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Causeways `could be ideal environment for lobsters'. (Scottish Seafood).

Newly constructed causeways linking some of the smaller Western Isles could provide an ideal man-made environment for lobsters to grow.

A joint project by Seafish and the Western Isles Council is surveying the marine habitat around the causeways between Eriskay and South Uist, and Berneray and North Uist. If suitable, the causeways could be stocked with young lobsters to help enhance local stocks.

The lobster fishery is important to the marine economy of the Western Isles and new habitats could provide a boost to the local shellfish industry.

Seafish aquaculture development officer Craig Burton said: "We are trying to assess the potential of these two new causeways for the stocking with hatchery produced juvenile lobsters," he said.

Seafish will report its findings over the next few months and then the local fishing industry will decide whether to instigate a stock enhancement scheme.
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Comment:Causeways `could be ideal environment for lobsters'. (Scottish Seafood).
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Date:Feb 23, 2002
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