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Cell Injury: Mechanisms, Responses, and Repair.


Cell injury; mechanisms, responses, and repair.

Ed. by Raphael C. Lee et al.

N.Y. Academy of Sciences


329 pages



Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences; v.1066


In this collection of papers drawn from a seminar series at the U. of Chicago from March to June 2005, participants describe their research on the processes of injury and healing at the molecular level. The general topics of the papers include what is in essence a materials science approach to cell structure and integrity (biological water, the thermal stability of proteins, the physics of interactions governing folding and association of proteins and the molecular crowding effects of protein stability), modes of cell injury (mechanical, electrical, electoconformational denaturation of membrane proteins, heat injury in perfused systems, cryo-injury and biopreservation and oxidative reactive cells in cell injury), cellular responses to injury (key experiments, the role of Ca2+ in muscle cell damage, protein denaturation and aggregation, thermally-induced injury and heat-shock protein expression, cellular response to DNA damage, autophagy, and MRIs of changes in muscle tissues after membrane trauma) and therapeutics (stimulation which produces contractility, multimodal strategies, membrane sealing polymers and a sufactant copolymer that facilitates functional recovery of heat-denatured lysozyme).

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