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Cavro Scientific Instruments, Inc.: Dino Papoutsis, senior product manager. (Technology Insights:

Cavro has combined the world's favorite digital syringe pump with a precision XYZ robotic arm for laboratory liquid handling applications. The MSP product family features one or two fast and reliable, robotic arms capable of cap piercing, working with disposable tips, microplate washing and 8-channel pipetting. This compact automation platform is designed to work with samples in test tubes and 96 or 384-well microplates. New functionality introduced in 2001 include a Dual-Z (dual end-effector) robot arm, a magnetic bead separation unit with heating block and a vacuum manifold for microplate-based solid phase extraction applications.

Cavro recently introduced EXPRESS[TM] robot software, offering developers their choice of low level drivers and COM objects to build their own robot programs, or a Microsoft VBA-based programming environment with a drag and drop graphic user interface. This interface ensures quick hardware setup and allows syringe pumps and other liquid handling modules to be dragged and dropped into position. One of the unique features of the software is the built-in liquid handling database. The built-in intelligence behind the liquid handling database can significantly speed-up the process of optimizing syringe pump parameters based on the physical properties of the liquid being used. The liquid handling database reduces the time spent on the adjustment of liquid handling parameters, such as aspiration speed and air-gap size, while optimizing accuracy and precision.

Cavro is the world's leading supplier of OEM syringe pumps and robotics. These products, and our custom engineering and contract manufacturing services offer a reduction of the time to market of new instrumentation technology for companies in the chemistry, life sciences and diagnostic markets.

Cavro Scientific Instruments, Inc., San Jose, CA 95131.

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Publication:Laboratory Equipment
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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