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Cattle feed cuts down cow burps to save the planet. MAX CHANNON Reporter Apr 17, 2021 539
UK pig meat price tumbles 17 per cent year on year; While cattle and sheep prices have been enjoying their day in the sun recently, the same can't be said for those working in the UK pig sector. Apr 10, 2021 484
Feeding cattle this 'super seaweed' can reduce gas emissions and fight climate change. Apr 3, 2021 290
US study finds feeding beef cattle seaweed can slash emissions. Mar 22, 2021 240
Fayose not Fayemi proposed cattle ranches in Ekiti, APC tells PDP. Mar 11, 2021 574
Store cattle attract strong interest at event. Mar 9, 2021 289
Police Yet To Verify Claims That Herders Lost Four Men, Cattle In Anambra, Says Spokesman. Mar 8, 2021 180
Four Cattle Herders Were Killed In Anambra, Miyetti Allah Alleges. Mar 7, 2021 573
Vihiga farmers get Sh3.7m cattle to boost milk production. Mar 5, 2021 273
LASG Seeks Private Sector Partnership On Feedlots Establishment For Increased Cattle Production. Mar 3, 2021 573
Ranching: Cattle Rearers Have To Pay For Lands, Declares Makinde. Mar 3, 2021 283
New cattle mobility service launched. Mar 2, 2021 235
Cattle farmers urged to get their animals treated from qualified veterinary doctors. Mar 1, 2021 258
Cattle farmers urged to get their animals treated from qualified veterinary doctors. Mar 1, 2021 258
Cattle numbers plummet. Mar 1, 2021 335
Quincentennial Cattle: North America's oldest cattle breeds celebrate 500 years of history, heritage, and hardiness. Beranger, Jeannette Mar 1, 2021 1266
If your cows and calves are weeping, call a vet very fast! Feb 27, 2021 813
Stop Threatening Us With Withdrawal Of Cattle, Foodstuffs, Afenifere Tells North. Feb 26, 2021 301
Real People Concept Tutors Young Professionals On Mordern Cattle Ranching. Feb 23, 2021 525
Mindanao to boost Wagyu meat output for food self-sufficiency. Feb 16, 2021 519
Farmers warned - keep cattle clean or lose out. GEMMA MACKENZIE Feb 15, 2021 311
Majority Of Cattle Herders Have No Experience Of Mechanize Grazing a Miyetti Allah. Feb 13, 2021 419
Amotekun Arrests 28 Cows For Allegedly Destroying Farm. Feb 12, 2021 223
Beef cattle study. Report Feb 12, 2021 392
STORE CATTLE. Feb 12, 2021 358
We No Longer Allow Underaged To Rear Cattle In Ekiti - Miyetti Allah. Feb 11, 2021 619
UMRBPL not for cattle grazing, solar farming, DENR exec says. Feb 9, 2021 375
Cattle breeder Donald Biggar 'great stalwart'. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Feb 6, 2021 427
Posh price for cow called Posh Spice; Prize beast fetches PS262,000. MARTIN FRICKER Feb 4, 2021 197
Posh price for cow called Posh Spice; Prize beast fetches PS262,000. MARTIN FRICKER Feb 4, 2021 195
Posh price for cow called Posh Spice; Prize beast fetches PS262,000. martinfricker Feb 4, 2021 191
Cattle Destroy Farms In Ondo Community. Jan 28, 2021 399
Herdsmen incursion: Cows ravage farms in Ondo. Jan 28, 2021 222
Encroachers to be removed from cattle market. Jan 22, 2021 191
Quit Notice To Illegal Herdsmen: How Ondo Reactivated 1969 Cattle Trade Law. Jan 22, 2021 1456
Commissioner for strict action against land grabbers in Channi Alam Sher Cattle market. Jan 21, 2021 370
Cash Grant: FG gives N20,000 each to 247 female cattle breeders in Kebbi. Jan 19, 2021 323
Life no longer milk for Khulna cattle farmers as Razor disease spreads. Jan 10, 2021 429
Hi-tech approach can benefit cattle farmers as app network grows. Jan 9, 2021 251
Ikeja Chamber Plans Seminar On Cattle Farming. Jan 8, 2021 173
Livestock Deptt offers incentives on save buffalo calf, calf fattening programmes. Jan 4, 2021 338
Livestock Deptt offers incentives on save buffalo calf, calf fattening programmes. Jan 4, 2021 338
Evaluation of liquid and powdered forms of polyclonal antibody preparation against Streptococcus bovis and Fusobacterium necrophorum in cattle adapted or not adapted to highly fermentable carbohydrate diets. Cassiano, Eduardo Cuellar Orlandi; Perna, Flavio, Jr.; Barros, Tarley Araujo; Marino, Carolina Tobia Report Jan 1, 2021 7424
Short Communication - Prevalence of Tick Born Babesia Infection in Domestic Cattle of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2020 1603
LOOK: Volunteer firefighters, farmers rescue cows stranded in river. Dec 28, 2020 380
Veterinary doctors give tips to farmers for healthy cattle rearing at training programme. Dec 25, 2020 192
