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Catalogue from packaging experts Flexico.

According to research by the MeadWestvaco Corporation, only 7 percent of UK consumers are completely satisfied with today's packaging. From look and feel to practicality and reusability, packaging can make a huge difference to both the attractiveness and the longevity of a product, particularly in the food and drink industry. Knowing that 30 percent of UK consumers will switch brands if they have a negative experience with packaging, The Flexico Group has decided to channel its flexible packaging expertise into an improved range of products, creating a brand new catalogue brimming with innovative, eco-friendly, and customisable bags and pouches. "Our made-to-measure closing systems and packaging solutions are all about first impressions", says Paul Francis, Sales Manager of Flexico UK, "As food manufacturers make such an effort to distinguish their products from the crowd, we needed to offer the same variety of packaging solutions to facilitate that. "Those in the food industry can now offer consumers improved practicality, aesthetic appeal, and the luxury of their food staying fresher for longer. In the UK, we throw away 7m tonnes of food and drink every year, but better packaging could significantly reduce that figure, as it gives consumers longer to use the food they buy.

"Resealable options such as our new Zipgripe Clicky have a tactile feel and a satisfying 'click' on closure, making them aesthetically appealing as well as practical. We have also introduced new box pouches, a gas and moisture impermeable Doypack[R], clear sachets with attached hooks for easy displaying, and even little drawstring pouches. Innovative design and closure-related changes have been made across our range, while many existing products have been upgraded to incorporate the new finishes and closures. "The range of packaging products now available to the food industry is comprehensive, thoughtful, and ever-growing. As 28 percent of British consumers have used a product again because of its packaging, experts are increasingly trying to appeal to every display and preservation practicality, to help customers form the right impression."

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