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Republicans, Conservatives, Christians And Catholics Need To Unite Behind Donald Trump To Save The Supreme Court Says Major Trump Supporter Sean O'Loughlin. Nov 4, 2016 213
Republicans, Conservatives, Christians And Catholics Need To Unite Behind Donald Trump To Save The Supreme Court Says Major Trump Supporter Sean O'Loughlin. Nov 4, 2016 256
When politics trumps faith. Keller, Paul Nov 1, 2016 1223
Start with a cup of coffee. Rose, Molly Jo Nov 1, 2016 2066
Catholic Bishops Issue World Series Challenge for Charity. Oct 27, 2016 982
Reformation reconsidered. Luxmoore, Jonathan Oct 21, 2016 2228
Trump pledges to 'be there' for Catholics. Roewe, Brian Oct 21, 2016 498
One-issue obsession imperils credibility. Oct 21, 2016 901
Lutherans and Catholics chart path to unity. Ryan, Thomas Oct 21, 2016 733
Black history runs deep at St. Augustine. Persica, Dennis Oct 7, 2016 1606
Pope pays homage to tiny Catholic flock in Muslim Azerbaijan. Oct 2, 2016 474
Orthodox shun pope's Mass in Tbilisi, few Catholics turn out. Oct 1, 2016 414
Ukrainian parish grows in Paris. Brief article Sep 23, 2016 151
Supporting the church's outposts: Catholic Extension focuses its mission on youth, Hispanic leadership. Daniels, Kristen Whitney Sep 23, 2016 1211
Cardinal sees reason to hope with Vatican-Chinese relations. Sep 9, 2016 366
72 Percent Of Americans Hold Catholic Sisters In High Regard, Yet Have Limited Understanding Of Their Lifestyle And Work. Sep 6, 2016 1140
Anglicans, roman catholics team up to tackle big questions. Folkins, Tali Sep 1, 2016 600
Modern cathedral taking shape to serve Catholics in town. Aug 26, 2016 168
Hispanics chart pastoral direction. Salgado, Soli Aug 26, 2016 2440
Security increases for Lourdes. Brief article Aug 26, 2016 176
Religious sisters of mercy of the Americas: a hearty group of women who answered a call with faith, kindness and learning, helping transform the state and educate its children. Hebda, Dwain Aug 15, 2016 1123
Religion is a complex factor in 2016 election. Reese, Thomas Aug 12, 2016 971
The Catholic vote is still unpredictable and still important. Gibson, David Aug 12, 2016 1167
Shootings alter conference's agenda. Feuerherd, Peter Conference notes Jul 29, 2016 1398
Winning the working-class vote: Part 2 of NCR's interview with E.J. Dionne on presidential politics. Winters, Michael Sean Interview Jul 29, 2016 2127
A Catholic role in healing US culture. Editorial Jul 29, 2016 990
Trust on the downslide: gathering discusses Americans' lost confidence. Roberts, Tom Conference notes Jul 29, 2016 1606
Best Of The Small Stream - Between Catholics City Planning Road Slate Waste Dismantling Services. Jul 25, 2016 127
Imprisoned war resister rooted in Catholic faith. Gilroy, Jack Essay Jul 15, 2016 1582
A ministry of listening. Odell, Catherine M. Jul 15, 2016 2138
The United States Catholic Mission Association will hold its 2016 conference October 28-30, at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati (Ohio) Airport with "Together in Mission: Celebrating Concrete Expressions of Missionary Discipleship Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" as the theme. Conference notes Jul 1, 2016 133
Catholics rally to aid the displaced in Iraq: Iraqi Christians, Yazidis and others who fled ISIS held hostage by uncertainty. Gallagher, Tom Jul 1, 2016 1759
L.A. Archdiocese Launches New Multimedia Platform, Angelus News, To Serve Millions Of Catholics. Jun 29, 2016 1026
The heart of the matter: a very brief history of conscience. Dombrowski, Daniel A. Essay Jun 22, 2016 2664
Renewing the church as a community of hope: the German Catholic Church confronts the Shoah. Thompson, Janice A. Jun 22, 2016 11717
