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Catholics and evangelicals may get to decide Brazil's next president. Daniela Rebello Oct 2, 2022 1740
Catholic Bishops canvass support for credible polls in 2023. Sep 30, 2022 467
Can you hear us? As the synodal journey continues, it's time for a look back at the biggest consultation in catholic history. Clemmer, Don Sep 30, 2022 2693
Do Catholics believe in bigfoot?. Arnold, Michelle Sep 30, 2022 478
Nicaragua's Ortega called Catholic Church 'perfect dictatorship'. Sep 29, 2022 326
GLCN Condemns Muslim-Muslim Ticket, Urges Catholics to Vote for Good Leaders in 2023. Sep 27, 2022 413
CENSUS OF CHANGE IN THE NORTH; >>>>More Catholics than Protestants for first time ever >>>>The population getting older..but it's more diverse >>>>20% have Irish passports after spike from Brexit. LAUREN HARTE Sep 23, 2022 675
RELIGIOUS DIVIDE; CENSUS 2021: SURVEY SHOWS C A CHANGING NORTHERN IRELAND >>>>More Catholics than Protestants for first time ever >>>>Our population getting older..but it's more diverse >>>>20% have Irish passports after spike from Brexit. LAUREN HARTE Sep 23, 2022 1228
Catholic plurality fuels unification pressure in N.Ireland. Sep 22, 2022 682
Census may reveal there are more Catholics than Protestants in Northern Ireland for the first-ever time; The constitutional question could rear its head should the predictions be correct. By, David Young & Dominic Picksley Sep 22, 2022 465
Catholics outnumber Protestants in N.Ireland for first time. Sep 22, 2022 191
Day Lagos Catholics Celebrated Feast Of Exaltation Of Holy Cross, 50th Anniversary Of Archbishop Aggey. Sep 18, 2022 1415
Non-diocesan Catholic groups submit their own synod reports. Fraga, Brian Sep 16, 2022 1457
Major theological summit reshaping Africa's future. White, Christopher Sep 16, 2022 1425
Three ways Catholics can be allies to Asian Americans. Lee, Channing Sep 16, 2022 776
Cardinal Okpaleke And The Indiscretion Of Ahiara Catholics. Sep 4, 2022 1144
Synod reports call for women's leadership, LGBTQ welcoming. Fraga, Brian Sep 2, 2022 1815
Disabled Catholics praise pope's example in using a wheelchair. Hertzler-Mccain, Aleja Sep 2, 2022 1344
Don't cede the rosary to the alt-right. Schlumpf, Heidi Sep 2, 2022 791
Together ROOTED IN HOPE ACTING WITH COURAGE Friends of NCR. Mitchell, Bill Sep 2, 2022 13639
Money talk A financial planner offers five tips for Catholics who want to invest in the common good. Norwich, H.L. Aug 26, 2022 2068
Hung Yen outstanding Catholics honoured. Aug 26, 2022 275
Hung Yen outstanding Catholics honoured. Aug 26, 2022 285
Jos Catholic Archdiocese Accepts Lalong's Apology. Aug 21, 2022 310
Jos Catholic Archdiocese Accepts Lalong's Apology. Aug 20, 2022 310
Nicaraguan Catholics gather for mass after gov't bans procession. Aug 18, 2022 181
Lalong begs Catholic bishops over comment on Pope. Aug 17, 2022 466
Jos Catholic Archdiocese Accepts Lalong's Apology. Aug 17, 2022 310
Pope Comment: I'm Not Perfect, Forgive My Mistake, Lalong Begs Catholic Bishops. Aug 17, 2022 503
Pope: I'm not perfect, forgive my mistake Lalong begs Catholic Bishops. Aug 16, 2022 532
A Filipino pope? Aug 15, 2022 977
Forgive Me, Lalong Begs Catholics Over Pope Gaffe. Aug 14, 2022 652
2023: Don't Drag Pope Francis Into Politics, Catholic Group Tells Lalong. Aug 14, 2022 699
Forgive Me, Lalong Begs Catholics Over Pope Gaffe. Aug 13, 2022 652
2023: Don't Drag Pope Francis Into Politics, Catholic Group Tells Lalong. Aug 13, 2022 699
Balanga bishop urges Catholics to pray for Pope Francis. Aug 12, 2022 209
Reference To Pope: Concerned Catholics Seek Lalong's Suspension. Aug 12, 2022 342
Forgive Me, Lalong Begs Catholics Over Pope Gaffe. Aug 12, 2022 652
