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Celebrating the ASAE foundation's 30th anniversary.

A milestone such as the ASAE Foundation's 30th anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate in many ways. One way in which we think it is appropriate to celebrate the foundation's growth and accomplishments is with a special section in ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT. This section reflects the foundation's concern with leadership and management issues facing association executives.

The Excellence in Management series, which showcases accomplishments by association leaders, debuts this month with an article about the successful partnership among association staff and volunteers at the Florida Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Future articles will share leadership success stories in both large and small associations of local and national scope. Derrick Crandall's interview with Robert Rosen highlights the changes that are sweeping the workplace--and the emerging importance of investing in "human capital."

In 1993 we celebrate 30 years of research and educational activities focusing on major challenges facing association executives. This month, ASAE's 73rd Annual Meeting and Exposition features the foundation's two most recent projects: Management consultant Glenn Tecker's research into critical competencies for 21st-century executives and a handbook for associations getting started in quality management. Both projects are designed to help association executives lead and manage more effectively. And a third project, the Leadership Edge monograph series introduced last year, brings timely, concise information on future trends and cutting-edge leadership and management issues to busy professionals. The most recent title in that series is "Perspectives on the Future of Association Trade Shows and Exhibits."

Change is the most compelling issue of the day, and the ASAE Foundation, like the association community it serves, is being shaped by the forces of change. More than ever, we must learn to anticipate change almost on a daily basis, and we must learn to deal with that change--whether it is technological, social, or demographic. The challenge is to continue to improve and be the very best we can in a tough environment. The foundation's work--with its focus on in-depth research, the future, and quality management--will help us all become more effective leaders and decision makers in the face of constant change.

We attribute the success of the ASAE Foundation to the people who give their time, their talents, and their money to support the foundation's efforts. As we look toward the future and to our next milestone, the ASAE Foundation will continue to be a true partner to ASAE in providing research and resources, enhancing the image of ASAE members, and promoting professional development at all levels.

Garis F. Distelhorst, CAE, is the chief staff executive of the National Association of College Stores, Oberlin, Ohio, and the chair of the ASAE Foundation. For more information about the foundation, call (202) 626-2854.
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Title Annotation:Annual Meeting Issue; American Society of Association Executives
Author:Distelhorst, Garis F.
Publication:Association Management
Date:Aug 1, 1993
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