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Application of Polypyrrole Cellulose Nanocrystalline Composite Conductive Material in Garment Design. Su, Si; Hu, Shaoying; Liu, Qi Sep 21, 2022 6874
Metal Cellulose Nanocomposites in Decorative Animation Character Modeling. Zhang, Lili Sep 14, 2022 5780
Characterization of a New Fiber from Cyperus Dichrostachus A.Rich Plant. Baye, Belete; Tesfaye, Tamrat Sep 9, 2022 7323
Method for assessing unevenness of cellulose insulation layers aging of power transformers winding. Poliakov, M.O.; Vasylevskyi, V.V. Report Sep 1, 2022 5860
Production of bacterial cellulose with antioxidant additive from grape residue with promising cosmetic applications. Nascimento, Helenise A.; Amorim, Julia D.P.; de M. Filho, Luiz E.P.T.; Costa, Andrea Fernanda S.; Na Report Sep 1, 2022 8048
Halophilic and Halotolerant Actinomycetes of Sambhar Salt Lake, India: Screening and Optimization of Cellulolytic Activity. Sharma, Charu; Chaturvedi, Payal; Mathur, Parikshana; Mathur, Nupur; Bhatnagar, Pradeep Sep 1, 2022 6194
A Plant Growth Promoting of Rhizobacteria and Endophytic Bacteria in Vegetable Rhizosphere and Root Samples. Riddech, Nuntavun; Ma, Nhi Yen; Ho, Phuc N.; Sarin, Pornrapee Sep 1, 2022 6681
Biofuel Energy reaches milestone in scaling its CTS reactor system. Aug 25, 2022 179
Extraction of Microcrystalline Cellulose and Silica from Agriculture Waste and Its Application in Synthesis of Wheat Gluten and Fish Scales Derived Bioplastic. Samraj, S.; Senthilkumar, K.; Induja, P.; Venkata Ratnam, M.; Aatral, G. V.; Ramakrishna, G. V. S. Aug 24, 2022 4021
Evaluation of Modified Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Mucilage as a Potential Pharmaceutical Excipient. Pasha, Ali Zar; Bukhari, Shazia Anwer; Mustafa, Ghulam; Anjum, Fozia; Mahr-un-Nisa,; Qari, Sameer H. Aug 19, 2022 8727
Biological Application of Novel Biodegradable Cellulose Composite as a Hemostatic Material. Zhu, Xulong; Wang, Jianxiong; Wu, Shuhan; Liu, Tian; Lin, Guangshuai; Shang, Bin; Ma, Jia Aug 10, 2022 5651
Preparation and Supercritical CO[sub.2] Foaming of Modified Nanocrystalline Cellulose Reinforced Polylactic Acid Bionanocomposites. Chen, Dan; Zhang, Ping; Wang, Jiajun; Gao, De Aug 10, 2022 6966
24h Pest Pros Assist Home Owners to Eradicate Termites. Aug 8, 2022 442
Screening, Characterization and Purification of Cellulase from Mango Mealybug Drosicha stebbingi Green (Homoptera: Margarodidae). Sohail, Mubasshir; Soomro, Qadeer Ahmed; Muhammad, Raza; Asif, Muhammad Usman; Rauf, Imran Report Aug 6, 2022 3806
Central Composite Design of Spraying Process to Laminate the Paper Substrates with Cellulose Nanofibers (CNF) as Green Packaging Wrap. Qureshi, Waseem Akhtar; Radjarejesri, S.; Shanmugam, Kirubanandan; Elavarasan, Pandian; Gowrishankar Aug 2, 2022 7650
Airlaid Technology Makes Natural Fiber-Based Bottle Caps a Reality: Glatfelter, ALPLA Group and Blue Ocean Closures partner to develop screw caps that are fully biobased amd potentially ocean biodegradable. Olivo, Tara Aug 1, 2022 825
Development and Characterization of Hygroscopicity-Controlled Sustain Release Formulation of Divalproex Sodium. Adhikari, Saurav; Budhathoki, Uttam; Thapa, Panna Report Aug 1, 2022 4691
The many ways of enjoying dracontomelon fruit. Recipe Jul 19, 2022 973
Isolation and Characterization of Natural Cellulose from Oxytenanthera abyssinica (Lowland Ethiopian Bamboo) Using Alkali Peroxide Bleaching Stages Followed by Aqueous Chlorite in Buffer Solution. Worku, Limenew Abate; Bachheti, Rakesh Kumar; Tadesse, Mesfin Getachew Jul 11, 2022 9681
Evonik to share latest dairy nutrition research insights at 2022 ADSA Annual Meeting. Jul 5, 2022 240
Bioinspired Crosslinked Nanocomposites of Polyvinyl Alcohol-Reinforced Cellulose Nanocrystals Extracted from Rice Straw with Ethanedioic Acid. Chin, Kwok-Mern; Sam, Sung Ting; Ong, Hui Lin; Wong, Yee Shian; Tan, Wai Kian; Vannaladsaysy, Vilay Jul 4, 2022 9213
Extraction of dietary fibers from cassava pulp and cassava distiller's dried grains and assessment of their components using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to determine their further use as a functional feed in animal diets. Okrathok, Supattra; Thumanu, Kanjana; Pukkung, Chayanan; Molee, Wittawat; Khempaka, Sutisa Report Jul 1, 2022 5502
Effects of Addition of Glass Fibers and SiC Particles on the Mechanical and Machinability Behaviours of Areca Fine Fiber-Reinforced Phenol Formaldehyde Composite. Ayyanar, Athijayamani; Muthusamy, Prabhu; Susaiyappan, Sidhardhan Jul 1, 2022 4214
Determination of UDP-Glucose and UDP-Galactose in Maize by Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography and Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Lan, Chen; Zhao, Bing; Yang, Lu; Zhou, Yusen; Guo, Siyi; Zhang, Xuebin; Zhang, Junli Jun 28, 2022 3838
Development and Characterization of Pullulan-Carboxymethyl Cellulose Blend Film for Packaging Applications. Thangavelu, Murugesan; Kulandhaivelu, Senthil Vadivu Jun 16, 2022 6477
Evonik to share latest dairy nutrition research insights at 2022 ADSA Annual Meeting. Jun 14, 2022 232
Trade fair ZELLCHEMING 2022: As gold sponsor, Voith presents its leading product portfolio for the most sustainable and efficient papermaking at Booth 24, Hall North. Jun 10, 2022 300
INTERVIEW: Infinna fibre takes brands from vague green claims to concrete solutions. Hannah Abdulla Jun 7, 2022 1571
64 idle industrial units to be revived in Qom province by Mar. 2023. Jun 5, 2022 177
Inditex signs deal for Nanollose ‘tree-free’ lyocell. Fi Forrest Jun 1, 2022 306
Worn Again recycling plant to cut tonnes of annual textile waste. Fi Forrest Jun 1, 2022 331