Anthropological institute highlights importance of culture for missionaries. Schlumpf, Heidi Jun 17, 2016 1011
We're already here: even in this modern age, the church is slow to acknowledge women's abundant contributions to parish life. Griffith, Jessica Mesman Jun 1, 2016 1269
Digging up the truth about Irish settlers Down Under... Student's findings tell of devout Catholics who lived in poverty. May 23, 2016 479
Is the Catholic Church Doing Enough for Senior Citizens in ALFs? May 23, 2016 837
What now for conservative Catholics? Cruz backers reluctant to turn to trump. Roewe, Brian May 20, 2016 1334
Restore church as worshippers wish. May 18, 2016 333
Catholics, arriving from Chile, become pilgrim in Turkey's Cappadocia. May 12, 2016 166
ROMAN COELIACS; Catholics can receive gluten-free communion. May 8, 2016 374
Yoga makes me a better Catholic. Schlumpf, Heide Column May 6, 2016 935
Catholic Social Teaching Expert Issues Challenge to American Catholics in New Book. Apr 27, 2016 383
To nurture unity, bring back the Angelus. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Column Apr 22, 2016 904
Preparing for opening of Roman Catholic church. Apr 20, 2016 433
No One Is Practicing What the Catholic Hierarchy Preaches. Apr 8, 2016 579
Grassroots ministry. Coday, Dennis Editorial Apr 8, 2016 732
A shared parish, one Catholic faith Intercultural cooperation at St. Jerome has been a bumpy but joyous journey. Morris-Young, Dan Apr 8, 2016 1542
Religious majorities and restrictions on religion. Scharffs, Brett G. Apr 1, 2016 7972
Who cares? We do. U.S. Catholic readers say Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si' has Inspired them to care for our common home. Whitaker, Laura Apr 1, 2016 1305
Catholics in Easter confession. Mar 25, 2016 117
Dear Francis: women at risk for Zika deserve full reproductive health options. Mar 22, 2016 350
TROLL AVOIDS JAIL FOR RACIST TWEETS; Bigoted rants at Muslims .. and Jews, blacks, gays and Catholics. Feb 18, 2016 312
Catholics for Choice: Pope and Patriarch Misrepresent the True Meaning of Secularism and Seek to Impose their Beliefs on Others. Feb 15, 2016 878
Philippines : Nearly half a million Catholics join 51st IEC culminating mass. Feb 4, 2016 412
We've lost 150 pupils since free buses axed; HEAD CALLS ON COUNCIL TO DROP ITS RULE THAT NON-CATHOLICS MUST PAY. Feb 3, 2016 409
LGBTQ people need justice, not mercy, from Pope Francis. Manson, Jamie Jan 29, 2016 948
Women full of grace: there's more to Catholic women than whether they're moms. Gary, Heather Grennan Jan 1, 2016 3911
An era ends, an era begins: after Paris, climate activists see next step in mobilizing the people. Roewe, Brian Jan 1, 2016 1730
US church eyes potential of the 'internal forum'. Elliott, Elizabeth A. Jan 1, 2016 1557
Jubilee sets the theme of pope's peace appeal. McElwee, Joshua J. Jan 1, 2016 848
Enter into the chaos of the Year of Mercy. Laskey, Mike Jordan Jan 1, 2016 857
Catholic schools serving Hispanic families: insights from the 2014 National Survey. Ospino, Hosffman; Weitzel-O'Neill, Patricia Report Jan 1, 2016 10329
The promise and potential of two-way immersion in Catholic schools. Fraga, Luis Ricardo Report Jan 1, 2016 7437
Brotherhood, social justice and persistent deficit ideologies: Latino students' experiences in an all-male Catholic high school. Aldana, Ursula S. Report Jan 1, 2016 9264
"A relic of religious barbarism": the controversy over the Royal Declaration Against Transubstantiation. McEvoy, Frederick J. Essay Jan 1, 2016 8669
'Put mercy before judgment,' pope says at start of jubilee. McElwee, Joshua J. Dec 18, 2015 1388