2023: Don't Drag Pope Francis Into Politics, Catholic Group Tells Lalong. Aug 12, 2022 699
Road to 2023: Catholic group berates Gov Lalong over attempt to drag Pope Francis into politics. Aug 11, 2022 695
Pope: Catholics knock Gov. Simon Lalong, want him suspended. Aug 11, 2022 804
Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Catholics Knock Lalong Over Comment On Pope, Demand Apology. Aug 11, 2022 220
Young Catholics Receive Training In Theology. Aug 8, 2022 157
Young Catholics Receive Training In Theology. Aug 8, 2022 800
'We want our daughter to go to a Catholic school 18 miles away but the council won't pay for transport'; Matthew and Feodora Shearman have accused their local council of "discrimination" for not paying for transport to nearest Catholic secondary. By, Abbie Wightwick Aug 7, 2022 1136
Survey: Latino Catholics support abortion rights. Molina, Alejandra Aug 5, 2022 1363
Wise abortion public policy should deal with realities, moralities. Schenk, Christine Guest commentary Aug 5, 2022 1172
Eucharist: Sacrament of unity and source of division. Reese, Thomas Aug 5, 2022 984
DIVIDED WE FAIL; Fewer think relations between Protestants & Catholics improving. BRENDAN HUGHES Aug 5, 2022 260
Tradition or traditionalist? Denker, Angela Jul 31, 2022 3139
Written in flesh Are Catholic tattoos a significant way to demonstrate your lived faith?. Maldonado-Estrada, Alyssa J. Jul 31, 2022 1464
Camino: A spiritual and physical challenge. Travel narrative Jul 28, 2022 1140
Paola kappillan whips up 17th century martyrs to lampoon Pope's apology. Jul 27, 2022 657
Paola kappillan whips up 17th century martyrs to lampoon Pope's apology. Jul 27, 2022 654
Church killings in Nigeria leave Catholics 'confused, afraid and sad'. Karombo, Tawanda Jul 22, 2022 1270
First Outreach conference on LGBTQ Catholic ministry held. Trujillo, Yunuen Guest commentary Jul 22, 2022 932
Catholics must stand against the Court's climate ruling. Pawlikowski, John T. Jul 22, 2022 1082
First ethnic Phnong youth in Cambodia to become a Catholic priest. Jul 12, 2022 702
Building a post-Roe America: As Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, Catholics react with joy, anger, trepidation. Fraga, Brian; Scott, Katie Collins Jul 8, 2022 1671
It's time for anti-abortion Catholics to become truly pro-life. Jul 8, 2022 1042
Catholic Church kicks against legalisation of abortion in Lagos State. Jul 4, 2022 604
Fruit of our labor: Catholics are turning to farming to live their faith sustainably. Bahr, Katie Jul 1, 2022 2857
This is my body: Hang-ups over food and body size alienate Catholics from God's abundance and one another. Clemmer, Don Jul 1, 2022 2637
The narrow door: To walk with the LGBTQ community, Catholics must leave some baggage behind. Kyler, John T. Jul 1, 2022 1243
The raw truth. Clarke, Kevin Jul 1, 2022 638
Chittister tour excites Australian Catholic reformers. Kirkwood, Peter Jun 24, 2022 1621
Religious Support and Emotional Functioning in Catholic Versus Protestant Undergraduates. Engelmann, Christopher C.; Bjorck, Jeffrey P.; Currier, Joseph M. Jun 22, 2022 9054
Mbaka: Protesters besiege adoration ground, demand Bishop Onaga's removal. Jun 19, 2022 677
Catholics Banned from Mbaka's Ministry. Jun 19, 2022 310
Mixed Reactions Trail Catholic Bishop's Ban On Mbaka's Church. Jun 19, 2022 168
Mixed Reactions Trail Catholic Bishop's Ban On Mbaka's Church. Jun 18, 2022 168
Catholic Church bans members from attending Mbaka's Adoration Ministry. Jun 18, 2022 367
JUST-IN: Enugu Diocese Bans Catholics From Attending Mbaka's Adoration Ministry. Jun 18, 2022 406
Catholic Church slams Mbaka, bans adoration worshipers. Jun 18, 2022 153