Heat Transfer Analysis on Carboxymethyl Cellulose Water-Based Cross Hybrid Nanofluid Flow with Entropy Generation. Ali, F.; Loganathan, K.; Eswaramoorthi, S.; Prabu, K.; Zaib, A.; Chaudhary, Dinesh Kumar Jun 1, 2022 5069
Methylphenidate Fast Dissolving Films: Development, Optimization Using Simplex Centroid Design and In Vitro Characterization. Basu, Biswajit; Mankad, Ankur; Dutta, Ayon Report Jun 1, 2022 9040
A look at recently issued patents. Jun 1, 2022 3918
Mechanically robust sodium alginate/cellulose nanofibers/polyethyleneimine composite aerogel for effective removal of hexavalent chromium and anionic dyes. Xie, Qian; Zou, Yuke; Wang, Yazhou; Wang, Haibo; Du, Zongliang; Cheng, Xu Report Jun 1, 2022 6560
Sugar Beet By-Product to Enhance Technology. Jun 1, 2022 355
MOFs Modified Paper-Based Materials: Preparation and Application to EtOH Fluorescence Response. Qiang Yang, Meiyun Zhang, Wei Gong, Xiaowei Cui and Chunsheng Zhou May 28, 2022 3541
Optimization of Spraying Process via Response Surface Method for Fabrication of Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Film. Alsaiari, Norah Salem; Shanmugam, Kirubanandan; Mothilal, Hariharan; Ali, Daoud; Prabhu, S. Venkates May 24, 2022 4893
Ioncell Oy to commercialise cellulose-based fibre. Fi Forrest May 23, 2022 407
Scientists Engineer Wood-Based Foam to Keep Buildings Cooler. Cairo - Hazem Badr May 21, 2022 263
Jinlida Granules Reduce Obesity in db/db Mice by Activating Beige Adipocytes. Zhou, Hong-ru; Wang, Tong-xing; Hao, Yuan-yuan; Hou, Yun-long; Wei, Cong; Yao, Bing; Wu, Xuan Report May 19, 2022 7355
Production Optimization and Biochemical Characterization of Cellulase from Geobacillus sp. KP43 Isolated from Hot Spring Water of Nepal. Khadka, Subash; Khadka, Deegendra; Poudel, Ram Chandra; Bhandari, Mukund; Baidya, Purnima; Sijapati, Report May 12, 2022 8232
Resistance of bmr energy sorghum hybrids to sugarcane borer and fall armyworm/Resistencia de hibridos de sorgo energia bmr a broca-da-cana-de-acucar e lagarta-docartucho. Souza, C.S.F.; Souza, B.H.S.; Parrella, R.A.C.; Simeone, M.L.F.; Nascimento, P.T.; Franca, J.C.O.; L May 11, 2022 7175
Nanollose, von Holzhausen team on vegan leather. Fi Forrest May 11, 2022 532
Iroquois: PharmaCyte Biotech has failed to create meaningful value for holders. May 11, 2022 289
Thermo-resistant enzyme-producing microorganisms isolated from composting/Microrganismos produtores de enzimas termo-resistentes isolados de compostagem. Cotta, S.P.M.; Marins, M.S.; Marriel, I.E.; Lana, U.G.P.; Gomes, E.A.; Figueiredo, J.E.F.; Oliveira- May 8, 2022 9843
SEI Group Acquires Energy Conservation Insulation Company in Oregon, USA. May 5, 2022 172
Hybrid nanocomposite packaging films from cellulose nanocrystals, zinc sulfide quantum dots reinforced polylactic acid with fluorescent and antibacterial properties. Shojaeiarani, Jamileh; Shirzadifar, Alimohammad; Shine, Caleb; Reisi, Amir Mohammad Report May 1, 2022 4591
Effects of Orlistat or Telmisartan on the Serum Free Fatty Acids in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients: An Open-Labeled Randomized Controlled Study. Esmail, Vian Ahmed Wasta; S.M. Al-Nimer, Marwan; Mohammed, Mohammed Omer Report May 1, 2022 4081
Cellulose Converting Solutions. May 1, 2022 624
Gelok International Corporation. May 1, 2022 277
Effects of Orlistat or Telmisartan on the Serum Free Fatty Acids in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients: An Open-Labeled Randomized Controlled Study. Esmail, Vian Ahmed Wasta; Al-Nimer, Marwan S.M.; Mohammed, Mohammed Omer Clinical report May 1, 2022 3856
ASPERGILLUS NIGER AS THE RAPID PRESS MUD COMPOSTING AGENT. U. Naeem, M. A. Qazi, I. u. Haq and M. Afzaal Apr 30, 2022 5283
Lignin as Green Filler in Polymer Composites: Development Methods, Characteristics, and Potential Applications. Ridho, Muhammad Rasyidur; Agustiany, Erika Ayu; Rahmi Dn, Muslimatul; Madyaratri, Elvara Windra; Gho Apr 30, 2022 26534
Gene Cloning and Characterization of Pcal_0222, [alpha]-Amylase from Pyrobaculum calidifontis. Ashraf, Sadaf; Siddiqui, Masood Ahmed; Nisa, Kanwal; Ali, Samar; Rashid, Naeem Report Apr 30, 2022 2612
Application of Grey Relational Analysis and Multiple Linear Regression to Establish the Cutting Force Model of Oil Peony Stalk. Du, Zhe; Zhang, Liyuan; Xie, Xiaolin; Li, Denghui; Li, Xinping; Zhang, Zhihong; Pang, Jing Report Apr 28, 2022 6961
Development and In Vitro Evaluation of Oral Capsules from Antiaris: A Convenient Substitute for Peripheral Neuropathy. Archer, Mary-Ann; Kumadoh, Doris; Gaizer, Samuel Nii-Bortier; Mensah, Adelaide; Jato, Jonathan; Kyen Apr 27, 2022 5341
U.S. Silica launches new price list for Industrial and Specialty Products business. Apr 20, 2022 167
PharmaCyte Biotech announces results from pancreatic cancer clinical trial. Apr 19, 2022 228
Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) Fiber-Reinforced Acrylic Thermoplastic Composites: Effect of Salt Fog Aging on Tensile, Spectrophotometric, and Thermogravimetric Properties. Valle, Vladimir; Aguilar, Alex; Kreiker, Jeronimo; Raggiotti, Belén; Cadena, Francisco Apr 15, 2022 8386
Renewable Polysaccharide and Biomedical Application of Nanomaterials. Kanaoujiya, Rahul; Saroj, Shruti Kumari; Srivastava, Shekhar; Chaudhary, Manoj Kumar Apr 15, 2022 10882
Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Exhaust Emission Reduction in a Single Cylinder CI Engine Fuelled with Diesel and Diesel Plastic Pyrolysis Oil with Zeolite Nanomaterials. Jacob, S.; Karikalan, L.; Bhowmick, Anirudh Apr 4, 2022 4001
Global Ink Resins Market to Reach $3.8 Billion by 2026: MarketsandMarkets. Apr 1, 2022 273
Formulation and Development of Aqueous Film Coating for Moisture Protection of Hygroscopic Herniaria glabra L Tablets. Mabrouki, Hakim El; Kaukhova, Irina Evgenievna Report Apr 1, 2022 4849