March of mercy. Brief article Dec 18, 2015 116
US Catholics make Year of Mercy plans. Elliott, Elizabeth A. Dec 18, 2015 861
The Vatican had a synod, but who really attended? Zagano, Phyllis Dec 18, 2015 772
China's Catholics fear new anti-Christian campaign. Luxmoore, Jonathan Dec 4, 2015 1443
Getting religion into detention. Gunter, Julie Dec 4, 2015 1619
The Year of Mercy is a time to learn about Islam. Denari, Jordan Dec 4, 2015 1095
One Catholic Church is Doing More for Senior Citizens. Dec 2, 2015 795
An F in science: why should America's crisis of scientific illiteracy concern Catholics? Graham, Ruth Cover story Dec 1, 2015 3481
Polls find hints of environmental 'Francis effect'. Roewe, Brian Nov 20, 2015 1179
I should have trusted the Spirit: despite ambiguity, the synod has pointed the church in the right direction. Reese, Thomas Nov 6, 2015 1103
Conversations with NCR Catholics: year of telling readers' stories became an unexpected personal journey. Gunter, Julie Oct 23, 2015 1294
Make the message succinct and direct, yet enticing and colorful. Kennedy, Maia J. Column Oct 23, 2015 549
John McNeill, patron to gay Catholics, dies. Fox, Thomas C. In memoriam Oct 9, 2015 955
A prescription for justice: Catholics must help bring down barriers that block 2 billion from lifesaving medicine. Quigley, Fran Oct 9, 2015 1224
MASS EXODUS; Churches facing closure as fewer Catholics attend. Oct 7, 2015 331
Hospitality as a life stance in mission: elements from catholic mission experience in the twentieth century. Dries, Angelyn Essay Oct 1, 2015 3644
Anabaptist-Mennonite perspectives on baptism in dialogue with the Lutheran and the Roman Catholic Tradition": ten theses. Neufeld, Alfred Oct 1, 2015 4609
Families and Francis. Coday, Dennis Editorial Sep 25, 2015 602
Reality is messy for US Catholic families. Rotondaro, Vinnie Sep 25, 2015 1532
New rules echo US streamlining. Gibson, David Sep 25, 2015 958
Pope Francis' Remarks at the White House: A Possible Preview of His Message to Congress? Sep 23, 2015 617
Catholics for Choice on Pope Francis' Upcoming Address to Congress. Sep 22, 2015 190
The activities of the Marianists and Catholic intellectuals in Japan prior to the second World War. Uno, Kei Sep 22, 2015 6917
Nostra aetate: a personal reflection. Fisher, Eugene J. Column Sep 22, 2015 4018
New Poll: Many American Catholics (44%) View Their Leader As An Influential Political Figure & An Independent Maverick. Sep 21, 2015 1395
Changes in family life challenge Europe's Catholic church. Luxmoore, Jonathan Sep 11, 2015 1863
German students survey 12,000 Catholics. Pongratz-Lippitt, Christa Sep 11, 2015 1232
Policy fails test of pastoral wisdom. Wilson, George B. Sep 11, 2015 1498
Pope radically simplifies Catholic marriage annulment procedures. Sep 8, 2015 340
Steel wire chonam - hwanggil namcho between conservative catholics and other construction. Sep 8, 2015 118
The Qur'an and the Doctrine of Private Revelation: a theological proposal. Moreland, Anna Bonta Sep 1, 2015 9281
Roman Catholics weigh in on marriage canon. Forget, Andre Sep 1, 2015 393
Raising their voices: groups seek to broaden input on issues for family synod. Roberts, Tom Aug 28, 2015 783
Cup win gives Catholics Grange bragging rights. Aug 7, 2015 370
Greece's hard-pressed Catholics keep up hopes for better times. Luxmoore, Jonathan Jul 31, 2015 1341
Philippine church takes lead on encyclical. Roewe, Brian Jul 31, 2015 1110
Climate injustice. Washington, Sylvia Hood; Benedetti, Charles Letter to the editor Jul 31, 2015 325
Faiths join in social justice. Brief article Jul 17, 2015 164
