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Catholic bishop unites with Muslims to mark Eid'l Fitr.

The Catholic community in the city joined the Muslim faith in the celebration of Eid'l Fitr yesterday.

Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles expressed unity and solidarity through a message.

'To all our brothers and sisters of the Muslim Community here in the City of Davao... our greetings of peace and joy today, on this Feast of Eid' Fitr, as you celebrate the end of the Islamic holy season of Ramadan,' he said in a letter released yesterday.

Along with the priests in the Archdiocese of Davao, Valles said they enjoined the Catholic faithful to pray for the Islamic faith in the end of the observation of Ramadhan marked by Eidul-Fitar.

'Please know that in our recent meeting of all the priests here in the Archdiocese of Davao, we mentioned that the holy month of Ramadan is going and will soon end with the Feast of Eid'l Fitr. We enjoined everyone to pray for you that each one of you would benefit spiritually from going through and completing these holy days of Ramadan,' he said.

'And we wish that today each one of you has become truly closer and faithful to Allah,' he added.

The Archdiocesan Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue headed by Fr. Pedro Lamata also enjoined some Muslim communities in the Grand Mosque at Mini Forest Brgy 23-C yesterday.

'Please know that our gesture of praying for you and wishing you all the you complete the days of Ramadan is our gesture of solidarity and are sons and daughters of one God,' Valles said.

Valles also signified that are continuing their efforts for a harmonious relationship between the Christian and Muslim community here.

'Please know that our blessings friendship, believing that all of we continue to make efforts towards our living together in harmony and peace here in the city of Davao, truly manifesting the spirit of being one and united, convinced that we are all God's children,' he said.

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Publication:Mindanao Times (Mindanao, Philippines)
Geographic Code:9PHIL
Date:Jun 6, 2019
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