Northampton Saints in need of divine intervention as they take 12-match losing run to Leinster; "I truly believe we have the cattle here and if we give them time and keep feeding them water, nutrients and sunlight hopefully they are going to grow". By, Alex Spink Dec 19, 2020 507
Abduction: Preference For President's Cattle Exposes APC's Disdain For Nigerians - PDP. Dec 16, 2020 368
Abduction Of School Children: Preference For President's Cattle Foregrounds APC's Disdain For Nigerians- PDP. Dec 15, 2020 662
Farmer left cattle 'roaring for food' and emaciated. Dec 7, 2020 313
Court bans farmer from keeping cows. JAMES WYLLIE Dec 5, 2020 372
Predicting nutrient excretion from dairy cows on smallholder farms in Indonesia using readily available farm data. Zahra, Windi Al; van Middelaar, Corina E.; Boer, Imke J.M de; Oosting, Simon J. Report Dec 1, 2020 8417
How family's beef trade cattle ships rode the high seas. STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past Nov 15, 2020 475
Makuyu club tells Kakuzi to keep its cattle off golf course. Nov 11, 2020 675
Facial recognition for cows enables insurance for marginalized cattle farmers. Nov 11, 2020 423
Strong trade at store cattle sale despite new lockdown. Nov 10, 2020 155
Cattle breeders advised to treat animals' illness caused by smog. Nov 6, 2020 182
Cattle breeders advised to treat animals' illness caused by smog. Nov 6, 2020 182
Calf, poultry schemes to improve cattle rearers financial conditions. Nov 5, 2020 184
Cattle prices soar ahead of national lockdown. Nov 5, 2020 158
Temporal-Spatial Distribution of Risky Sites for Feeding Cattle in China Based on Temperature/Humidity Index. Wang, Ting; Zhong, Rongzhen; Zhou, Daowei Nov 1, 2020 5944
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio Nov 1, 2020 8154
10-YEAR BAN FOR FARMER AFTER COWS ENDURED A SLOW DEATH; Animals perished after becoming stuck in mud, cattle were left with no access to food or shelter while carcasses weren't disposed of properly in 'prolonged neglect and poor management'. COURT REPORTER Oct 18, 2020 659
Agro Rangers Corps Will Not Compromise, Meant To Maintain Peace Between Farmers, Cattle Breeders - NSCDC. Oct 10, 2020 628
Census shows cattle decline but pigs on up. NANCY NICOLSON Oct 7, 2020 369
Fodder crisis leading to farmers selling off cattle. Oct 5, 2020 417
STORE CATTLE SALE. Oct 2, 2020 465
Lonyangapuo, Tolgos root for crop farming to end cattle rustling. Oct 2, 2020 403
Production Significance of Bovine Respiratory Disease Lesions in Slaughtered Beef Cattle. Fernandez, Miguel; Ferreras, Maria del Carmen; Giraldez, Francisco Javier; Benavides, Julio; Perez, Oct 1, 2020 8136
Welfare Assessment in Calves Fattened According to the "Outdoor Veal Calf" Concept and in Conventional Veal Fattening Operations in Switzerland. Moser, Lara; Becker, Jens; Schupbach-Regula, Gertraud; Kiener, Sarah; Grieder, Sereina; Keil, Nina; Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 11664
Targeting the Hindgut to Improve Health and Performance in Cattle. Sanz-Fernandez, M. Victoria; Daniel, Jean-Baptiste; Seymour, Dave J.; Kvidera, Sara K.; Bester, Zeno Oct 1, 2020 10270
Strategies for Feeding Unweaned Dairy Beef Cattle to Improve Their Health. Devant, Maria; Marti, Sonia Oct 1, 2020 12981
Molecular Characterization and Developing a Point-of-Need Molecular Test for Diagnosis of Bovine Papillomavirus (BPV) Type 1 in Cattle from Egypt. Tholoth, Mohamed El-; Mauk, Michael G.; Elnaker, Yasser F.; Mosad, Samah M.; Tahoun, Amin; Sherif, M Oct 1, 2020 6677
Speakers: Soil-less grass ensures nutritious cattle milk. Sep 30, 2020 501
Commissioner directs for abolishing illegal cattle markets. Sep 29, 2020 205
Trim dairy cow number to cut emissions: AHDB; Environment: Farm levy body says public need not reduce consumption. GEMMA MACKENZIE Sep 28, 2020 320
Borders reopen for exportation of live cattle. Sep 21, 2020 584
Ondo Amotekun Arrests 65 Cows, Herder Over Farm Destruction. Sep 18, 2020 223
Tyson Foods to verify sustainable cattle production practices at scale. Sep 9, 2020 219
Taraba govt partners FG on model cattle ranching. Sep 8, 2020 240
S/Kaduna Crisis: MACBAN Seeks End To Cattle Grazing By Underaged Children. Sep 6, 2020 609
Claw Trimming as a Lameness Management Practice and the Association with Welfare and Production in Dairy Cows. Sadiq, Mohammed Babatunde; Ramanoon, Siti Zubaidah; Mansor, Rozaihan; Syed-Hussain, Sharifah Salmah; Report Sep 1, 2020 10247