The Rainbow Sash Movement (Gay and Lesbian Catholics) challenges Responsible Christian Leadership to address the Promotion of Hate. Jul 11, 2015 330
Armed thugs threaten to crucify Catholics. Jul 7, 2015 162
Pew survey: 71 percent of Catholics believe in global warming. Salgado, Soli Jul 3, 2015 657
Reaching the rootless. Liao, Nicholas Cover story Jul 1, 2015 2625
Upon this rock: in the most remote pockets of the United States, Catholics are building some of the nation's most vibrant, energetic faith communities. Interview Jul 1, 2015 3587
Catholic action speaks louder. Nieli, Bruce Jul 1, 2015 1659
Catholics on parade for Corpus Christi. Jun 22, 2015 212
Contraception's authority: an Anglican's liturgical and synodical thought experiment in light of ARCUSA's "ecclesiology and moral discernment". Olver, Matthew S.C. Jun 22, 2015 16111
Counting on the data: CARA's sociologists take some of the guesswork out of understanding the Catholic world. Roberts, Tom Jun 19, 2015 2636
Confidence in Religion at New Low, but Not Among Catholics. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 17, 2015 803
Public procurement service cleaning ceip reyes catholics. Jun 17, 2015 179
Catholics in Abu Dhabi get new church in Musaffah. Jun 12, 2015 436
Benedictine priest, top chronicler of black Catholic history, dies. Jun 5, 2015 1021
Europe's fractious Catholics set out their views in synod questionnaire: Europe prepares for family synod: Part 1 of 2. Luxmoore, Jonathan Jun 5, 2015 1228
All children deserve a healthy climate: it's a pro-life issue for Catholics and evangelicals alike. Hescox, Mitchell C. Jun 5, 2015 854
Choose life: the environmental edition: it's not easy being green, but this moral theologian says the Catholic faith calls us to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Interview Jun 1, 2015 3268
A church refreshed: a dispatch from an American Catholic future. Reardon, Patrick T. Essay May 22, 2015 1393
A generational cycle turns: changes are afoot in the US Catholic family. Gray, Mark M. May 22, 2015 2429
Jogokdong road between catholics - heungryunsa opened construction. May 13, 2015 116
Cruel Bill Plays Politics with Women's Health and Lives: Why Catholics Reject 20-Week Ban. May 13, 2015 325
Christians and Muslims: a common cause. Interview May 1, 2015 3395
Catholic Watershed. O'Brien, David May 1, 2015 329
The 'Pope Francis effect'? Some early data suggest it could be real. Apr 10, 2015 374
Death penalty opposition intensifies. Roewe, Brian; Salgado, Soli Apr 10, 2015 1195
Documentary on St. John Paul II and America to Air on PBS, Catholic and Spanish TV. Apr 2, 2015 828
Knowing Jesus. Graham, Ruth Apr 1, 2015 3476
Why do Catholics and Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter on different days? Manning, Kathleen Apr 1, 2015 506
Catholics, priests reject bishop. Brief article Mar 27, 2015 183
New Free Gay Catholics Christians Mobile App Dedicated to Pope Francis on Easter. Mar 25, 2015 1037
Catholics for Choice Wins 2014-2015 Allied Organization Award. Mar 22, 2015 114
Addressing three problems in commentary on Catholics at the Supreme Court by reference to three decades of Catholic Bishops' amicus briefs. Walsh, Kevin C. Mar 22, 2015 11513
Hesburgh's death at 97 closes an era: in 35 years as Notre Dame president, he ushered in a public Catholic America. Jones, Arthur Mar 13, 2015 1288
Summer listings 1. Breashears, Gary Calendar Mar 13, 2015 5931
Gyeongbu inner plate-plating department rape Catholics water (duh) and 3 other locations induced preconditioning construction. Mar 12, 2015 130
Redeeming conscience. Keenan, James F. Essay Mar 1, 2015 8711
How Father Neuhaus found GOP. Kabaservice, Geoffrey Book review Feb 28, 2015 1736