Design and Characterization of Agarose/HPMC Buccal Films Bearing Ondansetron HCl In Vitro and In Vivo: Enhancement Using Iontophoretic and Chemical Approaches. Jillani, Umair; Mudassir, Jahanzeb; Ijaz, Qazi Amir; Latif, Sumera; Qamar, Nadia; Aleem, Ambreen; Al Report Mar 25, 2022 8497
Waste-Derived Cellulosic Fibers and Their Applications. Samrot, Antony V.; Ngaakudzwe, Khosa Tariro; Rajalakshmi, D.; Prakash, P.; Suresh Kumar, S.; Chandra Mar 19, 2022 10261
Boosted Thermal Storage Performance of LiOH·H[sub.2]O by Carbon Nanotubes Isolated Multilayered Graphene Oxide Frames. Wang, Yuxian; Gu, Jing; Li, Xian; Zhu, Yan; Hu, Hongyun; Liu, Huan; Luo, Guangqian Mar 11, 2022 6420
Investigation of Mechanical and Physical Behaviours of Polyester Resin Matrix from Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate with Bamboo Fibre. Kaliappan, Nandagopal; Govindarajan, Venkatesan; Anil Kumar, T CH; Vishnu Kumar, R.; Muthukumaran, S Mar 10, 2022 4649
Cellulosic Ethanol Production Using a Dual Functional Novel Yeast. Liu, Z. Lewis; Dien, Bruce S. Mar 7, 2022 9149
Cotton Cellulose-Derived Hydrogel and Electrospun Fiber as Alternative Material for Wound Dressing Application. Jirawitchalert, Supidcha; Mitaim, Samon; Chen, Ching-Yi; Patikarnmonthon, Nisa Mar 7, 2022 7237
Making Sonali bags available to public. Mar 6, 2022 204
A Comprehensive Review of the Development of Carbohydrate Macromolecules and Copper Oxide Nanocomposite Films in Food Nanopackaging. Mesgari, Mohammad; Aalami, Amir Hossein; Sathyapalan, Thozhukat; Sahebkar, Amirhossein Mar 5, 2022 20976
Polyimide-Based Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Separator Applications: A Bibliometric Study. Hu, Huakun; Xue, Wendong; Jiang, Peng; Li, Yong Mar 2, 2022 7675
Synthesis and characterization of sodiumcarboxymethylcellulose from cotton, powder, microcrystalline and nanocellulose. Abdullaevich, Yuldoshov Sherzod; Ergashovich, Yunusov Khaydar; Abdukhalilovich, Sarymsakov Abdushkur Report Mar 1, 2022 5302
Effects of different interfacial modifiers on the properties of digital printing waste paper fiber/nanocrystalline cellulose/ poly(lactic acid) composites. Zhang, Xiaolin; Di, Jingjing; Li, Jia; Li, Shaoge; Duan, Jingting; Lv, Jinyan; Zhu, Xiaofeng; Xu, Lo Report Mar 1, 2022 5594
A cleaner processing approach for cellulose reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites. Amin, Khairatun Najwa Mohd; Chaleat, Celine; Edwards, Grant; Martin, Darren J.; Annamalai, Pratheep Report Mar 1, 2022 7606
Adult Incontinence Machinery Directory. Directory Mar 1, 2022 204
Aldi scraps plastic from its Easter egg packaging; They are among nine Easter ranges that the supermarket has removed plastic from. By, Steven Smith Feb 28, 2022 260
A Janus Mesh with Robust Interface and Controllable Wettability for Water Transport. Guo, Ziyi; Guo, Fengyun; Gao, Lei; Wang, Yan; Zhao, Yong Feb 24, 2022 5620
Recent Advances on Bacterial Cellulose-Based Wound Management: Promises and Challenges. Moradpoor, Hedaiat; Mohammadi, Hossein; Safaei, Mohsen; Mozaffari, Hamid Reza; Sharifi, Roohollah; G Feb 14, 2022 17507
Sugarcane Bagasse as the Source of Nanocrystalline Cellulose for Gelatin-Free Capsule Shell. Sabara, Zakir; Mutmainnah, Alfirah; Kalsum, Ummu; Afiah, Irma Nur; Husna, Ismalia; Saregar, Antomi; Feb 14, 2022 5490
'Cigarette butts account for 766 million kilos of trash yearly'. Feb 6, 2022 290
Bioactive Cellulose Acetate Electrospun Mats as Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration. Laboy-López, Simara; Méndez Fernández, Pedro O.; Padilla-Zayas, Jorge G.; Nicolau, Eduardo Feb 4, 2022 8454
Obtainment of bacterial cellulose with added propolis extract for cosmetic applications. Amorim, Julia D.P.; Nascimento, Helenise A.; Silva, Claudio Jose G., Jr.,; Medeiros, Alexandre D.M.; Report Feb 1, 2022 5151
Birla Cellulose aims net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Jan 31, 2022 225
Study on Factors Influencing the Viscosity of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Used in Capsule-Mucous Sealers. Wang, Fakai; Sun, Zhongguang; Li, Xuelong; Wang, Kequan; Chen, Deyou; Li, Zhen Report Jan 29, 2022 5746
Integrating Nanomaterial and High-Performance Fuzzy-Based Machine Learning Approach for Green Energy Conversion. Sujith, A. V. L. N.; Swathi, R.; Venkatasubramanian, R.; Venu, Nookala; Hemalatha, S.; George, Tony; Jan 29, 2022 6736
A Review on the Effect of Various Chemical Treatments on the Mechanical Properties of Renewable Fiber-Reinforced Composites. Aravindh, M.; Sathish, S.; Ranga Raj, R.; Karthick, Alagar; Mohanavel, V.; Patil, Pravin P.; Muhibbu Jan 25, 2022 16748
Changes of Lacrimal Puncta by Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography after Topical Combined Antibiotic and Steroid Treatment in Cases of Inflammatory Punctual Stenosis. Awny, Islam; Mossa, Elshimaa A. Mateen; Bakheet, Tasneem Mohammed; Mahmoud, Hany; Mounir, Amr Clinical report Jan 24, 2022 3776
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 13, 2022 4006
Polydopamine Induced Wettability Switching of Cellulose Nanofibers/n-Dodecanethiol Composite Aerogels. Gao, Runan; Shang, Ying; Jiao, Peng; Jiao, Yue; Li, Jian; Lu, Yun Jan 11, 2022 4299
In vitro Studies of the Utilization of Industrially Important Substrates by Lactobacillus sp. AAF-1 Isolated from Coconut Water. Siddiqui, Ayesha; Aman, Ayisha; Fatima, Syeda Areej; Riaz, Aliya; Zohra, Rashida Rahmat; Naheed, Sua Report Jan 1, 2022 2376
Effects of caffeine on central and peripheral fatigue following closed- and open-loop cycling exercises. Couto, P.G.; Silva-Cavalcante, M.D.; Mezencio, B.; Azevedo, R.A.; Cruz, R.; Bertuzzi, R.; Lima-Silva Report Jan 1, 2022 6861
Nice-Pak Launches Improved Flushable Wet Wipe. Jan 1, 2022 3301