Developing an Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol for Cows in Extensive Beef Cow-Calf Systems in New Zealand. Part 2: Categorisation and Scoring of Welfare Assessment Measures. Kaurivi, Y. Baby; Hickson, Rebecca; Laven, Richard; Parkinson, Tim Report Sep 1, 2020 8696
Consequences of Maternal Essential Fatty Acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation on the Development of Calf Muscle and Adipose Tissue. Dahl, Nina; Albrecht, Elke; Dannenberger, Dirk; Uken, Katrin L.; Hammon, Harald M.; Maak, Steffen Report Sep 1, 2020 11295
Effects of Three Herbs on Methane Emissions from Beef Cattle. Vazquez-Carrillo, Maria Fernanda; Montelongo-Perez, Hugo Daniel; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, Manuel; Castill Report Sep 1, 2020 11722
Genomic Evaluation of Primiparous High-Producing Dairy Cows: Inbreeding Effects on Genotypic and Phenotypic Production-Reproductive Traits. Gutierrez-Reinoso, Miguel A.; Aponte, Pedro Manuel; Cabezas, Joel; Rodriguez-Alvarez, Lleretny; Garc Sep 1, 2020 9595
Estimation of genetic parameters and trends for production traits of dairy cattle in Thailand using a multiple-trait multiple-lactation test day model. Buaban, Sayan; Puangdee, Somsook; Duangjinda, Monchai; Boonkum, Wuttigrai Sep 1, 2020 8217
Dhofar Cattle Feed reports financial fraud of RO245,000. Aug 30, 2020 190
Dying on a Spanish farm: the desolate death of one British calf; Export of live cattle and sheep must be banned say animal welfare campaigners. By, Andrew Penman Aug 27, 2020 371
Farmer's cattle kept in such a poor state they could not stand. Aug 13, 2020 335
Septic Tenosynovitis of the Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath in 83 Cattle. Hund, Alexandra; Senn, Markus; Kofler, Johann Aug 1, 2020 6402
Short-Term Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Spanish Small Ruminant Flocks. Vidaurreta, Irene; de la Fe, Christian; Orengo, Juan; Gomez-Martin, Angel; Benito, Bernardino Aug 1, 2020 5731
Improve Pasture or Feed Grain? Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Profitability, and Resource Use for Nelore Beef Cattle in Brazil's Cerrado and Amazon Biomes. Molossi, Luana; Hoshide, Aaron Kinyu; Pedrosa, Lorena Machado; de Oliveira, Andre Soares; de Abreu, Aug 1, 2020 13118
Supply shortage pushes up cattle prices on last day. Jul 31, 2020 512
Cattle prices on rise courtesy of meat campaign; Initiative: Steaks sale drive gives industry a boost. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jul 30, 2020 336
High prices keep cattle buyers at bay in Dir, Bajaur. Jul 30, 2020 530
Egypt's cattle trade season pressured by COVID-19 ahead of Eid Al-Adha. Xinhua Jul 29, 2020 695
Low customer turnout in traditional cattle markets. Jul 28, 2020 935
Khyber road blocked against cattle import ban. Ibrahim Shinwari Jul 25, 2020 515
No entry in cattle market without mask:Commissioner. Jul 24, 2020 159
CMMC asked to provide free facemasks to visitors of cattle markets. Jul 23, 2020 241
Buyers offering competitive prices to snap up cattle and sheep in Ludlow. Jul 21, 2020 185
Triplet calves defy the odds at Allerston farm; A dairy cow at Carr House Farm, Allerston, has given birth to healthy triplet calves. Jul 21, 2020 205
Scotland's dairy herds reduce by 17 in six months; Cattle: Producers hope for better price structure. NANCY NICOLSON Jul 16, 2020 318
Cattle farmers raise milk price by Rs14 per litre. Jul 16, 2020 529
Multan Road remains blocked for several hours: Covid-19 SOPs make cattle trading troublesome. Khalid Hasnain Jul 16, 2020 486
Digital platforms a popular choice over actual cattle markets. Jul 15, 2020 809
Negotiation kept sales going at mart; CATTLE. Jul 15, 2020 194
SOPs issued for cattle markets ahead Eid-ul-Azha to prevent COVID-19. Jul 13, 2020 576
SOPs issued for cattle markets ahead Eid-ul-Azha to prevent COVID-19. Jul 13, 2020 576
SOPs finalised for cattle markets in capital. Munawer Azeem Jul 10, 2020 837
Eid-ul-Azha: SOPs issued for cattle markets to prevent COVID-19, Congo spread. Jul 10, 2020 579
Cattle farmers worry as smuggling on through Kurigram border. Jul 10, 2020 560
Commissioner calls record from cattle market management company. Jul 7, 2020 250
Immune Responses and Performance Are Influenced by Respiratory Vaccine Antigen Type and Stress in Beef Calves. Hudson, Rachel E.; Tomczak, Dexter J.; Kaufman, Emily L.; Adams, Ashlee M.; Carroll, Jeffery A.; Bro Jul 1, 2020 8738
