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Celebrity health clinic; Vital health Diabetes Amelia Lily's pop career was almost over even before it began. Like many people, she suffers from type 1 diabetes.

Byline: Dr Craig Lennox

POP star Amelia Lily looks both glamorous and healthy when she is strutting her stuff on stage.

But the X Factor star recently revealed her career could have been floored by type 1 diabetes, which used to cause her to fit once a month.

It is six years since the singer last suffered a seizure and Amelia, like all type 1 diabetics, has to control her blood sugar.

If she injects too much insulin, exercises without enough food, skips meals or drinks alcohol, her blood sugar drops too low.

If the opposite happens, she gets high blood sugar. The brain reacts to very low or high blood sugar by causing a fit.

Diabetic fits can be life-threatening, so if you know someone with Type 1 diabetes, look out for symptoms such as confusion, loss of awareness or muscle convulsions.

Unless you are very experienced call for medical help. A sugary drink may correct low blood sugar.

There are other causes of fits, including epilepsy, heart problems, recreational drugs, alcohol withdrawal, anxiety and other illnesses.

In children, even a high fever can cause fitting. Fits are nearly always sudden and involve a loss of awareness, with or without convulsions.

If someone is fitting, get them lying on the floor in a clear area so they don't injure themselves. Cushion their head and loosen clothing around their neck. After the fit stops, turn them on their side to keep their airway clear. Get medical help and stay with them.

In children, even a high fever can cause fitting
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 23, 2013
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