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Catel, Patrick: Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing Feats (Extreme Survival).

Catel, Patrick

Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing Feats (Extreme Survival)

Raintree, 2011, pp56, 14.49 [pounds sterling]

978 1 406 22069 8

Apart from a nasty 'off of' and a rather heavy dependence on 'amazing' this is a reasonably written, large format, entertaining book and is, in fact, quite unsensationally expressed. It concerns itself with such hazardous human endeavours as stunts on motorbikes, feats of strength, activities involving fire walking, escapes, beds of nails, sword swallowing, and swimming and rowing the Atlantic. It provides well-described accounts of the science or methods behind these remarkable goings on and makes the point constantly that such things should not be attempted by the reader, particularly emphasising that dedication, training and fitness are essential. The illustrations are, predictably, fascinating and overall the book contains a fair degree of interesting information perhaps belying the sensational cover and title.

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Author:Churchill, David
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 22, 2011
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