Mixed Reactions Trail Catholic Bishop's Ban On Mbaka's Church. Jun 18, 2022 168
Enugu Diocese Bars Catholics from Attending Mbaka's Adoration Ministry. Jun 18, 2022 472
Spain Catholics want Church to mull optional celibacy, women priests. Jun 12, 2022 316
In 2018, this gay Catholic was hounded out of his job. Last month, he met the pope. Scott, Katie Collins Jun 10, 2022 1264
Black Catholic spirituality: Looking anew at the deep river of faith in America. Grigsby, Daryl Jun 10, 2022 1275
Bishop Attakruh confirms 87 Catholics to be soldiers of Christ. Jun 6, 2022 343
Bishop Attakruh confirms 87 Catholics to be soldiers of Christ. Jun 5, 2022 347
Mbinda set to be installed as Lodwar Catholic Bishop. Jun 4, 2022 652
A web of grace Virtual church is a gift that Catholics should not discard. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Jun 1, 2022 2621
Changing spaces To answer the pope's call to synodality, Catholics must embrace the beauty of the universal church, says this bishop. Jun 1, 2022 1476
Advincula asks Catholics to help fight disinformation. May 31, 2022 281
Pope Francis Bestows Knighthood On 15 Catholics In Delta. May 30, 2022 389
Roman Catholics mark Ascension Sunday. May 29, 2022 252
ON THE WEB. May 27, 2022 449
Catholic campaign encounters senators to save climate legislation. Roewe, Brian May 27, 2022 1111
Closing CNS, US bishops harm their church: PERSPECTIVE. Gibson, David May 27, 2022 1310
APO Group partners with the Catholic Church in Africa to provide comprehensive Public Relations support towards greater pastoral effectiveness. May 26, 2022 799
The sway of Catholic Church in Kisii politics. May 23, 2022 892
Pope Voices Hope Church in China Can Operate in Freedom. May 22, 2022 405
Gathering urges investment in Hispanic ministry. Salgado, Soli May 13, 2022 1798
Aquinas vs. QAnon: What Catholics can do about conspiracy thinking. Garrido, Ann May 13, 2022 2380
Roman Catholics to mark Good Shepherd Sunday. May 7, 2022 186
Keep 'catholic' in the creeds. Handley, David May 1, 2022 281
Bishops to Catholics: Pray the rosary until election day. May 1, 2022 476
A Catholic lens: Solidarity and subsidiarity are complementary ideas that help us see the common good at different levels. Cloutier, David May 1, 2022 1061
Catholics support Maryland's 'historic' legislative session. Roewe, Brian Apr 29, 2022 1376
Vatican official speaks to event hosted by LGBT outreach group New Ways Ministry. Fraga, Brian Apr 29, 2022 818
Frustration with German Synodal Path should not derail path of synodality. Winters, Michael Sean Apr 29, 2022 1309
Maryland vetoes show Catholic witness is victim to culture war. Roberts, Tom Apr 29, 2022 1066
Vatican: 1,603,283-million Pinoys baptized as Catholics in 2020. Apr 18, 2022 252
PH has highest number of Catholic baptisms in 2020, says nuncio. Apr 18, 2022 223
High-flying Catholics who put priesthood, sisterhood ahead of other careers. Apr 17, 2022 2265
A movement 'rooted to the ground' Catholics look to mindfulness practices to ground climate action, quell eco-anxiety. Roewe, Brian Apr 15, 2022 1334
Why do we eat fish and not meat on Good Friday? Reason behind British Easter tradition; Easter is filled with traditions surrounding food and while Easter Eggs may be the first thing people think of, for some the day is not complete without a trip to the chippy for a fish supper. By, Christian Abbott Apr 15, 2022 505
DA3/4aferoviA extends Easter greetings to Archbishop VukA!iA and the Catholic believers in BiH. Apr 15, 2022 151
Catholics in Tamale celebrate Good Friday. Apr 15, 2022 155
Good Friday: A global commemoration of Christ's sacrifice. Apr 15, 2022 934
Pope: Current war is 'blasphemous betrayal' of God. Apr 13, 2022 436
