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Cele bration.

Cele bration

   Precious sells fish
   In Linstead market
   Calling out the prices

   A long line of traffic
   We follow to
   Marcia's store
   Filled with
   Candy and
   Sewing accessories
   On a street
   That a parade passes.

   {Glitter, sequins-of
   twirling baton
   dancing, grinding
   bum bum
   young women
   taking us ...

   As we stand outside
   The store

   (celebrating our past)
   ... into the future

   Leaves are changing
   My leaves hang on
   Cling to myself
   As I change
   From red, to brown, to yellow, to green

      I wrap my leaves around me
      Pretending they will keep me warm
      Throughout the next season
      I hold my head up high
      As I walk along the forest floor,
      twirling leaves under my feet whisper,
      "follow me"
      They guide me along a path to wisdom,
      Towards an ageless place
      That I will find empty with activity
      Waiting to teach me what I do not know
      I follow the teaching of the leaves
      Which gracefully unearth the truth
      About the age in time where I stand
      Sending messages throughout the air,
      Songs everywhere

      "This is the time when the leaves are changing"
      Vineyard Rhapsody

   I walk down the path towards hope
   Where people will see me

   And be kind.

   The vines spin along the floor Twisting and turning, Crawling up
   the brick wall.

   When will I be kind?
   I refuse to use you.
   When will I be kind
   And choose to see you through these eyes?

   Tomorrow is another day.
   I can't hold on until then.
   I can't hold on anymore.

   The vines are true to me
   Taking me to a place I know
   Towards hope.
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Title Annotation:Poetry
Author:Reddick, Lorna
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2004
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