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Celestial secrets to your crush's heart.

So think you know the guy of your dreams? Maybe not so much. But the cosmos knows! Get your friends on the case to find out his birthday because the planets are very revealing. They turn the astro-sparkle on to what makes him so dee-lish, what puts stars in his eyes and your best shot at an outta-this-world date with him. Here's the scoop for every boy in the zodiac.




YUMMY TRAITS The Ram is a strong, solid force. He's probably a good student who's active in extracurriculars. He's passionate about one in particular. Whether it's a sport, club or student gov, he pours his energy into it and sometimes doesn't understand others' slacker ways.

DOWNER WAYS He might act like he's intellectually superior. And he's impatient, so don't keep him waiting.

FLIRT-O-METER The Aries guy rarely has a shortage of girls in his world, so you need to subtly stand out from the crowd to nab his attention. He'd love to have one special girl, but let him think he's chasing you. You'll score extra points if you can make him laugh.

DREAM DATE He's smart about spending, so it's doubtful he'll invest a lot of dough into a date. Still, he likes to eat out, so suggest something spicy.




YUMMY TRAITS This dude is industrious. If he doesn't have an after-school job, he will. He likes a feeling of accomplishment. He's sometimes late but always reliable. He'll shower a girl with compliments if she'll let him.

DOWNER WAYS The Bull is, of course, stubborn. It often takes heavy-duty persuasion to sway him even a little.

FLIRT-O-METER If nothing else this boy is loyal and trustworthy. Don't try to win him over with anything but a be-yourself vibe. He's a good BF and bud rolled into one and, even if you hooked up then broke up, he'd still be there for you.

DREAM DATE He likes to be around lots of people, so ask him to the next big bash. He loves good tunes, so crank up the music. Later, invite him outside (he digs nature!) for a winter stroll. Surely, he'll want to keep you warm.




YUMMY TRAITS Want a guy who will engage in deep conversation? Meet Gemini. He'll never be cliquey because he likes a variety of people. Plus, he's always the life of the party! Never a dull moment with a sharp-witted Gemini boy around.

DOWNER WAYS He might try to solve all of your problems when you haven't even asked him for advice. He often can't see his own shortcomings.

FLIRT-O-METER If a Gemini boy falls for you, he'll fall hard. There's no such thing as moderation in the romance department for Twin boys. Instead, expect twice the affection and double the fun.

DREAM DATE He likes to get snazzed up to go out. A swanky restaurant is a must, so don't recommend a place unless it takes reservations. He enjoys nights in, too, so order Chinese takeout and have a picnic on the floor.




YUMMY TRAITS Cancer boys are masters at the art of administering TLC. If you've captured the attention of a Crab, he will pour buckets of affection on you. He won't always let you see it, but he's brimming with emotion and loves his fam.

DOWNER WAYS The Crab could have a tendency to act before he thinks. Look out for those claws!

FLIRT-O-METER He likes someone he can take care of, so don't be surprised if be holds doors and carries your books. It makes him feel worthwhile and needed. He'd love to cook for you, too, if you'll let him so don't forget to mention how much you love, love, love to eat. He just might invite you over for a home-cooked meal.

DREAM DATE The Cancer boy is definitely somewhat of a homebody, so you could show up at his house with Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and microwave popcorn. But he also truly appreciates live entertainment, so ask him to go with you to the school play. Or mention that you have two Taste of Chaos tour tix and that it'd be great if he could join you.




YUMMY TRAITS He's the king of his jungle, so he's sort of like royalty. But instead of arrogance, he has a down-to-earth quality that attracts people. Expect competition from other girls who want to be the Lion's queen. He has stick-to-it-ive-ness, so there's a shot he'll be faithful ... once he settles on one girl he likes.

DOWNER WAYS He can be so vain that he might take longer to get ready than you do. Always admiring himself in the mirror, that one.

FLIRT-O-METER The Leo guy can be incredibly romantic. Mr. Suave-and-Debonair will envelop you in loving ways and wants the same from his girl. Don't dress down to grab this guy's eye. He won't have you on his arm unless you're a match for his sense of style. Beware: He sets his standards high, so be classy.

DREAM DATE He thinks he's the boss, so let him make the plans. You might, however, suggest a comedy club for a first date since the Lion always likes to have a good roaring laugh. A candlelit dinner is well-suited for a Leo, too.




YUMMY TRAITS This guy is probably an A+ student, so he'd make an excellent study buddy. Not only is he smart, he's ultra-conscientious. He comes off as a material boy, but he's actually very vulnerable. That guard he keeps up makes him quite endearing to girls who know there's a sweetie on the inside.

DOWNER WAYS He tends to put things off. It's almost as if he gets a rush out of getting stuff done in the final hour.

FLIRT-O-METER A Virgo will rarely tell you his feelings outright. That's why you've got to learn to pick up on his cues. When he springs for your lunch in the cafeteria line, he's telling you he likes you. It's not that he lacks courage--he's just cautious. You'll have to earn his trust.

DREAM DATE You can't go wrong with a classic dinner-and-a-show. Make it a community play or low-key concert. For nights in, challenge him to a game of cards or chess. Matching wits with a Virgo is always stimulating. And, believe it or not, many Virgo guys like to cook, so let him whip up something yummy.




YUMMY TRAITS The Libra boy is pretty balanced, but you can still expect some ups and downs. He needs a girl who is a good listener because he has strong opinions and is a person of conviction. He'll never do anything he doesn't want to do, so he's not easily influenced by his friends. This cutie usually stands out from the crowd somehow, maybe with out-there hair or flip-flops in winter.