Penance at Lent: What can people give up? Apr 13, 2022 1022
Catholics digitally stoning Francis for exercising compassion will never not be hilarious. Apr 11, 2022 426
Careme chretien : Roger Felix Adom invite les fideles catholiques a prier pour une paix durable en Cote d'Ivoire. Brief article Apr 9, 2022 261
People of God: Walking together as people of God requires that we discern a common good based on racial justice. Clark, Meghan J. Apr 1, 2022 775
St. Thomas to host 'listening session' on future of Catholic Church. Submitted by Cheryl Marshall Apr 1, 2022 359
Catholics invited to confession during Be Reconciled Day April 6. Submitted by Pat Szpekowski Apr 1, 2022 453
Black Catholics say fighting racism 'essential' to faith. Fraga, Brian Apr 1, 2022 905
Survey prompts need for prioritizing racial justice. Editorial Apr 1, 2022 489
Let us not burn our opportunities for temporal happiness-Catholic Priest. Mar 27, 2022 396
Catholics invited to confession for Be Reconciled Day April 6. Submitted by Pat Szpekowski Mar 25, 2022 447
'Listening session' at St. Thomas to help determine direction of Catholic Church. Cheryl Marshall Mar 24, 2022 364
C. S. Lewis for Catholics. Deavel, David P. Mar 22, 2022 6635
Catholics are Invited to Confession April 6 during "Be Reconciled" Day. Pat Szpekowski Mar 19, 2022 463
Bomb threats against HBCUs should horrify all Catholics. Mar 18, 2022 444
Catholics to mark Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19. Mar 17, 2022 278
First Sunday of Lent: Bishop urges faithful to set aside use of gadgets this Lenten season. Mar 6, 2022 415
Isko Moreno tells candidates: Don't use Catholic church for campaign rallies. Mar 5, 2022 300
Roman Catholics mark First Friday of Lent. Mar 4, 2022 291
EXECUTIVE EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't give up TikTok for Lent this year. Schlumpf, Heidi Editorial Mar 4, 2022 759
Conservative group's lawsuit over Catholic border ministry draws criticism. Fraga, Brian Mar 4, 2022 1405
Panel: Latino vote not monolithic. Cedillo, Melissa Mar 4, 2022 671
JOSEPHINE BAKER: Activist's life asks Catholics to imagine new ways to respect all--especially Black women. Saint-Jean, Patrick Mar 4, 2022 1264
Is Catholic higher ed ready for growing Hispanic community? Bravo, Milton Javier Mar 4, 2022 873
Ash Wednesday: Christians mark beginning of Lenten period. Mar 3, 2022 608
Ash Wednesday: Pope urges Catholics to pray for Ukraine - Archbishop Martins. Mar 2, 2022 499
More churchgoers expected on Ash Wednesday as Catholics return to placing ash on foreheads. Mar 1, 2022 264
HOLY WAR: How Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, and other militant right-wing activists are hellbent on transforming the Catholic Church--starting with the pope. Joyce, Kathryn Mar 1, 2022 4027
Not grasping what sin is and how it works can lead Christian witness astray. Clemmer, Don Mar 1, 2022 2508
Who tells your story? When it comes to diversity and representation, Catholic media must do better. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Mar 1, 2022 2244
What do Catholics mean when they say they are fasting? Coblentz, Jessica Mar 1, 2022 459
Catholics to observe Ash Wednesday. Mar 1, 2022 347
Church kicks off drive to develop site for first Catholic missionaries. Feb 21, 2022 457
Church kicks off drive to develop site for first Catholic missionaries. Feb 21, 2022 490
A long awaited, well deserved moment: Gay Catholics refuse to give up on a church that too often gave up on them. Schenk, Christine Feb 18, 2022 1329
Radio Veritas survey: More Filipino Catholics see marriage unnecessary before 'living-in'. Feb 17, 2022 311