54 miles to freedom: Catholics from across the US were prominent in 1965 Selma march. Murray, Paul Feb 27, 2015 2279
Catholics worldwide to fast for climate. Roewe, Brian Feb 27, 2015 562
Catholic lobbying crosses divides. Winters, Micheal Sean Feb 13, 2015 993
Five things that give me hope. Schlumpf, Heidi Column Feb 13, 2015 902
Catholics fear wave of church attacks in India. Feb 4, 2015 273
Catholics launch global climate movement. Roewe, Brian Jan 30, 2015 1570
Unfinished business. Massingale, Bryan Jan 28, 2015 667
Proud to be a cafeteria Catholic: we need to keep church doors open to those on imperfect journeys of faith. Moyer, Isabella R. Jan 28, 2015 2312
Can Catholics be cremated? Manning, Kathleen Jan 28, 2015 508
Did Cuomo pave way for today's dissenters? Gibson, David Jan 16, 2015 1109
2015 could be the year we save the earth. Jan 2, 2015 686
"Please don't abandon me.". Brief article Jan 1, 2015 225
Catholic dissident is freed from prison. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 188
Do the religious beliefs of Supreme Court justices influence their decisions? Breger, Sarah; Cooper, Marilyn; Gross, Rachel E.; Schwartz, Amy E. Cover story Jan 1, 2015 4183
"I am ... the very essence of a Protestant": Arthur Lower, Anti-Catholicism and Liberal Nationalism, 1939-1959. Anderson, Kevin Report Jan 1, 2015 11921
'Rare Beauty' and renewal: the consortium project for Alberta Catholic High School Religious Education. Hoven, Matt Report Jan 1, 2015 8466
Remembering the significant: St John's Kapunda, South Australia. De Leiuen, Cherrie Jan 1, 2015 7249
Catholics need not apply? A case for anti-Catholic bias in the selection of AIF officers. Wilson, Graham Jan 1, 2015 5184
Thatcher feared backlash over concessions to NI Catholics. Dec 27, 2014 210
Why should Northern Catholics get reform? secret papers revealed Ignorant Thatcher feared minorities in Britain would launch rising. Dec 27, 2014 455
Canada Catholics Sell Historic St. Charles Church For $4-Million. Dec 23, 2014 442
Popey changey? We still haven't found what we're looking for. O'Brien, Jon Dec 22, 2014 1811
Vatican asks for wide input on 2015 synod. McElwee, Joshua J. Dec 19, 2014 1445
Napa institute gathers US church's well-heeled and high-ranking devout: 'in-your-face catholicism'. Morris-Young, Dan Dec 19, 2014 3165
Pope Francis Approval Rating Hits 88 Percent among U.S. Catholics. Dec 16, 2014 480
Chicago magazine releases exclusive poll results showing that more Chicago Catholics are leaving the Church. Dec 15, 2014 658
Nurslings of protestantism: the questionable privilege of freedom in charlotte Bronte's Villette. Mazurek, Monika Dec 15, 2014 8366
Young and catholic on their own terms: study's questionable assumptions lead to unnecessarily grim outlook. D'Antonio, William V. Dec 5, 2014 1916
Celebration of the fall. Brief article Nov 21, 2014 121
A life of great perseverance. Yeagle, Stephanie Nov 21, 2014 1694
A 'right brain' study of the pews. Rotondaro, Vinnie Nov 21, 2014 538
Censured priest, carter support CTA. Forgey, Mick Conference notes Nov 21, 2014 1039
Catholics join scout convention. Brief article Nov 7, 2014 167
Insight from a fourth-century crisis. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Nov 7, 2014 1266
Catholics Unite to Defeat Colorado Personhood Ballot Measure. Nov 5, 2014 389
Art and soul. Dault, Kira Nov 1, 2014 470
November to remember. Massingale, Bryan Nov 1, 2014 652
Where can Catholics be buried? Manning, Kathleen Nov 1, 2014 471
Abortion is legalized; most Catholics object. Oct 24, 2014 345
'Call to action' sets agenda. Oct 24, 2014 402
Churchwomen killed in El Salvador. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 266