Genetic Parameters and Genome-Wide Association Studies for Anti-Miillerian Hormone Levels and Antral Follicle Populations Measured After Estrus Synchronization in Nellore Cattle. Grigoletto, Lais; Santana, Miguel Henrique Almeida; Bressan, Fabiana Fernandes; Eler, Joanir Pereira Jul 1, 2020 8525
Differential Transcription of Selected Cytokine and Neuroactive Ligand-receptor Genes in Peripheral Leukocytes from Calves in Response to Cautery Disbudding. Kongara, Kavitha; Dukkipati, Venkata Sayoji Rao; Tai, Hui Min; Heiser, Axel; Murray, Alan; Webster, Jul 1, 2020 7831
Influence of Geographical Effects in Hedonic Pricing Models for Grass-Fed Cattle in Uruguay. Harris, Paul; Lanfranco, Bruno; Lu, Binbin; Comber, Alexis Jul 1, 2020 8508
Lessons from top cattle breeder. Jun 26, 2020 1473
Plateau farmers groan, as cattle destroy farmlands. Jun 22, 2020 1191
Punjab govt decides to impose entry tax on cattle. Jun 21, 2020 371
Punjab decides to impose district entry tax on cattle. Jun 21, 2020 311
Merck's Animal Health Completes Cattle Data Firm Quantified. Jun 18, 2020 324
Lakki cattle keepers get assistance to boost meat production. Jun 18, 2020 369
Sacrificial cattle farm owners fear market fiasco. Jun 16, 2020 710
MP's 24 dairy cows die after consuming imported feed. Jun 13, 2020 186
Enugu Govt. approves construction of indigenous cattle ranch. Jun 11, 2020 153
Amazon rainforest in danger as Bolsonaro government uses Covid as cover to 'run the cattle herd' - Dr Richard Dixon; With the media pre-occupied by the coronavirus outbreak, Brazil's far-right government sees an opportunity to trash the Amazon rainforest, writes Dr Richard Dixon. Richard Dixon Jun 9, 2020 826
Angus cattle producer adapts his beef system in continuous drive for efficiency; ADVERTORIAL. Jun 6, 2020 862
Day in the life of caring for cattle. LAUREN JACK Jun 3, 2020 746
Australian cows to be imported to Sri Lanka for inbreeding. Jun 1, 2020 325
Australian cows to be imported to Sri Lanka for inbreeding. Jun 1, 2020 188
Differences in microbiome and virome between cattle and horses in the same farm. Park, Jongbin; Kim, Eun Bae Jun 1, 2020 8256
Fatty Acid Composition Dynamics of Rye (Secale cereale L.) and Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Forages under Cattle Grazing. Phillips, Hannah N.; Heins, Bradley J.; Delate, Kathleen; Turnbull, Robert Jun 1, 2020 9619
Philippines approves imports of cattle embryo. May 31, 2020 427
Cabinet approves proposal to import 2500 dairy cattle. May 28, 2020 300
Cattle Breeders Lament Impact Of COVID-19 On Sales. May 28, 2020 209
I built my 13-cow farm and milk shop from single calf. May 23, 2020 808
I built my 13-cow farm and milk shop from single calf. May 22, 2020 781
Film reviews: The County / The Lovebirds; The story of a stoical Icelandic cattle farmer's struggles against the might of the local co-op, The County is David and Goliath in hand-knitted jumpers, writes Siobhan Synnot. Siobhan Synnot May 22, 2020 923
Store cattle attract high interest. May 19, 2020 228
Oyo cattle traders lose N5bn to COVID-19, says Miyetti Allah. May 13, 2020 371
Harbro unveils range of feed for pedigree cattle; Nutrition: Products developed in conjunction with breeders and researchers. GEMMA MACKENZIE May 11, 2020 301
Antibiotic Consumption on Dairy and Beef Cattle Farms of Central Italy Based on Paper Registers. Ferroni, Laura; Lovito, Carmela; Scoccia, Eleonora; Dalmonte, Gastone; Sargenti, Marta; Pezzotti, Gi May 1, 2020 11977
Evaluation of the Modified Livestock SIMulator for Stall-Fed Dairy Cattle in the Tropics. Bateki, Christian A.; Dickhoefer, Uta May 1, 2020 9127
Influence of the Casein Composite Genotype on Milk Quality and Coagulation Properties in the Endangered Agerolese Cattle Breed. Albarella, Sara; Selvaggi, Maria; D'Anza, Emanuele; Cosenza, Gianfranco; Caira, Simonetta; Scaloni, May 1, 2020 7534
Seeds of n-GM Soybean Varieties Cultivated in Poland and Their Processing Products as High-Protein Feeds in Cattle Nutrition. Niwinska, Barbara; Witaszek, Kamil; Niedbala, Gniewko; Pilarski, Krzysztof May 1, 2020 7912
We have funds for fish, why not cash for cows? MP says farmers need help as much as fishermen. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Apr 30, 2020 412
Serving up Simmental cuts; A well-known cattle breeder has diversified into selling meat direct to the public. Gemma Mackenzie found out more. Apr 25, 2020 359