Who's Who in Baby Diaper Machinery. Jan 1, 2022 391
Performance Evaluation of Coating Materials Containing Perlite-Volcanic Lava Stone-Carrot Pulp Ternary System. Bilge Celik and Nil Acarali Dec 31, 2021 4441
Pakistan bid to turn banana waste into fiber bears fruit. Zulfiqar Kunbhar Dec 24, 2021 517
Ethanol Production from Oil Palm Trunk: A Combined Strategy Using an Effective Pretreatment and Simultaneous Saccharification and Cofermentation. Wardani, Agustin Krisna; Sutrisno, Aji; Faida, Titik Nur; Yustina, Retno Dwi; Murdiyatmo, Untung Dec 23, 2021 7637
High-Performance Biocomposite Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Films Modified with Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs), Tannic Acid (TA), and Chitosan (CS) for Food Packaging. Tan, Ruowen; Li, Feng; Zhang, You; Yuan, Zihui; Feng, Xuefei; Zhang, Wansong; Liang, Ting Dec 17, 2021 5797
Taiwan's YFY Inc launches YFY Academy. Dec 11, 2021 278
Synergistic Effect of Methyl Cellulose and Carvacrol Coating on Physicochemical and Microbial Attributes of Mango (Mangifera indica) Fruit in Postharvest Storage. Minh, Nguyen Phuoc Dec 1, 2021 4828
Polyphenolic Content of Musa Acuminata and Musa Paradisiaca bracts: Chemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potentials. Falowo, Thompson T.; Ejidike, Ikechukwu P.; Lajide, Labunmi; Clayton, Hadley S. Report Dec 1, 2021 8230
New Kids on the Block: A Review of the Latest Iatrogenic Foreign Materials Seen in Gastrointestinal Specimens. Karamchandani, Dipti M.; Hammad, Hazed; Chetty, Runjan; Arnold, Christina A. Report Dec 1, 2021 10840
Effect of Hemp Fibre Surface Treatment on the Fibre-Matrix Interface and the Influence of Cellulose, Hemicellulose, and Lignin Contents on Composite Strength Properties. Kabir, Mohammad Mazedul; Alhaik, Mohammad Yousef; Aldajah, Saud Hamad; Lau, Kin Tak; Wang, Hao; Isla Nov 30, 2021 9625
Research of Inonotus obliquus Oligosaccharide in Prevention of Hyperlipidemia. Wu, Dawei; Zhang, Yanrong; Wang, Dawei; Liu, Tingting; Zhang, Shanshan; Yang, Chenhe Nov 30, 2021 5366
Degradation of Lignocelluloses Cocoa Shell (Theobroma cacao L.) by Various Types of Mould Treatments. Djali, Mohamad; Kayaputri, Indira Lanti; Kurniati, Dian; Sukarminah, Een; Mudjenan, Inna Muslimah Ha Clinical report Nov 29, 2021 6132
Newly discovered technology measures cow methane emissions. Nov 26, 2021 266
Innovation for health and the economy. Nov 25, 2021 225
Lucent BioSciences announces USD4.2m investment in carbon-neutral fertilizers. Nov 24, 2021 156
Scientists create bandages made from durian husks. Nov 12, 2021 211
Reducing Sugar Production from Teff Straw Biomass Using Dilute Sulfuric Acid Hydrolysis: Characterization and Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology. Tesfaw, Andinet Alemayehu; Tizazu, Belachew Zegale Nov 2, 2021 7585
Hygiene Companies Seek Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Companies look to the outside to lessen the products' environmental impact. Mclntyre, Karen Nov 1, 2021 2161
Epic Fail. Nov 1, 2021 203
Nano fibrillated cellulose-based foam by Pickering emulsion: Preparation, characterizations, and application as dye adsorbent. Purkayastha, Srijita; Ghosh, Anup K.; Saha, Sampa Report Nov 1, 2021 6342
A study of rheological properties of cellulose diacetate in acetone solution at low and high shear rates. Su, Riting; Yu, Xing; Yang, Zhanping; Huang, Haijian; Liang, Yinchun Report Nov 1, 2021 3906
Rubber composition. Nov 1, 2021 171
Caffeine intake reduces sedentary time and increases physical activity predisposition in obese police officers. Ferreira, G.A.; Wagner, L.; Maziero, R.; Ataide-Silva, T.; Silva, N.A.; Bertuzzi, R.; Lima-Silva, A. Oct 16, 2021 4106
Growth and gut performance of young pigs in response to different dietary cellulose concentration and rearing condition. Cho, Hyun Min; Kim, Eunjoo; Wickramasuriya, Samiru Sudharaka; Shin, Taeg Kyun; Heo, Jung Min Oct 1, 2021 7390
Nouryon to Build Bermocoll Facility in Southeast Asia to Meet Demand in Coatings End-Market. Oct 1, 2021 382
Scientists in Singapore transform fruit leftovers into antibacterial bandages. Reuters News Service Sep 30, 2021 264
Evaluation of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Insulation Fiberboard with Cellulose Nanofibers. Kojima, Yoichi; Makino, Tetsuya; Ota, Kazuaki; Murayama, Kazushige; Kobori, Hikaru; Aoki, Kenji; Suz Report Sep 22, 2021 4606
Fouriei-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of the Changes in Chemical Composition of Wooden Components: Part II-The Ancient Building of Danxia Temple. Yang, Yan; Sun, He; Yang, Shuang; Sun, Wenye; Zhao, Ying; Li, Bin; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Xiaoqian; Jiang Report Sep 22, 2021 4942
Characterization of Cellulose Nanocrystal Suspension Rheological Properties Using a Rotational Viscometer. Peng, Yucheng; Xia, Changlei; Via, Brian Report Sep 22, 2021 6427
Isolation and Screening of Microorganisms for the Effective Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Agricultural Wastes. Zhang, Zichen; Shah, Aabid Manzoor; Mohamed, Hassan; Tsiklauri, Nino; Song, Yuanda Report Sep 22, 2021 10660
PharmaCyte Biotech announces first test results of CypCaps clinical trial. Sep 16, 2021 168
Characterization of Chlorhexidine-Impregnated Cellulose-Based Hydrogel Films Intended for the Treatment of Periodontitis. Tarawneh, Ola; Hamadneh, Imad; Huwaitat, Rawan; Al-Assi, Ameen Rasheed; El Madani, Abdulla Report Sep 15, 2021 4332
Success story of cellulose fibres to be showcased. Sep 2, 2021 534
Green Silver Nanoparticles Embedded in Cellulosic Network for Fresh Food Packaging. Kumari, S. Chaitanya; Padma, P. Naga; Anuradha, K. Sep 1, 2021 3261
