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Catching Up.

* Those of you who haven't seen the Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization's new publication, The Facts About Bowhunting and Target Archery, are missing out on a terrific source of fingertip information about archery. The booklet reviews bowhunter demographics, covers state bowhunting regulations, and details the growing economic clout of hunting archers. It also includes information on target and tournament archery, and even outlines archery history. Get your free copy, while supplies last, from the AMO.

* The AMO's Conventional Equipment Committee (traditional gear) met for the first time in early '99. The newly formed committee provides a forum for makers of traditional archery equipment to discuss matters of mutual interest, such as setting equipment standards and sharing promotional ideas. Attending members were: Jerry Hill of Jerry Hill Longbow Co., acting chairman; Randy Dehnel of Saxon Archery Mfg., acting vice chairman; Jim Ploen of B&J Archery; Todd Vaaler of Gateway Feathers; Bob Lee of Bob Lee Archery; David Gordon of Gordon Composites; Ron Pittsley of Predator Bows (Darton); Mary Long of Tailormaid Archery; Dan Quillian and John Girardi of Old Master Crafters; Norb Mullaney of the AMO Safety & Standards/ASTM Committee; Peter J. Dart, AMO chairman; Pat Wiseman-Snider, AMO director of member services; and Dick Lattimer, AMO president. This first meeting established definitions for conventional equipment; and offered possible standards for bowstrings, equipment testing and rating, and bow weights an d draw lengths. Other topics included guidelines for tournament competition, conventional gear in the AMO's Archery Alley Program, and a traditional seminar at the upcoming AMO Archery Trade Show. A guide to selling conventional gear is also in the works.
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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