After synod's icebreaker, the real work must begin. Conference notes Oct 24, 2014 893
Catholics split on vote's meaning. Oct 24, 2014 146
Catholics in Colorado: The Bishops Don't Speak for Us. Oct 21, 2014 548
Vatican signals easing in attitude toward gays. Winfield, Nicole Oct 14, 2014 1017
Millennials want a messy, earnest discussion about family. Rotondaro, Vinnie Oct 10, 2014 1492
US cardinal mounts defense of catholic teaching on divorce. Gibson, David Oct 10, 2014 815
Throw out 'us vs. them': we are all in this together. Harper Brian Oct 10, 2014 980
American Catholics Reveal Their Views on Marriage and Other Important Social Issues in Wide-Ranging Survey. Oct 9, 2014 442
Okla. catholic officials file lawsuit to stop 'black mass' ceremony. Oct 1, 2014 413
Marriage counseling. Interview Oct 1, 2014 3872
Act naturally. McCormick, Patrick Oct 1, 2014 1815
Opus Dei leader beatified; Sainthood process seen as normalizing of order. Heckle, Harold; Winfield, Nicole Sep 28, 2014 808
Synod hopes: that all are welcome. Gramick, Jeannine Sep 26, 2014 888
Creating more welcoming atmosphere would bring ex-Catholics back to church, Benedictine University study shows. Sep 24, 2014 465
Church is missing out by not welcoming LGBT Catholics. Hanna, Peggy Letter to the editor Sep 22, 2014 224
Excerpt from Patricia Miller's Good Catholics: The Battle over Abortion in the Catholic Church. Miller, Patricia Excerpt Sep 22, 2014 8678
Catholic school closures and the decline of urban neighborhoods: what is the cause, and what the effect? Glazer, Nathan Book review Sep 22, 2014 1387
Boston Globe Media Partners Launch New Website, Crux, Covering All Things Catholic. Website overview Sep 2, 2014 683
Just give me a reason: millions of young Catholics are engaged and energized by World Youth Day. So why can't they get excited about their own local church? Bazan, Jessie Sep 1, 2014 1289
What do Catholics believe about the devil? Switzer, John Sep 1, 2014 506
The witness of large Catholic families. McDermott, Terry Interview Sep 1, 2014 3312
Canadian dioceses respond to Iraqi crisis. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 196
The catholic dissonance on abortion: author sees Catholics for Choice as a political counterbalance to US bishops. Kelly, Timothy Book review Aug 15, 2014 1137
Catholics in politics. Woodward, Mary Letter to the editor Aug 15, 2014 200
Gay/Lesbian Catholics Reach Out to Catholic Bishops on Immigration Reform. Aug 2, 2014 320
Sinfully honest: U.S. Catholic readers confess that sin isn't what it used to be, but they still commit themselves to a virtuous lifestyle. Dault, Kira Aug 1, 2014 2965
Do Catholics believe in the rapture? Switzer, John Aug 1, 2014 530
Catholics respond to humanitarian crisis at border. Stockman, Dan Aug 1, 2014 1252
Catholics get the message in new edition: publisher looks to take popular bible translation beyond protestant circles. Mcclory, Robert Aug 1, 2014 1690
Generous Catholics. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2014 168
Spreading the Word; Catholic radio growing. Boynton, Donna Jul 6, 2014 1671
Synod document balances mercy, cultural blame. Mcelwee, Joshua J. Jul 4, 2014 1765
Meet the 'evangelical' catholics remaking the GOP. Bailey, Sarah Pulliam Jul 4, 2014 993
Re Terry McDermott's online article on humanae vitae. Sheahan, Patrick J. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2014 638
From the editor's desk. Editorial Jul 1, 2014 221
The church in China is in my heart. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 254
2014 asian youth championships catholics prepare environmental service. Jun 27, 2014 110
Catholics look back at Francis' first year, also ahead. Jun 22, 2014 361
