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Cell roughs and finishes housings in ine chucking.

The newest Goss Trevisan machining/turning cell allows for complete rough and finish machining of compressor cylinder housings. The process is performed in one chucking, on one machine, resulting in reduced production time, improved part quality, and substantial cost savings.

The cell features two six-spindle 25-hp standard Goss/Trevisan turret modules that are equipped with Goss-designed fixtures and tooling packages. The cell uses a GE Fanuc Series 15TT CNC control with Fanuc servomotors, digital drives, and Rexroth hydraulics. It features six-axis operation with each turret using X, Y, and Zaxis motion. All machining operations are performed in a single chucking to eliminate distortion and subsequent alignment errors that may occur with rechucking, thereby enhancing part quality and increasing throughput. During the five-minute, 14-operation machining sequence, a second unmachined part is manually loaded into the chucking fixture, which then automatically indexes upon completion of the cycle.

The machining cycle is conducted simultaneously from the left and right by the twin turret modules positioned perpendicular to the fixtured part. All milling and boring operations use Kennametal inserts.

The drilling operations consist of machining the nine- and six-hole bolt patterns, followed by tapping which completes the five-minute cycle. The finished part is then automatically indexed 180-deg to repeat the cycle on the next unmachined part.

The machining cell is very accurate. With the length of the bores at 6.100", the bore diameters repeated to within the following dimensions: 0.0005" cylindricity, 0.000 25" roundness, and 0.0002" to 0.0005" diameter. The system is capable to 1.33 Cpk or better.

Because of the cell's ability to use single-point contour tools, it allows all turning and boring operations to be accomplished on one machine, reducing multiple machine-tool usage, material handling, and special fixturing requirements for turning and drilling. In addition, the machine is equipped with the ability to provide in-process or post-process inspection. Inspection process measurements can trigger the CNC control to compensate for tool wear using the optional software within the CNC control.

The Goss Trevisan machining/turning cell saves time and material handling over standalone machines. It has the capability to handle a variety of different compressor cylinder housings and like-shaped parts within its configured work envelope for increased flexibility and shift-to-shift productivity.

Goss & DeLeeuw Machine Co, Kensington, CT, circle 304.

Turning machine

The GDS 65 CNC three-axis turning automatic features a 35-hp main spindle drive that ensures more than adequate cutting power throughout the entire 50 to 5000 rpm speed range. Other features are a hydraulically operated 10" chuck or a collet chuck with 2.5" bar capacity, and a program-controlled hydraulic part catcher for continuous bar work. The quick-indexing 12-station turret uses standard VDI size 40 tooling.

American Pfauter/Gildemeister, Loves Park, IL, circle 215.

Keyless chuck

The Jacobs[R] High Torque/High Precision industrial keyless chuck is available with an integral CAT-V flange mount. Model JKC is available with capacity ranges up to 16 mm and is designed to maximize drill chuck rigidity and precision on machining centers with automatic tool-changers. Each unit is individually inspected, serialized, and certified for a maximum tir of 0.0016" or better (mounting taper to chuck capacity). The high torque design allows supplementary gripping torque to be applied by engaging a spanner wrench (supplied with each unit) in milled wrench slots on the chuck body. Light tightening increases gripping force up to three times higher than hand tightening to increase resistance to tool loosening. This feature is especially effective when the units are installed on high-speed, right-hand rotating machines with instant spindle stop. Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing, Clemson, SC, circle 211.
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Title Annotation:Goss Trevisan machining/turning cell
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Date:Mar 1, 1992
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