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Articles from Catholic Insight (September 1, 2006)

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"Character education in a public school" (C.I. June 2006, p. 20). Dose, Marianne Letter to the editor 545
"China continues repression of a free Catholic Church" & "A never-ending stream of atheist atrocities," News in Brief, C.I. June 2006, pp. 23-24. May, Patrick Letter to the editor 169
"Gay" lobby. MacInnis, Patrick Letter to the editor 529
"Quebec priest's scandalous views going unchecked". 666
"The moral status of in vitro fertilization (IVF): Biology & method," (C.I. Jan/Feb. 2003, p. 24; viewed online at vatican/article_475.shtml). Letter to the editor 629
"Where do we stand on war with Iran," Editorial, June 2006. Bennett, Larry Letter to the editor 193
89% of Canadians married once. Brief article 302
Archives for the pontificate of Pope Pius XI. Brief article 120
Blessed are the peacemakers. McManaman, Doug 931
Cape Breton University rejects freedom of speech. Brief article 148
Caritas helps out. Brief article 190
Catholic education letter from a concerned parent (C.I. May 2006, p. 6) & re four subsequent responses from other parents (C.I. July/August 2006, pp. 6-7). Vandenberg, Linda Letter to the editor 470
Catholic statistics. Brief article 180
Citizens of the Heavenly City: A Catechism of Catholic Social Teaching. Campbell, Joseph Book review 780
Courts refuse to impose "gay" marriage. 364
Crossing the Tiber: a path to Rome. Hunter, Ian 1020
Diarmuid O'Murchu's views rejected. Brief article 181
Do the Asper media promote "gay marriage?". Gray, Stephen 815
Document deals with family and procreation. 396
Founder, Little Flowers Family Apostolates. Davidson, Rita Letter to the editor 148
George Smitherman seeks special treatment for "gays". 374
Global terrorism. Callam, Daniel 783
Homosexual activists disrupt Pentecost Mass. 326
Human Rights Tribunal backs transsexuals. Brief article 159
Judge Rivard imposes his opinion. Brief article 198
Margaret Somerville's honorary degree dishonoured. 329
Marital love: pop culture vs. God's intent. Bastien, Richard 994
Media. Brief article 84
Michael Ignatieff is ignorant of human rights. Leishman, Rory 767
More attacks on freedom of thought and speech. Brief article 138
MSW, RSW, on the need to affirm real marriage. Laframboise, Mary Letter to the editor 203
Natural family planning and Humanae vitae 2006. 509
New "Black pope" for 2008. Brief article 152
New Liturgy. 346
New papal appointments. Brief article 220
Nuncio faces Canadian Religious Conference. 370
Political note re elections. Brief article 292
Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Brief article 155
Pope favours more traditional music. Brief article 149
St. Charles Lwanga & his Ugandan companions: martyrs in the face of homosexuality. Glover, Janice Biography 1242
St. F.X. University. Leblanc, Urbain Letter to the editor 118
St. Jerome's College betrays Catholic schools. Brief article 306
The conspiracy to abolish marriage: Martha Bailey and the Law Reform Commission. Kurtz, Stanley 2245
The following letter is from our advisory panel member, Dr. John Shea, to the Toronto Catholic Register, re its August insert, "The Church & AIDS". Letter to the editor 303
The Gospel according to Superman. Clark, Cale 1433
The Israel-Hezbollah conflict & the Church. de Valk, Alphonse Editorial 757
The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust. Kennedy, Leonard Book review 976
The Vatican and AIDS. Brief article 104
Timeline--Homosexual agenda. Boyer, Nelson Letter to the editor 288
U.S. traditional marriage amendment fails in Senate. Brief article 310
Unborn girls targetted in Canada. Brief article 299
Uninspiring candidates run for liberal leadership. Gosgnach, Tony 1062
What did Benedict say about Church music on June 24, 2006? Speech 687
What the Church teaches about human reproduction. Shea, John B. 1839
What the liturgy teaches us about our bodies. Gordon, Amy 747
Winnipeg Statement confusion. Redmond, Patrick Letter to the editor 194
World Congress of families: what parents should do. Benedict, XVI Sermon 1939
World meeting of families. 327
World War III: a state of denial. Adamick, Paula Column 737

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