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Celebrate Prairie Dog Day - Ground Hog Day of the West.

Photo Opportunity

What kind of future does the diminishing prairie dog 'predict' for the plains?

DENVER, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ --
 WHAT: While it is uncertain if the prairie dog is an accurate predictor
 of the weather, many scientists believe that the prairie dog can
 predict the future of the plains. As a keystone species -- one
 on which many other species depend for survival -- some
 conservationists compare the prairie dog to a canary in a coal

 After the official prognostication ceremony, featuring Daisy Dog,
 a panel of scientists will be on hand to discuss "Report from the
 Burrow: Forecast of the Prairie Dog" report card, which grades
 the performance of federal and state agencies responsible for
 ensuring prairie dogs and the wildlife that depend on them do not


 PHOTOS: Daisy Dog peeking from her burrow to reenact Punxsutawny Phil's
 famous weather prognostications.

 Children viewing the ceremony with Daisy Dog.

 Children receiving awards for their conservation efforts.

 WHEN: Feb. 2, 2008
 9 a.m.

 WHERE: Bandstand bordering Ferril Lake, City Park
 Colorado Blvd. and York St.
 Denver, Colo. 80206

 WHY: In its sixth year, the concept of Prairie Dog Day is catching on.
 In the past three years, two cities in New Mexico and three
 cities in Colorado have made official proclamations declaring
 February 2 "Prairie Dog Day." Organizations including the
 Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, Center for Native Ecosystems,
 the Denver Zoo, Forest Guardians (now WildEarth Guardians),
 Jefferson County Open School, Jews of the Earth, the Prairie Dog
 Coalition, Prairie Dog Specialists and Roots and Shoots have all
 launched conservation initiatives and educational programs to
 celebrate and promote awareness about prairie dogs.

CONTACT: Lisa Cutter, +1-303-972-6275,, for Prairie Dog Coalition
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Jan 31, 2008
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