Protein Electrophoresis of Serum and Heparinized Plasma in the Common Mynah (Acridotheres tristis). Aryakia, Bahareh; Zaeemi, Mahdieh; Heidarpour, Mohammad; Razmyar, Jamshid Report Sep 1, 2021 4860
Rayonier Advanced Materials sells lumber and newsprint assets for USD235m. Aug 31, 2021 190
How you can get more fibre into your diet. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Aug 27, 2021 158
How you can get more fibre into your diet; SECONDS ON... 60. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Aug 27, 2021 158
Using tree-rings to date and write history. Eleni Philippou Aug 2, 2021 350
Using tree-rings to date and write history. Aug 2, 2021 341
PHYSICOCHEMICAL CHANGES AND SENSORY QUALITY OF LIQUID SMOKED MILKFISH NUGGETS. Swastawati, F; Ambariyanto, A; Cahyono, B; Wijayanti, I; Chilmawati, D; Hadiyanto, H; Al-Baarri, AN Report Aug 1, 2021 5877
Study on Microbial Community Succession and Functional Analysis during Biodegradation of Mushroom Residue. Wang, Chaonan; Wang, Yuxin; Ru, Hua; He, Ting; Sun, Nan Report Jul 13, 2021 6410
A Review on Nanocellulose and its Potential Biomedical Applications. Kumari, Suman; Chauhan, R.P.S.; Mishra, Abhilasha; Kumar, Pawan Jul 1, 2021 12360
Don't Bite. Jul 1, 2021 197
A Rollboard for Microvascular Anastomosis: Cellulose Eye Spear. Ercin, Burak Sercan; Ozkan, Burak; Uysal, Cagri A.; Ertas, Nilgun M. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2021 762
Kalenian Coffee Now Offers an Extraction System for Coffee & Tea. Jul 1, 2021 225
Nanofiber formation of self-crosslinking dialdehyde carboxymethyl cellulose/collagen composites. Tian, Zhenhua; Wang, Ying; He, Jingxuan Report Jul 1, 2021 5294
Paper Waste Management: Extraction of Fermentable Sugar from Lignocellulosic Waste Paper. Asghar Hayat, Sabika Rafiq, Mahboob ur Rehman, Farzana Kausar, Zafar Mahmood Khalid and Pervez Anwar Jun 30, 2021 3920
Adsorptive Removal of Cd(II) Ions from Wastewater Using Maleic Anhydride Nanocellulose. Kara, Hizkeal Tsade; Anshebo, Sisay Tadesse; Sabir, Fedlu Kedir Jun 18, 2021 9451
How do I make my house termite-proof? Jun 9, 2021 620
Preparation and properties of bacterial cellulose/ graphene oxide composite films using dyeing method. Kiangkitiwan, Nopparut; Srikulkit, Kawee Report Jun 1, 2021 4330
Naringenin Reduces Hepatic Inflammation and Apoptosis Induced by Vancomycin in Rats. Sahinogullari, Zuhal Uckun; Guzel, Sevda; Canacankatan, Necmiye; Yalaza, Cem; Kibar, Deniz; Bayrak, Jun 1, 2021 5498
Production of Bacterial Cellulose from Acetobacter Species and Its Applications - A Review. Jamsheera, C.P.; Pradeep, B.V. Jun 1, 2021 5773
Nanollose dispatches first shipment of microbial cellulose to Birla Cellulose pilot facilities in India. May 26, 2021 459
Degradation legacy and current water levels as predictors of carbon emissions from two fen sites. Emsens, Willem-Jan; Verbruggen, Erik; Shenk, Peter; Liczner, Yvonne; van Roie, Martijn; van Diggelen May 21, 2021 8507
Seed germination and seedling survival of Drosera rotundifolia (L.) cultivated on Sphagnum: Influence of cultivation methods and conditions, seed density, Sphagnum species and vascular plant cover. Baranyai, Balazs; Krebs, Matthias; Oehmke, Claudia; Joosten, Hans May 21, 2021 6650
Photo-Fenton Process Using Fe(III) Ions from Modified Sugarcane Bagasse for Reactive Black 5 Dye (RB5) Removal. de Almeida, Aline Rafaela; Pessoa, Christiana Andrade; Tiburtius, Elaine Regina Lopes; Fujiwara, Ser Report May 15, 2021 6082
Rayonier Advanced Materials announces strategic investment in Anomera. May 4, 2021 196
Influence of green extraction process of nano fibrillated cellulose using subcritical water/C[O.sub.2] on its properties and development of its bio composite. Purkayastha, Srijita; Saha, Sampa; Ghosh, Anup K. Report May 1, 2021 7341
Characterization of nanocellulose from Indica rice straw as reinforcing agent in epoxy-based nanocomposites. Razali, Nur Amira Mamat; Ismail, Muhamad Fareez; Aziz, Fauziah Abdul Report May 1, 2021 7326
Study of Mechanical Properties of Roselle Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester Biocomposite Based on the Length and Content of Fiber. Ramakrishnan, Muthuraja; Ramasubramanian, Sarala; Subbarayalu, Venkatarajan; Ayyanar, Athijayamani May 1, 2021 3186
Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: How--and when-cellulose-based chemistry led to the discovery of cellophane. Sepe, Mike May 1, 2021 1564
Some characters of bacterial cellulases in goats' rumen elucidated by metagenomic DNA analysis and the role of fibronectin 3 module for endoglucanase function. Nguyen, Khanh Hoang Viet; Dao, Trong Khoa; Nguyen, Hong Duong; Nguyen, Khanh Hai; Nguyen, Thi Quy; N Report May 1, 2021 7642
ABB secures control system modernisation contract in Chile. Apr 21, 2021 196
Nanollose well-funded to advance development and commercialisation of tree-free fibres with $2.85 million placement. Apr 20, 2021 284
Rayonier Advanced Materials to divest USD214m lumber and newsprint businesses. Apr 13, 2021 309
EcoWipes Launches Eco-Friendly Nonwoven. Apr 1, 2021 168
Poly(1actide)/cellulose nanocrystal nanocomposites by high-shear mixing. Oguz, Oguzhan; Candau, Nicolas; Demongeot, Adrien; Citak, Mehmet Kerem; Cetin, Fatma Nalan; Stoclet, Report Apr 1, 2021 7413
Viscoelastic properties and flow instabilities of aqueous suspensions of cellulosic fibers: Effects of a gelation agent on dispersion, rheology, and flow stability. He, Jing; Lee, Stephanie S.; Colakyan, Manuk; Kalyon, Dilhan M. Report Apr 1, 2021 9364
The role of rheological premonitory of hydrogels based on cellulose nanofibers and polymethylsilsesquioxane on the physical properties of corresponding aerogels. Gupta, Pragya; Pandey, Akanksha; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.; Roy, Sunanda; Maji, Pradip K. Report Apr 1, 2021 6845