Got milk: 'There's no pause button' on cows Milk: Farms' costs remain because animals still need care and food. John Starks Apr 16, 2020 572
Effects of Oregano Essential Oil on Reduction of Weaning Age and Increasing Economic Efficiency in Holstein Friesian Calves. Tapki, Ibrahim; Ozalpaydin, Huseyin Bahadir; Tapki, Nuran; Aslan, Mehmet; Selvi, Muhammet Hanifi Report Apr 14, 2020 5387
Farmers urged to follow five Rs to help worm calves sustainably. Apr 14, 2020 438
Towards Intensive Co-operated Agribusiness: A Gender-Based Comparative Borich Needs Assessment Model Analysis of Beef Cattle Farmers in Eswatini. Dlamini, Sicelo Ignatius; Huang, Wen-Chi Apr 1, 2020 10215
A Scoping Review: The Impact of Housing Systems and Environmental Features on Beef Cattle Welfare. Park, Rachel M.; Foster, Margaret; Daigle, Courtney L. Report Apr 1, 2020 8861
Yield Performance, Laying Behaviour Traits and Egg Quality of Purebred and Hybrid Hens Reared under Outdoor Conditions. Rizzi, Chiara Report Apr 1, 2020 9271
Minimally Invasive Markers of Stress and Production Parameters in Dairy Cows before and after the Installation of a Voluntary Milking System. Jerram, Lucy J.; Van Winden, Steven; Fowkes, Robert C. Report Apr 1, 2020 7819
Separate and Synergic Effects of Lactobacillus uvarum LUHSS245 and Arabinogalactan on the In Vitro Antimicrobial Properties as Well as on the Fecal and Metabolic Profile of Newborn Calves. Zavistanaviciute, Paulina; Lele, Vita; Antanaitis, Ramunas; Televicius, Mindaugas; Ruzauskas, Modest Apr 1, 2020 8374
A Survey of Dairy Cattle Behavior in Different Barns in Northern Italy. Lovarelli, Daniela; Finzi, Alberto; Mattachini, Gabriele; Riva, Elisabetta Apr 1, 2020 8035
Evaluation of Criminal Sanctions Concerning Violations of Cattle and Pig Welfare. Vaarikkala, Sofia; Koskela, Tarja; Hanninen, Laura; Nevas, Mari Apr 1, 2020 5998
Effects of Calliandra and Sesbania on Daily Milk Production in Dairy Cows on Commercial Smallholder Farms in Kenya. Makau, D.N.; VanLeeuwen, J.A.; Gitau, G.K.; McKenna, S.L.; Walton, C.; Muraya, J.; Wichtel, J.J. Mar 31, 2020 11882
Characteristics and Epidemiological Investigation of Paratuberculosis in Dairy Cattle in Tai'an, China. Cheng, Zilong; Liu, Mengda; Wang, Peng; Liu, Peng; Chen, Meng; Zhang, Jiandong; Liu, Sidang; Wang, F Mar 31, 2020 5025
Ido (Olowa) Farm Settlement: When Farmers, Community Dwellers, Farm Hands Tackled Cows, Herders. Mar 28, 2020 2697
Vet on call: Dealing with leg joint inflammation in calves. Mar 28, 2020 1101
Hybrid cows missing from govt farms, says minister. Mar 22, 2020 428
Duncan, 15, top of the lot with first and second; Young farmers: Wins in overwintered cattle trial. KATRINA MACARTHUR Mar 20, 2020 325
Cattle sale boosted by strong entries. Mar 17, 2020 273
Young farmers' cattle contests. GEMMA MACKENZIE Mar 14, 2020 252
Why ticks are a major problem on cow farms. Mar 14, 2020 682
Cattle rearers can get Rs 4000-6500 per calf subsidy under govt schemes. Mar 10, 2020 278
Welfare Assessment of Dairy Cows in Small Farms in Bangladesh. Islam, M. Ariful; Sharma, Arvind; Ahsan, S.; Mazumdar, S.; Rudra, K.C; Phillips, Clive J.C. Report Mar 1, 2020 9933
Carbon Footprint of Mediterranean Pasture-Based Native Beef: Effects of Agronomic Practices and Pasture Management under Different Climate Change Scenarios. Grossi, Giampiero; Vitali, Andrea; Lacetera, Nicola; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Bernabucci, Umberto; Nardo Report Mar 1, 2020 9588
An efficient herd 'should calf without assistance'. COLIN LEY Feb 29, 2020 406
Farmer says calf in 'undernourished' claim newly born; Trial: Man 'misses' his animals which were seized. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Feb 20, 2020 377
Seasonal Stress Affects Reproductive and Lactation Traits in Dairy Cattle with Various Levels of Exotic Blood and Parities under Subtropical Condition. Ihsanullah, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Sohail Akhtar and Syed Muhammad Suhail Feb 14, 2020 6246
Master cattlemen lined up as judges for sale of store cattle. Feb 8, 2020 238
Farmers spared jail after stealing PS20,000 of cattle; Court: Under curfew after theft of livestock. KIERAN BEATTIE Feb 8, 2020 370
Effects of High Forage/Concentrate Diet on Volatile Fatty Acid Production and the Microorganisms Involved in VFA Production in Cow Rumen. Wang, Lijun; Zhang, Guangning; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen Report Feb 1, 2020 6544
Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Dairy Farms Rearing the Italian Simmental Dual-Purpose Breed. Baldini, Mario; Borso, Francesco Da; Rossi, Andrea; Taverna, Mario; Bovolenta, Stefano; Piasentier, Report Feb 1, 2020 7050
The Effect of Topical Anaesthesia on the Cortisol Responses of Calves Undergoing Dehorning. Espinoza, Crystal; Lomax, Sabrina; Windsor, Peter Report Feb 1, 2020 5947
Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle Using Fuzzy Clustering Analysis. Ferraz, Patricia Ferreira Ponciano; Araujo, Gabriel Silva Ferraz; Leso, Lorenzo; Klopcic, Marija; Ro Report Feb 1, 2020 10651
Demand for price raise: Cattle farmers, feed mills warn of cutting milk supply. Jan 27, 2020 311
British market should benefit all Uganda beef cattle farmers. Jan 26, 2020 612
Remarkable gravestone is tribute to farm's lost cows. TOBY NEAL Jan 24, 2020 329
Dairy Cattle Feed Market Overview 2017-2027 / Cargill, Inc., Amul, Kent Nutrition Group, Hi-Pro Feeds LP, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, Kapila Krishi Udyog Limited, Agro Feed Solutions. Jan 24, 2020 784
'It's sad, few question killing so many cattle' Farming anger over record bTB slaughter figures. JEZ HEMMING Daily Post Reporter Jan 23, 2020 419
Bid to improve monitoring of cattle methane; Research: Project aimed at cutting gas emissions. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 23, 2020 275
Beef 2020 - Farming of Beef Cattle and the Key Steps in the Value Chain for Livestock Production. Jan 23, 2020 204
2020 Dairy - Reviews of the Latest Research in Dairy Cattle Science. Jan 23, 2020 201
Kazakhstan bans export of live cattle. Jan 20, 2020 139
Meat Union of Kazakhstan says ban of live cattle is backward approach. Jan 20, 2020 138
Vet casts doubt over 'neglected' calf's age; TRIAL. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Jan 17, 2020 181
NegOcc eyes partnership with Indonesian group for cattle project. Jan 16, 2020 284
Scottish cattle numbers down - but efficiency is up. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 14, 2020 216
Registation of cattle, other farms. Jan 8, 2020 180
Dietary supplementation with combined extracts from garlic (Allium sativum), brown seaweed (Undariapinnatifida), and pinecone (Pinus koraiensis) improves milk production in Holstein cows under heat stress conditions. Lee, Jae-Sung; Kang, Sukyung; Kim, Min-Jeong; Han, Sung-Gu; Lee, Hong-Gu Jan 1, 2020 7407
Weaning Performance of Beef Cattle Calves Based on Concentrate Intake. Wang, Chong; Li, Dongping; Yang, Jinyong; Xia, Yuefeng; Tu, Yan; White, Robin; Gao, Hui; Diao, Qiyu; Report Jan 1, 2020 7077
Dried Rumen Digesta Pellet Can Enhance Nitrogen Utilization in Thai Native, Wagyu-Crossbred Cattle Fed Rice Straw Based Diets. Seankamsorn, Anuthida; Cherdthong, Anusorn Report Jan 1, 2020 5841
Short-Term Eating Preference of Beef Cattle Fed High Forage or High Grain Diets Supplemented with 3-Nitrooxypropanol. Lee, Chanhee; Kim, Seon-Ho; Beauchemin, Karen; Celi, Pietro; Duval, Stephane Report Jan 1, 2020 6344
Structural and Technological Characterization of Tropical Smallholder Farms of Dual-Purpose Cattle in Mexico. Rangel, Jaime; Perea, Jose; De-Pablos-Heredero, Carmen; Espinosa-Garcia, Jose Antonio; Mujica, Paula Report Jan 1, 2020 6932
Application of In-Paddock Technologies to Monitor Individual Self-Fed Supplement Intake and Liveweight in Beef Cattle. Imaz, Jose A.; Garcia, Sergio; Gonzalez, Luciano A. Report Jan 1, 2020 6280
A New Approach for Accurate Detection of Chromosome Rearrangements That Affect Fertility in Cattle. Jennings, Rebecca L.; Griffin, Darren K.; O'Connor, Rebecca E. Report Jan 1, 2020 3912
Model Cattle Market to be set up in Khushab. Dec 31, 2019 359
Seara Alimentos to Acquire Brazilian Margarine and Mayo Assets from Bunge. Dec 27, 2019 162
Seara Alimentos to Acquire Brazilian Margarine and Mayo Assets from Bunge. Dec 27, 2019 173
UVAS signs MoU with cattle market management company. Dec 24, 2019 148
UVAS sign MoU with Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company for improving bilateral association - Press Release issued by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Dec 23, 2019 489
Bunge signs agreement to sell its margarine and mayonnaise assets in Brazil. Dec 23, 2019 743
Attacks on animals are blighting farms; Sheep, cattle, horses and more have been savaged. JON HEBDITCH Dec 21, 2019 379
