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Celebrating a century since women gained vote.

JUDITH TONNER Summerlee is hosting a free outdoor play on Saturday to celebrate a century since the first UK women gained the vote.

Hard Fought Victory focuses on the suffrage movement and will be performed at the Coatbridge attraction at 12 noon.

It will be performed using the displays, buildings and trams of the industrial museum as a backdrop, and showcases real-life events through fictionalised characters.

Jamie Lee Aitken, who plays characters Nosey Jane and Violette, said: "You get the excitement of coming in and seeing the actors in the space that they would have naturally lived in, like Summerlee's period cottages.

"Kids and the public will get to come in and interact."

She added: "Violette is trying to juggle being a housewife and a working woman and is finding it quite exciting, but also unfair that they aren't getting paid as much or getting the recognition that they deserve - that's why she gets involved in the suffragette movement."

Fellow actor Betty Valencia, who plays Doctor Green and Mary Richardson, added: "Dr Green is taking part in the suffrage movement from a place of privilege; she's had the opportunity to study.

"Her place within the movement is that she's part of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Society, so her way of petitioning is writing letters and she has a certain level of contempt for the women who have been using violent forms."

Matinee performances for school pupils are taking place throughout this week ahead of Saturday's public performance of the play, which has received a grant from the Scottish Government's centenary fund.

Writer and director Sarah Jane Quinn said: "Everybody knows about Emmeline Pankhurst, but there are a lot of Scottish women who got involved in the suffrage movement that people know less about.

"Scottish suffrage was partly distinguished for its work in women's hospitals which were created during the war, by Elsie Maud Inglis, showing how women could work together to achieve social change."


Memory lane Hard Fought Victory celebrates the suffrage movement

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Publication:Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser (Lanarkshire, Scotland)
Date:Mar 6, 2019
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