Fired for being gay: turning Catholics away from our church. DeBernardo, Francis Jun 22, 2014 2094
Reporting on anti-war Catholics and the FBI. O'Rourke, William Book review Jun 20, 2014 1000
Catholics of Uzbekistan hold annual congress in Tashkent. Jun 12, 2014 173
Hot Buns bid to cement top spot at the Catholics; BASEBALL. Jun 11, 2014 725
Revelations could be final straw for many Catholics. Jun 10, 2014 322
Revelations could be final straw for many Catholics. Jun 10, 2014 323
Evangelical crisis hotline finds new future with Catholic diocese. Sweas, Megan Jun 6, 2014 1750
Catholics mark anniversary of election for first US bishop. Zimmermann, Mark Brief article Jun 6, 2014 264
Why ecclesial structures at the regional level matter: communion as mutual inclusion. Cohen, Will Essay Jun 1, 2014 11723
Study: Catholic share of Hispanics dropping. Sean, Michael May 23, 2014 1425
Book tells Nebraska's Catholic horror story. McClory, Robert Book review May 23, 2014 1283
Catholic Leader Calls Out False Dichotomy in Abortion Polling. May 23, 2014 320
New docu urges gays to give up homosexual sex to become Catholics. May 18, 2014 149
Online Registration Opens for Southwest's Largest Catholic Ministry Conference. Conference news May 15, 2014 569
Priest to join Evangelical Catholics. Young, Dan Morris May 9, 2014 1925
Chair, Vice Chair of UN Committee Against Torture Pro-Abortion Ideology Damaging Committee's Reputation, Says Catholic Voices USA. May 6, 2014 845
Denying Eucharist to pro-abortion Catholic politicians is pastoral charity. Brief article May 1, 2014 223
Delivering bricks. Beresford, David Essay May 1, 2014 748
Everybody loves Francis. Murphy-Gill, Meghan May 1, 2014 3942
Young Catholic America. Murphy-Gill, Meghan May 1, 2014 321
Why do Catholics venerate Mary. Considine, Kevin May 1, 2014 481
Breath of fresh air: a new pope quickly wins the hearts of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Sound familiar? Jones, Scott May 1, 2014 1058
Papal economics: why Pope Francis is making "cafeteria Catholics" out of the Catholic right. Mickens, Leah May 1, 2014 2209
This imperfect Catholic family. Coday, Dennis Correction notice Apr 25, 2014 741
Additional survey reports tell similar stories. O'Loughlin, Michael Apr 11, 2014 1565
'God never wastes a hurt': California Catholics, evangelicals gather to break silence on mental illness. Sweas, Megan Apr 11, 2014 818
Stories inspire hope for church's future. Collen, Jocelyn E. Book review Apr 11, 2014 764
Number crunch: a church in crisis. Apr 1, 2014 320
Out of sync. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 124
Compassion without borders. Clarke, Kevin Apr 1, 2014 657
Latin Americans Say Pope Francis Brings Hope to the Poor; Most say he will also bring positive changes to the Catholic Church. Mar 27, 2014 737
Pope's apostolic exhortation indicates reform will not extend to church teachings on women. Mar 21, 2014 361
Catholics in Albuquerque help defeat later abortion ban supported by Catholic bishops. Mar 21, 2014 230
UK bishop acknowledges that most Catholics have rejected the church ban on contraception. Mar 21, 2014 127
Rock star Pope: in his first year as leader of the world's 1 billion Catholics, Pope Francis has caused quite a stir--both inside and outside the Church. Smith, Patricia Mar 17, 2014 909
Some US dioceses report results of questionnaire. O'Loughlin, Michael Mar 14, 2014 1578
Shift favors same-sex marriage. Brief article Mar 14, 2014 151
In England and Wales, 16,500 weigh in on survey. Lamb, Christopher Mar 14, 2014 606
Pope Francis Fails to Inspire, Poll Reveals. Mar 7, 2014 512