Archbishop VukA!iA: Emigration of population from BiH continues, state is hardly interested in that. Feb 13, 2022 661
Catholic church still has a lot of men to marry, FR MUBANGA tells women. Feb 11, 2022 235
Catholics respond to the 'Great Resignation'. Cedillo, Melissa Feb 4, 2022 801
Church must protect LGBTQ+ Catholics: Mother shares the story of her daughter, a gay Catholic who died by suicide. Calvo, Joyce Feb 4, 2022 1402
Feast of Our Lady of Candelaria, Presentation of the Lord. Feb 2, 2022 512
#Blessed Despite the ubiquitous role of blessings in our faith, Catholics and other Christians don't always understand the relational realities of being blessed. Clemmer, Don Feb 1, 2022 2525
Speak boldly, listen charitably Hope for the future of the U.S. church depends on embracing our diversity, says this bishop. Feb 1, 2022 2264
2023: We would remain apolitical, says Catholic church. Jan 28, 2022 510
Man jailed for threats to kill Catholics and wipe out PSNI. ALAN ERWIN Jan 26, 2022 165
Catholic Church stories to follow in 2022. Jan 21, 2022 2247
FEATURE: On LGBTQ+, Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and the Pope. Jan 20, 2022 1278
Duterte to Black Nazarene devotees: 'Pray for our country'. Jan 9, 2022 376
Untold stories of 'Hidden Mercy': Book sheds light on history of the Catholic Church and HIV/AIDS. Vazquez, Michael Jan 7, 2022 1386
Catholics must push for a moral economy: COMMENTARY. Lobo, Nicole-Ann Jan 7, 2022 1731
Catholics mark Holy Family Sunday. Dec 26, 2021 227
Encuentros: 50 years of synodal experience. Ospino, Hosffman Dec 24, 2021 1546
Synod phase for local listening gets an uneven start in US dioceses. Fraga, Brian Dec 24, 2021 1274
Marquette diocese's LGBTQ restrictions blasted as 'cruel policy'. Fraga, Brian Dec 24, 2021 830
Archbishop Gomez, a failed culture warrior. Dec 24, 2021 1493
President extends Christmas greetings to Catholics. Dec 24, 2021 392
Prelate urges Catholics to avoid 'lavish' Christmas parties, help typhoon victims instead. Dec 22, 2021 174
Church leader encourages faithful to observe 9-day 'Simbang Gabi'. Dec 15, 2021 570
PHL Catholics launch 'Men of St. Joseph' group. Dec 12, 2021 364
We can end Great Divide between Roman Catholic, Orthodox churches. Dec 12, 2021 688
Laudato Si' Action Platform launched: Program offers Catholics concrete steps toward sustainable lifestyles. Roewe, Brian Dec 10, 2021 1294
Africa's largest Catholic concert , 'Unusual Praise' holds in Lagos. Dec 9, 2021 402
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Pope laments hostility with Cypriot orthodox. Dec 4, 2021 164
Roman Catholics to observe First Sunday of Advent on Nov. 28. Nov 27, 2021 335
Black Catholics dismayed with Gomez's social justice speech. Fraga, Brian Nov 26, 2021 1411
Live Laudato Si' Catholics around the country bring the ecological vision of Pope Francis to life in integral, systemic, and prophetic ways. DeMeo, Doug Nov 23, 2021 2732
Roman Catholics observe Solemnity of Christ the King on Nov. 21. Nov 20, 2021 217
Catholic Hostel Raided, Accused of Conversion in MP: A Raid that Smacks of Vendetta. Nov 15, 2021 1227
Of signs, solemnity and solitude. Nov 13, 2021 626
Census shows Catholicism growing everywhere but Europe. Giangrave, Claire Nov 12, 2021 679
Diocese of Kalookan vax program also open to other religious sects. Nov 8, 2021 161
Final lessons The solemn funeral Mass of St. Pope John Paul II was a lesson in the high art of worship--and a glimpse of unifying liturgical prayer. DeSanctis, Michael E. Nov 1, 2021 2096
5 reasons why Catholics should care about the COP26 climate summit. Roewe, Brian Oct 29, 2021 1767
Survey: Pope's Latin Mass decision hasn't affected his popularity. McElwee, Joshua J. Oct 29, 2021 312