Operation against cattle ranches in Sector H-11/4 held. Dec 18, 2019 127
UP: Farmers lock up stray cattle to protect their crops in Banda. ANI Dec 13, 2019 276
Farmer fined for dumping cows on farm. ROBERT HARRIES Reporter Dec 12, 2019 516
Robots help keep cows content on dairy farm. Dec 10, 2019 674
'Save Calf' campaign launched. Dec 3, 2019 173
Cattle prices are up - but still lagging. GEMMA MACKENZIE Dec 3, 2019 198
Perception of Beef Cattle Breeders on Utilization of Banana Stems as Creature Nourish in Marioriawa Area, Soppeng Regency. Sirajuddin, Sitti Nurani; Saleh, Ikrar M.; Mustabi, Jamilah; Syamsinar Dec 1, 2019 1778
Antimicrobial Resistance Factors of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases Producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolated from Cattle Farms and Raw Beef in North-West Province, South Africa. Montso, Kotsoana Peter; Dlamini, Sicelo Beauty; Kumar, Ajay; Ateba, Collins Njie Nov 30, 2019 7836
North-east breeders star at the calf show. Nov 16, 2019 227
The Ulster Farmers' Union is encouraging beef farmers to negotiate with processors to gain a higher base price as abattoirs experience cattle shortage. Nov 13, 2019 541
Cattle Keepers and Farmers in Bahr El Ghazal Agree on Peaceful Coexistence During Tense Dry Season. Nov 7, 2019 471
Cattle and poultry meat production in January-September 2019 grew by 2%. Nov 5, 2019 220
Dairy Cattle Feed Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2026. Nov 4, 2019 975
CATTLE MART. Nov 1, 2019 165
Tuberculosis at Farmer-Cattle Interface in the Rural Villages of South Gondar Zone of Northwest Ethiopia. Alelign, Amir; Zewude, Aboma; Petros, Beyene; Ameni, Gobena Oct 31, 2019 6343
Mortality and Morbidity of Beef Calves in Free-Range Farms in Alentejo, Portugal--A Preliminary Study. Santos, Rute; Cachapa, Ana; Carvalho, Graca P.; Silva, Carolina B.; Hernandez, Laura; Costa, Lina; P Oct 31, 2019 6286
Get a firm handle on cattle systems; Too many handling systems on Welsh farms are 'not fit for purpose'. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Oct 31, 2019 382
Farmers urged to delay weaning to keep cattle fit; Calving: Excellent grass season causing problems. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 31, 2019 326
RANDAL BLACK: CFO/Arkansas Cattlemen's Association/Little Rock. Oct 21, 2019 335
CMMC establish three new cattle markets. Oct 19, 2019 197
CMMC establishes three new cattle markets. Oct 19, 2019 208
Meeting to address fall in cattle prices. Oct 19, 2019 234
Methane reducing cattle feed one step closer. Oct 18, 2019 721
Ardnamurchan breeder gets top price at Oban; Market: Photographer's heifer sells for 8,000gn. NANCY NICOLSON Oct 16, 2019 336
Cattle farmer booked over illegal insemination. Oct 16, 2019 115
Farmers, Cattle Rearers, Tradition Rulers Tasked On Peace In Bauchi. Oct 11, 2019 582
Cattle-breeding farm for 3,000 head of cattle to be constructed in Yovon. Oct 9, 2019 135
Taiwan to graze cattle on solar farms to optimize energy production. Oct 9, 2019 241
Mart in profit for first time in seven years; Sales: Forfar boosted by increased cattle numbers. NANCY NICOLSON Oct 9, 2019 324
Organic store cattle on display in Dumfries. Oct 4, 2019 325
? Mad Cow Productions is [...]. Oct 4, 2019 109
Store cattle still in demand with fodder available; Auction: Smaller animals can be cheaply wintered. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 4, 2019 335
Scottish finishers have lost PS30 million in under a year, says QMS; CATTLE PRICES. Oct 2, 2019 214
Rocking P Ranch and the Second Cattle Frontier in Western Canada. Book review Oct 1, 2019 137
Market Awareness and Participation for Cattle Farmers in the Kaonafatso ya Dikgomo (KyD) Scheme in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. Ngarava, Saul; Phetshe, Mzwanele; Mushunje, Abbyssinia Oct 1, 2019 6149
Japan Cattle Farmers Fear US Trade Deal Will Be Death Knell. AFP News Sep 26, 2019 694
Beef up cow prices and border cops. View from Slane Castle LORD HENRY Sep 21, 2019 360
Agriculture Ministry interested in export of breeding cattle to Altai. Sep 19, 2019 136
An end to cattle passports; Technology: New electronic system aims to reduce administrative burden. Sep 18, 2019 399
Green Plains (Renewable Energy) INC (NASDAQ: GPRE)--Green Plains Completes The Sale Of 50% Of Green Plains Cattle Company For $77 Million To AGR Partners TGAM Agribusiness Fund Holdings-B LP And Stepstone Atlantic Fund LP--9/9/2019. Sep 18, 2019 382