New Poll Explores U.S. Catholics' Views of the Pope After His First Year. Mar 6, 2014 445
Roman catholic perspectives on mission. Bevans, Stephen Mar 1, 2014 2845
New Catholic Church to be consecrated in May. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 236
Bishop: most reject teaching on contraceptives. Filteau, Jerry Feb 28, 2014 1273
University to kick off first sisters Week. Dunne, Colleen Feb 28, 2014 744
Japan's bishops offer blunt response to survey. McElwee, Joshua J. Feb 28, 2014 695
Survey shows a divided global church. Yeagle, Stephanie Feb 28, 2014 1069
Change is slow in Catholic Church. Letter to the editor Feb 15, 2014 250
Bishops' reports reveal dissent on teaching. WOODEN, CINDY Feb 14, 2014 773
Ukrainians worry over strife. Feb 14, 2014 151
Vatican survey reveals Catholics reject sex rules. Feb 5, 2014 102
Mississippi and Alabama Most Protestant States in U.S. Rhode Island is most Catholic, Utah most Mormon, and New York most Jewish. Newport, Frank Feb 5, 2014 1067
Washington post distorts yet again what Catholics believe about abortion. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2014 394
I told God He'd have to find me another way of serving Him. He didn't listen - I returned to Rome. The rest you know. Jan 24, 2014 1332
CATHOLIC HOUSING BIAS ROW; McCausland faces accusations of 21st century 'gerrymandering'. Jan 15, 2014 429
Has the pope gone socialist: Pope Francis denounced capitalism in his Evangelii Gaudium letter to Catholics worldwide, and his statement was a shocker to some laissez-faire economists. Eddlem, Thomas R. Jan 6, 2014 1287
Clarification. Correction notice Jan 3, 2014 121
A deeper look at the cons stent ethic of life. Nothwehr, Dawn M. Jan 3, 2014 1645
Exhortation sparks political, economic debates. Jan 3, 2014 1086
U.S. asks top court not to extend Catholics' contraception exemption. Jan 3, 2014 649
How the faithful should treat Medjugorje. MacInnis, Amy Jan 1, 2014 1300
Catholic investing. Smith, Brian Jan 1, 2014 1822
Catholics defend cathedral of San Juan Bautista. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 125
Catholic opposition leader. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 279
The Maillardville, B.C. school strike: Archbishop W.M. Duke, Catholic schools, and the British Columbia Election of 1952. Roy, Patricia E. Essay Jan 1, 2014 13056
Australian Chinese Catholic Community: 60 years of service and ministry. Kong, Carmen Book review Jan 1, 2014 2178
Rai denounces conversion for divorce, but Catholics afforded few choices. Dec 21, 2013 712
Roman Catholic figure slams bid to scare Christians. Dec 21, 2013 164
Wages called a Catholic issue. Brief article Dec 20, 2013 130
Vatican: bishops must consult 'grassroots': secretary for synod on family says process should include the faithful. McElwee, Joshua J. Dec 20, 2013 670
Studies of US Catholics provide insight on synod questions. Roewe, Brian Dec 20, 2013 2519
Sociologist has kept his eye on Catholicism. Roberts, Tom Dec 6, 2013 1831
Real presence: Catholic churches strive to welcome those with developmental disabilities through special ministries and a change in attitude. Bahr, Katie Dec 1, 2013 3814
Ramp it up: despite a few stellar examples, many parishes have a long way to go to make sure all people can literally get in the door. Fletcher, Laura Dec 1, 2013 2972
The Future of Catholicism. Coren, Michael Dec 1, 2013 746
Synod of bishops to be based on church doctrine. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 269
The changing Catholic college. (reprint, 1967). Book review Dec 1, 2013 117
Malaysian court says Catholics can't say Allah. Nov 29, 2013 231

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