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Celebrities in major clash on film set.

MOVIE stars Richard Gere and Winona Ryder clashed so badly on the set of their latest movie that they resorted to name calling, say sources.

Winona called him King Richard and he called her Nervous Nellie.

When the couple were making the movie, Autumn In New York, they came into conflict time after time.

An insider said: "Richard and Winona's personalities grated from the start. Richard may be the sexiest man alive but Winona would rather kiss a frog."

Another explained: "When Richard got on his high horse Winona retreated to her trailer. She told her assistant to let her know when King Richard got off his throne. That infuriated Richard. He gave her the cold shoulder and they barely spoke."

Winona hated the way she believed Richard held up shooting until he was provided with special meals, held Buddhist prayers sessions or demanded script changes.

The insider explained: "He refused to say lines because he thought they were corny or downright stupid."

But what Winona hated most was Richard's attitude and the way he talked about her behind her back. The source said: "Richard felt Winona was incredibly neurotic and called her Nervous Nellie when she wasn't around.

"To be truthful, Winona is the kind of ultra-sensitive actress who gets flustered if someone looks at her the wrong way. She was visibly unhappy throughout."


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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Dec 12, 1999
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