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Catalytic Control Systems For Mining Equipment.

Nett Technologies, the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, manufacturer of emissions control equipment and components, has announced the availability of new add-on mufflers for underground equipment, as well as new direct-fit catalytic purifiers for Volvo wheel loaders.

The D-series add-on mufflers are available in 10 sizes that cover literally all types of underground equipment, from small personnel carriers and gen-sets to large load-haul-dump (LHD) vehicles, the company said. The mufflers are designed to be installed in combination with D-series catalytic purifiers.

The add-on mufflers connect directly with the purifier bodies through quick-release clamps that allow simple inspection and cleaning. The muffler sections are constructed of corrosion-resistant, heavy gauge material that incorporates a system of perforated tubes and baffles. This results in noise attenuation in excess of 20 dB(A), according to Nett. The company provides custom designs for unique applications, including those where space is tight.

The direct-fit catalytic purifiers are designed to replace a section of the original Volvo wheel loader exhaust system, eliminating cutting and welding requirements and reducing installation time and expense.

The D-series catalysts incorporate round cordierite ceramic substrates with square cell geometry. The catalyzed substrates are wrapped in special packaging mat and canned into a steel container using tourniquet packaging technology, which Nett stated provides the highest durability available.

Due to thin walls and large frontal area, the catalyst substrates have low-pressure drop and typically do not cause any fuel penalty.

The D-series catalysts also incorporate zeolite-based hydrocarbon trapping materials into the catalyst washcoat. This allows the catalyst to adsorb hydrocarbons at low operating temperatures and then release them at high temperatures, where the catalyst operates with its greatest efficiency.

According to Nett, D-series catalysts for heavy-duty mining applications also incorporate sulfate suppressing substances designed to allow for effective particulate control even at high operating temperatures. The company also stated that use of D-series catalytic systems can reduce emissions of carbon monoxide by 90 percent and the heavy hydrocarbon fraction of diesel particulates by 80 to 90 percent, which translates to a 20 to 50 percent reduction in total PM emissions. Hydrocarbons, aldehydes and their derivatives are also reduced, Nett said, resulting in a significant reduction of the characteristic odor associated with diesel exhaust.

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