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Celebrity profile Saturday.

SHE'S the daughter of the only scientist kids ever paid any attention to, is the wife of the only member of the Housemartins clubbers pay any attention to, and now pays most attention to her wee baby Woody. She's got it all - she's Zoe Ball.

Ah yes. Mrs Fatboy Slim. You have to respect them for having the decency to stay out of the limelight really don't you? I mean, they could so easily have been just like a brainier version of Posh and Becks.

You're right. Although for a while Zoe did seem to be getting everywhere. She was the Radio One Breakfast Show host who said "aww, bless" a lot, presented Fully Booked and The Priory before deciding to go forth and create the spawn of her superstar DJ husband Norman Cook. And now, with young Woody toddling around, she's back in the public eye.

Maybe so, but she would have given you sore eyes the other week when she presented The Brits. Did you see that?

I did. She was sporting what appeared to be the remnants of a battle between an old singlet and a strimmer. Wonder what her dad would have said about that one.

Old Johnny? I doubt he was even watching. He'd more likely have been sitting at home thinking of a number. Either that or he'll have been trying to work out the geometry of Frank Skinner's dreadful Union Jack suit. Honestly, at least Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox looked in the mirror before going out to fluff all their lines. Will the Brits ever get it right?

Who knows. But relax - it's over for another year. Zoe is now concentrating on her latest quiz show - Class Of..., which takes old classmates and tests their memory of "the best days of their lives".

Were they?

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Title Annotation:Television
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 16, 2002
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