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Celebrate: the celebration begins!

"I am astounded how little my students know of Jesus and how he has shaped all aspects of our culture," said Dr. David Goa of the Provincial Museum of Alberta at the 125th General Assembly meeting in Kitchener, Ontario, in June. He hopes to change that a little with his millennium exhibit 2000 Years of Jesus Christ. Using art that depicts Jesus through the ages, Goa provided a fascinating glimpse into what we can expect from this project. He hopes this exhibit will help give people the opportunity to reconsider Jesus.

Goa made one of several presentations as the Celebrate! Committee launched the Millennium/125th/Jubilee celebrations with commissioners and visitors from neighbouring congregations. Barry Mack, a member of the Celebrate! Committee, gave a visual presentation of the contributions of Canadian Presbyterians over the past 125 years using photos from the archives and clips from the Heritage Projects moments frequently seen on television.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Korean Presbyterian Choir and the Presbyterian African Heritage Gospel Choir provided the music. The celebration really got underway at the end of the formal proceedings when the gospel choir took over and led the Assembly and guests in gospel singing, and dancing. Soon, members of the Korean choir joined them and the gathering began to resemble John's vision of the church in the book of Revelation where people of every race join in harmony and joyful praise around God's throne. If, as we had been told earlier that day, we believe what we sing, then our future looks dazzling.

A few minutes later, the Moderator lit the candles on a huge 125th anniversary cake that had been formed by blue and white cupcakes. Tuesday evening concluded with commissioners dancing and embracing, many with blue and white icing still smeared across their faces.
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Date:Jul 1, 1999
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