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Catch your crush! Dude of your dreams doesn't know you exist? Here's how to make him yours this school gear.


There's this Buy five lockers down with the most gorgeous green eyes. And the most amazing smile. He'll never notice you, right? Wrong. These no-fail steps will land you a hottie before the first football game of the season. Here's how.


Yeah, you may be dreaming of hanging out with this hottie, but that's not gonna happen if he doesn't know you even exist on this planet. Time to become a grimmer in this guy's eye.

YOUR MOVE: A look can go a long way. Note where you usually catch this curie, like the caf line, for example. Then, when you're within view, set your sights on him and hold it for about three seconds.

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Think ya caught him looking? Flash a flirty smile and wave. Just don't stare for too long or too often--that's stalker-ish, not sweet.


Time to get chatty. Make a fab first impression with convo skills that'll get your guy listening--and looking.

YOUR MOVE: Initiating an intro is never easy, so keep things light by sticking to simple subjects. He's the marching band leader? Ask him what tunes they're perfecting for the next rally. Throw in a couple more casual questions, then offer up your name and ask his (if ya don't know it already). Before you go on your merry way down the hall, say, "I'll see you around, [insert hottie's name here]!"

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Does he have a gig at Coffee King? Ask which latte he'd recommend, then order it up. Later, go back to the counter and offer up a quick compliment on the delish drink--and your name. Flattery will get ya far, and he'll remember you for your sweetness.


Now that he knows your name, you'll wanna keep in contact with your curie. If he says hi and seems friendly, that's your cue to take this to the next level.

YOUR MOVE: Whenever you bump into your boy, grin and say, "What's up?" Build the banter so you can learn more about him and elevate your buddy-buddy status. How did he do in his soccer match this past weekend? What is the name again of that coffee from Tanzania? Asking open-ended questions that require more than simple "yes" or "no" will give you extra insight into this boy's world.

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: Convos go both ways, so don't be afraid to offer up some info about yourself. When he tells ya he's mini golfing with his buds this weekend, mention the fab time you had doing just that with your girls last weekend. Sharing simple details makes for easy transitions to other topics--like a potential group hang.


If all is going well with your fella and he seems friendly and flirty right back atcha, ask him to meet up. And, no, it doesn't have to be as super-scary as asking, "Um, will you go out with me?"

YOUR MOVE: The simplest way to suggest time together? Invite him to a pal's party. When there's a break in the convo, say, "Hey, what are you up to this weekend?" Mention the bash and let him know it's cool if he brings his crew (hello! Cuties for your chicas, and he'll feel more comfortable, too). He just may be game.

KICK IT UP A NOTCH: He says he's heard the new 3-D movie is amazing? Tell him you're free this Friday if he wants to see it with you. Bold, yes, but the best way to let him know you're interested at this point is to just send that final signal. Hopefully, he'll pick up on it--and pick you up at 8.


And if he says, "No, thanks," or you can't get past the smiles and waves, take a step back from the flirting. If he doesn't reciprocate any more, this fella's more the friend who'll give ya free mochas every once in a while. Take it from the top, and keep your eyes peeled for another school sweetie.
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