Effect of processing techniques and residual solvent on the thermal/mechanical properties of epoxy-cellulose nanocrystal nanocomposites. Qiu, Ke; Tannenbaum, Rina; Jacob, Karl I. Report Apr 1, 2021 7564
Removal of nutrients from Organic Liquid Agricultural Waste using filamentous algae/Remocao de nutrientes de Residuos Agricolas Liquidos Organicos utilizando algas filamentosas. Flores-Morales, Gonzalo; Diaz, Monica; Arancibia-Avila, Patricia; Munoz-Carrasco, Michelle; Jara-Zap Mar 31, 2021 4419
Caffeine ingestion improves specific artistic swimming tasks. Dall'Acqua, F.; Cristina-Souza, G.; Santos-Mariano, A.C.; Bertuzzi, R.; Rodacki, C.; Lima-Silva, A.E Mar 17, 2021 5984
Adult Incontinence Machinery Directory. Directory Mar 1, 2021 249
A simple and green strategy for preparing poly (vinyl alcohol) /phosphate cellulose aerogel with enhanced flame-retardant properties. Jixuan, Wei; Chunxia, Zhao; Yunchao, Li; Yuntao, Li; Zhangmei, Sun; Dong, Xiang; Hui, Li Report Mar 1, 2021 6120
L'Oreal Patents Formula To Straighten Hair. Mar 1, 2021 396
Organosolvent Extraction Coupled with Steam Explosion Pretreatment of Wild Sugarcane and Optimization of Cellulase Activity using Response Surface Methodology. Aruna, S.; Gobikrishnan, Sriramulu Mar 1, 2021 3336
Functionalization of Cellulose Paper by Coating Nano Metal-Organic Frameworks for Use as Photochromic Material. Qiang Yang, Wei Gong, Xiaowei Cui and Chunsheng Zhou Feb 28, 2021 2927
Vape liquid worth RM422,000 in Rantau Panjang seized. Feb 28, 2021 227
Cellulose fibre show to focus on its applications. Feb 23, 2021 394
Hirdaramani, SLINTEC and CirQ Technologies partner to design BreathTech-S. Feb 15, 2021 299
Conference on cellulose fibres focuses on applications. Conference news Jan 21, 2021 1038
Nanollose non-executive director demonstrates confidence in biotechnology strategy with on-market purchase. Jan 16, 2021 259
Nanollose and Grasim Industries' Birla Cellulose file joint patent application for innovative tree-free fibre technology, shares up. Jan 14, 2021 588
ProAmpac Acquires Rapid Action Packaging to Expand Flexible Packaging for Retail Food Sales. Jan 12, 2021 166
Who's Who in Baby Diaper Machinery. Jan 1, 2021 587
PART 3: Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: In this series we delve into a discerning look back into the history of our industry and how we all got here. Sepe, Mike Jan 1, 2021 1416
Donaldson Blue Air Filters Have Ultra-Web Fine Fiber Technology. Jan 1, 2021 203
Tensile and morphological properties of nanocrystalline cellulose and nanofibrillated cellulose reinforced PLA bionanocomposites: A review. Zaaba, Nor Fasihah; Jaafar, Mariatti; Ismail, Hanafi Report Jan 1, 2021 8863
Preparation and Properties of Soy Protein Isolate/Cotton-Nanocrystalline Cellulose Films. Zhao, Guoyu; Zhou, Chongyin; Fan, Fangyu Jan 1, 2021 5326
Investigation on Synthesis of Hydrogel Starting from Vietnamese Pineapple Leaf Waste-Derived Carboxymethylcellulose. Tuyet Phan, Mai Thi; Pham, Lan Ngoc; Nguyen, Linh Hai; To, Linh Phuong Jan 1, 2021 7312
Molecular Characteristics, Synthase, and Food Application of Cereal ß -Glucan. Sun, Lijing; Hu, Mengyun; Zhao, Jie; Lv, Liangjie; Zhang, Yelun; Liu, Qian; Zhang, Li Jan 1, 2021 6643
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Investigation of the Effect of Crumb Rubber Powder and Warm Additives on Moisture Resistance of SMA Mixtures. Ziari, Hassan; Divandari, Hassan; Seyed Ali Akbar, Seyed Mohammad; Hosseinian, Seyed Mohsen Jan 1, 2021 7133
Stability, Viscosity, and Tribology Properties of Polyol Ester Oil-Based Biolubricant Filled with TEMPO-Oxidized Bacterial Cellulose Nanofiber. Rahmadiawan, Dieter; Abral, Hairul; Nasruddin, N.; Fuadi, Zahrul Jan 1, 2021 5028
Marine Macroalgae Display Bioreductant Efficacy for Fabricating Metallic Nanoparticles: Intra/Extracellular Mechanism and Potential Biomedical Applications. Mahmood Ansari, Sabiha; Saquib, Quaiser; De Matteis, Valeria; Awad Alwathnani, Hend; Ali Alharbi, Su Jan 1, 2021 20790
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Jatropha Oil as a Substituent for Palm Oil in Biobased Polyurethane. Amri, Mohamad Ridzuan; Al-Edrus, Syeed Saifulazry Osman; Guan, Chuah Teong; Yasin, Faizah Md; Hua, L Jan 1, 2021 9622
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Auxiliary Fiber Art Creation Design Based on Conductive Fiber Textile Wireless Structure Sensor. Ma, Limei Jan 1, 2021 7756
Electrospun Membrane for the Extraction of Acrylamide in Pet Food Samples. Basheer, Chanbasha Jan 1, 2021 4902
Formulation and development of Serratiopeptidase enteric coated tablets and analytical method validation by UV Spectroscopy. Panthi, Vijay Kumar; Jha, Saurav Kumar; Chaubey, Raghvendra; Pangeni, Rudra Jan 1, 2021 8336
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Synthesis of Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs) from Brewer's Spent Grain Using Acid Hydrolysis: Characterization and Optimization. Matebie, Bisrat Yihun; Tizazu, Belachew Zegale; Kadhem, Aseel A.; Venkatesa Prabhu, S. Jan 1, 2021 5785
Characterization of Chlorhexidine-Impregnated Cellulose-Based Hydrogel Films Intended for the Treatment of Periodontitis. Tarawneh, Ola; Hamadneh, Imad; Huwaitat, Rawan; Al-Assi, Ameen Rasheed; El Madani, Abdulla Report Jan 1, 2021 4332
Terahertz Absorption Characteristics of the Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Colloid Based on Microfluidic Technology. Ding, Chenxin; Su, Bo; Wang, Guoyang; Meng, Qinghao; Wang, Jiahui; Zhang, Cunlin Jan 1, 2021 3675
Multiobjective Optimization of Mechanical Properties on Sisal-Glass Fiber-Reinforced Hybrid Composites Using Response Surface Methodology and LINGO Analysis. Ragunath, S.; Shankar, A. N.; Meena, K.; Guruprasad, B.; Madhu, S.; Rakesh, N.; Hariprabhu, M. Jan 1, 2021 4835