Bishops must commit to saving the Earth now. Oct 29, 2021 807
Adjournment: Catholic lawyers urged to change narrative. Oct 27, 2021 901
'No room for neutrality': Bishop urges Catholics to protest vs misuse of public funds. Oct 24, 2021 198
Negros Catholics, Protestants unite against proposed reclamation project. Oct 17, 2021 215
Vatican's Academy for Life takes on vaccine skeptics, including Catholics. White, Christopher Oct 15, 2021 1078
Bigotry and toxicity in parishes: Contrary to traditionalist claims, many Catholics are fleeing Latin Mass communities. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Oct 15, 2021 1301
The recovery of domestic tourism. Oct 12, 2021 1841
Archbishop of Pelosi's Diocese Hints at Excommunication. Oct 4, 2021 305
Cardinal Advincula calls on faithful to pray the Holy Rosary every day. Oct 2, 2021 242
Test your Catholic knowledge Find the answers to this month's quiz questions in articles at The first reader to email all correct responses to will be featured on U.S. Catholic social media. Oct 1, 2021 192
Can a priest withhold communion from a Catholic?. Keller, Father Paul Oct 1, 2021 470
Assembly to address future of Latin American church. Fraser, Barbara Oct 1, 2021 1492
Some Catholic pro-lifers concerned about Texas' abortion law. Fraga, Brian Oct 1, 2021 1447
Catholic Diocese train 50 religious education teachers. Sep 26, 2021 386
Hungary is a society under God. Sep 26, 2021 626
Thomas J. Kiernan and Irish diplomatic responses to cold-war anti-communism in Australia, 1946-1951. Madden, Gerard Sep 22, 2021 8968
Preface: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Sep 12, 2021 5423
Catholics have no grounds to claim exemption. Eberl, Jason T.; Winright, Tobias Sep 3, 2021 1407
Cebu Archdiocese opens cemeteries to non-Catholics who died of COVID-19. Sep 2, 2021 250
Cebu Archdiocese: Open cemeteries for non-Catholic COVID-19 deaths. Sep 2, 2021 287
How the Church Stymies Even Pope Francis: The pope has embraced greater social justice--except when it comes to women and sexuality. Rezendes, Michael Sep 1, 2021 1640
You're Turning Presbyterians Against Catholics, Ebonyi Group Accuses Umahi. Aug 22, 2021 973
Pope Admonishes Catholic Community Against Disunity. Aug 19, 2021 507
The Assumption, what it means for us. Aug 15, 2021 719
Catholics cross at sacraments stop. Aug 7, 2021 192
Catholic politics. Aug 7, 2021 874
Cardinal Cupich: US must reject Take idol' of money. Roewe, Brian Aug 6, 2021 1383
Pillar investigation is unethical, homophobic. Millies, Steven P. Guest commentary Aug 6, 2021 1032
Digital connections: The pandemic forced parishes to innovate. Many who embraced technology found something that clicked. Bahr, Katie Jul 30, 2021 2612
The joy of love? This Amoris Laetitia Family Year marks a good opportunity for the Catholic Church to wrestle with its teachings on sexuality. Clemmer, Don Jul 30, 2021 2412
Catholics in Argentina speak out against mining and other extractive industries. Lima, Eduardo Campos Jul 23, 2021 1582
Melissa Cedillo joins NCR's Latino Catholics Project. Cedillo, Melissa Editorial Jul 23, 2021 268
Where is your faith? Letter to the editor Jul 23, 2021 502
We need a national paid family and medical leave program. Scott, Rachel Lea Viewpoint essay Jul 23, 2021 919
The role of Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. Jul 11, 2021 785
Pope praises James Martin's work with LGBTQ Catholics. Davison, Madeleine Jul 9, 2021 395
Social justice Catholics should reclaim rhetoric of objective truth, goodness: COMMENTARY. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Viewpoint essay Jul 9, 2021 1476
