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Catalog of Traumatic Brain Injury Materials: Selected Resources for Rehabilitation Counseling Educators and their Students, and Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals.

The Catalog of Traumatic Brain Injury Materials is a compilation of resources for professionals, educators and students in disciplines related to rehabilitation counseling. Several reviewers and contributors made this volume possible, under the direction of the Midwest Regional Head Injury Center for Rehabilitation and Prevention (MRHICRP) in Chicago, Illinois. In the "Foreward", Dr. Ruth Torkelson Lynch hails the catalog "... as a resource for rehabilitation counselors to acquire sensitivity, knowledge and skills regarding traumatic brain injury", and that materials found in this resource catalog "...can be used to identify critical reading for a course, to assemble key references for a research paper, or to problem-solve alternative approaches to a critical problem".

The Catalog of Traumatic Brain Injury Materials begins with a section covering overall program objectives, and a membership roster of the Vocational Services Advisory Committee of MRHICRP and its University-Based Task Force. There follows a guide of educational materials and resource lists. Research materials are listed in alphabetical order for easy access by readers, and the sections include dozens of references useful for research, student projects, or school curriculums. Following the alphabetized section is a helpful annotated bibliography describing in further detail the articles and references included in the catalog. The purpose is to facilitate the research process for students and educators. The section also provides a list of training curriculums, books and videos useful for educational programs, and required coursework.

The last section of the catalog features information on available services such as ABLEDATA, the National Head Injury Foundation, and other sources of data on the implications of traumatic brain injury.

The Catalog of Traumatic Brain Injury Materials was edited by Robynn Kobayashi, M.S, CRC with Henry B. Betts, M.D. as Project Director, both from the Midwest Regional Head Injury Center for Rehabilitation and Prevention. The manual offers significant assistance to researchers of traumatic brain injury, and would be a recommended resource for university-based rehabilitation counseling programs. Students will benefit from the readily accessible list of studies, research articles, and established organizations of research and information into the complexities of brain injury, and its individual, educational and vocational ramifications for rehabilitation professionals and appropriate service delivery.

J. Gordon Swensen, M.S., CRC Division of Rehabilitation 962 E. Center Fork Circle Sandy, Utah 84094
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Author:Swensen, J. Gordon
Publication:The Journal of Rehabilitation
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 1994
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