650,000 livestock's calves to be fattened in 9000 cattle farms to bolster meat production. Sep 17, 2019 656
Govt allows live cattle export. Sep 15, 2019 277
Rs 750 mln for model cattle market. Sep 14, 2019 148
Rs 750 mln for model cattle market. Sep 14, 2019 148
Green Plains (Renewable Energy) INC (NASDAQ: GPRE)--Green Plains Completes The Sale Of 50% Of Green Plains Cattle Company For $77 Million To AGR Partners TGAM Agribusiness Fund Holdings-B LP And Stepstone Atlantic Fund LP--9/9/2019. Sep 12, 2019 382
Southeast Gov's Ban On Cattle Movement Won't Affect Our Business a Miyetti Allah. Sep 11, 2019 488
MilkLane forays into cattle feed business. Sep 4, 2019 542
Soybean And Cattle Farming To Blame For Amazon Rainforest Fires. Sep 3, 2019 701
Cattle Management Software Market: Status, Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast 2019 - 2025. Sep 3, 2019 670
Kwerepe advises farmers to move cattle away from Lake. Sep 3, 2019 336
Does Good Design Matter in the Seedstock Advertising Business? Effects of Graphic Design in Beef Seedstock Ads on Cattle Producers' Trust and Credibility. Marley, Morgan L.; Abrams, Katie M.; Castillo, Daniela Sep 1, 2019 9367
Cattle Ranches Offer Hope for Grassland Birds. Gonzalez, Nicolas Sep 1, 2019 1454
Johor police bust syabu lab on Mersing cattle farm. Aug 30, 2019 365
Seven cows die of suspected farm poisoning in Bomet. Aug 26, 2019 291
PHL cattle, goat production declined in April-June-PSA. Aug 23, 2019 649
Kazakhstan won't launch total ban on export of cattle abroad. Aug 21, 2019 178
Transparency improving in cattle and beef industry. Aug 20, 2019 514
Cattle poisoning claim by MP... Aug 19, 2019 131
Cattle breeders event kicks off in Ak-Tala district. Aug 19, 2019 118
Indian court acquits 6 of killing Muslim dairy farmer in cow vigilante case. Aug 16, 2019 472
Indian court acquits 6 of killing Muslim dairy farmer in cow vigilante case. Aug 16, 2019 424
21 mobile dispensaries facility provided to cattle farmers. Aug 15, 2019 104
Farmers Urged To Consider Production Of Local Cattle Breed. Aug 13, 2019 287
Cattle breeder fulfils ambition; Weather holds for Orkney County Show as 'exceptional' bull wins supreme. Aug 12, 2019 440
21 mobile dispensaries facility provided to cattle farmers. Aug 11, 2019 136
Study Reveals Solution for Range War Between Wild Horses and Cattle Ranchers. Report Aug 9, 2019 532
Saudi Ports Authority : 4.1 million heads of cattle entered the Kingdom until July. Aug 9, 2019 168
Cattle Feed Market Growth Factors, Size, Value Share, Emerging Trend, Global Analysis, Key Players Review and Forecast to 2024. Aug 8, 2019 841
Cattle Feed and Feed additives Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Aug 7, 2019 749
Local vendor demands more cattle markets in federal capital. Aug 5, 2019 415
Local vendor demands more cattle markets in federal capital. Aug 5, 2019 473
Sacrificial cattle marketing begins. Aug 4, 2019 465
UP: Fed up with stray cattle, villagers lock over 1000 cows in school. Aug 4, 2019 240
Local vendor demands more cattle markets in federal capital. Aug 3, 2019 473
Cattle breeders from Ak-Sai valley where temperature can get as gold as -56A-C told authorities their problems. Aug 1, 2019 144
Cattle breeders from Ak-Sai valley where temperature can get as gold as -56C told authorities their problems. Aug 1, 2019 188
Diseases and Mortality Incidences of Calves Born from Imported Brown Swiss and Simmental Heifers in Western Anatolian Conditions. Baykan, Zeynep Kucuk; Ozcan, Mustafa Aug 1, 2019 4375
Azerbaijan was biggest importer of horned cattle from Georgia, last year. Jul 30, 2019 125
West Pokot farmers get cows to boost milk production. Jul 27, 2019 252
Cattle Health Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Jul 26, 2019 616
Loch Ness: Calf is moo-delling latest tartan trends. Jul 24, 2019 119
Tourists shot dead on Canada road where 50 women have been murdered or vanished; Australian Lucas Fowler, 23, and his American girlfriend, Chynna Deese, 24, were driving in a Blue 1986 Chevrolet van towards a cattle ranch in British Columbia when they died. Jul 20, 2019 459
No import of cattle ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. Jul 17, 2019 339
21 made redundant as McCoo firm liquidated; Creditors force end of popular cow prints company. Jul 16, 2019 178
Cattle smuggling. Jul 12, 2019 240

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