RIGHTS GONE WRONG: The COVID-19 pandemic lays bare how Catholics often don't understand what religious freedom really means. Clemmer, Don Jul 1, 2021 2538
Policy and principle: Catholics should come together around policies that support women and their children. Bonnette, Kathleen Jul 1, 2021 1177
Can Catholics get married on Sundays?. Perone, Nicole M. Jul 1, 2021 496
Can the church better prepare Catholics for marriage? COMMENTARY. Steinkraus, David Viewpoint essay Jun 25, 2021 908
How One Nun's Excommunication Foreshadowed the Bishops' Attack on Biden. Manson, Jamie L. Jun 22, 2021 1841
Lilian Medina Romero: Latin America Coordinator on the importance of Spanish-language resources. Jun 22, 2021 623
Remembering Donna Quinn. Kissling, Frances Jun 22, 2021 841
Biden's Pro-Abortion Stand Divides Catholic Bishops; Some Want Him Disqualified From Communion. Jun 19, 2021 897
MSP accused of 'contemptible' comments after claiming suspension of bus services in Edinburgh due to anti-Catholic bias; A Glasgow SNP MSP has been accused of "utterly contemptible" comments after he claimed that anti-Catholic bias lay behind a suspension of bus services in Edinburgh on St Patrick's Day. Ian Swanson Jun 13, 2021 469
Panel: Defend migrants. Jun 11, 2021 176
Protests crowd the streets of Colombia: Catholics emphasize they're on the side of the poor. Lima, Eduardo Campos Jun 11, 2021 1247
A Catholic senator's view on Biden and the bishops. Kaine, Tim Column Jun 11, 2021 988
Celebrating St Columba, our grumpy but much-lauded saint, who was born 1,500 years ago; Today is the feast day of Columba, arguably Scotland's most popular saint and certainly its most adaptable, ecumenical and all-purpose one, equally beloved of Roman Catholics and Wee Free Presbyterians. Professor Ian Bradley Jun 9, 2021 960
Social Reconstruction: American Catholics Radical Response to the Social Gospel Movement and Progressives. Lubienecki, Paul Jun 1, 2021 11714
The Black exodus: We are witnessing an exodus of Black Catholics from the church. Why? Massingale, Father Bryan Jun 1, 2021 733
Do Catholics have to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Nairn, Father Thomas Jun 1, 2021 489
New project to tell stories of Latino Catholics. Schlumpf, Heidi Editorial May 28, 2021 586
Catholics urge disarmament. May 28, 2021 159
Myanmar Catholics pray for end to violence. May 28, 2021 160
Practice of synodality will make a difference. Chittister, Joan Column May 28, 2021 1332
Shaking the trust. Griffin, Patty; Caffrey, Thomas A. Letter to the editor May 28, 2021 392
New magisterium. Beck, James, Sr.; Gallegos, Herman Letter to the editor May 28, 2021 414
Upcoming case. Merryweather, Debra Harrington; Amabile, Rosemary; Baron, Jeanette; Begley, Beth; Brickwedde, Ellen Letter to the editor May 28, 2021 477
Israel-Gaza conflict: Patriarch asks Catholics to pray for peace, justice. May 23, 2021 1183
Bishop to Catholics: Be missionaries through social media. May 16, 2021 273
Support of Trump within church has driven some Catholics to the exits. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten May 14, 2021 1686
Bishop: Bar abortion supporters. May 14, 2021 152
Latinos: Integrate faith with action: A post-pandemic ministry invites religious leaders to let young Catholics lead. Cedillo, Melissa May 14, 2021 1052
Racism compounds sex abuse crisis for Black Catholics. Davison, Madeleine May 14, 2021 1200
What Octavia Butler's 'Parable of the Sower' can teach Catholics. Rayson-Locke, Jonathan May 14, 2021 817
Catholic leaders oppose governor's plan to change scholarship tax credits. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois May 5, 2021 411
