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Catch-all coatrack is easy to make with pine and pegboard.

This child-size coatrack is the wintertime catchall for the wet boots, parkas, backpacks, gloves, and hats that come dripping in the back door of this house in Bountiful, Utah. Homeowner Gregory Putz built the rack out of pine and pegboard. To make one like it, you'll need 24 feet of pine (or fir) 1-by-2, 36 feet of 1-by-4, 4 feet of 2-by-4, a quarter sheet of 1/4-inch pegboard, 28 1 1/4-inch #8 flat-head wood-screws, six brass coat hooks, and four wooden Shaker pegs. Also have 21/2-inch (8d) and 31/2-inch (16d) finishing nails, wood glue, clear wood sealer. For tools, you'll need a saber saw, hammer, drill. Cut the wood to size Start by cutting the 1-by-2s into four 41 1/2-inch, five 12-inch, and five 7-inch lengths. Cut the 1-by-4s into six 45-inch, one 411/2-inch, one 39-inch, two 16-inch, and two 10-inch lengths. Cut the 2-by-4 into a 41 1/2-inch length and the pegboard into two rectangles, one by 41 1/2 inches, the other 14 by 41 1/2. Next, cut a curve on one end of the 10and 16-inch 1-by-4s, then cut corners off one end of the six 45-inch 1-by-4s and both ends of the 39-inch 1-by-4. Assemble shelves first, then the rack To create supporting frames for upper and lower pegboard shelves, use the 1-bys 2(see drawings at left). The upper frame starts with two 7-inch lengths glued and nailed between two 411/2-inch lengths; equally space the remaining 7-inch supports between the ends. Repeat for lower shelf using the five 12-inch pieces between two 41 1/2-inch ones. Next, glue and nail the 41 1/2- and I 0-inch lengths of 1-by-4 to the back and sides of the upper frame; add the 8 3/4-inch-wide pegboard shelf. For the lower frame, glue and nail the back 2-by-4 and the 16-inch 1-by-4s, then add the pegboard panel. Screw a 45-inch-long 1-by-4 vertically to each short side of the bottom shelf. Screw the remaining 45-inch 1 -by-4s to the shelf back, starting 13/4 inches from each end and 12 inches on center. Lay rack on its back, slip in the top shelf, and screw into the sides; turn over and screw into the back. Flip rack again and secure the 39-inch 1-by-4 crosspiece below the top shelf; add coat hooks and pegs. Finish with polyurethane sealer (use several coats on the pegboard),
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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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