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Caught in the prime of life; As If Ch4, 6.00pm.

YOU'RE still on the right side of 18, you've got great mates, and best of all, your social and sex lives are bubbling along just nicely.

Well, you're in your prime, aren't you? As If.

A groundbreaking new series tracing the everyday lives of six London teenagers, As If maps out the changing dynamics of their intimate friendships.

With each half-hour show devoted to a different member of the gang, As If gives an unprecedented glimpse into the complexities of teenage life in this day and age.

Take Jamie (Paul Chequer) for a start. He's everyone's mate.

He's quite sweet, but he hasn't quite mastered the knack of dealing with women yet. When he's not obsessing over ice maiden Nicki (Jemima Rooper), he's trying his best to pull older women over the Net. Dicey.

Anyway, Nicki's way too busy luring more sophisticated blokes to give Jamie the time of day.

Actually, any male attention will do, but she'll get herself a bit of a reputation if she doesn't watch it.

Surely she's not as shallow as she makes out?

Luckily, Nicki's best mate Sasha (Caroline Chikezie) is much more sussed about the world of relationships. She goes out with Rob (Ben Waters), although lately it's all been one big emotional rollercoaster ride.

It's not all Rob's fault, though.

Juggling major family grief and keeping Sasha sweet is a full-time occupation, never mind working at the local cafe, where he broods over life and tries to decipher Jamie's dodgy love advice.

Then there's Alex (Orlando Wells), who's struggling just to get any action at the moment.

Being 17 and leading a double life can definitely make things complicated, but luckily he's had the imagination to keep it up - until now.

And as for Sooz (Emily Corrie), she couldn't give a toss about any of the above. Well, so she says.

Everyone thinks she's a bitchy tomboy freak, but maybe losing her virginity might finally unleash the siren lurking beneath her tough, tattooed exterior - As If.

Sex And The City

Ch4, 10.00pm

IS there really such a thing as relationship karma?

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) decides she will apologise to Natasha, but it doesn't go too well.

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) has a date with a gorgeous detective and wonders if he's too good-looking for her.

Samantha (Kim Cattrall) gets a lot more than she bargained for when she spends some time with a college virgin.

Meanwhile Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is entranced by the family gardener.

Yes, it's another great episode of the cult drama about four man-mad thirtysomethings that was originally penned by New York writer Candace Bushnell for her newspaper column.

Now, with a weekly double bill, it seems viewers can't get enough.

The extraordinary success of the show - it's clocking up audiences not far short of those for the long-running hit ER - has everyone scratching their heads.

What does this TV phenomenon say about where women are at? And how did a show targeted at a niche audience become such a hit?

In the second of tonight's episodes, Carrie is bothered by roosters and then gets a big surprise phone call.

Meanwhile, Miranda wonders if she's in a rut.

And Charlotte questions her marriage, while Samantha goes to war with the transsexuals on her block.


Ch4, 9.00pm

TUNE in for the latest instalment of the award-winning drama.

Abbey (Maura Tierney) takes pity on a young couple whose premature baby was born far too early.

Meanwhile, Dr Greene (Anthony Edwards) and Dr Corday (Alex Kingston) redefine their relationship in the wake of domestic hassles.

Dr Benton (Eriq La Salle) engages an equally stubborn Dr Romano (Paul McCrane) in a war of wills over an obnoxious homeless man who refuses to follow his treatment.

Dr Weaver (Laura Innes) and Dr Kovac (Goran Visnjic) are forced to keep alive a severely comatose woman who wanted to be allowed to die.


ITV, 10.35pm

THE name Gucci conjures up images of glamour and style.

But behind the catwalks and the multi-million pound empire lies family feuding, boardroom intrigue and murder.

This one-hour documentary reveals that within the Gucci family a wife ordered the execution of her husband, a son shopped his father and sent him to jail and a cousin gambled all and squandered the family company.

In her first television interview, the wife who took a contract out to kill her husband, explains how she pleaded with friends to try and find her an assassin.

Patrizia Gucci said: "I was begging people to find me a killer. I was going around saying, 'Please find me a killer'."

Patrizia's husband Maurizio had assumed control of the Gucci empire after a bitter feud with his uncle Aldo, who built up the fashion house.

But while he was busy buying his uncle and cousins out of the family business and clinching the chairmanship of the company, Maurizio's marriage fell apart.

"Maurizio had been a great husband, but then he changed completely," said Patrizia, from her Italian jail where she is serving a 26-year sentence for murder.

"He didn't care about his children and wife anymore. He was in this rush for power."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 3, 2001
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