Archbishop of San Francisco tells Catholic public officials that abortion advocacy is not "compatible with the Catholic faith" and so they should not receive the Holy Eucharist. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2021 748
Called to justice: Anti-racism work is a vital part of parish ministry. Why are so many Catholics uncomfortable with it? Weiss, Rebecca Brauen May 1, 2021 2069
A 'small start': Catholic leaders react to Chauvin's conviction. White, Christopher Apr 30, 2021 1040
What does Catholic President Biden need in his Vatican ambassador? White, Christopher Apr 30, 2021 1523
Major Catholic funders spearhead voter suppression efforts. White, Christopher Apr 30, 2021 1780
Why Catholics should get vaccinated. Schlumpf, Heidi Apr 30, 2021 940
'Same desire to connect and to love': LGBTQ Catholics closely watching upcoming Supreme Court case on adoption. Gehring, John Apr 30, 2021 1604
European Catholics fear erosion of religious freedom. Luxmoore, Jonathan Apr 30, 2021 1421
The new magisterium: wealthy Catholics. Roberts, Tom Apr 30, 2021 1747
Lagos Catholics' LACDRAFEST kicks off May. Apr 18, 2021 296
Will Catholics come back post-pandemic? Schlumpf, Heidi Apr 16, 2021 899
'The mother of environmental justice': For three decades, Hazel Johnson, a Catholic, advocated to clean up Chicago's southside. Roewe, Brian Apr 16, 2021 1333
A must-read for Catholics who care about US Black history. Pender, Alicia Critical essay Apr 16, 2021 836
Confusion among Catholics. Apr 16, 2021 404
Catholics cannot support voter suppression. Apr 16, 2021 846
We must reject anti-Asian discrimination, violence. Apr 16, 2021 731
PH tops countries with most number of baptized children. Apr 14, 2021 274
Roman Catholics observe Divine Mercy Sunday today, April 11. Apr 11, 2021 235
Austrian Catholics fly rainbow flag after same-sex blessing ban. Apr 4, 2021 748
Pope urges vaccines for poor in Easter message. Apr 4, 2021 450
AoviA congratulates Easter to all the Catholic faithful. Apr 2, 2021 213
Memo to the Vatican: Same-sex couples find God's love in marriage, too. Davison, Madeleine Apr 2, 2021 1314
Barron's 'beige Catholicism' erases years of activism. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Viewpoint essay Apr 2, 2021 1871
Church leader calls for a day of charity today, Maundy Thursday. Apr 1, 2021 549
Why do Catholics sing at Mass? Branden, Bradley R. Vanden Apr 1, 2021 519
Quiapo Church emerges as 'top influencer' as Catholics go online to observe Lent. Mar 31, 2021 327
Spread the faith, Catholics told. Mar 31, 2021 356
GOSSIP GIRL: How the high-heeled TikTok King go to church. Interview Mar 29, 2021 533
Faithful urged to join Holy Week liturgical activities online. Mar 28, 2021 621
Palm Sunday: Lessons from Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Mar 28, 2021 502
Roman Catholics mark Passion Friday. Mar 26, 2021 292
Palace to bishop: Don't encourage Catholics to disregard gov't rules on gatherings. Mar 23, 2021 234
Moving from Vatican Bling to Malchus's Ear: Taking the "Catholic Imagination" Seriously When Thinking About Catholic Devotions in Centuries Past. Carroll, Michael P. Mar 22, 2021 8654
Church and Country at a Crossroads: Black Catholics and the Path Forward. Batchelor, Michelle Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2021 363
A Catholic Presidency and the Dignity of the Marginalized. Imperatori-Lee, Natalia Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2021 386
Deeper Meaning: Catholics Voting their Conscience Across Generations. Romaine, Claire Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2021 384
Archbishop Publicly Attacks U.S. Speaker of the House over Pro-Choice Views. Mar 22, 2021 281

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