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Byline: Chris Brown

After the singer reportedly experienced a non-epileptic seizure, how does that differ from full-blown epilepsy? with Dr Craig Lennox SINGER Chris Brown reportedly had a non-epileptic seizure in the early hours of Friday.

An ambulance was called but the 24-year-old was not taken into hospital.

A seizure is a burst of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It usually lasts seconds or minutes and can affect the whole body or only part of it.

Seizures are quite common, with about one in 10 people having at least one during their lifetime.

Some people have a tendency to have seizures and this is called epilepsy. However, one in three first seizures are non-epileptic.

These seizures are provoked by a disturbance to the brain from, for instance, a head injury, a high fever, alcohol toxicity or withdrawal, drug use or disturbances in the chemicals in the blood.

If you see someone having a seizure, Epilepsy Action recommend you clear harmful objects from the area, cushion their head, look for an epilepsy ID bracelet, and stay with the person to reassure them when they come round.

It is normal for people to be confused after a seizure.

Do not try to restrain the person during their seizure because it causes more harm than good. Do not put anything in their mouth.

You do not always need to call an ambulance because people with epilepsy do not need to go to hospital after every seizure.

Do call an ambulance if you know it is a first seizure, the person has injured themselves, the person doesn't come round after the seizure or the seizure lasts longer than five minutes.

'Do not try to restrain a person during a seizure'
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 14, 2013
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