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A cat crosses the street
in black dawn freedom
until the sun or some other
creature says it like it
really is--you know, showing
up on time, track record
the dull passing of days your
contribution needed before it
was labeled as anything more than
a contribution that is for
the gods to claim credit
when all the reports have
been filed and you're not
sure how it'll turn out
like getting a Christmas card
from an old friend after long years
saying the same thing as
last time funny how it doesn't
add up or does come out
just right as they say it's
a conundrum worthy of a high
mountain and holy man go figure
the gas bills are astronomical
this winter collusion by multi-
nationals and the highest
levels of the White House even
they have skipped town or
put the cat on a leash pretending
to walk it.
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Title Annotation:POETRY
Author:Yorty, Tom
Publication:Cross Currents
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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