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Celebrating a century of service: U.S. Army DENCOM marks 1 O0 years of services.

On March 3, 2011, the United States Army Dental Corps observed its 100 year centennial with celebration in San Antonio, Texas. ADAA President Natalie Kaweckyj and ADAA Past Presidents Stephen Spadaro, Cindy Bradley and Mary Govoni represented the ADAA.

Over 800 soldiers and friends attended the evening celebration. During the evening's events, Past President Cindy Bradley received special recognition from the U.S. Army Medical Department Regimental.

The Army Dental Corps and the Association of Army Dentistry (AAD) raised over $10,000 for the Fished House Foundation, located at Brook Army Medical Center.

In the words of LTG Eric B. Schoomaker, U.S. Army Surgeon General: "The Army Dental Corps' rich and proud history includes men and women who have served in key leader roles in the Army Medical Department, and many who deployed alongside our warriors in all conflicts and humanitarian assistance missions. While roles, missions and expectations of the Corps have expanded and changed over time, the focus of excellence, competence and compassion in dental care, while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our beneficiaries, has been constant. Happy 100th Anniversary Army Dental Corps! Thank you MG Wong, Chief of the Army Dental Corps, and all of our dentists for what you do every day for Army Medicine."

No individual is more responsible for the Dental Corps early success than the father of Army dentist, Dr. John S. Marshall, founder of the Army Dental Corps.

Dr. Marshall was the first to be commissioned in the grade of 1 LT with date of rank of April 13, 1911. He accepted his commission by telegram on June 17, 1911. His retirement also became effective that same date, just days shy of his 65th birthday On July 7, 1911, he was advanced in grade to Captain on the retired rolls with date of rank of June 17th again. He was retired in the grade of Captain based on his Civil War Service. He lived on until 1922, still researching and writing. He even volunteered to return to duty for World War I but his services were declined.

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Invitation for Donations

The Board of Directors of the AAD invite any person who wishes to lend support to the activities of the AAD, please visit the ADAA website,, under ADAA & the Army.


Stephen E. Spadaro

ADAA Past President, 2008-2009
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