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Liam Gallagher Rock 'n' roll star was lucky to survive after allergic reaction to a blue M&M. So what do you know about anaphylaxis? with Dr Craig Lennox HE'S a rock hellraiser who has lived his life on the edge for much of his career, so who would have thought a simple sweet would be the thing that floored Liam Gallagher? But that is exactly what happened when the former Oasis singer suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction to a blue M&M. The Beady Eye frontman suffered anaphylaxis, the most extreme form of allergic reaction, after eating the peanut-filled sweet.

He now carries a syringe of adrenaline with him at all times in case it happens again.

About one in four people in the UK will be affected by an allergy at some time in their life. Common culprits are eggs, peanuts, medications, pets and bee and wasp venom, but many other substances can also cause allergic reactions.

Allergy usually happens immediately on contact. It can be mild and harmless or more serious and even life-threatening.

The symptoms are runny nose and eyes, itchy rash, tingling and swelling of the mouth and throat, which can prevent breathing, and in severe cases like Liam's, a whole body reaction.

This could lead to cardiac arrest. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency.

It causes people to suddenly have wheezing and difficulty breathing, and a swollen mouth.

It rapidly escalates to collapse and losing consciousness.

If you suspect a person is in anaphylaxis call 999. Then see if they have an adrenaline syringe and administer it, and do chest compressions if they stop breathing - you could save their life.

Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency. Call 999
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Date:May 22, 2013
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