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Caucho Technology Celebrates 4000 Customer Milestone.

LA JOLLA, Calif. -- Caucho Technology, Inc. (, a Sun Microsystems J2EE licensee, announced today that they have reached 4000 clients using Resin Java application server.

Resin, a fast Java application server is produced by Caucho Technology and is the application server of choice for thousands of corporations, educational institutions and government. Its simplicity of use and robust reliability allows organizations that have large and demanding sites to focus on delivering their message. Customers using Resin include CNet, NTT Data Intramart, Javalobby, Jcorporate, EBay's, Evite, the American Red Cross, the Toronto Stock Exchange and Resin's elegant design allows it to deliver stable performance under heavy load situations, which has become one of the Internet's leading requirements as web sites experience higher traffic.

Steve Montal, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Caucho Technology, Inc. said, "Caucho Technology is excited to have reached our 4000 customer license. Our core focus is on providing excellence in software design and support for our customers and we are delighted to have reached this milestone." Montal continued, "We are enthusiastic to continue our open source licensing models, which enable us to have a close relationship with the Java community worldwide. As Caucho continues to grow, we will maintain our core focus -- that Resin should be faster, easier to configure, scalable and more reliable than any other application server in the market."

Features of Resin include:

--Sun J2EE license

--Open Source

--Ease of use to save engineering time and increase efficiency

--High performance saves money on hardware purchases -- Support for Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Solaris and other operating systems

--Built in web server or full integration with Apache

--Proven industry leader since 1998

--Close relationship with the Java development community

Caucho Technology has built a global reputation for having close and long-term relationships with their customers, many who have built their enterprises significantly using Resin. Montal explains, "We have so many clients grow their sites under ten servers to scaling to dozens if not hundreds of servers." Montal added, "Clustering has become one of the most significant features of Resin as our clients expand their enterprises and have collocated worldwide facilities which demand stability and scalability."

About Caucho Technology, Inc.

Caucho Technology, Inc., founded in 1998, is focused on developing high performance and affordable Java software. With numerous added features, increased speed and load balancing, Caucho's Resin application server has earned an industry-wide reputation as an ideal technology solution to the Java application challenges that web developers most often face. Caucho has also developed the Hessian binary protocol in an effort to produce fast solutions for the rapidly expanding web services arena. Caucho is based in La Jolla, California and is a Sun Microsystems J2EE licensee.
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Date:Jun 27, 2005
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