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Extraction and Characterization of Microfibrillated Cellulose from Discarded Cotton Fibers through Catalyst Preloaded Fenton Oxidation. Xu, Xianmeng; Lu, Ning; Wang, Shunmin; Huang, Mengqi; Qu, Shenglong; Xuan, Feng Jan 1, 2021 6240
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Amino-Functionalized Wood Aerogel for Efficient Removal of Copper Ions from Water. Meng, Junwang; Guan, Hao; Dai, Xinjian; Wang, Xiaoqing Jan 1, 2021 4829
Controlled Release of Curcumin from HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) Co-Spray-Dried Materials. Zheng, Jiao; Wang, Bo; Xiang, Jia; Yu, Zhengyu Jan 1, 2021 2261
Turning the Cocopith Waste into Myceliated Biocomposite to Make an Insulator. Mardijanti, Diana Susyari; Megantara, Erri Noviar; Bahtiar, Ayi; Sunardi, Sunardi Jan 1, 2021 3884
Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of the Changes in Chemical Composition of Wooden Components in the Ancient Building of Xichuan Guild Hall. Yang, Yan; Sun, He; Li, Bin; Wang, Aifeng; Zhao, Rui; Wang, Wei; He, Yiming; Yang, Shuang; Han, Yanx Report Dec 22, 2020 3888
Nanollose set to scale-up production of its tree-free rayon textiles in 2021. Dec 19, 2020 912
Bacterial cellulose provides hope for eco-friendly medical mask. Dec 15, 2020 1011
Maker of biodegradable alternative to plastic wins startup competition. Dec 13, 2020 666
Fashion for Good celebrates success of first year in South Asia. Dec 4, 2020 599
US Silica reports new higher price list for industrial and specialty products. Dec 2, 2020 201
Effects of Polyvinylpyrrolidone and Ethyl Cellulose in Polyurethane Electrospun Nanofibers on Morphology and Drug Release Characteristics/Elektro-Egirme Yontemi ile Uretilen Poliuretan Nanoliflerin Morfolojileri ve Ilac Salim Ozellikleri Uzerinde Polivinilpirolidon ve Etil Selulozun Etkileri. Gencturk, Asli; Kahraman, Emine; Gungor, Sevgi; Ozsoy, Yildiz; Sarac, A. Sezai Report Dec 1, 2020 4144
A Controlled Release Theophylline Delivery System Based on a Bilayer Floating System/Iki Tabakali Yuzen Sisteme Dayali Kontrollu Salim Teofilin Tasima Sistemi. Avbunudiogba, John Afokoghene; Alalor, Christian Arerusuoghene; Okolocha, Queen Dorcas Report Dec 1, 2020 5422
Effects of body weight and fiber sources on fiber digestibility and short chain fatty acid concentration in growing pigs. Zhao, Jinbiao; Liu, Xuzhou; Zhang, Yi; Liu, Ling; Wang, Junjun; Zhang, Shuai Report Dec 1, 2020 8511
Effect of processing method on cellulose nanocrystal/polyethylene-co-vinyl alcohol composites. Orr, Matthew P.; Sonekan, Amidat; Shofner, Meisha L. Report Dec 1, 2020 7770
Electrospun progesterone-loaded cellulose acetate nanofibers and their drug sustained-release profiles. Soares, Gabriella Onila do Nascimento; Machado, Raissa Ribeiro Lima; Diniz, Mariana Mendoza; da Silv Report Dec 1, 2020 8361
Technical Parameters Affecting the Spray Drying of Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) Powder. Minh, Nguyen Phuoc Dec 1, 2020 5766
Effect of Denitrifying Bacterial Biomass and Carbon Sources on Nitrate Removal. Alyamani, Essam J.; Booq, Rayan Y.; Bahkali, Ali H.; Alharbi, Sulaiman A. Dec 1, 2020 2954
Evaluation of Cr(VI) Reducing Capability of Shewanella putrefaciens (MTTC8410) and Optimization of Operational Parameters. Thesai, Annadurai Sakthi; Sangeetha, Rajalingam; Ashokkumar, Lakshmanan; Palanivelan, Ramachandran; Dec 1, 2020 5690
Study on the Permeability of Modified Bentonite Slurry in Landfill. Zhang, Zenan; Dai, Guozhong; Sheng, Yanmin Nov 24, 2020 6196
Owner concerned about insulation Stone: Airgap required to protect dishwasher. Nov 8, 2020 538
Homeowner worried about asbestos insulation. Barry Stone Nov 8, 2020 541
Sprague Resources joins zero-emission heating oil effort. Nov 6, 2020 298
WHO'S WHO In San Pro Machinery: A listing of equipment suppliers to the global feminine hygiene market. Nov 1, 2020 376
NEW INGREDIENTS FOR HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS: Here are new ingredients launched by suppliers during the past 12 months. To learn more, contact the supplier directly using the information listed. Nov 1, 2020 813
Effects of Feeding Dried Fruit Pomaces as Additional Fibre-Phenolic Compound on Meat Quality, Blood Chemistry and Redox Status of Broilers. Zdunczyk, Elena Colombino Zenon; Jankowski, Jan; Cocolin, Luca Simone; Schiavone, Achille; Biasato, Report Nov 1, 2020 11081
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Effect of cellulose acetate/cellulose triacetate ratio on reverse osmosis blend membrane performance. Elkony, Yasmeen; Mansour, El-Sayed; Elhusseiny, Amel; Ebrahim, Shaker Report Nov 1, 2020 6016
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Evaluation of Grewia ferruginea Hochst ex A. Rich Mucilage as Suspending Agent in Metronidazole Benzoate Suspension. Haile, Tsadkan Gebremeskel; Sibhat, Gereziher Gebremedhin; Tadese, Ebisa; Tesfay, Desta; Molla, Fant Oct 29, 2020 6201
The Therapeutic Effect of Shark Liver Oil in a Rat Model of Acetic Acid-Induced Ulcerative Colitis. Samimi, Nastaran; Sepehrimanesh, Masood; Koohi-Hosseinabadi, Omid; Homayounfar, Reza; Mokhtari, Mara Oct 23, 2020 4685
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Wood Functional Modification Based on Deposition of Nanometer Copper Film by Magnetron Sputtering. Li, Jingkui; Wang, Yanan; Tian, He; Qi, Dawei; Wang, Ruoying Report Sep 22, 2020 6639
Wood Density, Anatomical Characteristics, and Chemical Components of Alnus sibirica Used for Industrial Applications. Zhao, Xiping; Guo, Pingping; Zhang, Zhaolin; Yang, Yongqiang; Zhao, Penghui Report Sep 22, 2020 7081
