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Cedarcom uses iBurst for Lebanon's MOBI broadband wireless access network.


The MOBI mobile broadband wireless access network has been launched in Lebanon by Cedarcom, a telecomms provider, using iBurst technology from Japan's Kyocera Corporation.

Cedarcom said that MOBI offers connectivity to a high-speed data communication network within a wireless broadband Internet environment, in partnership with major ISPs in Lebanon.

The provider claimed the service offers data downlink speeds of up to 1Mb/s, enabling users to access high-speed data communications such as IP-based applications, e-mail, streaming video, browsing and e-CRM, within the service areas.

Cedarcom is initially offering MOBI within Greater Beirut and Jounieh and their surrounding mountains, and will extend service to Faraya, Faqra and Tripoli within two weeks.

Cedarcom offers a range of business and residential service packages and said its network infrastructure provides reliability, scalability and performance to meet the needs of corporate executives, students and web surfers.

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Comment:Cedarcom uses iBurst for Lebanon's MOBI broadband wireless access network.(Kyocera Corporation)
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Date:Dec 12, 2006
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