DOWNER WAYS Trying to sway him to your side of an issue can be close to impossible once he's made up his mind about something. So there.

FLIRT-O-METER This boy puts off a mystique that many girls find totally irresistible. He's very discriminative about who he goes out with, so if you're up for the challenge ... hey, go for it. He likes a girl who thinks for herself and can hold up her end of the conversation. Think you can talk him into going steady? You'll have to get a date first.

DREAM DATE A Libra boy likes to go to parties, so invite him to the next soiree in your social circle. Better yet, throw a bash at your crib. You can't go wrong with an island theme: reggae music, jerk chicken and lotsa limbo. Don't worry, be happy.




YUMMY TRAITS He tries very hard to keep it totally under wraps, but this boy really feels. His emotions run deeper than the Pacific Ocean. He can actually come off as somewhat reserved, but nothing trumps his fun-loving ways. Good times are guaranteed when you spend your day with a Scorpio sweetie. Get to know his wild side.

DOWNER WAYS He can certainly be full of himself sometimes, can't he? Can you say "narcissism"?

FLIRT-O-METER It's the girl who's full of life that a Scorpio boy notices first. He likes someone who's up for loads of laughs and adventure. But once he gets past all the fun 'n' games, this guy can be really intense. He's always up for a bit of a challenge, so it's like the Scissor Sisters sing on "Land of a Thousand Words": "There's no harm in playin' hard-to-get."

DREAM DATE An all-ages show is the way to go with Scorpio. Put on your favorite flashy outfit, and head out to the club. Be sure to get your groove on and show him your dance-floor moves. For something more casual and reserved, hit a matinee. Drag him to a sentimental film to bring out his emotional side. Try Bridge to Terabithia. Is that a tear on his cheek?




YUMMY TRAITS The Sag guy is super-ambitious so, when he's going after a goal, he won't let anything get in his way. And it does have to be his way, make no mistake. He usually likes to stay busy and lives for a full-on sense of achievement. He's also very honest, brutally so at times. But that's the trade-off for having a boy who's all about truth.

DOWNER WAYS It takes a tough cookie not to crumble when the Archer is shooting his verbal poison darts.

FLIRT-O-METER Don't play dense or feeble around the Sagittarius boy--he'll think you're totally lame. Show him that you're a strong, independent gal who can live with or without him ... and who has a mind of her own. The Sagittarius guy can't resist a girl who has it going on. And who lets him have his freedom, so don't even try to keep a tight rein.

DREAM DATE Bets are on that this boy could fall madly in love with you if you'll go to baseball games and watch pay-per-view boxing with him. No pompoms, please. He hates fluff. Layer up your famous nacho dip (make gobs of the stuff--he's an extremist!), and invite him for a private Super Bowl or March Madness party. Put the root beer on ice!




YUMMY TRAITS While Cappy is hard-working and reliable, he can be a tad irresponsible at times. His book report is probably B+ material, but it's a day or two past the due date. Yet instead of profusely sweating it out or freaking, he maintains a laid-back sense of "so be it." He's usually incredibly sociable but in a fairly low-key way. That's because he has enough confidence in himself that he doesn't crave a ton of attention.

DOWNER WAYS The Capricorn boy tends to bend the rules now and then. He's probably grounded a lot.

FLIRT-O-METER The Capricorn cutie usually likes to stick to one girl, but he's just as happy being a single guy. If he's recently broken up with someone, don't think he'll be on the prowl for a new gal. Not right away. He'll need some time with just the guys, but don't worry--you'll know when he's ready to date again. He'll put off a loud 'n' clear vibe.

DREAM DATE He likes good music and traditional foods. How about open-mic night at the corner cafe? When the weather warms up, take him to an outdoor music festival. Or just throw some burgers and dogs on the grill, and turn up the stereo volume.




YUMMY TRAITS The Aquarius cutie is usually pretty popular on the social scene, so your crush probably has a huge crew of buddies. Because he's Mr. Congeniality, don't be too shy about striking up a conversation with him. Just be sure the subject matter is intellectually based--he's likely smarter than the average bear. His sense of humor rocks, too.

DOWNER WAYS While this guy usually fails to see his own shortcomings, he tends to be a tad critical with others. Do not expect to get a lot of props.

FLIRT-O-METER Don't try to get this boy to get all emotional and deep with you--there's no point. He'll keep his guard up at almost any cost, so why even bother? He loves a good debate, so that might be your best approach. Dare to take on a controversial topic with him, and impress him with your ability to argue logically and persuasively.

DREAM DATE This guy is cerebral enough that you might convince him to attend that educational seminar, book lecture or stage production. But for a first date, it might be better to bring him along to the annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Who knows? Maybe there will be fireworks afterward.




YUMMY TRAITS This boy is super-sensitive and ultra-creative. He's probably an artist or musician, and he most surely does volunteer work of some sort. He's got a stellar level of social consciousness and the gift of empathy. He's kind and loving, and he believes in things that can't be seen.

DOWNER WAYS He's a worrywart. Some people think he's lazy, but he probably has a case of the blues.

FLIRT-O-METER The Pisces boy is quite a dreamer, so be his dream girl. If you can tip-toe along that fine line between taking the world seriously but not too-too seriously, you could be the one for him. Even if he's a man with a mission, he's fairly nonconformist. So show him what traits make you unique, but also be sure to share with him your public and political concerns.

DREAM DATE Invite him to a save-the-environment rally, then suggest a vegetarian joint for lunch. A stroll around the lake or through the sculpture garden makes a perfect ending to an unconventional date. Just don't expect him to get up too early in the a.m. for that rally. He likes to sleep in when he can. He's a dreamer, remember?
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