Adaptive Behavior of Carboxylated Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber Reinforced by Bacterial Cellulose Whiskers. Chen, Yang; Wang, Liping; Yin, Qing; Jia, Hongbing; Wang, Dongni; Li, Geng; Yin, Biao; Ji, Qingmin; Report Jan 1, 2019 5492
SUSTAINABLE PAPER. Jan 1, 2019 106
Chemical-bromatological characteristics of forage sorghum varieties irrigated with saline effluents from fish farming. Simoes, Welson Lima; Guimaraes, Miguel Julio Machado; de Araujo, Gherman Garcia Leal; Willadino, Lil Jan 1, 2019 4525
Effects of astragaloside IV on inflammation and immunity in rats with experimental periodontitis. Zhang, Liqiong; Deng, Shaolin Jan 1, 2019 3797
Molecular characteristics of polysulfated fractions from the green seaweed Caulerpa cupressoides and actions on thrombin generation in vitro. Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Benevides, Norma Maria Barros; Tovar, Ana Maria Freire; de Souza Mo Jan 1, 2019 9124

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