Therapeutic Potential of Apium graveolens on the Reproductive System of Cadmium Treated Male Rats. Sushanth, N.K.; Vijayaraghavan, R.; Vijayalakshmi, S.; Sivanesan, Senthilkumar Sep 7, 2020 5104
Modification of Yield and Fiber Fractions Biosynthesis in Phaseolus vulgaris L. by Treatment with Biostimulants Containing Amino Acids and Seaweed Extract. Kocira, Slawomir; Szparaga, Agnieszka; Findura, Pavol; Treder, Krzysztof Sep 1, 2020 10343
Metabonomic Responses of Grazing Yak to Different Concentrate Supplementations in Cold Season. Zhou, Jia; Yue, Shuangming; Peng, Quanhui; Wang, Lizhi; Wang, Zhisheng; Xue, Bai Report Sep 1, 2020 7666
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A Novel Hydrogel Based on Renewable Materials for Agricultural Application. Durpekova, Silvie; Filatova, Kateryna; Cisar, Jaroslav; Ronzova, Alena; Kutalkova, Erika; Sedlarik, Aug 31, 2020 8041
Rayonier Advanced Materials posts lower loss from continuing operations of USD13m for Q2 2020. Financial report Aug 5, 2020 176
Development of Bioadhesive Buccal Tablets of Nicorandil Using a Factorial Approach/Faktoriyel Yaklasim ile Nikorandil Iceren Biyoadezif Bukkal Tabletlerin Gelistirilmesi. Kotadiya, Rajendra; Shah, Karan Aug 1, 2020 5473
Enhancing the mechanical properties of 3D printed polylactic acid using nanocellulose. Ambone, Tushar; Torris, Arun; Shanmuganathan, Kadhiravan Aug 1, 2020 6909
Response of Switchgrass Grown for Forage and Bioethanol to Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium on Semiarid Marginal Land. Tang, Chao-Chen; Han, Li-Pu; Xie, Guang-Hui Aug 1, 2020 7673
Sheep Dung Composition and Phosphorus and Potassium Release Affected by Grazing Intensity and Pasture Development Stage in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System. Arnuti, Fernando; Gustavo Denardin, Luiz de O.; Arthur Nunes, Pedro de A.; Alves, Lucas A.; Cecagno, Aug 1, 2020 7552
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In vitro characterization of mucoadhesive polysaccharide polymers tablets fabricated using FTIR press. Kumar, Ashwini; Bharti, Sudhanshu Kumar; Kumar, Awanish Aug 1, 2020 1916
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Some Factors Affecting the Somatic Cell Count in the Milk of Anatolian Water Buffalos(Bubalus bubalis) raised in Igdir Province. Sel, Veli; Yilmaz, Isa; Yanar, Mete Report Jul 23, 2020 4400
Rayonier Advanced Materials reports lower Q2 preliminary results, with impact from COVID-19. Financial report Jul 17, 2020 185
Rayonier Advanced Materials reports lower Q2 preliminary results, with impact from COVID-19. Financial report Jul 17, 2020 189
Bee'ah sets up new biomass facility in Sharjah. Jul 15, 2020 285
Rheological, mechanical, thermal, and morphological properties of blends poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate), thermoplastic starch, and cellulose nanoparticles. da Silva, Jania Betania Alves; Bretas, Rosario Elida Suman; Lucas, Alessandra Almeida; Marini, Julia Jul 1, 2020 7027
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Evaluation of the Properties of Cellulose Ester Films that Incorporate Essential Oils. Biswas, Atanu; Bastos, Maria do Socorro Rocha; Furtado, Roselayne Ferro; Kuzniar, Gary; Boddu, Veera Jun 30, 2020 6100
Blood Donors' Age, Haemoglobin Type, G6PD Status, and Blood Group Impact Storability of CPDA-1 Banked Whole Blood: A Repeated-Measure Cohort Study in Cape Coast, Ghana. Adu, Patrick; Kubi, Gilbert Appiah; Kumi, Amos; Gbedoho, Raphael E.K.; Kwakye, Festus Ansah; Sarpong Report Jun 30, 2020 6254
Ideas about to change our world!Sweat powered smartwatches. Jun 30, 2020 916
A Modified Preparation of Cellulosic-Absorbent Resin for [Cu.sup.2+] Removal under Microwave Irradiation. Shu, Jing; Zhao, Dabiao; Li, Lili Jun 30, 2020 3550
Acute Caffeine Mouth Rinse Does Not Change the Hydration Status following a 10 km Run in Recreationally Trained Runners. Gonzalez, Adam M.; Guimaraes, Victoria; Figueiredo, Nayra; Queiroz, Marcela; Gentil, Paulo; Mota, Jo Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 3787
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Comparison of Rabbit, Kitten and Mammal Milk Replacer Efficiencies in Early Weaning Rabbits. Chankuang, Panthiphaporn; Linlawan, Achira; Junda, Kawisara; Kuditthalerd, Chittikan; Suwanprateep, Jun 1, 2020 6716
Biocompatible regenerated cellulose/halloysite nanocomposite fibers. Sharifzadeh, Ghorbanali; Soheilmoghaddam, Mohammad; Adelnia, Hossein; Wahit, Mat Uzir; Arzhandi, Mas Jun 1, 2020 5019
Morphological and Electrical Properties of Nanocellulose Compounds and Its Application on Capacitor Assembly. Hernandez-Flores, Jose Alfredo; Morales-Cepeda, Ana Beatriz; Castro-Guerrero, Carlos Fernando; Delga May 31, 2020 7577
Printability Optimization of Gelatin-Alginate Bioinks by Cellulose Nanofiber Modification for Potential Meniscus Bioprinting. Luo, Wenbin; Song, Zhengyi; Wang, Zhonghan; Wang, Zhenguo; Li, Zuhao; Wang, Chenyu; Liu, He; Liu, Qi May 31, 2020 7197
Synthesis, Characterization, and In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluations of Cellulose Hydrogels Enriched with Larrea tridentata for Regenerative Applications. Tovar-Carrillo, Karla Lizette; Saucedo-Acuna, Rosa A.; Rios-Arana, Judith; Tamayo, Genaro; Guzman-Ga May 31, 2020 5849
Cellulotech's chromatogeny-treated paper passes ASTM F1862 external validation to provide eco-friendly alternative for COVID-19 masks. May 29, 2020 174
Recovery of High Purity Lignin and Digestible Cellulose from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Using Low Acid-Catalyzed Organosolv Pretreatment. Mondylaksita, Kinanthi; Ferreira, Jorge A.; Millati, Ria; Budhijanto, Wiratni; Niklasson, Claes; Tah May 1, 2020 8065

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