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Celebrating a Communist holiday; LETTER FROM THE PAST.

PHIL Drabble's article 'Stop messing about with my life' was a joy to read.

I am certain it reflected the feelings of many who like myself are proud to be English believing in our traditions.

Phil Drabble and all people like him are the salt of the earth and backbone of our nation. I recall May days of the past - maypole dancing, May Queens, shire horses bedecked with flowers and brasses gleaming and most homes sporting a vase of flowers in the window. So whose idea was it this year we celebrated a Communist holiday? Surely, those who gave their lives for freedom must surely cry out 'Not I!'.

Many times I have seen a yard of cloth measure from tip of nose to end of hand with arm stretched out and men measure a yard by stepping heel to toe.

May Phil's pen continue to write on for many years, his old tractor harrow many more acres and Phil himself continue to cock a snook at politicians.

Proud Englishman, Redditch, Mail, May 12, 1978
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 17, 2014
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