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Celebrating Allied Health Professions.

September 24 to 30, 2000, marks National Allied Health Professions Week, a time to celebrate the contributions of 8 million care providers in more than 40 allied health professions. The theme for the event uniting these diverse professionals is "One vision, one voice focused on the patient."

Although allied health professionals outnumber physicians and nurses by a ratio of 3:2, the specialized care allied health workers provide often goes unrecognized by patients and the public. Allied Health Professions Week offers the perfect opportunity to address that oversight. For ideas on how to make the most of it, visit the Web site at

As Radiologic Technology enters its 72nd volume year, we welcome a new cover artist whose work is both fresh and familiar. Yvonne Wylie Walston, a certified medical illustrator, has collaborated with ASRT editors and authors for about a decade, creating illustrations for our homestudies and journals. Ms. Walston's work is noteworthy for its technical accuracy, clarity and elegance, reflecting her in-depth knowledge of biology and medicine and her graceful artistic style.

Ms. Walston's twin interests in art and science date back at least to her undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky, where she majored in zoology and minored in art. She earned a master's degree in biomedical communication from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Complex in Dallas and later worked as a biomedical designer/ illustrator at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center in Albuquerque. Today she operates her own business, Creative Imagery Inc, providing medical and legal illustrations.

In addition to Radiologic Technology and Radiation Therapist, her work has appeared in the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Clinical Pediatrics, Neuropsychologia, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Veterinary Economics and many medical textbooks. She has received awards from both the Society for Technical Communication and the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Ms. Walston particularly enjoys cover assignments because they allow her to use her "fine art side" to express some of the emotional aspects of her highly technical subjects. This issue's cover illustrates Janet Shagam's Directed Reading article, "Ultrasound Assessment of Uterine Disorders," starting on page 11. Ms. Walston used several different computer programs to draw, model and paint the digital image, which combines sonograms, blood cells, a view of the uterus and ovaries floating in a female pelvis, a cross-sectional view of the uterine wall and a Renaissance image of a woman. Her objective was to depict "the multidimensional and confusing nature of the abnormal bleeding that often heralds uterine disorders."

Continuing the theme of women's imaging in our second Directed Reading article, Barbara Kamm discusses how mammographers can accommodate patients with special needs, including the elderly, patients with a physical or mental disability and those who have had breast surgery.

I hope you find the issue both useful and interesting.

Katie Racette is managing editor of this Journal and may be contacted by writing to 15000 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-3917 or by sending an e-mail message to

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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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